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Thread: Burlington Vermont Soviet sister city of fake American's trained in subversion.

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    Re: Burlington Vermont Soviet sister city of fake American's trained in subversion.


    Guatemala Intel Minister: Migrant Caravans Are "Well-Planned, " Not Spontaneous

    From Breitbart

    "Guatemalan head of intelligence Mario Duarte said during a visit to Washington Tuesday that the migrant caravans heading to the U.S. southern border are "well-planned" and "well-organized" by those wanting to "weaponize those in need."
    "This was not a spontaneous event. It was well-planned. It was well-organized, " Duarte, head of the Secretariat of Strategic Intelligence of Guatemala, said at an event hosted by the Center for a Free Secure Society at the National Press Club.
    He said different intelligence, law enforcement, and military agencies found evidence that the October caravan from Honduras to the U.S. - which at one point contained about 40, 000 migrants - was organized in advance.
    There was a call on October 5 in Honduras for citizens to join a "massive migration walk to the United States, " he said. "We detected logistical preparation throughout Guatemala and Mexico, to be able to bring all these people to the U.S. southern border."
    He said the main organization behind the caravans was a non-governmental organization based out of Chicago, called Pueblos Sin Fronteras, led by organizer and pastor Emma Lozano.

    My insert: Pueblos Sin Fronteras is a Soros funded NGO
    "We had a big, huge contingent of police officers protecting our border. Unfortunately this migrant groups put women, the elderly and children as young as 40 days of age at the front, and started pushing and pressing against our police force, " he said.
    "We could not even use tear gas ... because some of the smoke could hurt the small children, " he said.
    "It became an unsustainable situation. Children were being pressed against the fence. Some of them were actually were already suffocating because of all the pressure behind them. So we had to retreat our police forces and to allow these migrants to go through our border, " he said.
    My comment: So Soros is using threats of killing babies to get the caravans through. Considering the left's stand on post birth abortion, THAT FITS. Overheard in a Soros conference room: "IT IS TIME TO OVERTHROW GUATEMALA, THE GOVERNMENT THERE IS STARTING TO SOUND LIKE ALT MEDIA!!!"

    Drudge linked a report stating sex robots could be dangerous.

    Drudge is way too far into sex robots, but at least he linked a report that stated all might not be well with the tech. I am not linking sex robot crap from here, however, consider this: The report may not state it directly, but leaves a hint that the state could, through a hacked sex robot with "the strength of five people", kill you by crushing you to death.That's not very sexy!

    The Dems are charging up to remove Trump

    This is such an obvious coup the only thing that needs to be clarified is that Trump walked into the middle of a coup and stands a chance of spoiling it

    The coup was already underway. They expected to slam dunk the United States. Trump walked on the scene, was not part of the gig, and went from hero to zero in one fell swoop. The media, the judges, the poll workers, most of Congress, the entire legal body across the country, the colleges, the schools, the medical community and law enforcement is in on the coup, whether or not they know directly or are merely useful idiots.

    So after Mueller came up zero, Pelosi is "super charging the house" removing all barriers to prosecuting Trump. She can't do that unless there is a coup underway, and her trolls are well planted to make it happen.

    Ruth Bader Ginsburg is also obviously dead, but because there is a coup underway with all necessary elements in place to prevent action on her death, she'll be the "judge" until Trump is removed and can't appoint another supreme court justice.

    MORE PROOF of a coup.

    Kushner is not too stupid to see this. He might be able to dupe Ivanka, so maybe Ivanka is merely a useful idiot, but clearly, obviously, Kushner is part of the subversion and he's right there, smack dab in the middle of Trump's life, and is the probable key source of all the leaks. He's probably why Trump is failing to get enough done.

    I'd say we are in trouble, DEEP trouble. Trump needs to shut the government down, adjourn congress, and rule by executive order under national emergency powers or we are TOAST.

    With the budget for the wall being over a thousand pages, containing nothing of value for securing the nation yet giving payouts to illegals, and more than five billion for wall construction in Israel, Jordan, and Ukraine, I'd say both the Democrats and Republicans have driven a clear message: They are going to have their coup come hell or high water, and absolutely WILL wreck this country on the terms of George Soros, by importing as many people as possible like the one in the next report. The American people have to put a stop to this one way or another. It has been said time and time again, if this coup succeeds it will have to be more than forum talk.

    A probable illegal immigrant shot a woman in the face with a crossbow and was released from jail promptly!

    The article at the Is so convoluted and poorly written that I considered not posting this for that alone, however, it ought to be posted because of how rotten all of this is. I think it was edited down to remove the bad parts. Here's a summary:
    A probable illegal definitely immigrant robbed a woman's home. She knew who did it. So she went to his house with her kids to get her stuff back. He had a crossbow, said he was going to shoot them, and fired the crossbow at one of her kids. She managed to dive in front of the arrow to save her kid, but it went into her head, through her cheekbone, severed a facial nerve so one half of her face will be paralyzed, and she managed to leave and drive herself to the hospital looking like this:

    After doing this to a WHITE woman who was straight (but the Mail was careful to call her only a parent at one point, not a straight white mother) the guy who shot her in the face was released from jail on minor charges!!! Because he was gay, plus (probably) illegal, and he shot a straight white. And it also appears he may have been a gay lover with the Judge.

    It is extremely difficult to make sense of this particular report, but it appears that the guy who shot the woman was a gay lover of the Judge who released him, but the report is such a mess it is hard to really sort it all out. It drags a whole bunch of unexplained crap in, maybe you can make sense of it!
    Bottom line: Judges should not be appointed, they should be elected like Sheriffs and I am still not sure I got the story straight after staring at the article for 45 minutes. I looked for other reports that were written better, but none had any of the details or mentioned that the guy who shot this woman was already released
    And even this report is not clear about whether or not the judge who was his gay lover was the judge who actually released him.

    Barr got voted in as AG. Probably not good.

    He was Hillary's lawyer for 20 years. How could that go wrong?
    Wait and see I guess, but I suspect a continuation of the COUP. I'll bet that within a week, he'll bring Trump up on charges. This may well be a no win scenario. And I bet Jared advised it.

    California canceled their bullet train and Trump tweeted a good one

    "California has been forced to cancel the massive bullet train project after having spent and wasted many billions of dollars. They owe the Federal Government three and a half billion dollars. We want that money back now. Whole project is a "green" disaster!"
    My response: They wasted billions of dollars and got nothing done. That happens when governments go totally corrupt and simply steal once there is money somewhere to be stolen.
    Trump should take that 3.5 billion back and use it on the wall, along with El Chapo's funds. The government of California and El Chapo are of the same cloth so why not?

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    Re: Burlington Vermont Soviet sister city of fake American's trained in subversion.

    Trump signed the budget bill, but there's a major detail the MSM will never say:

    Trump was FORCED to sign it, because he can only veto a bill that does not get 2/3 majority in the Senate. If it gets more than 2/3 majority, he has no choice.

    78.8 percent of Republicans opted to vote against Trump!

    The budget passed by 83-16, WAY over a 2/3 majority. So a VAST MAJORITY of Republicans screwed their constituency. The thing to do then is look at every Republican that pushed this through, and get rid of them if possible (chances are, they are closet communists that get rigged in as pinch hitters when needed, while donning a cloak of credibility most of the time) so it might not be possible to vote them out.

    We now get a PERFECT snapshot of the deep state, and it consists of all Dems and Repubs who voted in favor.

    Here is a complete list of all Democrats and Republicans who voted against this horrible budget (it is easier to get a grip on what happened by posting this first)

    11 out of 53 republicans voted NO and one did not vote. Out of 52 who voted, 78.8 percent crapped on their base! Here is everyone, both Dem and Repub, that sided with Trump:

    Braun (R-IN), Nay
    Cotton (R-AR), Nay
    Cruz (R-TX), Nay
    Hawley (R-MO), Nay
    Inhofe (R-OK), Nay
    Lee (R-UT), Nay
    Paul (R-KY), Nay
    Rubio (R-FL), Nay
    Sasse (R-NE), Nay
    Scott (R-SC), Nay
    Toomey (R-PA), Nay

    Dems who voted no

    Booker (D-NJ), Nay
    Gillibrand (D-NY), Nay
    Harris (D-CA), Nay
    Warren (D-MA), Nay
    Markey (D-MA), Nay

    Here is a list of the Republicans who screwed Trump over. The enormous number that screwed him made it impossible for him to stop it by making the budget veto proof:

    Alexander (R-TN), Yea
    Barrasso (R-WY), Yea
    Blackburn (R-TN), Yea
    Blunt (R-MO), Yea
    Boozman (R-AR), Yea
    Brown (D-OH), Yea
    Capito (R-WV), Yea
    Cassidy (R-LA), Yea
    Collins (R-ME), Yea
    Cornyn (R-TX), Yea
    Cramer (R-ND), Yea
    Crapo (R-ID), Yea
    Daines (R-MT), Yea
    Enzi (R-WY), Yea
    Ernst (R-IA), Yea
    Fischer (R-NE), Yea
    Gardner (R-CO), Yea
    Graham (R-SC), Yea
    Grassley (R-IA), Yea
    Hoeven (R-ND), Yea
    Hyde-Smith (R-MS), Yea
    Isakson (R-GA), Yea
    Johnson (R-WI), Yea
    Kennedy (R-LA), Yea
    Lankford (R-OK), Yea
    McConnell (R-KY), Yea
    McSally (R-AZ), Yea
    Moran (R-KS), Yea
    Murkowski (R-AK), Yea
    Perdue (R-GA), Yea
    Portman (R-OH), Yea
    Risch (R-ID), Yea
    Roberts (R-KS), Yea
    Romney (R-UT), Yea
    Rounds (R-SD), Yea
    Scott (R-FL), Yea
    Shelby (R-AL), Yea
    Sullivan (R-AK), Yea
    Thune (R-SD), Yea
    Tillis (R-NC), Yea
    Wicker (R-MS), Yea
    Young (R-IN), Yea

    Conclusion: Trump could not stand up to 78.8 percent of his base backstabbing him. He could not veto this, and it was not his fault. NEVER FORGET THIS LIST.

    A very interesting post from an American who lived in Venezuela

    Venezuela is more American than America , I'll give a list , I've lived there for many years!

    This is part of the reason they want to end Venezuela as it is.

    Free elections

    That's right foreign observers are not even the start of it, you can not vote if you are a not a citizen, in fact it's impossible, Unlike in the USA

    You cannot get a job without being a citizen, that's right the jobs are only for their people. Not so in the USA

    Mom and pop shops run everywhere, If you have a lime tree you have grandma sit in the driveway and sell limes all day, no health dept comes around and shuts you down because your not a Walmart.

    Real hardware stores where employees actually know what they are talking about. If they saw how we barricade down entire isles in home depot so they can use the fork truck they would laugh their asses off.

    Not a lawsuit culture. Not in the USA we love lawsuits that's why we are treated like little baby girls .

    Drink and drive or speed at your own risk. Yes they don't preemptively give you tickets. You are responsible for yourself, if you run someone over while drunk you pay a heavy price. If your in a hurry you speed and use your horn and nobody gets offended. Traffic stopped? they think for them selves and make a line like army ants through the grass and keep moving.

    Restaurants are not served by Sysco , you will often find waiters and waitresses from your favorite restaurants running a cart through the grocery store throwing everything from lettuce to fish into the cart . And then running the cart through the mall to get it to the chef in the restaurant. Not in the USA !

    Things don't have to be labeled organic or non gmo, know why?? Cause everything is already organic and non gmo, thanks to Chavez. It in the USA you can assume quite the opposite.

    Taxes are almost non existent, 3000 to 4000 sqft home property taxes are about 6 dollars a year! Not in the USA!

    Gas is 1/10 of a penny for a gallon! That's right since it is their gas they get it damn near free. Not in the USA

    You have a choice for healthcare, free or private pay. We used the free ones, we had a military hospital right around the corner to us, we brought our kids in a few times for stitches, they don't even ask your name, they tie the 4 year old down with a towel and stitch up the wounds and your out the door! Not in the USA

    People say good morning and good afternoon religiously! Not in the USA!

    You can tow a car down the highway with a motorcycle! Or drive a truck
    without and doors! Buying long rebar? won't fit in your car??just strap it to the axles and let it stick out five foot in front of your car and five foot behind while hanging underneath and sometimes scraping the ground. Not in the USA!

    Electric bill for our house was never over 12 bucks a month! Not in the USA!

    If a major company does not benefit the country, if they are not loyal they are shunned or kicked out. Their resources are for the benefit of the people period! Not in the USA

    They have a more free form of capitalism without all the regulation! Not in the USA !

    More then half the people carry around a copy of their constitution! Not in the USA !

    The government is not controlled by a foreign gov. As the USA is told exactly what to do and how to act from Israel.

    Venezuela does not kill their own with false flags!

    Venezuela does not invade other countries to steal their resources!

    Venezuela also has heavily armed local militias, they are there In case gov gets out of line!

    I could keep going , this is what I can think of now.

    My comment:
    Mexico is (sort of) similar. Property taxes are higher than that, and the police do DUI checks but the mom and pop stores are common, you can sell whatever you want, and medical is damn near free and VERY high quality and FAST. There's no such thing as "waiting for a doctor" in Mexico. I think the American system is set up the way it is to provide an illusion of scarcity and value, so they can then SCREW YOU. There's no such thing as health insurance in Mexico, no one would ever consider it because the private medical system is so fast, effective and cheap, and I'm talking, usually 1/100th the price of the U.S. Claudia's heart attack dented the budget a bit, but the biggest expense was paying employees when the alt income plan was not (and still is not) running (and the loss of that income) because Claudia needs more recovery time. But there's no life robbing $50, 000 medical bill leaving a devastating aftermath.

    People believe the media in the U.S. telling them how great it is, and how bad everywhere else is. But the reality is that America is so far gone now that former police state sh*t holes look like heaven by comparison now.

    The illegals only come up because deep state traitors have put in place a system that allows them to break any law they want and not have a consequence, and then hands them free housing, free medical, a welfare paycheck, and then they get to on top of it all work off the books.

    They have a seriously distorted view of America but it has to be that way to keep them here so they can do their job of undermining the country on behalf of the deep state.

    The libs are EATING UP Ginsburg's "return to the bench"

    My comments:
    1. Pics or it did not happen.

    2. Make sure whatever shows up is not an sentient animatron, that tech exists.

    3. Saddam Hussein had at least 10 body doubles that could not be distinguished from the real deal. How hard would it be to body double RBG when all you have to do is mumble and keep your head down?

    If any lib calls you out on this, simply respond with: The intelligence agencies have now admitted they attempted a coup against the president and failed. Clearly there is subversion underway, and faking RBG would be EASY.

    It has been reported that Ginsburg reported for duty back at the supreme court

    I seriously doubt this, body double, and she will now live to be 163.

    Alabama state election: 142 total DNC members showed up, and 190 votes got cast!

    Don't worry, they are "launching an investigation" into how that happened!

    WASHINGTON, D.C. (WSFA/AP) - The Democratic National Committee has ordered the Alabama Democratic Party to hold a new election for its chairman and vice chairman positions in the next 90 days.The party's credentials committee voted Thursday afternoon to rule last year's election invalid.
    The DNC will supervise the new election and also review the Alabama Democratic Party's bylaws.
    Alabama Democratic Party Chairwoman Nancy Worley and Vice Chairman Randy Kelley will temporarily stay in place until the election.

    Reached for comment, Worley said she welcomes a new election and believes the original outcome was the correct one.

    Two challenges were filed saying multiple rules were broken to stack the deckť in favor of Worley and Kelley in last year's state party election. One challenge noted that 190 votes were cast when only 142 state committee members signed in at the meeting
    My comment: Here's the snake speak, study it, and consider it bullet bait:

    "Worley said she welcomes a new election and believes the original outcome was the correct one"
    Folks, that's how the corrupt manipulate people. When busted, they welcome corrective action, AND THEN MAKE DAMN GOOD AND SURE THE SUBSEQUENT RIG WILL BE DONE WITHOUT ERROR.

    Someone screwed up, they steal damn near every time, and this time "common core" missed the fact that 142 people can cast 142 votes.
    We can't have this if the nation is going to make it. People need to put it right and the time to do that is fast approaching. The tipping point: Trump gone after they successfully lame ducked him, nothing done to save the country, next election stolen with NWO stooge once again in power.



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    Re: Burlington Vermont Soviet sister city of fake American's trained in subversion.


    1. To cover up the death of Ginsburg so the supreme court can be adequately corrupted.

    2. To write an omnibus bill that has every provision needed to make it impossible for Trump to defend himself from litigation and impeachment, no matter how spurious and poorly based the grounds are.

    3. The Omnibus bill is unconstitutional, but with a corrupted DOJ that won't
    matter because Trump won't be able to use the supreme court to save himself if Ginsburg is "still alive". Chief Justice John Roberts has already proven he's the leftist plant fronting as conservative, and for as long as Ginsburg is "alive" he will be the swing vote that ousts Trump. They would not have pulled the crap in the Omnibus bill if they did not know they had it in the bag.

    4. The CIA then posts explosives manufacturing instructions that actually work (but are not as good as they could be) to locate, investigate, and entrap anyone who might take direct physical action to save the President. The fact that the CIA did this means something serious is afoot, they want to round up whoever might really make a difference.

    5. Proceed with ousting Trump after everyone who might make a difference is identified and removed.

    An observation of the recent omnibus bill

    After looking it over, it is OBVIOUS the bill is specifically scripted to make it impossible for Trump to defend himself from false litigation and an illegitimate impeachment process. The Dems AND Republicans are now going to take their gloves off and attempt to oust Trump via powers they do not constitutionally have.



    They did it because they know the public is incensed with the recent Congressional over-reach of power in the omnibus bill, and they are going to oust Trump with it. They want to round up anyone who is going to fight back, and are using these instructions to know who might actually do something. - HOWEVER -

    1. Their method of implementation does not work very well, to get it to go off seriously you need to mix it with aluminum powder and pack it tightly. This is common info for manufacturing of fireworks powder which is what you get when you use aluminum powder and the instructions for doing that are even on You can buy the refined end product without a license (two pounds per year) but it will get attention. THEREFORE, THE CIA POST IS A TRAP, TO SEE IF THEY CAN GET PEOPLE TALKING ABOUT BLOWING STUFF UP. When you mix it the right way (as the CIA did not give instructions for) you get fireworks flash powder. Fireworks flash powder is better, it is a step up from gunpowder, and you can buy that straight up in Mexico. All the churches use it for making huge booms you hear at all hours every day, and quite frequently idiots blow themselves up with it.
    Despite being marketed for fireworks it does work extremely well as an explosive when it is packed super tight. I am actually surprised it is all legal.

    THEREFORE, THE CIA POST IS A TRAP. They want people making more than the allowed amount to bust them, and to get people to talk about blowing stuff up. I was skeptical of posting this to begin with but now that I have figured out what is going on, I can fairly call it a trap, and it is not that dangerous to post it if it is presented that way.

    The aluminum powder variant of this makes a nasty explosive that is right up there to within at least 50 percent of the blast of TNT (that is a lowball guess, it is probably better than TNT, especially in wood framed construction). Mexico allows it, anyone can go get this stuff and NO ONE uses it to blow anyone up.

    The real "conspiracy theorist" is the government itself, Mexico proves it, anyone can have this, it is not tightly controlled and NO ONE blows anyone up with it.
    However, sometimes idiots cause disasters with it, if you want to see an amazing example of the type of disaster that can be caused when an idiot mis-handles it when there are tons and tons and TONS of it present, watch this apocalyptic video. Yes, everyone died, and I mean EVERYONE. This happened at a fireworks market where DJ's, churches, municipalities or whoever else goes to get fireworks for whatever they happen to be doing. Hundreds of people were there. The neighbors were setting this stuff off 5 houses away for a party they had a couple weeks ago. It was an attention getter.


    This could be from the anarchists cook book, but I have never seen that so I don't know. This really looks legit. Why would the CIA post this in an instantly hittable no password needed right in the great wide open government hosted location? How could they prosecute anyone that hits this? It sure is not any sort of secret after they did this!


    This could be a clandestine attempt to provide a reason to shut alt media down.


    The CIA is hosting detailed instructions on how to very easily make and purify high quality explosives (far beyond ammonium nitrate fertilizer stuff (which is crap) HERE


    These instructions seem to be even more clear than the banned Golden Guide instructions. There's little question they could be used to make half way decent explosives.

    WHY did the CIA suddenly post this, out in the great wide open, for anyone to hit, no password needed, straight off a server?

    You literally could make kick ass plastic explosives in your kitchen, with what you have sitting around the house. I did not think that was possible until I saw this, What motive did the CIA have for posting this?

    Use your discernment when clicking this. I probably would not print it or save it, because they can record the fact that you did. But I doubt they could prosecute you for looking at this when they posted it themselves.

    My assessment: I am not an explosives expert, but I know bullshit when I see it and this does not come off as bullshit. This appears to be totally scientifically accurate, with easily executed procedure. I'll link this, but I am certainly not going to screen cap and post that "just in case it vanishes" in this case. If they posted this and they really don't want it out there, that's their problem, I am not going to make it my problem by actually hosting this stuff.



    Totally new news that floated under the border battle and congressional treason

    Here's the scoop in a nutshell: Saudi Arabia paid and/or manipulated Pakistan into committing a high fatality attack (stated to be a suicide bombing but who knows really when it is this big) - The attack was against Indian and Iranian troops that were stationed in the Kashmir region. More than 20 Iranians are dead and more than 40 Indian military are dead.India and Iran are now attacking Pakistan, and Trump gave them the green light to go ahead and do it.

    PROBLEM: Pakistan is a nuclear nation. Their nukes are TOTAL CRAP, having at most 1 KT yield but they are still nukes, and VERY dirty ones at that. India is also a nuclear nation, their nukes are slightly better and go up to approximately Hiroshima. I don't know what launch vehicles they have, but India can certainly launch a nuclear ballistic missile attack. They can't rest easy though, because China backs Pakistan and you know what that means . . . .
    Meanwhile, a high level Saudi prince is landing in Pakistan, as the attacks on Pakistan are mounting. By proxy of India, Trump gave Iran the green light to attack also, because they can't be left out of this. Russia backs Iran, China backs Pakistan, India and Pakistan have nukes . . . . . . . . what do you think?


    If you missed the "everybody hurts" epic troll against the Dems video that Trump posted, which got millions of views and then got banned even on Trump's twitter, I have it cached here, right click it to save it.

    Trump signed the H.J. Res. 31 bill, with all provisions included. However, he issued this statement:

    My intro: The bill was such an over-reach of congressional power that it was safe for Trump to sign it, and because it was veto proof, he did not have a choice anyway. Trump's response is that it violated the constitution by stripping the president of virtually all powers, and he's right. He repeatedly states that the constitution is the guideline, not what Congress decides to do. They just can't write the president out of the government so the bill is null and void.

    Statement by the President

    Today, I have signed into law H.J. Res. 31, the "Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2019" (the "Act"), which authorizes appropriations to fund the operation of a number of agencies in the Federal Government through September 30, 2019.Certain provisions of the Act (such as Division F, under the heading "Contribution for International Peacekeeping Activities") would require advance notice to the Congress before the President may direct certain military actions or provide certain forms of military assistance. In signing the Act, I reiterate the well-established understanding of the executive branch that these types of provisions encompass only military actions for which providing advance notice is feasible and consistent with the President's constitutional authority and duty as Commander in Chief to ensure national security. In addition, Division C, section 527, and Division A, section 516, both restrict the transfer of Guantanamo detainees to the United States. I will treat these, and similar provisions, consistent with the President's constitutional authority as Commander in Chief.

    Numerous provisions could, in certain circumstances, interfere with the exercise of the President's constitutional authorities to negotiate international agreements (such as Division C, sections 509, 518, and 530; and Division F, sections 7010(c) and 7013(a)), to articulate the position of the United States in international fora (such as Division F, sections 7025(c), 7029(a), (b)(1), 7031(d)(2), 7042(h)(1), 7043(g)(1), 7047(b)(3), 7054(b), and 7060(c)(2)(D), (3)), to receive ambassadors (such as Division F, section 7031(c)), and to recognize foreign governments (such as Division F, section 7047(b)(2)

    (A)). My Administration will treat each of these provisions consistent with the President's constitutional authorities with respect to foreign relations.
    Division C, section 537, provides that the Department of Justice may not use any funds to prevent implementation of medical marijuana laws by various States and territories. I will treat this provision consistent with the President's constitutional responsibility to faithfully execute the laws of the United States.

    Certain provisions within Division D, title II, under the heading "Office of Management and Budget - Salaries and Expenses" impose restrictions on supervision by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) of work performed by executive departments and agencies, including provisos that no funds made available to OMB "may be expended for the altering of the annual work plan developed by the Corps of Engineers for submission to the Committees on Appropriations"; that "none of the funds provided in this or prior Acts shall be used, directly or indirectly, by the Office of Management and Budget, for evaluating or determining if water resource project or study reports submitted by the Chief of Engineers acting through the Secretary of the Army are in compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, and requirements relevant to the Civil Works water resource planning process"; and that "none of the funds appropriated in this Act for the Office of Management and Budget may be used for the purpose of reviewing any agricultural marketing orders or any activities or regulations under the provisions of the Agricultural Marketing Agreement Act of 1937 (7 U.S.C. 601 et seq.)."

    The President has well-established authority to supervise and oversee the executive branch and to rely on subordinates, including aides within the Executive Office of the President, to assist in supervising the executive branch. Legislation that significantly impedes the President's ability to supervise the executive branch or obtain the assistance of aides in this function violates the separation of powers by undermining the President's ability to fulfill his constitutional responsibilities, including the responsibility to faithfully execute the laws of the United States. My Administration will, therefore, construe these restrictions in Division C, title II consistent with these Presidential duties.

    Several provisions (such as Division F, section 7041(b)(3)) mandate or regulate the submission of certain executive branch information to the Congress. I will treat these provisions in a manner consistent with the President's constitutional authority to withhold information that could impair foreign relations, national security, the deliberative processes of the executive branch, or the performance of the President's constitutional duties. In particular, Division D, section 713, prohibits the use of appropriations to pay the salary of any Federal officer or employee who interferes with or prohibits certain official communications between Federal employees and Members of Congress or of any Federal officer or employee who takes adverse action against an officer or employee because of such communications. I will construe these provisions not to apply to circumstances that would detract from my authority to supervise, control, and correct communications by Federal officers and employees with the Congress related to their official duties, including in cases where such communications would be unlawful or could reveal confidential information protected by executive privilege.

    Certain provisions (such as Division F, section 7064; and Division G, section 418) prohibit the use of funds to deny an Inspector General access to agency records or documents. I will construe these, and similar provisions, consistent with my authority to control the dissemination of information protected by executive privilege.

    Certain provisions prohibit the use of funds to recommend certain legislation to the Congress (Division B, section 715), or require recommendations of certain legislation to the Congress (Division A, section 537).

    Because the Constitution gives the President the authority to recommend "such Measures as he shall judge necessary and expedient", my Administration will continue the practice of treating provisions like these as advisory and non-binding.
    Numerous provisions purport, in certain circumstances, to condition the authority of officers to spend or reallocate funds on the approval of congressional committees (Division B, sections 702, 706, and 716(a), (b); Division E, sections 403 and 409; Division G, sections 188, 405, and 406). These are impermissible forms of congressional aggrandizement in the execution of the laws other than by the enactment of statutes.

    My Administration will make appropriate efforts to notify the relevant committees before taking the specified actions and will accord the recommendations of such committees all appropriate and serious consideration, but it will not treat spending decisions as dependent on the approval of congressional committees.

    My comment:
    "These are impermissible forms of congressional aggrandizement in the execution of the laws" - in other words, F*** YOU. HA HA, That's my President, way to go Trump!
    Yes, Congress can't just violate the constitution and ram it through with a super majority. If Trump realizes that, they can moan all they want and write whatever they want, and no matter what, they automatically lose before pen ever hits paper.

    Mex media covered Trump's national emergency accurately

    It was a small blurb, but it said Trump has declared fewer national emergencies than Obama, Clinton or Bush, with Clinton at 17, and Bush and Obama at 13 each. They said the left freaked out over it but said Trump had cause to do it and that the left was totally overlooking what other presidents did, that the left never complained about.


    Trump had no choice, there were so many Republican traitors he could not override the "budget" bill with a veto, and will attempt to override it with a national emergency.


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    Re: Burlington Vermont Soviet sister city of fake American's trained in subversion.

    UPDATE to CNN report below: Is it not interesting that NONE of the major MSM outlets are broadcasting that Trump came up totally clean on "collusion"? Why are they all silent? HERE IS YOUR ANSWER!!!:

    Here's a good one: An Ex CNN reporter blows the whistle on CNN

    In This five minute video the plight of a CNN reporter who blew the whistle on CNN's fraud for governments is gone over thoroughly and then video of her actually talking about it is shown.
    She states that CNN accepts payouts from corrupt governments that has them publish what they want, in exchange for huge payouts to CNN. Facts don't matter, it is whatever whoever pays CNN to say that gets presented and published. They are a for-pay propaganda outlet, this video busts them totally.What's new? Ducks quack dogs bark and CNN IS FAKE.

    Here's a good one:

    The Daily Caller got video from a rancher, showing heavily armed people in military attire busting the border in Arizona, sometimes on horses, and the border patrol is not doing jack about it!

    Mandela effect: Our place in the universe has changed

    In this three minute Youtube video, Carl Sagan points to where the solar neighborhood was 20 years ago, before revisionists changed it. At around the time revisionists changed "where we were" in the universe, they also demoted Pluto and dropped the solar system down to 8 planets. FACT: The solar system has 9 planets, and we really are where Carl Sagan points to.

    Watch the video, and then compare it to where they say we are now. The current version is BUNK, and it is a scam, not a timeline shift or anything else, because if it was not a scam, this old school video that says where we are would not exist and the books that record our real location would also not exist. Someone obviously ripped this off an old VHS that could not be re-written.

    If you can't watch the video, Carl Sagan points to where this reference, from 1997 - when Pluto was still a planet, - says the earth is but his model is a lot better than this.

    The revisionists, who are trying to destroy all knowledge, now say the earth is located here:

    When you search for images of earth's location in the galaxy, there are now people pointing everywhere, rather than where the earth really is. I remember when I was a kid, I knew we were on the outside edge of the outermost portion of a spiral arm, which perfectly explains why you can see the galaxy as a band across the sky, (the milky way) and looking the other way, you see the total darkness of space, with no indication there is anything there at all. If we really were more towards the inside, the "milky way" would not be a band across the sky, it would be everywhere, (or at least you'd see something similar in more than one direction)

    The problem with them deleting Pluto and moving us to a new location in the Milky Way is that there are still plenty of hard copies of where we are in print, and no one who is into stars will throw a star book away. So there are conflicts now (there were not before, a couple years ago) but now when you search images, some people are scanning old books and calling bullshit.

    Also, it is not as if new tech changed where we are, even mundane amateur astronomy gear is good enough to allow people to figure out where in the galaxy we are. This did not change because someone discovered something new. What we are witnessing with this "change" is an overt effort to erase all the great discoveries of Western Civilization.

    If you really want to see it clearly, watch the Carl Sagan video linked above, we are on the outside outside OUTSIDE edge of the galaxy.

    And it has to be that way, because towards the center there are too many supernovas, black hole X-ray storms and gamma ray bursters that would wipe out life on earth before anything was able to get started. We will be forever stuck to the outskirts of galaxies because the inner portions of galaxies are NOT the place to be. They are loaded with too many hazards.

    The Jussie Smollet story

    CONDENSED VERSION Someone in the Hillary camp wanted to get anti-lynching legislation passed to make lynching a federal crime. Someone else was worried about losing a lead acting part in the Fox television series "empire". And everyone wanted to make people hate Trump. So Nancy, Obama, and many others decided to do their typical false flag, to get that anti-lynching legislation passed and blame it on Trump. Who could possibly be better for this job than an actor facing being out of work? And the actor kept it all racially proper, by hiring two Nigerian brothers (who could not keep their mouths shut) $4, 000 to help him stage it all. It was just too good.Maybe not.
    The actor should have at least consulted a special effects crew, which would have told him clothesline rope is not what you use for hangings. And it should not have been purchased at the "Crafty Beaver" hardware store just down the street, where everyone knows you. And the actor should not have reported it all to the Chicago police, just in case things went awry
    So the lynching proceeded after rehearsals, and the MSM went nuts with more Trump hate. Then it all fell apart, when the Nigerians started talking, and the rope was traced right back to the Crafty Beaver, and the "maga hats" were tracked down to a beauty supply store, and PELOSI DELETED HER TWEET, condeming all those hateful Trump supporters, perhaps to cover her tracks. It's thanksgiving don't you know, with a mind like that there is probably a thread somewhere still visible leading back to her so she'd better not make it obvious. Kill the tweet. I have little doubt she helped orchestrate this, the lynching bill timing was simply too coincidental . . . . .
    Now the actor faces jail time for hoaxing the police, and we have this:

    BOOM: New York Times lies about Ginsburg returning to SC

    They posted a "new" photo of her to prove she is alive. PROBLEM: It was from November. They did not get a new photo of her, SEE THIS.

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    Re: Burlington Vermont Soviet sister city of fake American's trained in subversion.


    Cottonelle toilet paper aired a commercial featuring a homosexual who was going to bring his boyfriend home to see his mom for the first time, and the commercial talked about the texture of the paper, and how it would clean up anal leakage well enough for him to be presentable to his mom. I KID YOU NOT, they had the audacity to do that. I do not buy Cottonelle because it is too expensive, but if I did it would be ADIOS. Here are some priceless comments below the vid:"They can try from now until DOOMSDAY, and they are NEVER going to get the decent people of Planet Earth to accept sexual perversion. Another product and company to boycott.

    "Dab your bleeding AIDS lesions dry with cottonelle toilet paper before coming out of the closet to your parents."
    "Not buying Cottonelle anymore. Will never be able to see the brand and not think of Homo anal leakage. DISGUSTING"
    "Tim left Redwolf for this?? Dude went from advertising Airsoft to advertising ass paper."
    "who needs redwolf when you have cottonelle"
    "It's literally a commercial about fag using cottonelle to wipe santorum off his gaping asshole before meeting his boyfriend's parents."
    My comment: This blunder will probably lastingly damage Cottonelle because the ad clearly set the toilet paper out as being for homosexuals, and regardless of what your local SJW says, people don't want to be associated with that. BAD BUSINESS MOVE.

    Here are the more clear Ginsburg captures (I was not able to post them until midnight the 20th)

    It is very important to keep stuff like this posted because there is an active coup against the president underway and Ginsburg is the key item with that. For as long as they can fake she's alive, Trump is in grave danger. Today supposedly she sat the SC but there was no video, no cameras, NOTHING despite "tons of reporters" present. Most likely the entire supreme court is either corrupt enough or blackmailed enough or threatened sufficiently to be quiet about this, it is a coup after all and people die all the time in such situations. Here it is:

    The following was posted with permission

    I don't usually post other people's stuff but I have been flustered lately and there are tons of opinions out there. I'll go with this one.

    Autopsy of a Dead Coup

    From The Center for American Greatness

    By Victor Davis Hanson| February 17th, 2019The illegal effort to destroy the 2016 Trump campaign by Hillary Clinton campaign's use of funds to create, disseminate among court media, and then salt among high Obama administration officials, a fabricated, opposition smear dossier failed.
    So has the second special prosecutor phase of the coup to abort the Trump presidency failed. There are many elements to what in time likely will become recognized as the greatest scandal in American political history, marking the first occasion in which U.S. government bureaucrats sought to overturn an election and to remove a sitting U.S. president.
    Preparing the Battlefield
    No palace coup can take place without the perception of popular anger at a president.
    The deep state is by nature cowardly. It does not move unless it feels it can disguise its subterranean efforts or that, if revealed, those efforts will be seen as popular and necessary - as expressed in tell-all book titles such as fired FBI Directors James Comey's Higher Loyalty or in disgraced Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe’s psychodramatic The Threat.
    In candidate and President Trump's case that prepping of the battlefield translated into a coordinated effort among the media, political progressives and celebrities to so demonize Trump that his imminent removal likely would appear a relief to the people. Anything was justified that led to that end.
    All through the 2016 campaign and during the first two years of the Trump presidency the media's treatment, according to liberal adjudicators of press coverage, ran about 90 percent negative toward Trump - a landmark bias that continues today.
    Journalists themselves consulted with the Clinton campaign to coordinate attacks. From the Wikileaks trove, journalistic grandees such as John Harwood, Mark Leibovich, Dana Milbank, and Glenn Thrush often communicated (and even post factum were unapologetic about doing so) with John Podesta's staff to construct various anti-Trump themes and have the Clinton campaign review or even audit them in advance.
    Some contract "journalists" apparently were paid directly by Fusion GPS - created by former reporters Glen Simpson of the Wall Street Journal and Susan Schmidt of the Washington Post - to spread lurid stories from the dossier. Others more refined like Christiane Amanpour and James Rutenberg had argued for a new journalistic ethos that partisan coverage was certainly justified in the age of Trump, given his assumed existential threat to The Truth. Or as Rutenberg put it in 2016: "If you view a Trump presidency as something that's potentially dangerous, then your reporting is going to reflect that. You would move closer than you've ever been to being oppositional. That's uncomfortable and uncharted territory for every mainstream, non-opinion journalist I've ever known, and by normal standards, untenable. But the question that everyone is grappling with is: Do normal standards apply? And if they don't, what should take their place?"
    I suppose Rutenberg never considered that half the country might have considered the Hillary Clinton presidency "potentially dangerous, " and yet did not expect the evening news, in 90 percent of its coverage, to reflect such suspicions.
    The Democratic National Committee's appendages often helped to massage CNN news coverage - such as Donna Brazile's primary debate tip-off to the Clinton campaign or CNN's consultation with the DNC about forming talking points for a scheduled Trump interview.
    So-called "bombshell, " "watershed, " "turning-point, " and "walls closing in" fake news aired in 24-hour news bulletin cycles. The media went from fabrications about Trump's supposed removal of the bust of Martin Luther King, Jr. from the Oval Office, to the mythologies in the Steele dossier, to lies about the Trump Tower meeting, to assurances that Michael Cohen would testify to Trump's suborning perjury, and on and on.
    CNN soon proved that it is no longer a news organization at all - as reporters like Gloria Borger, Chris Cuomo, Eric Lichtblau, Manu Raju, Brian Rokus, Jake Tapper, Jeff Zeleny, and teams such as Jim Sciutto, Carl Bernstein, and Marshall Cohen as well as Thomas Frank, and Lex Harris all trafficked in false rumors and unproven gossip detrimental to Trump, while hosts and guest hosts such as Reza Aslan, the late Anthony Bourdain, and Anderson Cooper stooped to obscenity and grossness to attack Trump.
    Both politicos and celebrities tried to drive Trump's numbers down to facilitate some sort of popular ratification for his removal. Hollywood and the coastal corridor punditry exhausted public expressions of assassinating or injuring the president, as the likes of Jim Carrey, Johnny Depp, Robert de Niro, Peter Fonda, Kathy Griffin, Madonna, Snoop Dogg, and a host of others vied rhetorically to slice apart, shoot, beat up, cage, behead, and blow up the president.
    Left wing social media and mainstream journalism spread sensational lies about supposed maniacal Trump supporters in MAGA hats. They constructed fantasies that veritable white racists were now liberated to run amuck insulting and beating up people of color as they taunted the poor and victimized minorities with vicious Trump sloganeering - even as the Covington farce and now the even more embarrassing Jussie Smollett charade evaporated without apologies from the media and progressive merchants of such hate.
    At the same time, liberal attorneys, foundations, Democratic politicians, and progressive activists variously sued to overturn the election on false charges of rigged voting machines. They sought to subvert the Electoral College. They introduced articles of impeachment. They sued to remove Trump under the Emoluments Clause. They attempted to invoke the 25th Amendment. And they even resurrected the ossified Logan Act - before focusing on the appointment of a special counsel to discredit the Trump presidency. Waiting for the 2020 election was seen as too quaint.
    Weaponizing the Deep State
    During the 2016 election, the Obama Department of Justice warped the Clinton email scandal investigation, from Bill Clinton's secret meeting on an airport tarmac with Attorney General Loretta Lynch, to unethical immunity given to the unveracious Clinton aides Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills, to James Comey's convoluted predetermined treatment of "likely winner" Clinton, and to DOJ's Bruce Ohr's flagrant conflict of interests in relation to Fusion GPS.
    About a dozen FBI and DOJ grandees have now resigned, retired, been fired, or reassigned for unethical and likely illegal behavior - and yet have not faced criminal indictments. The reputation of the FBI as venerable agency is all but wrecked. Its administrators variously have libeled the Trump voters, expressed hatred for Trump, talked of "insurance policies" in ending the Trump candidacy, and inserted informants into the Trump campaign.
    The former Obama directors of the CIA and National Intelligence, with security clearances intact, hit the television airways as paid "consultants" and almost daily accused the sitting president of Russian collusion and treason - without cross-examination or notice that both previously had lied under oath to Congress (and did so without subsequent legal exposure), and both were likely knee-deep in the dissemination of the Steele dossier among Obama administration officials.
    John Brennan's CIA likely helped to spread the Fusion GPS dossier among elected and administrative state officials. Some in the NSC in massive and unprecedented fashion requested the unmasking of surveilled names of Trump subordinates, and then illegally leaked them to the press.
    The FISA courts, fairly or not, are now mostly discredited, given they either were willingly or naively hoodwinked by FBI and DOJ officials who submitted as chief evidence for surveillance on American citizens, an unverified dossier - without disclosure that the bought campaign hit-piece was paid for by Hillary Clinton, authored by a discredited has-been British agent, relied on murky purchased Russian sources, and used in circular fashion to seed news accounts of supposed Trump misbehavior.
    The Mueller Investigation
    The Crown Jewel in the coup was the appointment of special counsel Robert Muller to discover supposed 2016 Trump-Russian election collusion. Never has any special investigation been so ill-starred from its conception.
    Mueller's appointment was a result of his own friend James Comey's bitter stunt of releasing secret, confidential and even classified memos of presidential conversations. Acting DOJ Attorney Rod Rosenstein appointed a former colleague Mueller - although as a veteran himself of the Clinton email scandal investigations and the FISA fraudulent writ requests, Rosenstein was far more conflicted than was the recused Attorney General Jeff Sessions.
    Mueller then packed his investigative team with lots of Clinton donors and partisans, some of whom had legally represented Clinton subordinates and even the Clinton Foundation or voiced support for anti-Trump movements.
    Mueller himself and Andrew Weissmann have had a long record of investigatory and prosecutorial overreach that had on occasion resulted in government liability and court mandated federal restitution. In such polarized times, neither should have involved in such an investigation. Two subordinate FBI investigators were caught earlier on conducting an affair over their FBI-issued cell phones, and during the election cycle they slurred the object of their subsequent investigation, ridiculed Trump voters, and bragged that Trump would never be elected. Mueller later staggered, and then hid for weeks the reasons for, their respective firings.
    The team soon discovered there was no Trump-Russian 2016 election collusion - and yet went ahead to leverage Trump campaign subordinates on process crimes in hopes of finding some culpability in Trump's past 50-year business, legal, and tax records. The point was not to find who colluded with whom (if it had been, then Hillary Clinton would be now indicted for illegally hiring with campaign funds a foreign national to buy foreign fabrications to discredit her opponent), but to find the proper mechanism to destroy the presumed guilty Donald Trump.
    The Mueller probe has now failed in that gambit of proving "collusion" (as even progressive investigative reporters and some FBI investigators had predicted), but succeeded brilliantly in two ways.
    The "counterintelligence" investigation subverted two years of the Trump presidency by constant leaks that Trump soon would be indicted, jailed, disgraced, or impeached. As a result, Trump's stellar economic and foreign policy record would never earn fifty percent of public support.
    Second, Mueller's preemptive attacks offered an effective offensive defense for the likely felonious behavior of John Brennan, James Clapper, James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Bruce Ohr, Peter Strzok, and a host of others. While the Mueller lawyers threatened to destroy the lives of bit players like Jerome Corsi, George Papadopoulos, and Roger Stone, they de facto provided exemption to a host of the Washington hierarchy who had lied under oath, obstructed justice, illegally leaked to the press, unmasked and leaked names of surveilled Americans, and misled federal courts under the guise of a "higher loyalty" to the cause of destroying Donald J. Trump.
    The Palace Coup
    All of the above came to a head with the firing of the chronic leaker FBI Director James Comey (who would lie to the president about his not being a target of an FBI investigation, lie to House investigatory committees by pleading amnesia and ignorance on 245 occasions, and repeatedly lie to his own FBI bureaucrats).
    In May 2017, acting FBI director Andrew McCabe took over from the fired Comey. His candidate wife recently had been a recipient of huge Clinton-related campaign PAC donations shortly before he began investigating the Clinton email scandal. McCabe would soon be cited by the Inspector General for lying to federal investigators on numerous occasions - cynically stooping even to lie to his own New York FBI subordinates to invest scarce resources to hunt for their own nonexistent leaks as a mechanism for disguising his own quite real and illegal leaking.
    The newly promoted McCabe apparently felt that it was his moment to become famous for taking out a now President Trump. Thus, he assembled a FBI and DOJ cadre to open a counterintelligence investigation of the sitting president on no other grounds but the fumes of an evaporating Clinton opposition dossier and perceived anger among the FBI that their director had just been fired. In addition, apparently now posing as Andrew McCabe, MD, he informally head counted how many of Trump's own cabinet members could be convinced by McCabe's own apparent medical expertise to help remove the president on grounds of physical and mental incapacity under the 25th Amendment. This was an attempted, albeit pathetic, coup against an elected president and the first really in the history of the United States.
    At one point, McCabe claims that the acting Attorney General of the United States Rod Rosenstein volunteered to wear a wire to entrap his boss President Trump - in the manner of Trump's own attorney Michael Cohen's entrapment of Trump, in the manner of James Comey taking entrapment notes on confidential Trump one-on-one meetings and leaking them to the press, and in the manner of the Department of Justice surveilling Trump subordinates through FISA and other court authorizations.
    McCabe was iconic of an utterly corrupt FBI Washington hierarchy, which we now know from the behavior of its disgraced and departed leadership. They posed as patriotic scouts, but in reality proved themselves arrogant, smug, and incompetent. They harbored such a sense of superiority that they were convinced they could act outside the law in reifying an "insurance policy" that would end the Trump presidency.
    The thinking of the conspirators initially had been predicated on three assumptions thematic during this three-year long government effort to destroy Trump:
    One, during 2016, Hillary Clinton would certainly win the election and FBI and DOJ unethical and illegal behavior would be forgotten if not rewarded, given the Clintons' own signature transgressions and proven indifference to the law;
    Two, Trump was so controversial and the fabricated dossier was so vile and salacious, that seeded rumors of Trump's faked perversity gave them de facto exemptions to do whatever they damned pleased;
    Three, Trump's low polls, his controversial reset of American policy, and the general contempt in which he was held by the bipartisan coastal elite, celebrities, and the deep state, meant that even illegal means to continue the campaign-era effort to destroy Trump and now abort his presidency were felt to be moral and heroic acts without legal consequences, and the media would see the conspirators as heroes.
    In sum, the Left and the administrative state, in concert with the media, after failing to stop the Trump campaign, regrouped. They ginned up a media-induced public hysteria, with the residue of the Hillary Clinton campaign's illegal opposition research, and manipulated it to put in place a special counsel, stocked with partisans.
    Then, not thugs in sunglasses and epaulettes, not oligarchs in private jets, not shaggy would-be Marxists, but sanctimonious arrogant bureaucrats in suits and ties used their government agencies to seek to overturn the 2016 election, abort a presidency, and subvert the U.S. Constitution. And they did all that and more on the premise that they were our moral superiors and had uniquely divine rights to destroy a presidency that they loathed.
    Shame on all these failed conspirators and their abettors, and may these immoral people finally earn a long deserved legal and moral reckoning.

    My comment:
    That was a decent summary of what has happened so far.

    The next act will be to conceal the death of Ginsburg so she can be used to subvert the supreme court when the totally unconstitutional omnibus bill arrives there after the 9th circuit attempts to unlawfully enforce it. Fat chance we will see Ginsburg alive, fat chance she'll ever "die". And with either threats against the other judges or outright corruption in the other judges, they'll likely keep it all under wraps until the job is done.

    Certainly the press won't report it.
    The job: COUP STAGE 2.
    Rumor has it that Ginsburg is still alive and on the court today

    Still no photos or video that can't be traced to 2018 including what TMZ posted yesterday. Sorry, I am going to have to see it to believe it, and after the stunt TMZ pulled, probably not even that will do it.

    Trump had an awesome tweet stream and he is calling them out for treason.

    I hope with the new AG and Deputy AG Trump can finally get down to business.

    Here are his latest tweets:

    The Washington Post is a Fact Checker only for the Democrats. For the Republicans, and for your all time favorite President, it is a Fake Fact Checker!As I predicted, 16 states, led mostly by Open Border Democrats and the Radical Left, have filed a lawsuit in, of course, the 9th Circuit! California, the state that has wasted billions of dollars on their out of control Fast Train, with no hope of completion, seems in charge! The failed Fast Train project in California, where the cost overruns are becoming world record setting, is hundreds of times more expensive than the desperately needed Wall!
    Had the opposition party (no, not the Media) won the election, the Stock Market would be down at least 10, 000 points by now. We are heading up, up, up!
    "The biggest abuse of power and corruption scandal in our history, and it’s much worse than we thought. Andrew McCabe (FBI) admitted to plotting a coup (government overthrow) when he was serving in the FBI, before he was fired for lying & leaking." @seanhannity @FoxNews Treason! Remember this, Andrew McCabe didn't go to the bathroom without the approval of Leakin' James Comey!
    (The Witch Hunt) in time likely will become recognized as the greatest scandal in American political history, marking the first occasion in which the U.S. government bureaucrats sought to overturn an election (presidential) Victor And got caught!
    My comment: The ball is in Trump's court. He has two new AG's. If he does not step on it now, he's not only toast, it will be the end of America. He HAS TO do more than call out people on Twitter, if heads do not roll soon it is GAME OVER. Hopefully the anti-lynching legislation got passed for a reason, that may be a key indicator that things are looking brighter for America.

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    Re: Burlington Vermont Soviet sister city of fake American's trained in subversion.

    From Jim Stone:

    "Routine vaccination" wiped out 3 triplets down to permanent full blown autism on the SAME DAY

    The McDowell family of Detroit Michigan brought their triplets in for vaccination, and within hours all 3 of them were autistic.

    Vaccines are not vaccines. They are eugenics shots that have nothing in them that is claimed - the Italian vaccine board recently tested the new version of the same vaccine these kids got and found it had none of the ingredients claimed, and no antigens for any of the diseases it was supposed to prevent. What is often peddled under the cover of vaccine legitimacy is a complete fraud, with no vaccine component at all.

    Here is their testimony of what happened:
    "On June 25th, 2007, we brought them in for their "vaccine" shot... we went in at 10 am. All three. My daughter still has the mark on her leg from the shot... we did the boys as well. By noon, Claire shut completely off. It was as if she was blind, and deaf, and complete failure to thrive, from super super happy, smiley girl to... (prior to the shot) she had full blown eye contact, and she shut right down. All she did was stare at the ceiling.
    At 2:00 we watched Richie shut off. All his mama, dadda, and the furniture walking and everything just shut off. All the giggles, all the smiles, again failure to thrive. They lost all their reflexes... they stopped blinking, yawning, coughing, sneezing, they lost their startle reflex... that was 2:00.
    The worst was when we saw the final one shut down. We lost Robbie, he looked like he was hit by a bus. He had a stunned look on his face... he acted deaf, he lost his happiness. They were no longer engaged in anything or anyone. They lost their smiles. They never held hands again, never looked at each other again.

    Vaccine injury is real. We were told is was genetic, then we were told there was no way three children were shut off on the same day... it was statistically impossible. We were told we could not sue anyone. No vaccine manufacturers could be sued. We found out later there was a vaccine injury court. They then told us we were too late, we only had three years to apply."
    The video for this is here

    My comment:
    It could not possibly be more clear that what is claimed to be vaccines in many cases is not vaccines. Many of these "vaccines" are stated to prevent illnesses that are not serious or fatal on top of it. This was done on purpose, because the vaccines in this case DO NOT treat the disease they are supposed to prevent, completely lacking the antigens needed to trigger an immune response. This is proven by the fact that vaccinated kids often get the illnesses the shots were supposed to prevent, which should not be possible if they were formulated to work against that illness.

    What we now have being peddled as vaccines is an elite crafted race specific bioweapon, and it targets 1. White boys at a ratio of 4:1 over white girls, Second, it targets blacks as the second most affected group, (at least the American formulation) and Latin Americans are hit significantly less. There is little wonder as to why they are pushing the vaccines so hard, - they can either destroy someone in secrecy as a baby, or have to face that someone on a battlefield later, and they have chosen to fight their war through the medical system rather than the battlefield to avoid the possibility any of them will ever be hurt. Who are the big vaccine pushers? ANSWER: It is a religion - a tribe - that America saved during world war 2, only to have them turn around and say THANKS by destroying our children. That particular group cannot be thankful or grateful to anything or anyone, it's simply not in their cloth.

    So what are we going to do? Are we going to sit and cry and be erased because someone called us "stupid" or "anti science" OR THE WORST ONE: THE KID HAD BAD GENES, THAT KID CAME FROM YOU AND IF YOU ARE F***ED UP ENOUGH TO MAKE SOMETHING LIKE THAT IT'S YOUR FAULT. I can't even begin to describe how evil that kind of statement is, it can only come from the lowest psychopath but the tribe has had think tanks go down every road looking for the best line to make people feel guilty or shamed by their own destruction, and they then RAM IT down the throats of their victims.

    We had better act against this WITH FORCE, or we are doomed. Even if Trump manages to fix this, we'll lose a million plus more kids to various levels of damage before anything of substance can be done and the tribe is only getting more and more adamant about forcing our destruction via "vaccine" mandates. If you refuse our shot, we'll just take your kids, you'll never see them again and if it suits us, we'll give them the shots, but if they will scream more during a ritual and they are prime for a ritual, we'll just do that instead. Either way, your heritage - your blood line is TOAST, we are throwing it in the trash, YOU ARE OUT.


    Cottonelle toilet paper aired a commercial featuring a homosexual

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