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Thread: akron tackles youth gun violence

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    akron tackles youth gun violence

    the definition of youth must've changed. men's midnight basketball will fix the youth gun problem

    Veronica Sims (D-at large) spoke passionately on the need for a plan and resources to end gun violence in neighborhoods to be included in the budget. A bullet once came through her kitchen window and hit her refrigerator, she said. Gunfire is something she and her husband hear in their neighborhood often and is a concern among her constituents, she said.

    “I need a plan that I can share with the community,” she said. “I need us to be talking about our intentional effort to deal with this issue.”

    Akron Mayor Dan Horrigan’s chief of staff, James Hardy, told her he disagreed with her assertion that there is no plan, and he referenced line items in the budget, such as a new Midnight Basketball League that’s set to kick off this summer, as well as the largest investment in police and safety services in a long time due to passage of Issue 4 in November 2017.

    In his State of the City Address, Horrigan talked about the Youth Violence Prevention Plan, the goal of which is to reduce youth violence 20 percent by 2023. Summit County Public Health will serve as the lead agency for this effort. Part of this plan includes the Midnight Basketball League, which is an eight-week program that would be open to males ages 16 to 33 that provides structured league play with mentorship and educational opportunities.

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    Re: akron tackles youth gun violence

    Crap, I am still beyond the cutoff line.
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