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Thread: Mosque shooter adores Chinese Communist sytem and Faux news says he's Right Wing.

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    Mosque shooter adores Chinese Communist sytem and Faux news says he's Right Wing.

    Fox News is falsely reporting that a "right wing extremist" did the mosque attack

    He's an admitted communist who openly adores the Chinese system of communism. But if they can bash conservatives, the all new Fox is proving they are anything but your friend. Crap agenda driven media. They are besting CNN now.

    Let's hope this puts the nail in the FOX coffin. Well, it was a "better than CNN at least" 20 years or so, but certainly Fox was never what it should have been if it was totally legit. Where's the 911 truth? Well, they did do the Carl Cameron report which got scrubbed, so maybe they were legit for a few minutes there . . . . . at any rate they are GONE NOW.

    Ethiopian air black boxes sent to France
    THAT is a mistake. Ethiopia would get more truth going over the data themselves. France, Germany, Britain, the U.S. and more are so compromised politically that you simply can't trust what they say with anything. Probable B.S. about the crash is on the way.

    Unlike Trump, I am not going to rescind my words just because a communist shot up a mosque

    Trump rescinding his word about good Americans taking forceful action against Democrats was a BIG mistake, when the shooter was a communist who openly sided with China's communist government, and Democrat ideology.

    Trump should have instead tweeted: TOLD YOU SO.
    As it turns out, the shooter was happy with China for arresting large numbers of Muslims.

    A brief headline commentary:

    Republicans blocked Trump's emergency declaration but this time the margin was not so overwhelming it could not be effectively vetoed.

    Trump is ripping the Dems on Twitter for the illegal investigation But it won't matter, after the omnibus spending bill he lost, has no power now, the traitors nailed him and now to me he's coming across as a desperate weakling that lost a fight, and is shouting at the victors from the other side of a chain link fence. He's gone, and only a cleaned up supreme court can bring him back.

    Pics or it did not happen!

    It did not happen, but after a coup, what can Trump do? Rescind his word because a commie shot up a mosque?
    Phoney headline: Harvard researchers uncover DNA switch that allows regeneration

    Folks, that's a fake headline. it implies that scientists discovered how to cause people to grow new arms and legs. Even the article states that they did not. What the real headline should make clear is that scientists (may have) figured out exactly what gene allows a worm to grow into two new worms if you break it in half. That's an already known about ability of worms, and does not mean in any way at all it means someday scientists will figure out how to get people to regrow anything at all, (even as little as a finger) one of our fingers is more complex than a worm and there's a reason why we don't regrow them.

    Mosque shooter: "The nation with the closest political and social values to my own is the People's Republic of China."

    Yet the American MSM is preaching all about how he was a Trump supporter!

    Like I said, if an MSM is willing to lie about eugenics shots that are now peddled as vaccines, and subsequently peddle them as vaccines, and then lie about autism stats while lying about attacks on other countries, "hate crimes" Trump and everything else, why would they tell the truth about the mosque shooter? He did something they can use to bash Trump if they lie about it, so they will.


    In response to a MOSQUE shooting, she showed her BRILLIANCE again by asking "What good are your thoughts and prayers when they don't even keep the pews safe"

    Yes, the three chambers of government thing again.
    Some people think she's cute. But for others it takes brains to be cute, and she does not have it.

    Not so dear AOC: Mosques do not have pews. In fact, they have nothing to sit on at all, you sit on the floor. And nice gaffe on "thoughts and prayers" when you obviously never experienced either!

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    Re: Mosque shooter adores Chinese Communist sytem and Faux news says he's Right Wing.

    New Zealand Mosque Shooter’s Manifesto Apparently Posted Online, Admires Communist China

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    Re: Mosque shooter adores Chinese Communist sytem and Faux news says he's Right Wing.

    Rumor has it a gun confiscation bill is on the way

    It is rumor because I cannot confirm it right now with the limited time I have right now. Apparently the GOP is pushing for a bill that will make it possible for anyone to accuse anyone of not being fit to have guns, and if anyone does, no matter what the circumstance, the door gets broken down and all guns are taken and it takes a court battle to get them back - a court battle of the type a man faces in divorce court where a loss is guaranteed.

    Such a bill is the same thing as a gun ban, anyone's guns can be taken, that means, in this climate, EVERYONE's guns can be taken and a guilt trip: You're not sane! will be used to take them.
    Rather than the response of "You can't take them, it is my right to have them" the response will instead be forced to: I'm not crazy, give them back! See how weak that is? It is the exact same thing as an outright confiscation, except you are first called crazy and then they get taken. That is how they will disarm America with only a few confiscation teams. It will take a while this way, but they'll get them. EVERY. LAST. ONE.

    If this is actually in the works, HEADS UP, even if you're called nutz, don't even try to prove you are sane, they know you are sane, it is a ruse and they know it. In such cases, anyone who has their guns taken needs to hit the streets warning that the confiscations have started, just like we have feared they would all along.

    They can't declare a gun ban, this is their work around to confiscating all guns without an outright gun ban and you can damn well bet the tribe will keep ALL THEIR GUNS, heck, they might even get YOUR GUNS donated to them.

    And then, Ocasio will RULE and be a GENIUS because every last thing those guns protected will also be confiscated, all voices those guns protected will be silenced, they won't go easy on America - they will kill the whole damn country the nanosecond they know they will get away with it. The tribe HATES America, it was a grand challenge to their supremacy, don't be fooled by the already launched B.S. about how the "tribe" is against this.

    Still waiting on word of whether or not this is all real, (the bill is real, launched by Dems but I have to confirm the GOP plans to pass it) I'll search this out later.

    There is obviously an asymmetric war with Venezuela going on

    There have been three huge U.S. refinery fires in two days. Two happened in Texas, one at the Deer Park refinery, and one at the Baytown refinery. The one in California happened at refinery in Carson.

    Three large refinery fires in two days? Figure the odds. All happened to tanks, which would be easy to sabotage and Deer Park is going BONKERS right now, with everyone being told to shelter in place.

    I am skeptical of the shooting video I posted below

    It appears to show a setup before the event with crisis actors. But I am still skeptical, I think at least some elements of the mosque shooting were real. I also think the shooter was an intelligence asset sent out to justify banning guns and stoke a war.

    Having Trump release tax returns can be used to destroy his business

    There's a good reason for Trump to not release his tax returns, and that is that if every expense is itemized, it is going to tell everyone who his suppliers are, who his business associates are, it will tell everyone the deep secrets of his business. If you were Pelosi, who can get away with murder and run scams and pork without consequence, that's one thing. Having Trump reveal all his business secrets, where strategic planning is part and parcel is an entirely different issue. He could be rendered non-competitive with that info.Forcing him to publicize it all would amount to an assault.

    UNCONFIRMED: Christchurch shooting fake

    For however long it lasts, take a look at this video on Twitter. No context is given, however, it appears someone who "died" is in the same position he was in when he "died" and he's texting.The background on this was that it was claimed to be a video taken before the shooting, where they were practicing with the "crisis actors".

    I am skeptical, but I also can't save this like I can other videos and there has to be a reason why they are criminalizing having the original - perhaps they don't want people cross examining things. So for what it's worth Give this twitter video a look, I am a little bit skeptical but it does look like this could really be something.

    Christchurch shooter a certified MORON

    Yes he could hit a target. No, he had no brains. Anyone that stupid who gets anything done has to have the support of the deep state. He did visit British intelligence before doing this. This seems like he was an FBI type patsy (probably set up by Britain this time) who shot a bunch of people up who were NOT the problem, to make a case for JEWS to exploit. It could not have been better for the Jews.
    So Guess who?
    At any rate, as usual, when the tribe sets another idiot up, he was promptly captured. So once again, let me brief people on how to know when something actually is completely as advertised, which this was clearly NOT
    A real attack launched by real people who are as advertised will be completed in a minute or less, likely be totally lethal, and NO ONE will know jack about who they were. A note will probably be left behind to inform people why the attack took place, and then whoever did it will walk among the recipients of the attack later, with no one knowing who did it. That way the demands of whatever was in the note are far more likely to be met. There won't be back stories of anyone visiting foreign intelligence, there won't be a bunch of perfectly packaged crap, there will only be a hit, and then silence. That way the enemy won't rest easy, and might actually think twice about blowing our kids brains out with tainted shots, (or whatever the message was about) that was left behind.

    I'll tell you this: You can tell a fool by who gets targeted, and the Christchurch shooter was TOO STUPID TO BREATHE. If breathing was not a reflex function, he'd have self asphyxiated.

    I'll tell you how the Jews do it (and never get caught)
    Let's say a child in a neighborhood got stolen and then bar-b-q'd. or matzo balls . . . . Ok so you've got a grieving mom who is going nuts running around the town, trying to find her baby. You discover she's starting to get answers. She's not fully on target yet, but she's starting to figure it out. For some reason she's not easy to kill. What do you do? Easy. -

    You send "caring and concerned help", you tell her that no expense will be spared, and you are going to help her find her baby. You say you are from a group that finds lost kids. You give her a "friend" who is always there to "help". This friend finds lots of "leads" and gives the mom hope. All the leads lead to dead ends that go nowhere. Everything the mom discovered gets debunked by the new leads, that go nowhere.

    But hope is given, JUST LIKE Q ANON. And as the weeks and months go by, the pain subsides, hopelessness sets in, and the mom HAS TO get on with her life, with the Jew that was sent to "help" originally becoming a "lifelong cherished friend" who does not call much, but is close enough to divert any further possible leads into discovering what happened to the kid.

    That takes energy, but it really works. They'd rather kill the mom, but if they can't get away with that, this is what happens. Getting help from strangers who claim to be friends when a kid is gone is a MAJOR red flag that no one ever sees.

    Compare that to what this Christchurch moron did. If he had any brains AT ALL the attack would have been done instantly, taking whatever he got in the first unload and leaving RIGHT THEN, and today, he'd be right back at that mosque offering all possible help for them to get over this and find the perpetrator. He could have left the manifesto and still done this if he was not stupid. The identity of the attacker would have remained a total mystery. That's how the Jews do it, and I'd assume anyone else who has more than an ounce of brains.

    WOW, the entire MSM has joined the "right wing shooter" chorus

    Want to see a lie in action? Just tune into their coverage of the mosque shooter. He's a far left commie who spoke about it openly, including how he hated Trump's policies, and how much he loves the communist government of China, yet all the media is spewing is "RIGHT WING HATE".

    They just HAVE TO accuse the other side of what their side did, it is called displacement, where you accuse others of that which you did and are doing. It is stunning how far they are taking this, and people ought to take notice so they can realize just how far gone the MSM really is.
    Even Fox put on it's true colors with this.

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    Re: Mosque shooter adores Chinese Communist sytem and Faux news says he's Right Wing.


    This "mosque" is likely a blue screen someone put together. Look at the prayer spot patterns in the carpet. Look down the little side hall - there is yet another "prayer spot" marked out on the carpet there. I'm not going to go into how odd it is that there are prayer spots in the hallway carpet at all, (this is very strange because you are supposed to be able to see the guy leading the prayer, if you can't see him you can't do the prayer and NO MOSQUE is going to go to the expense of putting that kind of carpet where no one can pray because they can't follow the leader (another problem) but the one that is in that little entryway takes the cake - you can't pray with your head against the wall, there has to be a few feet in front of you, it is simply the rules so it can't be there.

    CONCLUSION: This is an Ocasio Cortez mosque assembled in a green room by people who did not know how Muslims would actually set up a real mosque, OR it is actually a real structure and someone paid whatever it took to set up an elaborate prop for a hoax video. Hollywood does it all the time, but usually when Hollywood does something they get the details right.

    No shoes at the door either, which means that particular door is not used, it just happens to be there, you CANNOT wear your shoes on that type of carpet no matter what, you can't leave without your shoes, they HAVE TO be by the door. No shoes by any door in any mosque that cuts straight to prayer carpet means that door is not used,

    ANOTHER Ocasio style blunder.

    Folks, just through observation of this one scene alone, you can prove this is not a real mosque. Too many errors were made, it would be pointless to put that carpet in a hall where no one can see the prayer being led, plus it would not be in the side hall that did not allow enough room,

    PLUS there are no shoes by the door, a DEAD GIVEAWAY,

    AND:HERE IS THE CLINCHER THAT TOTALLY CINCHES THIS AND PROVES IT IS A FAKE MOSQUE: The position of Mecca is totally random and the video shows the "mosque" clearly lined up with the surrounding streets,yet the prayer carpet is in perfectly straight lines which is not possible. In a real mosque where buildings line up with the surrounding streets, the prayer positions on the carpet will

    ALWAYS, WITHOUT EXCEPTION, have at least SOME angle to them because your direction of prayer points to Mecca,

    which is random depending on your position on the globe. Mecca is in fact not "east". As a result, in mosques that have pre-marked out prayer rugs, the prayer positions are always at an angle, they don't line up with the walls. Here is an example of how a mosque prayer carpet is really installed in locations where the mosque was not originally built to be a mosque (everywhere in the "western world") where mosques, (including obviously from the video in this case) are re-purposed buildings that were not originally built as mosques:

    Bottom line: Because the Christchurch mosque was a re-purposed structure, the prayer carpet would never line up so perfect the prayer positions shoot straight down a hallway without even an inch of deviation from the walls. Muslims would never set one up that way even if the building did magically line up perfect anyway, and no shoes by the door takes the cake - it's not real, END OF DISCUSSION.

    The following report contains the photo that proves what I said above

    I can now shamelessly and without question state the Christchurch shooting was fake

    The video was either done in multiple takes, or was created by an AI that screwed up. The mosque may or may not even be real. It is THAT BAD. I'll try to log in later to upload the most damning evidence yet, but for now I will embed it from elsewhere.In the video, a man was laying in the hallway, not wearing socks. The shooter runs past him to "get his other gun."

    On the way back in the same victim is laying in approximately the same position (everyone moved a little, but it is obviously at least trying to be the same scene AND THE SAME VICTIM IS WEARING BLUE SOCKS. Not possible if he really is dead on the floor.


    This image is hosted by the enemy, posted by the "good guys" where the enemy can remove it. So save it just in case it vanishes before I actually log in to host it from here. This error on the part of the production crew is in the original video also. GAME OVER, I know there are over a thousand people from NZ who read this site and I suggest they print this ASAP and start showing it to people, along with a clear explanation as to what is going on. NZ is getting REAMED by this shooting, Clinton&Co need a safe place to set up a new fiefdom and unfortunately NZ was all too willing to allow this to happen. Now I believe Podesta really was there helping to stage this and that the video was a complete production that was simply played as a "live stream" after the final cut.

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