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Thread: Pistol caliber arguments are dumb

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    Re: Pistol caliber arguments are dumb

    Quote Originally Posted by Jewboo View Post
    My neighbor carries one. I wonder if rimfire reliably goes BANG every time the trigger is pulled. We're talking about depending on it with our lives.

    I've got three of the NAA revolvers and I've never had a misfire. I use the NAA "Earl" to shoot mice in the house at night. It has a four inch barrel. I carry one like the one in the video with CCI Max-mag or Hornaday "Critical Defense" rounds.

    I carry one of the small ones loaded with bird shot and use it on bulls when they get ornery and to break up fights between them. Had two bulls fighting about a week ago I needed to move and they kept fighting and I was afraid they might run over me in their battle. I used the one with birdshot and hit them in the legs. That broke up the fight and got things moving.

    I have a couple of the Ruger LCP's in .380 and they are nice to carry. I've carried them in a shirt pocket and no one ever seems to notice. I've got some Keltec pistols in 380 and .32 auto that are easy to conceal in a lot of ways.

    I've tried the "Urban Carry" holsters because they sounded like a good idea but they were miserable to wear and didn't work as well as they are promoted too.

    I like to carry a gun in each pocket because I can always get to one if one of my hands is busy. I was in that situation one time and could't get to my gun and I don't want to get caught like that ever again.

    I've been carrying a Cobra Tec knife lately too that's pretty nice. Works good, easy to conceal, comes out fast and is razor sharp. Video review below. No knife laws where I live.

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