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Thread: Homosexuality is to blame for sexual abuse, not Catholic church, claims German cardi

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    Homosexuality is to blame for sexual abuse, not Catholic church, claims German cardi

    A German cardinal on Friday provoked anger and controversy when he claimed the Catholic church was not responsible for sexual abuse by its clerics, and instead sought to pin the blame on homosexuality.

    “What has happened in the church is no different from what is happening in society as a whole,” Cardinal Walter Brandmüller said. “The real scandal is that the Catholic church hasn’t distinguished itself from the rest of society.”

    A study commissioned by the German Bishops Conference and published last year found that more than 3,600 children were sexually abused by Catholic clergy in Germany between 1946 and 2014.

    But Cardinal Brandmüller claimed that only a “vanishingly small number” of clergy had committed abuses. He said the real problem was homosexuality and claimed it is “statistically proven” that there is a link between homosexuality and abuse.
    There is but one anchor to attach yourself to, as this world falls apart heading into the End Times. That anchor is the immovable God Almighty, through His Son Jesus Christ.

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    Re: Homosexuality is to blame for sexual abuse, not Catholic church, claims German ca

    First thing they need to do is expose the fact that the Church was purposefully infiltrated with fags by the Jews. Next they need to ensure it stops in it's tracks by allowing priests to marry. These pedophile preists cannot claim to be celibate if they are sexually abusing children.
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