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Thread: Jim Stone: msc stories.

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    Re: Jim Stone: msc stories.


    Someone noticed that during a screw up at Facebook, the pictures did not show, and instead their meta data (which proved an AI is combing the images and this is how they are banning American flags) - the AI wrote the meta data into the pages instead of the images. Here are some examples:Picture may contain: Sky, cloud, outdoor and nature
    Picture may contain: Two people, people smiling, food.
    Picture may contain: One or more people, people on stage, and text
    The twitter for this is HERE and obviously, if the AI decides Picture may contain: Puppy, teddy bear and American flag, the picture is now removed from Facebook.

    Here is how you build a defacto border wall for the cost of gasoline and a little time -

    Trap a large number of five pound alligators. And I mean a couple thousand or so. Put them in a horse trailer that can handle 10, 000 pounds and go to the Rio Grande in various locations and let 500 go in each spot to make damn good and sure you have released a survivable base population that will mate and make more. After a few trips, your border wall will be built.The border patrol is worried about ONE (1) alligator in the Rio Grande that is only six feet long. A five pounder is almost half way there, and they grow. Times three trips equals "problem" magnified by 6, 000.

    Even 50 or so would probably eventually do the trick, but for speedy results the more the better. Let's see the Dems stop that!


    Story of a billionaire losing 42 billion dollars loads a virus

    Here is the story: Billionaire loses $41,500,000,000. Now has $500 million onlyAnil Ambani, who was the 6th richest man in the world with a wealth of $42 billion in 2008, has now crashed out of the billionaire club. In 11 years, the equity value of Ambani's entire business empire has now crashed to Rs 3,651 crore ($523 million). That value, though, also includes substantial pledged shares.
    The virus tries to load when the story, which was originally hosted in only ONE location is accessed via a link.

    If you see this story which is making the rounds now, DO NOT CLICK IT, what I have posted here is all there is.


    People on facebook are complaining that they are seeing any picture they have that has an American flag in it disappear from Facebook. It does not have to be a picture of a flag, it could be titled "Puppy jumps over teddy bear" and if there is an American flag ANYWHERE in the background, Facebook will remove the picture.No complaints from anyone about Israeli flags being removed.
    The message is clear: Facebook is a confirmed enemy of the United States and it is WAR.

    UPDATE: This extends to any picture Facebook does not want online, and people can't predict what that will be. It is getting noticed. Let me guess: Any picture that portrays a conservative theme, whether it is intentional or by accident.


    Google to begin browser based censorship via the Chrome browser

    They AND others have been doing it for years in earnest, by not allowing some sites to appear as freshly updated as they are. That is why I have the comment at the top of the page, teling people that reloading the page will not work, they have to instead delete their cache or open a private window.

    This next step Google is taking with Chrome is worse
    Google is going to outright censor the web by making Chrome simply not load web sites Google disagrees with. This will use the same process that has forced me to constantly change page names (which forces a reload), except it will be done more noticeably.

    I told everyone repeatedly this was already happening and that there was little question they would do it worse in the future. SEE THIS. And as a side note, if a window pops up saying "sale ends in X days, click this to close" DO NOT CLICK IT, that could be an overlay Google inserted (they can do anything if they make the browser) I did not click it, I read this story elsewhere and copied the link when that happened.
    If Natural News (which I have never seen anything like that happen on before) actually did that, it is a BAD IDEA, it allows anyone hosting an ad to use that ad to plant viruses. That happened here several years ago.

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    Re: Jim Stone: msc stories.

    The white male posts are causing fools to post ridiculous claims on web sites, not even forums - including "White males are evil and made by aliens" and the rest of the races are pure. Yeah, RIGHT. Anyway, telling the truth means enduring "white supremacist" labeling and associated B.S.

    FAIR IS FAIR. Anyone can post any page they want about any group they want and trumpet that group's accomplishments to the world. I am picking WHITE MALE (and even white female, I am going to post at least two) because when it comes to naming accomplishments white males make it EASY. All I need to do is look at anything I have from a bicycle spoke to a Pringles can, and sure enough a WHITE MALE invented it. AND IT IS HIGH TIME THE WORLD TURNED BACK FROM THE TRACK IT IS ON AND PAID RESPECT TO THOSE WHO GAVE THE ENTIRE WORLD SO MUCH.
    I am not even going to bother with the big ones everyone knows about, like airplanes, rockets, nuclear reactors, electricity, microprocessors, cars and yada yada, no, even the smaller accomplishments are so great they form the underpinnings of EVERYTHING.

    STATING THE TRUTH IS NOT SUPREMACY. STATING ACCOMPLISMENTS THAT ARE DOCUMENTED IS CALLED HISTORY. "Supremacy" is name calling by those who can't accept reality and that's the end of it.

    __________________________________________________ ___________________________________
    LET'S FACE IT: The enemy is going to have "months" for every perversion on the planet, and they will dictate what they are and enforce them through a hoax scam MSM, rigged and censored tech left, and subverted government. If we are going to have a real month of honor, we have to do it and enforce it ourselves.

    A time to remember who "built and invented it all" and just say thanks!


    __________________________________________________ ___________________________
    Because they are so into taking, I'll do a daily feature to make it clear what the WHITE MAN gave the world. Let's get started.


    July 3 - John Seebeck, inventor of the thermoelectric junction

    If you have a device that measures temperature via voltage differential, it will have a thermoelectric junction in it. There is another method of measuring temperature called a thermistor, which is a resistor that changes value with changes in temperature that was invented by another white male named Samuel Rubenstien but today's featured white male is Seebeck.

    Seebeck's thermocouples function by joining two dissimilar metals and measuring the voltage difference between them. These are used in ALL industry as temperature sensors for all temperature ranges and are far more versatile and precise than thermistors.
    Seebeck's thermocouple is an extremely important invention, without it, it would be impossible to measure temperatures well enough to alloy steel, control a nuclear reactor, give accurate temperature feedback for jet engines and rockets, or even get accurate control of a plastic injection molding machine - practically every industry uses thermocouples for either the manufacturing process or for temperature measurements in equipment.
    One MAJOR advantage of Seebeck's invention is that it will produce enough voltage and current to drive a measuring needle directly. This allowed it to be used for precise temperature measurement before any electronics were available. The first device that accomplised precise and reliable thermocouple based temperature measurement was the pyrometer in 1890, and the steel industry was the first to use it.

    The featured white male for July 4 is Jacques de Vaucanson, inventor of the automatic loom

    You owe your inexpensive American flag AND your clothing to this man, who invented the machine that made it possible to produce fabrics cheaply and with a quality that was unprecedented. Prior to the automatic loom, clothing was a major investment, such a major investment that ordinary people had one coat, one shirt, one pair of pants and socks and when they got worn out, they got patched and patched and patched until they disintegrated. You'd wear the same shirt for a decade or more, not because it was great quality, but because you had to.
    Nowadays, even "poor" people have a closet full of clothes and even if they are old and faded, they are still better than what you would have had prior to the inventions of today's featured white male.

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    Re: Jim Stone: msc stories.

    Obrador is disbanding the Federal police force for not enforcing the migrant caravan ban

    I was right about Obrador!

    Obrador actually DID give the order to shut the caravans down, but Soros bought off the Federal police - paying them to not follow the president's orders.

    As a result, Obrador is going to rip away all their benefits, reduce their pay, and merge them with the National Guard, with the National Guard's leadership monitoring what they do. The National Guard is following orders, so Obrador is having them take over.

    The Federal Police are saying HELL NO, and blocking roads and creating chaos, but it looks to me like Obrador has this in the bag.

    The once highly paid police force is now going to be sleeping in tents rather than posh hotels, and their pay is going to be cut ENORMOUSLY.

    I can understand why many people thought Obrador was causing the crisis, but I never thought he would, and was skeptical. Now that he has taken this action, the picture is clear.

    People ought not be harsh with this president, a lot of propaganda has been spewed about him but consider this - The American MSM hates him the same way they hate Trump, and the reason is because he's not an insider.

    PREDICTION: The border is going to become an abandoned zone. From the Mexican side. The migrant crisis will be over soon.

    Obrador is NOT CORRUPTIBLE.

    Unlike Trump, who is being blocked at every turn and devoured by corrupted advisors, Obrador is a lot more able to get things done, because as corrupt as the MSM claims Mexico's government is, it is no where near as far gone as America's.
    Doing away with the federal police is on par with disbanding the CIA and FBI at once.

    Let's see Trump get away with doing THAT. NOT A CHANCE.

    FIVE MORE YEARS. If Obrador can get through it, Mexico is going to be a lot better country.

    Mexican President Says He Wants To Disband Country's Army ...

    "I would get rid of the army and turn it into the National Guard," Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said. Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said on Monday he would like to disband the army and put national security in the hands of the new National Guard militarized police force, though he recognized the proposal was unlikely to happen.

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    Re: Jim Stone: msc stories.

    YOUTUBE: Where a guy spitting in tea and putting it back on the shelf can go VIRAL

    Want to lick some ice cream and disgust everyone, and encourage massive amounts of horrible repeat behavior? Do you want to post a tranny video of yourself or perhaps an anal condom review and have it go viral? Or maybe you have a cute kitten video someone might want to watch. IF SO, Youtube is for you. Youtube is the proven home of vulgarity and kittens, but don't you DARE be a conservative type who actually supports civilization or you'll be labeled a hater and banned post haste.

    Epstein the gatekeeper?

    Bill Clinton "did not inhale" and also never saw Epstein do anything wrong

    He also claims to have flown the lolita express (ONLY) 4 times. Ha. Like that will help - especially when there are so many witnesses that (already) screwed him. The guy pisses me off. What more can I say? Well, I could give a little more detail -Many people have heard stories about how blackmail scenarios are set up to keep people in line. I know several people from Ivy league colleges that told this story about Goldman Sachs:
    "They came through once a year, looking for the best candidates, offering "golden handcuffs" which meant that you had to play their game perfectly, and in return, you'd get a life of wealth. Once they located a candidate, (who they preferred to be married) they'd put him up in a nice hotel, alone, and then sent a very sexy girl to try to have sex with him. If he accepted, he'd be welcomed into Goldman Sachs. If he refused, it was adios, because Goldman Sachs wanted ONLY people who could be corrupted and then controlled via blackmail."

    Enter Epstein - The testimonies against Goldman Sachs give enormous support to the newly stated stories about Epstein being a gatekeeper, who put people in compromising positions so they could subsequently be controlled via a blackmail threat so powerful it would destroy them and land them in jail. Goldman Sachs on the other hand used lower level blackmail - against a man's marriage - to maintain control but I never heard anything about underage girls or sex slaves from the people who saw this go through their colleges. That does not mean nothing ever happened that no one knew about . . . .
    Anyway, with Epstein the entire theme makes sense - he ran the lolita express for the sole purpose of getting blackmail threats against people before they were permitted to continue on to higher places of power. This is evidenced by the fact that he kept records of it all, and subsequently also videotaped EVERYONE'S sexual encounters with these underage girls without them knowing about it. With Goldman Sachs as a precedent for this being done at a lower level elsewhere, it lends serious creedence to the prospect that Epstein was a MAJOR, and I mean MAJOR gatekeeper.
    Now that his videos and files are all had by the prosecution, PLUS it has been revealed that over 40 of Epstien's girls reported what happened to the FBI (that's good for Epstien because it means he was not at the worst level - at least he was not killing them) - they ratted to the FBI under Mueller who did NOTHING. This is getting big folks, but there is a problem -

    One of the prosecutors Maurene Comey, Daughter of James Comey.

    GEE. I guess they are after the "truth" after all, no tough questions please. Hopefully there are at least a few legit prosecutors working this. Deep state scores again.


    When reading the stats, look at the average number over the years. Mexico comes out WAY ahead of Russia on average, but at this time, Russia is slightly ahead. That could easily change next year, Mexico has a history of performing a lot better.
    The GDP per capita of the average Mexican is on par with the average Russian

    Just the facts: GDP per capita of Russia Russia
    GDP per capita of Mexico: Mexico
    When you consider the fact Mexico is not paying for a large military, life in Mexico is probably better than Russia.
    The big problem with Mexico's image is the fact that predominantly, the worst Mexicans go to America. Also, the drug lords are a reality, and that's a serious black eye. But economically speaking, no one is starving in Mexico unless it is caused by someone like a slave trader. In Mexico those exist at the street level. Elsewhere, they are based in 50th floor penthouses and places like pedo island.

    PREDICTION: All 387 Boeing 737 MAX planes delivered will be recalled and destroyed.

    Boeing had orders for over 5, 000 and delivered 387. That's good news for Boeing, because it is a LOT better to destroy 387 than it would be to destroy over 5, 000.
    If Boeing does not recall and re-hire ALL the white males they fired and replaced with foreigners, and then have these white males re-engineer the entire damn plane, and they don't get it done STAT, it is going to be BYE BYE Boeing. Software and cad jockeys do not cut it if they can't understand when numbers are orders of magnitude off just from the use of common sense alone, and can't call B.S. on a bad keypunch just from inherent common sense that is part of their basic existence. An education should go FAR beyond simply telling people how to get machines to do calculations, that education should put a state of mind in people where without any math at all, they know to within a few percent of what the answer should be before they even start so they can call B.S. on bogus POINT BLANK.

    If Boeing so much as stalls at bringing back true genius, the company is TOAST.

    We'll have to see where the 737 Max saga goes. This plane is the first plane Boeing attempted to build after firing all their white male engineers, while stating "they were not needed anymore, because the process of discovery was complete and all the research they needed to build any plane they wanted had already been done in years past". Foreigners could take it from there. That philosophy obviously worked GREAT. EVERY LAST 737 MAX BUILT TO DATE WILL BE SCRAPPED, even if they somehow get approved to fly again. There will be more disasters if they are approved to fly again, it is not just a software and sensor glitch - the plane is so bad it is structurally unsound.

    Boeing has ONE option: Scrap everything made, and release a different plane that looks the same and has the same name, designed by WHITEY.

    Rumors of a tropical storm developing are BUNK

    There is nothing going on anywhere, in ANY of the world's oceans. It is unusual. There is not one eye developing storm, or even the precursors to one ANYWHERE on the globe.

    Epstein updates:

    1. Zero Hedge has reported that Epstein is going to rat everyone out.2. Congress has just been given unfettered access to Trump's tax records, obviously in response to Epstein.
    3. Some idiot managed to get a long distance drone over Epstein's pedo island and photographed the whole thing, sorry, no links, the censorbot is so active you can't keep ahead of it with a permanent link, just try to find it. It is very complete and shows everything, including a probable location for sacrifices.
    4. Trolls have hit COUNTLESS forums and blogs, posting crap that implicates pedophelia was part of the original American construct. That's cute.
    5. Epstein claims to have co-founded the Clinton foundation (which was well proven to be using Haiti as a human trafficking point) I don't really need to get into how filthy that "foundation" really is.
    6. Thousands of child porn photos have been taken from Epstein's mansion
    7. WOO HOO! Epstein made secret recordings of ALL the "elites" doing their dirty deeds with slave kids, and the feds now have those recordings, with which they can nail almost the entirety of the deep state.
    8. As it turns out, no matter what they do, Trump is going to come up clean despite having had Epstein in his circle, because he was never part of ANY of it. That's why they want his tax records - to try to get him another way.
    Some people are speculating Epstein is going to whithold names and will try to frame Trump. I, however, doubt that because if that was the case, the tax records would not have been handed over.

    This is an interesting David Wilcock post

    I am skeptical, but it does make sense, so here it is:

    IT BEGINS: Epstein Indicted, Black-Ops Mega-Base Destroyed! Posted by David Wilcock | Jul 7, 2019 | IT'S TRUE: Jeffrey Epstein has actually been arrested. Indictments have been unsealed. This is the case that will bring down the House of Cards.Everything we just prognosticated in DECLAS is coming true. Big Tech knew this was coming, and has grossly restricted freedom of speech online as a result.
    What independent YouTube creator WOULDN'T want to talk about the biggest story of the year, which may soon become the story of the millennium?
    Get ready for a TORRENT of new information coming out that none of us could possibly have foreseen. This is it. DECLAS is happening!
    The California Independence Day earthquakes may have been strikes intended to take out the Deep State's last, best chemtrail-attack facilities, as we will see.
    The Deep State may have intended to use the facilities in a final attempt to destroy America right before the indictments unseal.
    Mass censorship won't stop this Truth Avalanche from falling. We are just now seeing the first pebbles... and we probably won't need to wait very long.
    My comment: If Big Tech "knew this was coming" there's a serious security problem but if they did know it was coming, they'd do exactly what they did. I am skeptical but it does make sense, and I am therefore not totally skeptical.
    We had DAMN WELL BETTER HOPE what happened at China Lake was a deep state takedown, but considering THEY predicted the second quake, I doubt it. They predicted a third huge one. If that happens I REALLY DOUBT IT. Due to the quake predictions, released on their very own MSM, I am more into thinking it was a reaction to what they knew was coming - if you do this with Epstein, kissit goodbye, Israel DID get their nuclear blackmail option planted down there . . . . . DO NOT MAKE US USE IT.
    At this point, it is anyone's guess, if anyone goes to anyone with accurate info, they'll be offed and censored post haste. What we do know is Epstein is getting three hots and a cot. We'll have to take it from there.

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    Re: Jim Stone: msc stories.

    OMG! You have GOT to see what Obrador did to all the Federali vehicles

    Today I saw a new police vehicle in the rear view mirror and wondered what it was. Checked the lights, yep, it was a police vehicle. So I slowed down and let it pass to get a look, and almost busted a nut laughing.Obrador has ALREADY totally merged the Federalis with the national guard. And he had to change their paint scheme. What kind of a paint scheme can you come up with on ALL their vehicles in less than a week? One that looks like sh*t.
    Nothing at all was done to remove any dents or fix them up in any way before re-painting, and no buff out finish work was done at all. They look like Ivan and Juan spray painted them in a driveway, white, with a checkerboard pattern at the bottom that would not be possible to sell in ANY market. Totally bland arial font "National Guard" on the doors. They look like CRAP.
    And the police, who once looked awesome are now in camo and full military gear, sitting in the back of the truck with an expression on their faces that clearly communicates: "What the F*** just happened?


    I never had anything against the Federalis, but this was really something. I did not have a camera to get a picture of it and I doubt any camera (which will have "make it look better" software algorithms) could possibly capture the gravity of what just happened, and how bad that paint looks. It is SHEER UTILITY.

    Obrador sold Mexico's Air Force One and lots and lots and LOTS of other stuff he figured was a waste of Mexico's money and I just saw that "frugality for the people" in action today, after all, the paint will indeed do the job and does not truly need to look one bit better. Why do "fancy" on the public dime?

    In addition to below:

    I strongly believe Google is the primary writer of malware that affects competing products. Why does Chrome get off scott free with everything practically? It is not because it is "better". It is likely because Google has an entire division dedicated to attacking other people's stuff. Considering how Google has been proven to behave, it would only make sense.

    Google is going to ban Breitbart from Adsense

    Then Breitbart will be entirely de-listed, the mail won't work, and Chrome will be programmed to completely censor anyone else that tries to give advertising to Breitbart. That has not been reported yet, but I have a history of being right about these things with regard to google, EVERY TIME.

    Major weather in New Orleans

    A massive line of thunder storms has moved through New Orleans and caused chaos. The tropical depression I have mentioned already does not appear to be close enough to be causing it, but the overall wind currents in the region are combined.

    Prediction: Trump will NOT go down with Epstein no matter how much the media spins B.S.

    Here's a GOOD ONE:

    This is being widely reported now that Epstein is in the spotlight and they are trying to drag Trump down with him - you have to put the two quotes which are widely spaced in articles together.Roger Stone once quoted Donald Trump about a pool party he attended at Jeff Epstein's house:
    "The swimming pool was filled with beautiful young girls, " Trump said, before adding, 'How nice, ' - I thought, - he let the neighborhood kids use his pool." Epstein was then a member of the Mar-Lago club. That was before he got caught hitting on an underage girl at the club and Trump had him thrown out and banned.

    For the Lolita Express, and Bill Clinton is on them.

    The manifests are abbreviated a LOT which obscures who was actually on the plane, but it is clear there were LOTS of females and all had an assigned abbreviation with groups simply spelled out with two letters per girl and followed by designation "female". This is fairly interesting but is far from being a complete record - spanning only one year and probably the least damning one at that.


    From Trump's twitter"Word just out that I won a big part of the Deep State and Democrat induced Witch Hunt. Unanimous decision in my favor from The United States Court of Appeals For The Fourth Circuit on the ridiculous Emoluments Case. I donā€™t make money, but lose a fortune for the honor of serving and doing a great job as your President (including accepting Zero salary!).
    My comment: The emoluments clause was penned to prevent presidents from profiting off of their position in office. Since Trump already owned everything before becoming president and also had all the clients before becoming president, going after him with the emoluments ruse was ludicrous beyond belief. But they tried it.

    A rotation has started in the gulf

    I think this one is man made but it is impossible to be sure. It started out as a long lasting low pressure region that had no rotation. Now the rotation is started, and it is complete all the way up to around 28, 000 feet but despite being at multiple atmospheric levels at once the sustained wind speeds are still only 30 MPH. It has to strengthen an awful lot before it can even be named.This one was called days ago which is too early to be credible, which strongly implies to me they knew it was going to happen because it was going to be a manufactured storm.
    PREDICTION: The wind speeds will, throughout the duration of this storm, be much lower than stated. Additionally, it won't drop much rain. If this one is fabricated the way I think it was, every estimate of what it will do will be much much higher than what actually happens, and the only way to confirm they lied about it all will be to check for how bad damage is, if there is any at all.
    Obviously I'll keep an eye on this, but with the global wind map being what it is, I won't be falling for any lies. There are too many agencies watching this model and feeding it data, the NWS can't just make it into what they want it to be.

    Just to throw this out there -

    I would like to repeat and clarify: Epstein definitely was a deep state gatekeeper, who had the job of keeping top politicians in line.

    There's no other way to see it. If he was running a sex plane to a sex island that was run exclusively for the top of the top of the top tier people, and he filmed them all IN SECRET, that's exactly what it was. Anyone who stepped out of line would be immediately shown screwing someone far too young, while married or committed elsewhere, while in office, the whole 9 yards, - he got ALL OF THEM on video without them being told. Of course it was a blackmail operation to keep the deep state in line. It gave all the leverage needed to instantly jail those who stepped out of line.I seriously doubt Bill has done anything of significance with Hillary since Chelsea (she's probably his), Hillary is far too repulsive and Bill is far too much of a player. Lolita express 27 times, plus Monica and probably 30 others . . . . . THAT BOY is going to toe the line come hell or high water. Obama could likely be exposed simply by telling the truth about Michael, who looks more and more feminine as time goes on and the hormones work better . . . . you know - that Ellen incident and many many more . . . . I'd be genuinely surprised if that story was off. One way or another, they have them ALL nailed except Trump.
    There are lots of stories now floating around about Trump being Epstein's top client, but there's a problem, NO TAPE. Trump figured out what Epstein was in the 90's and banned Epstein ever since. It is one thing to get on the Lolita express ONE TIME without knowing what it is, and then walking away in disgust, and then banning Epstein from all your resorts. They were not pals after that. Trump had influence, and Epstein tried to nail everyone who was at Trump's level.
    The bottom line is that Trump has never had a thing for underage girls. And to top that off, he had options. Why go there?
    The only thing Epstein has in his favor with all of this is that he did not kill the girls when he was done with them. That's a fair shade better than Hillary with her upscale facial masks.

    This is going over like a lead balloon: Israeli leader claims a new "holocaust" of six million

    According to him, "six million" Jews have been lost to "race mixing". "Race mixing" is defined by him as any Jew who marries a non-jew, even if that non-jew is of the same biological race.
    People are not buying it, because "there's that six million number again" and "Gee, the Jews are the ones pushing race mixing so hard, so it is bad for them, but OK for us?Here is a short quote from one of their news sources, which might not be fake (this time)

    Israeli leader compares Jewish intermarriage in US to a 'second Holocaust'Israel's minister of education said in a cabinet meeting this month that the rate of marriage between US Jews and non-Jews is like a "second Holocaust, " a report said Tuesday.
    Rafi Peretz made the statement in the July 1 cabinet meeting that was attended by Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Axios reported.
    Peretz was responding to a discussion by officials in the meeting about the growing rate of marriage between Jews and non-Jews around the world, especially in the United States.
    He said that because of the rate of mixed marriages, Jewish people have "lost 6 million people, " which is "like a second Holocaust, " according to the report.

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