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Thread: boeing crash: no bodies found

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    boeing crash: no bodies found

    Ethiopian Airlines crash: No bodies found in wreckage of doomed Boeing 737 Max 8

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    Re: boeing crash: no bodies found

    Quote Originally Posted by cheka. View Post

    Ethiopian Airlines crash: No bodies found in wreckage of doomed Boeing 737 Max 8
    From Jim Stone:

    No bodies at the Ethiopian air crash site?

    There is a conspiracy making the rounds, saying no plane crashed and it is all a hoax, because there are no bodies. Let's get this straight once and for all:
    At impact speeds above about 180 mph, the body vaporizes. You don't even find bones. They said the impact speed was about 400. All of this is consistent with the fuselage falling apart at high speed and low elevation, with the wind grabbing surfaces on the plane that should not be there because it was falling apart, causing a control failure and bad decision by the computer which was suddenly dealing with numbers it was not supposed to ever see, which then slammed the plane nose first into the ground at 400 MPH. Nothing would be left.

    The problem was a bad H1-B computer program, combined with a poorly made H1-B airframe. Nothing in the debris is going to "look new" after cratering at 400 mph. Case closed.

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