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Thread: Thermal video

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    Re: Thermal video

    Quote Originally Posted by woodman View Post
    I keep my chickens locked in the coop at night now and if I see that bobcat I am going to 'fix' him.
    Ringtail cats got six of the neighbors chickens a few weeks ago. They kill them and eat half the head.

    The ringtails are related to racoons.

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    Re: Thermal video

    I was visiting with a friend of mine last night on the phone. He's an old cowboy that's three years older than me. He's kind of a hermit and his eyesight is going bad on him so he can't see to drive on a road anymore. Where he lives is pretty remote and when you leave a gravel road in the middle of nowhere you then drive three miles on a dead end dirt road. I take him a case of whiskey once in a while and we have a few drinks and visit. He was telling me that a few days ago a bobcat had followed him and his dog from the barn to the house and came up on the doorstep and was looking in at him and his dog. He got his gun but the bobcat had disappeared when he got outside. Bobcats had already killed all the barn cats that he used to have too.

    We've had a lot of fierce cold temperatures and strong winds and snow so those bobcats are probably pretty hungry since the cold and snow makes it difficult to hunt. It's warmed up now though.
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