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Thread: New Zealand Mosque

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    Re: New Zealand Mosque

    I feel pretty much the same way the guy does that did the video below. I'm tired of politicians that are traitors and flooding white nations with invaders that are destroying the nations they're flooding.

    We are all travelers through this world
    Birth till Death
    We travel between the Eternities. Robert Duval as Print Ritter "The Broken Trail"

    Just incase anybodys wonderin my ancestors were mostly Irish and I'm catholic

    The old coyote senses danger and sinks into the grass.
    He cannot be seen but he watches and waits. Author unknown

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    Re: New Zealand Mosque

    4Chan is on the ball.... LOL

    "Paper is poverty, it is only the ghost of money, and not money itself." --Thomas Jefferson to Edward Carrington, 1788
    "The greatest threat to the state is when the people figure out they can exist without them." - Twisted Titan
    "Some Libertarians are born, the government makes the rest."
    "Voting is nothing more than a slaves suggestion box, voting on a new master every few years does not make you free."

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