From Jim Stone:

They are trying to erase Assange with slander, to prevent people from looking into just how suspicious the current story is.

The smear campaign against Assange is not plausible AT ALL.

According to the MSM now, Assange was a poop smearing psychopathic A-hole that everyone hated at the embassy. This story does not wash at all, here's why:
1. Assange had, at the back of the embassy, the largest and most secure room there, where the Wikileaks office was based. Only he had the key codes to that room, they gave him his privacy.

2. In addition to that room, they gave him another good one, that only he had the key codes to. It was probably his bedroom.

3. In addition to that room, he had the balcony room ALL TO HIMSELF, it was by far the best room at the embassy, and it was all his, only he had the key code to it. In addition to this, he got half the kitchen.

Folks, if they hated him, they would not have given him totally secure key codes to all that, with only him having access.

Now we are getting via the MSM that he was hated, a psychopath, the LAST GUY YOU WOULD EVER WANT TO MEET. I call BULLSHIT. If this was true, we'd have heard about it years ago, right after he turned up at the embassy. Instead, he was a really cool guy who made great appearances via live stream plus great balcony appearances. There was never any indication at all that there was anything at all amiss. And the way the embassy behaved, by giving him so much, proves he could not possibly have been hated.

He was ONE OF US.

There's lots wrong with the current story about Assange, which I cover in the next post. And I will say this: In the current photos, Assange looked nuts, like he was locked away in an interrogation room with no means of hygene for the last 3 years, ever since that van pulled up and removed him in 2016.

Assange NEVER LOOKED LIKE THAT, why did his appearances go to hell so badly? He looked sharp before. Why no public appearances and a sudden change to nut case goon? What we got when he was finally "officially" removed is what you'd expect if he was not there the whole time, for the past 2+ years, and they dumped him there with a huge payoff so this current story could be fronted.

Though the details of this probably won't ever be known, one thing is certain:
Assange was NOT a poop smearing totally hated hard to get along with nutcase. He was in fact quite cool, and the stories about him being some sort of rapist are admitted hoaxes and are exactly the same sort of stories we got with someone else the deep state hated - PRESIDENT TRUMP.

They want Assange destroyed so no one looks into how odd the current story line is.

They want you to just accept how only one media source got the photos (which is how it would be with deep fakes or an absolutely controlled and locked down event) and not question anything because "Assange was hated at the embassy anyway and a TOTAL JERK." Anyone who followed the Wikileaks saga at all knows what is currently being spewed now can't possibly be true, but if the scamming MSM, especially the British MSM can plant enough of a seed of doubt about the character of Assange to prevent people from looking into how odd this current story is, that will do, and if they can they will just sweep him under the rug and be done with it ASAP.

Assange went from "cool" to the monster of Beowulf in ONE sequential photo. How the hell did that happen?

That is pretty much what I said the first time I typed it, only to have it subsequently wiped out.

Why would they wipe it out? YOU GUESS.

I figured out the problem with the Assange story

It all boils down to this: RT was the ONLY ONE with the story. All other media outlets copied RT and used photos from RT. All the way to the end of the police car ride. How was it that RT was the only one with the scoop? One would expect the media to pounce on this even if it was kept private but they did not, despite having a time frame of at least an hour to do it in. They can have reporters on scene faster than that. Why would they not have reporters there? ANSWER: Because if you are going to do a deep fake, you do it with ONE SOURCE.

Why would RT be used? Because the rest of the MSM is perceived as such a lying dirt bag that only RT would have the credibility to pull it off.

Problem: RT is not entirely credible. RT appears to be pro-Trump yet Trump has given Russia more problems than anyone. Why would RT be pro Trump? Because they know Trump is a very popular president, and they want to remain popular with their target audience even though they may well hate Trump more than anyone.
They sure ought to.
So that alone shows that RT can't possibly be totally on the up and up, they may be a new world order mouthpiece more than anyone, hiding in the shadows of a former communist state that no one can deny was the one that got the ball rolling to turn the U.S. into what it is becoming now. I never trusted Russia.

At any rate, the photos all look real. But the question remains as to why (at least in the beginning) there was only one source. And let me make a bet:
Assange is going to turn on Trump. How is Assange a "never Trumper" now? When was that ever a meme? It is as if the controllers of the story line just slipped that in there, expecting people to buy it as part of the shock of Assange suddenly being out of the embassy (which was not supposed to happen - ) remember that just the day before the president of Ecuador back talked the MSM and said the stories about Assanges eviction were false and we are supposed to believe the next day he's all for it? There are lots of conflicts here, let's get back to "never Trump -

How is it that Assange, who supposedly worked to get Trump elected, vanished from sight for almost 3 years and then the first time he actually appeared in a photo he emerged a never trumper?
That kind of flip does not happen.
I am not going to continue with the line that Assange is dead, but I will still state that I am highly suspicious of what is going on now and that it is beyond known that such deep fakes are now possible.

This story is NOT ADDING UP. Wait. Let me guess. He'll be extradited to the U.S. and then he'll unveil the magic bullet that takes Trump out.

And the Pamela ruse is SICKENING. She hated Assange in 2016 and now she's his lover?

Question: Look at Assange and look at Pamela. Would she go for that? DOUBT IT. I guess it is too good of a story line to let die, especially now that Assange is a re-born never Trumper and Pamela wants Trump gone too. I am suspicious of it all to say the least.

This is going to be a real show to watch. Maybe Assange is alive, was removed from the embassy (I saw that happen on live stream in 2016, it happened at 3 AM British time) and then got put back in for this show, with Ecuador playing along in exchange for a payoff, (I think it was 4.3 billion) that just happened yesterday. Coincidence? TOO MUCH BULLSHIT GOING ON. That payoff would not explain why it was Russia and no one else that mysteriously got the scoop. ONLY RT WAS THERE. Why?