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Thread: Jim Stone: msc stories.

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    Re: Jim Stone: msc stories.


    The U.S. Women's team thrashed the hell out of Thailand and then were jerks about it.

    Obviously the U.S. women's team kicked butt, probably without even needing transgenders, (I never checked on that) but their behavior was over the top afterwards. I guess it was understandable IF you also understand that they are not raised to have any class at all anymore. I guess I can't say I am disappointed they kicked butt (I am not in the least) because they showed that even with all the diminishing of American greatness lately there is still a lot left. But come on now, SHOW SOME CLASS. Let's see how the American girls behave after getting their butts kicked by China or Russia. That may be a far fetched notion however, they really look like they are set to take it all.

    Robot cop? Not hardly, and it is BAD.

    Some people should not be designing anything, and this "robot" is such an example. How would you like to get pulled over, and rather than see a cop, a POS robot that does not even look or think like a robot plus has to be on a track that extends from the police car because it can't think it's way to your window comes up to your window, lays down a spike strip (what an insult) to stop you from driving off, and then you see a cop's face on a tablet rather than the cop at your door? Pepper bot blows this thing away, and fortunately, the COPS HATE IT.So unless this robot gets an "ocasio" boost, (you know damn well she did not win anything, abrain burrowing worm could have beaten her) - absent such a phony boost you won't have to worry about ever seing this piece of insulting techno crap any time soon.
    "Sir, you may go now. OOPS, sorry, the spike strip was not retracted yet . . . ."

    La Brea tar pit eruption!!!

    The La Brea tar pits are a tourist attraction in LA that I have seen several times. It's just tar that trapped animals and preserved them, you probably heard about it.Anyway, The area around the tar pits started erupting tar onto the city streets. There are two possibilities with this:
    It is either just the natural progression of the tar pits, which have to be fed occasionally from below to remain as tar pits, or there is something seismically shifting underground, and this could be signaling an impending earthquake.
    I will side with "this is harmless" for now, but it is a curiosity no doubt.

    Something very strange has happened here

    A few weeks ago I purchased a kilo of sugar from the corner store. Normally they will sell in grams, but they seemed to want to sell me a specific kilo. There is something VERY wrong with that kilo.A while ago I mentioned repeatedly that if you are anyone in alt media or anyone who has gotten the attention and ire of the "elite" that you must randomize all purchases to avoid problems. And that sugar may be one such problem.
    Here is what happened initially: After using it in my coffee, I proceeded to run red lights and almost hit people repeatedly, and never had an accident out of sheer luck. It had an off taste that was too sweet for straight sugar but it did not taste like aspartame. Aspartame will totally screw me over. So I set it aside to test the next time I ran out of sugar.
    Today, I ran out of sugar for the second cup of coffee. So I grabbed that sugar, telling myself: "You probably had a misperception the first time around, this sugar is going to be OK. And now I am spinning with vertigo, barely able to stay in the chair, I was not expecting it so it is not a misperception, I figured I was wrong about the sugar the first time which is why I tried it again. I should not have.
    It is 100 percent motor coordination/balance/association of objects and what they mean, it is not affecting my writing. So now I have a nice sample of sugar I expect to be a royal screw job, and people at the store to tell all about how they were scammed by whoever. I don't know how to get this tested when I can't direct the lab as to what to test for, so I am just going to keep it as a sample and maybe eventually use it on someone I figured gave it to me in the first place (this would not be anyone at the store, who would believe whatever some CIA-hole would tell them.) If I ever get a prime opportunity I definitely will use it. If they don't want me to have a weapon, they should not hand me one. THANKS!
    I do not drink or do drugs, so I notice things like this very easily, if this was done by someone on purpose it failed, I will NOT take the "therapeutic dose" over an entire KG, It is obviously possible the sugar company spiked their sugar with aspartame to make it sweeter, but this seems a LOT worse than aspartame, especially since it would have only been a trace amount that you would not notice mixed with normal sugar.

    DAY CANCELED as far as other things I had planned, I can at least type. I can barely stay balanced to type. Blood pressure fine, heart beat fine. This is not that.

    I have not missed the recent McCaffee story

    The one with "31 terabytes" of "A LOT worse than Wikileaks". I have not bothered with this because:Though I am totally sure it is legit, I am also totally sure McCaffee will be either dead or shut down, he may be a smart guy but he does not understand the conspiracy well enough to know YOU DON'T ANNOUNCE THESE THINGS, YOU DO THEM. He'll be dead or rendered irrelevant so fast it will be ADIOS before word one.

    Trump: "Mexico is doing more for the United States than Democrats"

    Donald Trump tweeted:Sad when you think about it, but Mexico right now is doing more for the United States at the Border than the Democrats in Congress!
    The usual trolls are the "only thing posting" below his tweets, that kind of manipulation of a social platform should be outlawed, AND, HE IS RIGHT.
    Actually, when you ignore the headlines in the scamming MSM, Obrador has indeed done MANY MANY times as much to stop the illegal immigrants than the U.S. border patrol has, but with Soros funding it all it was a daunting challenge. When they bust the U.S. border, they just walk across. When they bust the Mexican border, they have to do it by holding babies in front of them, and if the police try to stop them, they smash the baby. What is Mexico to do? Mexico has a hell of a lot worse situation than the U.S. as far as how evil Soros is, he took the gloves off down here and resorted to killing the innocent to get the job done. Once they start crushing babies against the barricades, what can you do?
    Rather than help stage an invasion of the U.S., Obrador instead tried to get all the immigrants to stay in Mexico by giving them jobs. But a large number of them would not take the jobs. They chose to go north to the U.S. anyway. And even among the ones that took jobs, the crime stats were WAY out of wack, and Mexicans got sick of it.

    I'd say, contrary to the sh*tposting that appears on various social media, that Obrador did extremely well with all of this, but what can you do when a Soros nuke goes off? People complain that Mexico did not shut down the bank accounts of the people who were final stage funding the caravans sooner, and that when he did, he still did not give out names. But the flip side to this is, there's a reason why Paypal for this site is still working, and because someone is PISSED they can't shut it down entirely, instead they steal or block anything they can get away with. There are two sides to the story of making bank accounts hard to shut down, if alt media in America had a Mexican banking situation in American banks, not one NOT EVEN STORMFRONT would have lost a bank account. They may have still been denied ads and demonetized but they would at least be able to receive donations. The way America's left has it now, you can't even have that work.Ok, so back to the main headline: Mexico is indeed doing more to help the immigration scenario than the Dems are, and it was not just after tariffs, they were the whole time. The tariffs just put pressure on an effort that was already underway. So the question is:
    How much more could the Dems prove they are an element subversive to the United States than to have Mexico, a "leftist" country, do more to solve a problem for the U.S. than they will? And it is a LOT MORE, because rather than do something about the problem, the left in america is doing all it can to make the problem worse.
    It's called SUBVERSION

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    Re: Jim Stone: msc stories.



    I do not believe any tankers got torpedoed anywhere. The deep faker was not good enough, GARBAGE IN, GARBAGE OUT. IDIOT.

    The more I look at this, the more there is wrong with it. Like, look at the very front of the "burned part". They were smart enough to at least slope the "burned part" backwards because the ship would have been underway at the time and the burn mark would look like that, but they were not smart enough to put that slope mark behind the "hole". How did the leaking oil outrun the ship and start burning more than a hundred feet in front of where the hole was? Looks good in a picture though. This is a really pathetic fake that presents a shocking image that may work against people who can't think or don't know what a bilge pump is.Another problem: Considering how low the ship is sitting in the water, it is still full of oil, WHERE IS THE DAMN GUSHER? And it is not sitting low enough to indicate there's a problem, that's what the orange part of the hull is for - to show if the ship is sitting too low. The bulb is submerged but there's orange showing. It is sitting JUST RIGHT, after taking a torpedo and burning. YEP.

    I'd actually like this to be a longer report, and I guess I could throw in a bunch of crap everyone already knows, like, Israel does lots of false flags and lots of troops just got positioned for an Iran attack and there's a good reason to attack Iran RIGHT NOW before they make more of those missiles that can "identify and shoot down an F-35" but EVERYONE who reads this site already knows that, and this was all so stupidly faked that it is probably better to make it short and to the point.I guess I'll sit around and wait for the war to start, a war Iran did not want and was WAY TOO SMART to start by stupidly blowing stuff up in the sea of Oman which just so happens to be barely far enough out of Iran's sight for them to not be able to call this as it is in the first few hours. I hope my post at least helps, a war is the last thing America or anyone else needs.
    But wait, there's more. I'll throw this in because it is SO STUPID.

    This is the "hole" the "torpedo" made.
    Great. If so:

    1. The tone of the light proves this picture was taken at a depth far beyond an oil tankers max draft of 55 feet.2. How is the diver just sitting there peacefully without getting sucked in?3. How could the bilge pumps keep up with such a huge hole?
    4. There is a fire "burning" above this diver, RIGHT ABOVE THIS DIVER, where's the glow from that? And if the fire is out, it would prove this picture was taken in BRIGHT SUNLIGHT with PERFECT COLOR RENDITION because the timing of events would require it, WHICH WOULD MEAN:

    And the water is not to blame for the color shift, you know, those REEF PICTURES we all love so much PROVE IT. They substituted a photo of a different sunken ship for this, one that was a POS and sunk somewhat deep, not one that was a perfectly painted tanker right on the surface as proven by the top photo, and if they want you to think the paint burned below the water line, THEY SUCK, you can see drip marks down the side of this hulk that could only come from years of neglect and the top photo proves the "attacked" ship was well cared for and did not sink enough to conceal a hole that damn big.I'd like to find where they googled that picture from.
    Here is a little help with where they googled that picture from:

    There are two possibilities. One is that it is a photo of a ship that was intentionally sunk to create a reef and the picture was taken after the sinking, and another is that it was not intentionally sunk, and is at a depth of more than 95 feet, beyond which coral can grow, which is why it stayed clean. Normal scuba gear can be used to depths of over a hundred feet, so the absense of coral does not mean the sinking is a recent sinking. To me, the light looks like this was taken at a depth of about 120-150 feet, which is within the spec range for recreational diving with conventional scuba gear.Where is a ship that you can dive to, that is sunk at a depth of between 120 and 150 feet?

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    Re: Jim Stone: msc stories.



    I would have continued to call B.S., but Iran did the rescue of the crews of both ships, and Iranian media itself is saying it. So obviously my assessment is wrong, my error is mostly explained by the fact that the ship was carrying methanol, which would instantly totally combine with seawater and not be visible at all. The other one hit was carrying gasoline, which would have been more visible but not like crude oil would be.

    So I am going to post a big OOOOOPS, they were NOT carrying oil, which I assumed they would be if they were oil tankers. BONUS: Neither one of them sank, and (random) Iranians are saying they were tracking an Israeli sub in the area when the attacks happened. I have not seen an Iranian military assessment say that directly yet. That did not stop Pompeo from blaming Iran.

    Yes, I am embarrassed, but there is at least an explanation for why I made such an error. I still don't think the hole pictured was a hole in one of these tankers however, that hole should have sunk whatever it hit and both are fine and floating, preserving all evidence for future investigation.

    Fortunately I do not screw up like this often, and when I do, I post a clear correction.

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    Re: Jim Stone: msc stories.

    Iran has officially stated the U.S. did the oil tanker attacks

    "The US and its regional allies must stop warmongering and put an end to mischievous plots and false flag operations in the region, " Iran's mission to the United Nations said."Warning, once again, about all of the US coercion, intimidation and malign behaviour, Iran expresses concern over suspicious incidents for the oil tankers that occurred today."


    My comment: Chinese people are SO SMART that all WHITE PEOPLE had to do to destroy Huawei is tell them they could not use our processors or operating systems in their products. THE SAME IS TRUE FOR ALL NON WHITE COMPANIES, WHITES COULD WIPE EVERY DAMN ONE OUT INCLUDING AUTO MANUFACTURERS BY JUST SAYING THEY CANNOT USE OUR PROCESSORS.

    Asians have yet to design a SINGLE. DAMN. ONE.Yep. She's a SMART GIRL.

    Pompeo said Iran did it

    Pompeo said no war with Iran

    Trump said we would strike without notice.

    Well well, the mask comes off: Alex just said Iran admitted to the oil tanker attacks. Iran admitted to nothing!


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    Re: Jim Stone: msc stories.

    Something is SERIOUSLY AMISS with the oil tanker reports from ALL sources

    There are TONS of inconsistencies. Some sources are saying one of the ships (the one I showed yesterday) sank, yet the ship's operator says it is floating fine, but on fire. Some sources say the Iranians saved the crews of both ships, other sources are saying The Americans saved the crew of at least one of the ships and the Koreans rescued the crew of the other ship, which begs the question: Why then are both crews sitting in Iran?Lots of reports are claiming torpedoes. Other reports are claiming Limpet mines. And other reports are claiming "flying objects" hit the ships while Iran is now claiming that upon investigation, it looks like technical issues caused the fires. That's not a done deal yet, and HIGHLY suspicious.
    Some reports have both tankers carrying crude oil. Some reports have one carrying gasoline and the other one alcohol. And other reports are claiming one was carrying naptha.
    It is very difficult to assess what is going on with all the conflicting crap out there. The only thing consistent so far is that there are no crews on these ships, Iranian investigators are on at least one of the ships, and it appears everything happened above the water line which means yesterday America's MSM was posting bullshit photos of damaged hulls.

    I think Iran's claims that both tankers had "technical issues" are LUDICROUS. They are not done yet, we'll have to see where these stories go.

    Someone is going to get arkancided. Or something approximate to that.

    HMMMM, WHAT WOULD "FLYING OBJECTS" BE?"The Japanese owner of the Kokuka Courageous, one of two oil tankers targeted near the Strait of Hormuz, said Friday that sailors on board saw "flying objects" just before it was hit, suggesting the vessel wasn't damaged by mines.
    The Japanese tanker was attacked twice Thursday, damaging the vessel and forcing all 21 crew members to evacuate. The tanker survived the first attack, which hit near the engine room and was followed by another, damaging the starboard side toward the back. SEE THIS.
    My comment: The linked CBS report erroneously claims that both tankers were carrying petroleum products, which screwed my analysis yesterday when I assumed the same thing. Alcohol is not a petroleum product, which is what the tanker I featured yesterday was carrying. That is why there was nothing visible on the water, or in the bilge. The one mentioned in the CBS report linked above was carrying gasoline, and I have seen no pictures of it posted anywhere.
    All the attacks happened ABOVE the water line, which means my calling B.S. on the hole picture the MSM posted was correct. I am still upset at how I messed up yesterday, despite being right on some of the points I made.

    Also, unless they are timer based only, limpet mines won't go off above the water line, and why on earth would anyone put one above the water line, where the supposed video of the Iranians removing one showed to begin with? It's not like they are invisible, it is awful easy to see something stuck to the side of a ship. Why on earth would ANYONE put such a mine in plain sight? Add to that the fact that in the era of crystal clear sat pics and 4k video, the "video" of Iran removing it, which would only prove they removed it, not that they put it there - the video was of a quality you'd get from a 90's era brick phone. That alone is highly suspicious. I doubt that video is legit at all.The good part of this story is that people are not believing Iran did this. How stupid would it be for Iran to bomb two Japanese bound tankers while Japan's prime minister was talking to Iran's president? Rumor had it that there was an Israeli sub in the area, however, the "flying objects" take on this makes that spurious, some explaining is needed with all of this.

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    Re: Jim Stone: msc stories.

    I hate to say it, but Trump really did green light GMO BIGLY.

    Trump has issued an executive order that will make it far easier for GMO companies to get their products to market. I thought people were against that - and obviously getting the public to accept this has a KEY CLAIM: "Trust your government, they operate in YOUR best interest." and if you don't think so, you are a nutter!YEP.

    "Mothman" of Chernobyl?

    I think Mothman and similar entities may be real but are sort of like Bigfoot, which also may be real. Both would be highly intelligent and able to keep out of sight in remote areas. Both have been featured in MSM reports, with Mothman (surprisingly) given a higher credibility. Now, stories about a "mothman" type entity around Chernobyl before it exploded have surfaced on Russia's MSM.
    I'd still say take it with a grain of salt, however, having this get published will certainly boost the entire notion of Mothman.
    Mothman is about the size of a man and has wings of a bat, and has a reputation of showing up in locations that are about to have a disaster. Mothman does not attack anyone, it just seems to be an entity that shows up where a disaster will be. The one that is rumored to have shown up at Chernobyl was "headless" yet had eyes, if it was real it is probably a visible spirit entity that varied slightly in form from the American mothman. At any rate, if you are into this stuff, Sputnik News did an interesting piece on the topic.

    If you caught the AFP headline about an explosion induced earthquake in NK:

    It is a prime example of CRAP reporting. The "earthquake" measured a 1.3, which makes it approximately equal to a few sticks of dynamite, and it happened on the CHINESE side of the border. This type of thing should never make a headline, but since NORTH KOREA was nearby they figured they'd call it an explosion and make people at least briefly think NK did another nuke test.

    Iran busted a pool of CIA agents operating in Iran

    Iran should not be honoring American passports. People who show up as "salesmen" and "aid workers" and "tourists" and whatever else are more and more nothing but CIA agents and similar, looking to spy, undermine, and de-stabilize the country. This is certainly true of more than just Iran also.


    This is on Twitter, so people need to get onto this before Twitter shuts it down. It took me a while to figure out what is going on with this, so I will say it clearly so people won't have to take a long time to figure it out -Remember the synagogue shooting in New Zealand? As it turns out, the FBI was on 8 chan trying to entrap people and was posting their own stuff to 8 chan to prove 8 chan was violent and needed to be shut down and have their servers seized, and they proceeded with an affidavit and a lawsuit to accomplish that. PROBLEM: 8 chan puts "you" and your identifying number right into the script above whatever is posted, and that only shows for whoever posted it. And that "you" was there for every post the FBI itself made to "prove" 8 chan was a platform for plotting violence. And they were too stupid to redact the "you", which proves they themselves posted it. IT GETS BETTER:
    So the "you" made it evident that the FBI was posting under user ID number did their "duty" and deleted everything for the FBI, so people could not do what ARCHIVE.IS MADE POSSIBLE: had everything the Chans ever had posted, archived. And people started going over those archives, looking for posts by user 8f4812 and found other threads where the FBI trolled, and the FBI got busted posting tons of crap about Russia doing Christchurch and more, once ONE innocuous post by an FBI agent got discovered for what it was because the FBI did not redact properly it allowed people a way to find the rest of what the FBI was doing, and folks it is not good, for however long this lasts
    the twitter thread on this is here
    take some time going through this to get a clear picture of what is going on, it proves SO MUCH, like:

    1. The FBI controls the Wayback machine (, and can have anything removed that they want, but they don't control
    2. The FBI is a primary instigator of violence on online forums.
    3. The FBI is TOTALLY leftist.
    4. The FBI will try to make people who are aware look like nutcases, by pretending to be "aware" and then acting crazy.
    5. The FBI will shitpost to frame forums and provide a "reason" to seize servers and shut them down, when in reality, no one who hit those forums to begin with did anything to cause it.
    And I am sure, MUCH MUCH more.

    Jim Acosta tweeted 1.25 million "followers" about a book signing in ARLINGTON and
    Only sold about 30 books.

    This speaks volumes. It shows how much scamming Trump haters are appreciated, as well as how much people really like corrupted liberal reporters. PERFECT.
    Google's response? Sideline, de-monetize, and ban more conservatives! That way, they might increase the number of people who believe the liberal crap they link from 30 to 37.

    Power outages, cyber attacks, arrests and more!

    Despite numerous reports about Russia probing America's grid and America probing Russia back, no outages, other than a major one that affected Argentina, Paraguay, and parts of Brazil have happened and I did not hear of any attacks against them. 40+million were without power but they returned it fairly quickly, over a few hours.Despite numerous reports about attacks on the internet, nothing is showing up in the real world. Ditto for arrests:
    Everyone plus their followers, their followers cat's and the cat's fleas, EVERYONE is screaming about how Barr is going to trigger arrests soon. EXCEPT ME.
    I doubt it is click bait, but I don't believe a word of it. And sit back and watch, and watch, and watch me be totally right, if they can't even be honest about Ginsburg dead or alive, NO ONE is getting busted ANYWHERE except for perhaps the Uber driver for Hillary's florist.

    Here is a good reason to NEVER trust a "film critic"

    A Netflix documentary on Ocasio Cortez titled "knock down the house" has been given a Rotten Tomatoes score of 100 by critics, and is being "celebrated" as the "greatest motion picture of all time".
    But there's a problem.
    LOOK AT THIS. Real people who are not slanted "critics" have given it 2.05 stars. It is very difficult to get anything rated that low, and you can bet even that is being held artificially high by people attempting to slant even that upwards.
    Consider this when giving a certified "movie reviewer" credibility, 100 percent of critics gave this 2.05 star mega flop top honors. Their word is DIRT.
    And it also means that Ocasio is going to be handed whatever she wants, FOREVER, she is not leaving an "elected" position ever again. Vote rigging will see to that.

    GET THIS! After I posted how Israel sucked, the phone I am using as a modem suddenly asked me, out of the blue, if an "app" could access the microphone, camera, pictures and everything else on the device, and it would not quit asking, kept the screen on for hours and made the phone hot, when I have NEVER surfed the web with it directly or used that device AT ALL. It is just a phone I picked up at Wal Mart for $35 that will work as a modem, that is what it's life is for.So I shut it off with a long power button hold and this morning when I turned it on, so far nothing is asking for anything, however, IT WAS STILL HOT AFTER BEING TURNED OFF ALL NIGHT. Welcome to 3 hour battery life, fortunately it can be plugged in constantly and the cameras are taped over. Maybe I'll de-solder the microphone too.

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    Re: Jim Stone: msc stories.

    From Jim Stone:

    I am going to repeat again that nothing is going to happen to Hillary
    Once again, probably for the 18th time, there's a flurry of reports about "they have the documents" and "they are going to prosecute" and "the deep state is going down." It will not go down, and I'll tell you why:

    Jared Kushner That's why.
    Jared has painted over things so well for the Jewish community, and that they can "do no evil" and that it is all just a "misunderstanding" and "we really love America" that Trump is simply allowing traitors to keep on going because "they could not be that bad" and he does not know who to trust. He's not getting good advice. If anything positive happens it is kept in check by subversive elements. No one is going to jail, the welfare for immigrants situation will not change, and every damn last piece of "progress" we do manage to make will come with a price tag: WAR ON IRAN or at least an attempt to start it.

    Where are we now? Trump was anti-vax, yet the vax laws are in place harder than ever. Trump knew common core was bad and wanted to change it, and NOTHING happened. Now we have teachers outright telling boys to get sex changes, and it was not that way under Obama, the left accelerated EVERYTHING and Trump has not been able to stop any of it. Quite frankly, we are sitting in a worse place than we ever were, despite the fact that Trump was likely well intentioned.

    And as it turned out, it WAS the U.S. waging war on Yemen, not Saudi Arabia which is perplexing because I can't think of why the U.S. would want to wipe Yemen out, or why the Sauds would want to either. This is a mystery war, proven to be U.S. fronted when rebels shot down an advanced American killer drone that could not have been there unless the U.S. was flying it. Well done. Now we have better insight.

    Could Eretz Israel have anything to do with it? Maybe they want the whole peninsula? Why the hell would anyone blow up Yemen? That's like having a 10 year old with a B.B. gun shoot sparrows just because they are something to shoot at. And it just goes to show that Hillary had Libya, Trump had Yemen, and he probably did not even know it because the entire damn system is subverted.

    Don't expect miracles when there is a mess like THAT, NO ONE is going to jail, take your pajamas off, dream time is OVER.

    Train derailment in Nevada
    I might as well mention this. The CENTER of a train came off the tracks near Elko Nevada, and 19 cars derailed and piled up as a result. It appears the two ends of the train stayed on the tracks. This will get attention because the train was carrying grenades and other military armaments, but none of the cars that had them went off the tracks. Cars carrying foodstuffs derailed.

    There are only two things that can cause a derailment in the center of a train, and they would be wheel failure or track failure. It is an odd event.
    I am only mentioning this because it will probably be news.

    A judge presiding over the case against Alex Jones declared he had to pay all legal fees for his prosecutors after he made it clear they sent him kiddie porn, and that he was not going to take it.

    CLASSIC: Now Sandy Hook is about kiddie porn rather than a shooting. Way to slide the topic. And it is forensically proven it was sent to him and never got opened to boot.
    Ok so I am going to make a statement about Sandy Hook:

    Sandy Hook was a hoax shooting that took place in a school that had been closed for most of a year, pending it's demolition. This cannot be argued. Additionally, going over the photos taken from helicopters it is perfectly clear from the angle of the sun that the entire event did not even take place at the time stated, it took place much later in the day.
    It has been made obvious that the kids who were "killed" are still alive, in very clear photosets showing the entire group alive much later in life in the same photo. It would not be possible to get people with the exact same features as those at Sandy Hook all gathered together in a group photo several years later, it is obvious it was all a hoax. Add to this the fact that we never got pictures out of the school afterward to prove any of it happened.

    They at least did the courtesy of re-starting a hoax web site after the shooting, because people were asking why it had been idle for so long, with an OBVIOUS IMMUTABLE CIRCUMSTANCE that proves again the school did not have students and had been abandoned. I am not going to name names to avoid complications, I'll just say this:

    Go ahead and sue Alex. Make a martyr of Fetzer. The bottom line is that these shenanigans are not going to convince ANYONE AT ALL it happened but I guess like a 4 year old who wins chess against "uncle" ANY victory is a "victory", RIGHT?

    HA HA, this is TOO GOOD

    NFL Legend Burgess Owens Says Democrats Should Pay Reparations
    From Breitbart

    "NFL legend and Super Bowl Champion Burgess Owens, does not agree with the Democrats about much. However, he does agree with them about reparations, except he believes the Democrats should be the only ones who have to pay them.
    During stirring testimony in front of the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Reparations, Owens blasted the Democratic Party "for all the misery" they've brought to blacks; citing everything from the party's support of slavery, the KKK, Jim Crow laws, and abortion.
    "I used to be a Democrat until I did my history and found out the misery that that party brought to my race... Let's pay restitution. How about the Democratic Party pay for all the misery brought to my race."

    My comment: The entire idea of reparations is a Jewish construct launched for the sole purpose of destroying the United States. There is little doubt the checks would be nation destroying ENORMOUS, AFTER all that welfare . . . . . forget about how they want us to destroy Iran for them, they could care less about whether or not the United States lives or dies, and I am at least partially confident they hate the United States more than they hate Iran, but won't say it for as long as they can be a parasite.


    If the Jews cared about the United States, they would not be destroying the American people with shots they claim are vaccines but are instead for the sole purpose of destroying the intellects of anyone who gets them. The shots are crudely race specific, some are hit harder than others but all get hit.

    If they did not want to destroy the United States, they would not be pushing the vaccine agenda with their media, which they wholly own, or censoring vaccine truth on venues all the way from Blogger to Wordpress to Faceplant and more; OR MAKING THE SHOTS IN COMPANIES THEY WHOLLY OWN AND CONTROL - if they did not want the United States destroyed they would report negatively on the abomination called Obamacare, THEY OWN THE MEDIA, any news we do not get, in addition to any nation destroying lies they peddle are direct affronts to the existence of this nation and these hoax reparations are part and parcel with it all.

    HERE IS MY BET: They want to do this scam reparations bill RIGHT BEFORE they draw America into world war 3, with the hope that the financial maiming they will cause will so deplete finances that America loses the war and gets totally pounded and then occupied by China, which Iran is begging for as an ally right now. The timing of the reparations hearing with the "limpet mine" bullshit is all too convenient.

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    Re: Jim Stone: msc stories.

    It appears my originally stated reason for why the attack was called off is legit

    There are rumors going around that Iran got tipped off to the attack and did indeed have the American planes perfectly targeted. They knew that if the planes actually entered Iran, they would be lost. There are several variants of this story and I am waiting for which variant ends up being confirmed. The bottom line is that the attack was called off because Iran was aware of it and too many American assets would be lost. Trump's lines about "loss of life" being the reason for calling it off may not be reality and though I am sure he was concerned about it the people really calling the shots were not.

    The U.S. was locating Iranian submarines when the drone was shot down
    The Navy was operating a P-8 Poseidon anti-submarine aircraft alongside the drone. With the course it was flying, it was obviously attempting to locate Iran's submarines. It did cross into Iranian airspace, as proven by the fact that Iran got the debris and not the Navy, which went after it immediately. Iran beat them to it and the Navy could do nothing to prevent the Iranians to from picking up the pieces, a reality of it landing on Iranian turf. Iran shot down the drone to force the anti-submarine aircraft to leave their airspace without killing any Americans. This beyond proves that Iran not only can target American stealth, they can target it selectively and not hit a nearby aircraft. That's BAD NEWS for the U.S.
    What is even WORSE news is that Iran did it at 4 AM, which means night attacks won't be beneficial against Iran.

    The drone shot down was an MQ-4C, which is basically a more advanced clone of the Global Hawk. A better score for Iran than a Global Hawk.
    ADDITIONALLY IMPORTANT: Iran was the one that recovered the debris, the U.S. navy did not, which means Iran was telling the truth about where it was flying to begin with. If they got it, it fell on their turf. It is really blown to smithereens, a direct hit. That's good for Iran because it proves their missile systems can do it, but it is bad because they don't have any big pieces.Additionally, there was an American P-8 spyplane accompanying the drone, Iran was able to differentiate between the two, and hit the drone. The P-8 was a much easier target. Iran obviously opted not to hit it because killing it's crew would have meant war.

    It appears America is attempting to attack Iran's power grid
    Iran's power is normally relatively stable. However, starting last night they have had power anomalies that don't match their historic pattern. This is where all the sanctions they have been under for decades are going to backfire, only a small amount of their grid can be remotely attacked so they can't get nailed as badly as Venezuela, which continues to be under attack. Venezuela got Guri under control, now the problem is in the other 20 percent.
    It appears the stability of Iran's power, absent directly destroying it with bombs, - the electronically attackable portion of their power is less than 10 percent. I am not certain about the sudden fluctuations being attacks, but I have paid attention over the last few weeks (since the first Saudi false flag a few weeks ago) and the sudden 5 percent outages have not happened before, for the short time I have been watching this. They are of very short duration, the Persians are much faster at getting things going than the Venezuelans, Iran appears to do things as fast as the United States. Right now I am in combat mode so I can't post what I am talking about yet (and don't know if I should) because I am still not 100 percent certain of what is going on. I have captured the data though.
    My big worry is that their nuke plant at Bushehr is up to date enough for hackers to attack, and that's what we are seeing with the sudden power dips of a few percent. If the anomalies are related to Bushehr, they would be caused by turning the switch gear off where the power leaves the facility. That won't likely cause reactor failure, but it will cause mayhem. Iran has a total generating capacity high enough to almost bury total dropouts of Bushehr into the overall average. Iran has substantially more than 4X the electrical capacity of Venezuela, with a grid system that is many many many times as distributed, and that makes it a lot more robust. But it is old and not perfectly smooth. If it does get destroyed, the pattern of it's destruction is not going to match what happened to Venezuela, it will instead go down in increments, rather than huge blackouts.
    I have a hunch that Iranians think and move an order of magnitude faster than Venezuelans, and that is going to make an enormous difference with how fast externally caused problems are resolved.

    Update to the update below:
    After going over all the reports, here is what I think happened:The U.S. was going to strike, but the NSA had a hack on Iranian communications and discovered that Iran had missile locks on all the aircraft that were in the air. I strongly suspect that is what really went on, but obviously there won't be confirmation. At this point it makes the most sense - they realized that every last asset in the air was going to get obliterated and they called it off. They probably were not too concerned about the timing of it all if they decided to get the aircraft flying. Something else caused them to call it off.
    FACT: If Iran shot down a global hawk, all bets are off. Stealth has been defeated, and from there, a missile is a missile is a missile. It will work. And it is now proven the global hawk was 5 KM into Iranian airspace when hit. So by international law, Iran had a right to hit it. That may have played into this as well.
    Obviously we are going to have to wait until about 5 PM EST to know if all attacks were really called off (that is an hour after markets close, and long before sunrise in Iran.)

    The U.S. had an attack underway, but called it off at the last minute, most likely because they want to attack at night and by the time things got going the sun was coming up.

    This would be done if the U.S. intended to clear all Iranian airspace of all Iranian aircraft. Not good.


    This would be done if the U.S. intended to clear all Iranian airspace of all Iranian aircraft. Not good.

    Told ya so!

    House Dems unanimously pass bill allowing boys to compete in girl's sports
    Pelosi has a Cheshire cat grin over this one. Disgusting.
    What does this tell you about liberals who pushed for women's rights? Obviously it was a hoax all along.
    "The Democratically controlled House of Representatives voted Friday 236-173 in favor of the Equality Act, which would require schools to include male athletes who identify as transgender girls on female sports teams.
    Eight Republicans crossed party lines to vote for the bill, which had unanimous Democratic support.
    The bill amends the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to make "sexual orientation and gender identity" protected characteristics under federal anti-discrimination law.
    Among other things, that would force public schools to expand female athletic teams to include biological males who identify as transgender girls.

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    Re: Jim Stone: msc stories.

    "The Democratically controlled House of Representatives voted Friday 236-173 in favor of the Equality Act, which would require schools to include male athletes who identify as transgender girls on female sports teams.

    Art. I 8 Clause 17 limits Congress’ legislative power to D.C. & all Places purchased by th Consent of the Legislature of the State in which the Same shall be, for the Erection of Forts, Magazines, Arsenals, dock-Yards and other needful buildings

    In order to get States & schools to comply with legislation that has no force outside the Art. I 8 Cl.17 territory the feds will withhold the bribes (grants) to those that refuse to comply.
    "A well regulated Militia being NECESSARY to the security of a free State"

    "That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the most Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness." July 4, 1776

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    Re: Jim Stone: msc stories.


    A while ago I stated that Boeing's problems were caused by "diversity" and the firing of white males. I WAS RIGHT.
    Bloomberg has reported that Boeing's problems were caused by firing white male engineers and replacing them with people work farmed from India. I SAID IT FIRST. And I said it without anyone telling me, it was simply obvious.

    Boeing's 737 Max Software Outsourced to $9-an-Hour Engineers

    Here are key quotes from this Bloomberg report

    Engineers complain that Boeing is employing programmers for $9 per hour and the software is junk
    The Max software -- plagued by issues that could keep the planes grounded months longer after U.S. regulators this week revealed a new flaw -- was developed at a time Boeing was laying off experienced engineers and pressing suppliers to cut costs.
    Increasingly, the iconic American planemaker and its subcontractors have relied on temporary workers making as little as $9 an hour to develop and test software, often from countries lacking a deep background in aerospace -- notably India.
    Rabin, a former software engineer, recalled one manager saying at an all-hands meeting that Boeing didn't need senior engineers because its products were mature. "I was shocked that in a room full of a couple hundred mostly senior engineers we were being told that we weren't needed, " said Rabin, who was laid off in 2015.
    "It was controversial because it was far less efficient than Boeing engineers just writing the code, " Rabin said. Frequently, he recalled, "it took many rounds going back and forth because the code was not done correctly."
    The 787 entered service three years late and billions of dollars over budget in 2011, in part because of confusion introduced by the outsourcing strategy. Under Dennis Muilenburg, a longtime Boeing engineer who became chief executive in 2015, the company has said that it planned to bring more work back in-house for its newest planes.

    My comment: The paper under the text is screaming, YES, and when you do it in house, BRING BACK THE ANGRY WHITE MALES.
    And here is my previous post on this topic. I do not claim to be a prophet, but well, there is this:

    I still stand by my original statement that there is WAY MORE than software wrong with this plane, and this post lays it all out PERFECT with cream and sugar on top.

    That's what happens when you stop hiring white people and go to the
    lowest common H1B visa denominator,

    THERE. I had the guts to say it like it is, and did it in a single short sentence.
    As it turns out, the recent Ethiopian air Boeing 737-MAX crashed due to structural failure, and not a nose down causing pitot tube. I called B.S. on the pitot tube the first time around, and was reluctant to the second time around because it got blamed again and I thought "Maybe". However, the real problem is that the plane is a PIECE OF CRAP that fell apart in flight. Why? Just LOOK HERE.

    FACT: Boeing products were without question, NO QUESTION WHATSOEVER, the best in the world until this diversity crap took center stage. Boeing rose to greatness with the work of the WHITE RACE. That is a completely, totally, irrevocable WRITTEN IN BEDROCK FACT. But I'll be a racist for pointing that out I guess. Now that Boeing has called diversity the most important thing they can be a part of, rather than building quality aircraft, we have crap like what just happened with Ethiopian air having a BRAND NEW 737 MAX fall apart in mid air.It was not the pitot tube. It was not a software issue.
    Eyewitness accounts clearly prove the airplane simply fell apart in the sky so badly it was dropping "clothes and papers" and creaking and rattling from failing metal.
    Now the only question is whether or not Al Bajeeb did not laminate something on the assembly line, or if Phi Bhopar screwed up the engineering somewhere, and ALL OF THESE PLANES need to be thrown in the trash! FACT: The 737 MAX is the first Boeing plane produced with "diversity" being a key component of it all. And what is now happening clearly proves that WHITE LIVES MATTER.

    THERE. Said it again. And I admit that I am a bigoted racist homophobic intellectually stunted ANTI SEMITE for saying it!

    FACT: It takes growing up in the first world to fully understand how important it is to GET THINGS RIGHT. It takes growing up in the first world to fully understand that all of these great inventions DO NOT RUN ON MAGIC and "white boy" did not rise to greatness by screwing everyone and snorting fairy dust. Hiring someone who cooked with cow dung for the first 30 years of life just because a piece of paper said he was qualified does not cut it in the real world,

    Predominantly these H1B visa engineers are nothing but software jockeys who simply lack the sense they need to see a fatal flaw the software, for some reason, does not point out.

    AND GUESS WHAT: America invented the airplane, mastered electrical distribution and designed nuclear reactors WITHOUT that software. Go figure. How the hell did that happen?

    Here are the eyewitness testimonies that prove the all new "strength from diversity" Boeing simply built a horse sh*t product:
    "It was a loud rattling sound. Like straining and shaking metal, " said Turn Buzuna, a 26-year-old housewife and farmer who lives about 300 meters (328 yards) from the crash site.
    "Everyone says they have never heard that kind of sound from a plane and they are under a flight path, " she added.
    Malka Galato, 47, a barley and wheat farmer whose field the plane crashed in, also described smoke and sparks from the back. "The plane was very close to the ground and it made a turn... Cows that were grazing in the fields ran in panic, " he said.

    Tamirat Abera, 25, was walking past the field at the time. He said the plane turned sharply, trailing white smoke and items like clothes and papers, then crashed about 300 meters away."It tried to climb but it failed and went down nose first, " he said. "There was fire and white smoke which then turned black."

    My comment: There is ONE THING that matters: It was trailing debris before it hit and sounded like shaking and straining metal. No reports of explosions (no bomb) just reports of it making loud noises, falling apart, and crashing.
    That blows control software and pitot tube B.S. straight into the trash. No software update is going to fix this problem!
    The white smoke was probably from debris damaging the engines. People noticed the noises of metal coming apart, not the engines, which can only mean the structural failures were so massive they were louder than the engines.
    This type of failure was not possible in new aircraft from the original, no diversity, classic Boeing the company built it's reputation on. If this kind of crap is going on, Boeing is now below the quality threshold of 1970's vintage Tuopolev craft, and if they don't stop focusing on diversity and START FOCUSING ON QUALITY, they are going down, it won't be limited to this one POS.


    But no self hating snowflake liberal in the hiring department is ever going to own up to that reality, I predict that once all the aircraft produced before the 737 Max 8 obsolete out, Boeing is history.

    UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCE: When Trump blocked Iran from receiving all those "nice new Boeing" aircraft, all he did was prevent them from importing CRAP!

    UPDATED COMMENT: Interesting it is that Bloomberg said the exact same thing a lot more nicely quite a while later. Boeing had DAMN WELL BETTER bring back the American white male, and the Jews had damn well better stop maiming all the little white boys with shots that are called vaccines yet are not, if they don't stop doing that EVERYTHING is going to eventually fall apart and they'll be walking in the sand again praying for a snake on a stick to save them.

    The following post about Iran's internet is not stating there was definitely an attack, it is only pointing out an anomaly that really ought to be watched.

    I think Iran might be getting attacked and it is not in the news

    How hard would it be for the U.S. to fake all of Iran's web sites, plus communications out of Iran? Not hard at all. Here's how they would do it:
    Simply route all calls, including diplomatic ones, through an AI super computer so when Putin calls, he really does talk to the Ayatollah, only it is not the ayatollah. This won't work for more than a few months, but a few months would be more than enough.
    Iran's ability to access the internet is going down in steps. The trend is not perfect yet, but it started with the huge drop during the first night of the Democrat debates, which was recovered from quickly up to about 92 percent of prior levels, and again, the next night it dropped to 86 percent. The time for the next big drop is approaching, if this is a pattern it will go down again. Iran's internet was stable, I have been watching it for quite a while, this is not a usual occurrence.

    What did I say about the heart attack weapon? TAKE A LOOK AT THIS!

    If they can identify people from hundreds of meters away just from their heart signatures, it would be LUDIRCROUS to think they can't electronically stop those hearts. I am really surprised this got published Freak factor: 10.

    A word on the biker accident out east -

    Here's my summary of what happened, after all the info came in.A legal immigrant Ukranian who was given permission to drive heavy trucks legally by the New Hampshire DOT after having drug convictions, at least one DUI and a serious accident with a semi the month earlier (all of which the DOT knew about yet gave him permission to keep driving anyway due to his immigrant status) somehow lost control of a pickup truck that was at the utmost limits of it's capabilities with a LARGE flatbed trailer in tow. He was probably digging for some hooch and jackknifed it hitting the brakes after the first CRASH, and the heavy trailer went sideways across the path of the motorcycles and clipped all of them off at belly button level.

    Other than the deaths of the motorcyclists, this story is nothing more than liberal DOT giving an immigrant too many chances despite totally documented reason to never let him drive. He was sad about it and was walking around in circles screaming afterward but that did not fix anything.

    Liberal DOT "resigned". Liberals ALWAYS do that when their decisions have criminal consequences and they really should be jailed. God forbid an AMERICAN trucker get a job before an IMMIGRANT. Let the damn druggie keep on driving. That is exactly what this was.

    Anyway, I was skeptical of this story at first, but it really ended up being what I stated above.
    Though there are fair numbers of maniacs on motorcycles, I'd say the bulk of the accidents are not the biker's fault, having put considerable rider miles on myself.
    I know that is hard to believe after seeing a lot of motorcycle maniac behavior that does indeed happen, but motorcycles are not the easiest thing to see, which causes lots of close calls. The only time I was at risk from my driving is when I got a bee in my helmet, buzzing inside the visor. Nothing happened, but my reaction could have been better than it was. The rest of the crazy crap was cars not looking out. These bikers were clearly not at fault.

    White South African farmers plead for asylum as attacks escalate

    Back in the news,
    probably briefly because we all know "you know whos" want as many whites as possible wiped out. At any rate, the land grabs have started and the push for extermination of whites in South Africa is picking up speed. But there will be no asylum to be had in any country "you know whos" control, perhaps white South Africa would be best off asking Iran. Due to all the propaganda floating around, they probably will not, and will instead be exterminated, there's not a chance in hell Europe, the U.S., or Australia will let a WHITEAfrican in.

    Update to below:

    Look at the comments - It took the Washington Post TWO DAYS to get a few sparse comments that all agreed with their B.S., there should be thousands on an article like this, WHERE ARE THEY?

    HA HA, Real stupid.The Washington compost posted a fake picture of two people drowned in the Rio Grande.

    Oh, but there's a problem: The skin tone is normal. These are actors, laying there, alive.

    And even if it was real, what kind of a-hole would take a kid across the Rio Grande like that, especially if he could not swim?

    And oh, ORANGE MAN BAD.

    Italy arrested a group of people for using the state to steal children

    This is happening everywhere, and I am surprised MSN reported it

    A group in Italy, which had state paid social workers, a town mayor, and more stealing kids from parents got busted. This group was taking the kids for health and welfare checks, giving the kids electroshock to erase their brains, replacing the kids memory with the belief their parents abused them, then taking this testimony to the courts and using it to get the kids away from their parents, AND THEN, THEY SOLD THE KIDS TO SEXUAL PREDATORS. When the parents sent gifts and letters to their kids who were in "safe hands" the social workers simply took the gifts and stuffed them in a warehouse. This is going on in the United states also, and has been for decades.
    We all know this, it is what pizza gate was all about, the only thing different this time is that
    MSN reported it.
    Now they ought to go after the REAL problem, this bust in Italy was NOTHING.

    As I said, slavery "reparations" will be a tool to destroy white America, by slapping White America with such a huge bill they will be GONE.

    Yahoo has Stated a price of 17 trillion.
    If the U.S. has a population of 300 million now, and only 60 percent of that is white, that leaves 180 million whites. A $17 trillion bill will mean every white in America will have to pay 94, 000 which means every black (and it is not specified whether or not they are actually going to figure out who has slave roots) will receive 360, 000.
    They have already received that much over the years via welfare. Why pay it all over again? Obvious answer: As an up-front bill it will kill the United States which is an obvious objective of the Jewish community that is running our government in suicide mode, and there's little doubt they will take for themselves several million each and leave the black man a far diminished amount. It's not about reparations at all, it is about cashing America out once and for all.

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