START – French yellow vests: Police getting more violent with the publicUnarmed civilians being shot: now a regularity…
Media blackout: no outrage from the western press about these injusticesFrance is now a totalitarian state – French public has no recourse to government
French press now wearing helmets, masks and carrying shields for protection
This is not control, this is provocation: state-sponsored violence
European Police training has changed over the last ten or fifteen years
Police are increasingly being desensitised and militarised
EU’s Federica Mogherini: we need to merge military and policing functions…
Police training is also being done in conjunction with Israel

– Scotland: Alex Salmond charged in a secret courtSalmond faces fourteen charges: for political reasons…?
Press restrictions on reporting the case are already in placeBreach of the Peace one of the charges: often used for nefarious purposes
29:03 – 1994 Chinook crash: almost all UK’s senior N.Ireland intelligence experts diesThe truth about Mull of Kintyre Chinook may be lost if files are destroyed this year…Brian Dixon’s petition for file release on government website ‘under consideration’ What is the government trying to hide about the Chinook crash…?
– Integrity Initiative: who is Alex John Finnen…?UK Column Freedom of Information request: response changes with each reply
– Johnny Mercer MP tweets: someone has hit a nerve…
– SNP’s Defence Spokesman: Russian infiltration not taken seriously by someIntegrity Initiative’s words used almost verbatim
– Melanie Shaw: still not released, her whereabouts are currently unknown