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Thread: Jim Stone: msc stories.

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    Re: Jim Stone: msc stories.


    Trump managed to slip mandatory DNA testing through to confirm families were real at the border. Here is a story of an extreme case:

    "A Honduran migrant admitted to purchasing a baby for $80 in Guatemala after finding out that it was easier for family units to apply for asylum at the United States border.
    Amilcar Guiza-Reyes, 51, confessed to immigration agents when he presented himself at the border with the six-month-old boy and was told he would be required to undergo a DNA test.

    According to U.S. officials, the undocumented immigrant, Guiza-Reyes reportedly bought the child during his stop in the western Guatemalan town of Huehuetenango and continued his journey through Mexico before reaching the southern U.S. border where he was detained May 7.
    The case is one of thousands which officials flagged as potentially fraudulent in recent weeks.

    The child, whose name was withheld for privacy reasons, was transferred to the custody of the Department of Health and Human Services for placement.

    Most Mexicans and central Americans are APPALLED by people who steal and sell babies for purposes such as this, and would NEVER DO IT. The fact that thousands of people have been stopped at the border since MAY ALONE, and confirmed to have stolen and/or purchased kids proves all by itself that America is getting the scum sucking bottom feeders (of the type that infest our government now, just ask Pedostein) as a primary component of what is coming across the border. Here is the situation in Mexico -
    I have actually studied this on my own, and hit corruption in the police forces that stopped any action on this topic - There is a criminal underworld that only consists of approximately 20, 000 people in Mexico, that has a system of taking people from the historic Aztec and Mayan villages and selling them on the slave market. These people are baited into leaving their villages (they are not usually stolen from there outright), they are instead tricked into leaving and arriving at destination (X) for "work and opportunities". Entire families, including the children, husband, wife, are required to arrive at destination (x).

    When they arrive, for the first few days, (long enough for them to report back about how great things are) they are allowed to stay together as a family. Then the families get split up, and the woman will be sent to one location (with her baby if she has one) and any kids that are over the age of 2 get sent to a different location where gangs manage and train them, and the dads are probably killed and dumped in the desert. They vanish, and I don't know where to.
    The women are kept under threat - "If you do not go to where we tell you to, and work the way we tell you to, we will kill your children". The women are then worked to death doing juggling acts in the streets (or other acts, or perhaps cleaning windshields, or whatever they can do to get money from people in cars) while their children (any over the age of five) are also taught to juggle and forced to be out in the streets, little tiny children, begging for money.
    These little kids are worked from 6 AM to 7 PM and they stay ON THE JOB PERFECT.

    I found out how that was accomplished -

    The slave owners hook them up to electrical torture devices that use biofeedback to manage the suffering. The devices have the appearance of small boxes that have 1/4 inch "microphone jacks", two for torture and one for biofeedback and they are battery operated. The connections simply get plugged in and have clips they hook up to the kids. The devices generate multiple wave forms that signal pain. When the biofeedback system detects the subject has adapted to a particular wave form, it will switch it for a different one to put the pain right back up to max. The kids writhe in pain and scream horrifically for hours. And when it is done, the clips are removed and there is not a single damage mark on the kid anywhere.

    These kids are then sent out and monitored by "employees" at Pemex gas stations or other gas stations now that Pemex is not a monopoly, or Oxxo stores, or any supermarket that has security (the security guards will watch the slaves) or even the security at Plaza Mayor in Leon (I tracked them down to that and actually identified the people doing it) - it is not ALL employees at Pemex or restauraunts or pawn shops or wherever, there will just be one, (several at Plaza Mayor) who only works those jobs to keep an eye on the slaves, who are working at an intersection within sight. If a kid walks off the job or stops doing it, they can't really get away, they get captured quickly and then get taken and hooked right back up to the box.
    So the system is in place for stealing any kids they want. And the ones who are between the age of approximately two and five simply get taken and sold, because they can't be trained to juggle, mommy can't carry them all day in the street - so they are "waste" that simply gets taken and sold off. The going rate in Mexico in 2012 was $7000 pesos and I have not had any updates for that since, but have stitched the rest of the story since, including where, in Leon they actually get tortured, housed, and fed. I had it all nailed down and could do nothing to stop it.

    Let this be a message: The people arriving at the U.S. border with kids that are not theirs are aware of and part of this slave system that does this to people. What kind of quality do you think these people, who are a spat on minority in Latin countries because they are simply too evil - what kind of quality do they have? THAT is what the Democrat party in the United States wants, and is encouraging, to immigrate to the U.S.

    When Trump started ordering DNA tests on immigrants to prove the kids actually belonged to a real family unit, he likely seriously hampered this industry in Mexico, which treats people in such a disposable manner. The women, after a few weeks of being worked to death, get put on drugs to keep working, and fall completely apart after about three months and after that, they vanish and a new fresh face "full of hope" will be where they were. At that time, any babies they may have been carrying are likely sold, and the women are buried in the desert.

    At the time I really started looking into this, a reader sent me money to buy a P-900 camera, which I used for this. Obviously you can't get close to the action documenting it, or you'll get nailed, and the people at Plaza Mayor did nail me because I was not expecting to be tracked by every exterior camera on a large mall - I did not realize the problem was that serious. Claudia and I were forced to ditch all cell phones and move to a new place at that time.
    This is something I never mentioned on this site, but I'll mention it now. I did manage to cause them to give up their efforts at Plaza Mayor for about a year, but they are back at it now. Here are some photos I documented this with.

    I am in the process of digging up some good ones, if there is nothing showing just wait UPDATE: This will take an hour or so and will happen all at once, because I am going offline to prevent someone from destroying the pictures if they try to over the web.

    New roaches are probably NOT becoming immune to poison

    There have been numerous reports lately about roaches becoming immune to anything people try to kill them with. An "evolutionary process" is then cited as being the reason, especially for that nasty "German roach" - you know, the little ones that survive well farther north -Rather than suck up the latest MSM crap, I'd like to present a different explanation for why roaches are "suddenly becoming immune" and it is that the poisons have been changed, changed, and re-changed and have spiraled downwards in effectiveness to meet the latest communist "safety standards". And I have fairly solid case for stating that's probably the reason - Mexico, the land of the roaches, so much so they have the song "la Cucaracha" has no problems with roach poisons no longer working.

    You can buy name brand RAID in Mexico that is SO STRONG that one little squirt of it ANYWHERE in the house, (like between the stove and the counter top), one little 1/3 of a second squirt THERE will kill every scorpion, spider, or whatever else that happens to be ANYWHERE in the house even if it never goes into the kitchen. That stuff is so strong that one little squirt in the kitchen will kill everything in the garage, and there's a living room between the kitchen and the garage. And it will keep killing for an entire month. If such a product was available in the U.S. you can bet there would be no roach problems ANYWHERE that people were at least concerned enough about to go to Wal Mart for a can of raid. And I'd bet $50 that if you bought an identically labeled product in the U.S. you could spray the roaches directly and a percentage would live.

    As far as safety, the dogs and cats have never been affected by it. And I therefore think that all the "safety" crap Americans have to deal with is just crap, like global warming - it is only done to provide an excuse to rip people off and destroy quality of life, you cannot have an insect spray that truly works because it has been mandated out of existence in the name of safety when the stuff that actually works was not unsafe at all. If you consider that all the safety and emissions guidelines for everything could be an act of war, - let me explain how the people destroying America do war (on one level)
    Let's use as an example an Al Gore toilet and faucet. Before Al Gore, you could fill a pitcher in the kitchen in a few seconds because the water would absolutely gush out of the kitchen sink. After Al Gore forced everything to have an aerator and restricted flow, the same pitcher might take two minutes. What's going to happen if your house catches fire? In the good old days, you might be able to fight it off with the kitchen sink. After Al Gore, entire rooms might get engulfed before you filled a single pitcher. And how much time does it waste to wait for water like that? Even if it wastes only three minutes a day, multiply that three minutes by 300 million people - 900 million minutes of American productivity shot to hell for NOTHING, every day. That weakens a nation. And what about the Al Gore toilet that does not flush well anymore? Add toilet plunger time to that three minutes - Or dealing with roaches to that three minutes - or waiting for a non-functional subway system to that three minutes - or trying to get things clean because soap does not work like it used to anymore to that three minutes (Mexico has the old formulations that actually WORK, in the U.S. the detergents are all crap and NEVEr get the stains out) - how much wasted time over that little thing? how much does that hurt a country? A LOT.

    No, roaches are not "becoming immune" to poisons due to adaptation. If that was ever going to happen, it would have happened in Mexico FIRST. The problem is that the government is, rather than looking after the people, simply banning anything that works. And it is not via good will, MONSANTO PROVES IT - if it is actually going to do damage, like antidepressants, ecstacy, glyphosate, a "vaccine", a feminist brainwash, tranny story time, GMO's that cause sterilization, a chemical in plastics that feminizes men or whatever else, it gets the green light to whatever calculated extent the people in charge believe, via research and think tanks, the general public won't kill them for.

    I'd bet you would NEVER be able to smuggle a can of Mexican raid back across the border to the U.S., and Raid is the most mundane crap there is, we keep that where the cleaning supplies are. We also have the "good stuff" - In Mexico you can buy insect poison that will kill the dog if the dog happened to be put where it was sprayed. That stuff actually has a warning label. You HAVE TO wear a gas mask (that poison is for bed bugs and other stuff that is actually hard to kill, and will turn them to dust) it actually WORKS. And grandma can buy it. You won't get it at Wal Mart. Grandma will NOT be stupid enough to get hurt by it. Grandma WILL find a gas mask that works within 300 feet of her house, at a small hardware store that has every hinge, nut bolt nail or screw, plus hammers, multimeters, the whole 9 yards and someone will be running that store in their living room. That is what a free country is really like. And if someone does happen to get hurt by such a poison, it won't make the news, people are supposed to know what poison does.

    Britain to Iran: No tanker swap

    My comment: That is easy to say, when the British government has nothing invested in either, and civilians take the loss both ways.

    Britain is claiming they took Iran's tanker "legally" and that Iran took their tanker "illegally". But there is a problem with that - the British tanker really did violate maritime procedure and the Iranian tanker is not proven to have done anything at all amiss, Britain simply seized it out of the blue.
    Bottom line? Iran is correct this time.
    An appropriate Iranian response would be: Fine then. Our tanker was much larger than yours, and worth a lot more than yours, PLUS had a cargo that was far more valuable than yours was carrying. So we'll have to take another tanker or two to get even, and if you don't like it and decide to attack, we have missiles that can easily hit Parlaiment. Yes, we'd get hit worse but you will not remain untouched.
    How about that?
    Iran does in fact have missiles that can hit all of Europe including Britain, but I don't know how many can make it all the way to Britain, which is at max range for Iran's best. They as of now don't have any publicly announced missiles that can hit the U.S.
    Well over 90 percent of the people Hitler locked up were German's. Only 2 to 3 percent were Jews and most of those Jews were elevated to running the concentration camps.

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    Re: Jim Stone: msc stories.

    The OTHER "white male" shooting. Question: how did everyone's shoes end up in a pile in the parking lot?

    Supposedly, everyone left their shoes behind while fleeing, in a pile, in the parking lot. What kind of LOW IQ COMMON CORE RETARD thought of THAT? This one pisses me off simply because it is so insultingly STUPID:

    The original image size on Drudge was 1000X666. I reduce large images and compress them before posting to save bandwidth.
    OK, SO - how did that pile of shoes get there so neatly? PLEASE LEAVE YOUR SHOES HERE ON THE WAY OUT, THE SHOOTER COLLECTS THEM AND GIVES THEM TO CHARITY. The police will not take "evidence" and do this with it, THIS PHOTO IS AN ABJECT TEAR JERK SYMPATHY HOAX. This one angers me.


    1. How many cameras are in a Wal Mart? We got one video "from someone with a cell phone on the floor, which only recorded audio" YEAH RIGHT. Why, if this shooting lasted for 20 minutes, is there not at least 10 consecutive hours of shooting video from 30 PERFECTLY CLEAR VIEW CEILING MOUNTED cameras? There's more than 30 in a Wal Mart, but let's guess 30 caught it REAL GOOD. Where is that video?2. How in the * did this shooting continue for 20 minutes? How long does it take for people to bail from a Wal Mart? The largest wal marts in existence are 600X298 feet. They have two doors. That means NO ONE was more than a 100 yard dash distance from the door. most people, male or female, in totally average condition can do that in 20 seconds. Add obstacles and maybe in a worst case scenario, 40 seconds. What would be the reaction of people hearing gunshots in a Wal Mart? My guess is that all opportunities to nail people would be totally over in 1:30 (which is generous) yet it continues for TWENTY DAMN MINUTES while the shooter went "aisle to aisle" nailing people who must have been all deaf and did not realize there was a shooting underway. 20 minutes is NOT BELIEVABLE. Virtually all "aisle by aisle" opportunities were OVER in seconds flat.
    3. Let's say this shooting really DID continue for 20 minutes - WHY THEN, did this shooter not get a can of cream of mushroom soup in his left ear at 57MPH from weak throw willie? I'd have probably delivered one at about 81 MPH. SHOOTING OVER. Ha, they claim Wal Mart had no guns on site, so the shooting continued and continued and continued . . . . when the store was full of places to hide from the shooter and throw something back at him, like, you know, perhaps a cordless drill? A can of spray paint? How about a small exercise weight?
    No, that did not happen, instead, everyone went back to the toilet paper aisle rather than run out the door and waited THERE, in the paper aisle because there was enough paper towel and nearby cat litter in that section to clean up the BIGGEST blood spill. They knew someone needed a story, and were polite about getting it done.
    20 minutes? People were there for 20 DAMN MINUTES? Yeah right, this story is STUPID folks.

    I have successfully, in a hurry with Claudia waiting, parked over 100 feet from the door, gone in, got something, hit express checkout and got back to the car in under 3 minutes. That's quick for a Wal Mart, but it is possible, and an ENTIRE SHOPPING PROCESS. I PROMISE, IF THIS SHOOTING WAS REAL, THAT NO ONE WOULD HAVE HIT EVEN THE EXPRESS CHECKOUT. The store should have been empty in absolutely NO MORE than 1:30, thus leaving the shooter with no one to hit.SHOOTING IN AISLE 5. REPEAT: SHOOTING IN AISLE 5. Ha, that's great, I am in aisle 43, I'll get those Ramen noodles . . . . . and you can't say the shooter had them cornered, there are two widely spaced exits plus emergency exits in a Wal Mart.
    4. So he killed 20 and injured that many more. By himself. That's a lot of bullets for a 30 round clip. IS THAT WHY WE GET NO WAL MART VIDEO? BECAUSE THERE'S NO MAGAZINE CHANGES? Look folks, THEY GOT THE REQUIRED EVENTS FOR THIS SHOOTING TO BE REAL, ON VIDEO, IT'S A WAL MART. Let's see video of a magazine swap! If we don't have that the day after, well, that can be deep faked now, it DID NOT HAPPEN, that's a PRIME moment they would have released already.
    5. Why, in ALL the CNN videos (and I watched quite a few) is there only ONE ambulance and ONE stretcher showing up? Hell, they had at least 40 people needing ambulances. Where was the overwhelming paramedic support? I have seen a few tards post that "if they are dead, they don't move them". That is true, IF and ONLY IF the body is so dead it has riga. All these were fresh. They should have all been pronounced dead at the hospital. Why ONLY ONE DAMN AMBULANCE?
    You can see in the videos the BORDER PATROL, FBI, and regular cops were there, plus ONE fire truck and ONE ambulance. That's a repeat we see at these shootings- totally underwhelming EMT support. And I'll tell you why: EMT's are GOOD PEOPLE, and they could not get 165 of them who were corrupt pieces of shit to front this lie. But they could find five. (including driver). The FBI and border patrol would be EASY to pull enough dirt bags from, but the local police presence was weak too.
    I could go on and on with this but I have probably said enough. BOTTOM LINE: They can't do one of these false flags, because they have SJW'ed unqualified people onto the scenario planning teams. Harpreet, who was in the Indian military, said you can't get that high a casualty count with people trying to avoid you in a short time, so the shooting had to be a long one, and Polly gave the go ahead for it to be TWENTY DAMN MINUTES LONG without considering the fact that the place had doors. That's an EMERGENCY GAFFE, and I mean, an F-5 cow throwing gaffe, a product of sheer stupidity and poor planning. That alone kills the story, on the outside edge I might believe 3-5 minutes because Aunt Edna had the electric cart and got lost in the clothing section on the way out . . . . and then only she would have been dead, the casualty count would not have been that high with so many places to hide, in Wal Mart you would never get a clear shot at ANYONE who was not handicapped after the first few seconds.

    The original newsletter was going to be on this topic, but I got distracted by Trump's DNA testing at the border, and I had LOTS of decent work already done on the slaves.The original outline for the newsletter I had originally planned was this:


    Prepare for an endless barrage of absolutely horrific false flags, some of which will involve actual deaths

    For it, I had everything gathered but it is not put together yet. The topics were:Swamp critters finally getting arrested.
    The FBI labeling investigators as terrorists, AFTER the NY fire departments officially stated that the know the government lied about 911, and that they know explosives were used, and that explosives brought the buidings down, and they subsequently demanded the investigations be re-done AFTER Trump got people in that might actually do it for real. The FBI panicked, and now needs an enormous pile of terror attacks pinned on the public to justify shutting everyone up. WHO SHOWED UP AT THIS LATEST SHOOTING? THE FBI. WHILE IT WAS HOT. GO FIGURE.,
    The "conspiracy theories are terror" line is only to cover for those who fear being executed for treason, STARTING WITH THE FBI
    Trump likely did in fact accomplish a successful game of 7D chess, and has the deep state squirming like a stabbed worm. That makes the deep state dangrous, there will be HORRIBLE false flags.
    The deep state woes are so bad that Ocasio's staff quit. It would be convenient to say they hated her, but what if they really quit to distance themselves from whatever explosions are going to happen soon? What if they saw her kill a kid? Her staff quitting needs some real explaining, Ocasio should have been backed by people who were so into the American takeover they'd do it for religious purposes and NEVER QUIT.
    Mueller's testimony was a disaster, thus ramping up the heat.
    The DNA testing of migrants proved that the familes arriving at the border were hoaxes, and it killed the "poor separated children" lie totally dead. The separated kids were instead LUCKY, until they got re-united to whoever paid for them before DNA testing started. Now they get taken permanently. No wonder why they got left for dead in the desert a lot - it was the pathetic soulless child murdering types that infest the deep state using them as cheap $600 tickets to a $3,000 per month welfare check. Having this get exposed was HUUUUUUGE, and the Dems lost such an enormous sympathy ploy it pushed the need for more false flags much higher on the agenda, even though it is not directly related. In the first couple months, over 20,000 children were recovered due to these tests, and you won't see THAT on CNN. That is why I did the slave report.
    Do I need to mention Epstien? I'll avoid page clutter by keeping it short, everyone ought to know THAT ALONE could trip a 911+

    The left is desperate, and we are seeing it in their efforts to capture and implement as much depravity as possible - Trans story hour. Sex ed blow job tournaments that start with putting condoms on WITH YOUR MOUTH. The endless white male bashing. Gays in too many commercials and a majority of shitcoms. The massive escalation of depravity is a clear indicator the left feels threatened, and is now grabbing at anything it can get, ANYTHING AT ALL, on a schedule that is making frogs jump before they get totally cooked. They are off the rails, and it is hurting them badly. The right false flag will put them right back on the tracks again, or so they think. But that won't work if the frog has already jumped, and if it has, then what?"Then what" depends completely upon whether or not Trump got enough good people in place to prevent a full on national disaster before he started making his move. He's making it now. People had better duck and cover.

    Here is a great meme you probably cannot be prosecuted for:


    I did not even think about doing screen caps when it first "happened" because I never thought they'd morph the story so badly. The original story was that it was two Latinos, one aged 19 and 1 dead 17 injured, who shot up several stores including Target with one still on the loose. Now it is a lone white computer geek age 21 with 18 dead AT WAL MART.The story cannot change that much, I call



    Well over 90 percent of the people Hitler locked up were German's. Only 2 to 3 percent were Jews and most of those Jews were elevated to running the concentration camps.

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    Re: Jim Stone: msc stories.

    Not much in the news today, so . . . .

    McDonalds is under fire in Japan for releasing transparent drink cups, which when lined up correctly looking through them show children engaging in sex acts. The kids are on opposite sides of the cups, and when you look through the cup, you see this:

    It is claimed by McDonalds that it was all an accident, but considering ALL cups have a way to configure the kids doing sex acts, I doubt it was an accident. There are lots more examples than these two.

    All Israelis were told to leave India and Pakistan for upcoming war.

    Nothing follows -

    Rumor has it that the Iranian Navy is pretending to be the U.S. Navy and is telling ships to navigate in a way that gives Iran a reason to bust them


    There's lots going on with the shootings, all of it quite obviously staged for gun bans. One lib asked for a gun that could "kill 200 people", another walked in with his gun over his shoulder and two boxes of ammo in the cart and filmed people's reactions on his smartphone. Meanwhile Mister "DEAD DAYTON" apparently wrote LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of fantasy pieces about killing people.
    And Universal is going to release a film called "The Hunt" about libs hunting Trump supporters, despite backlash that forced them to pull trailers. They decided to do it anyway and I'd like to know what they expect to accomplish with such a film, which features elites on the level of Epstein and Hillary hunting kidnapped conservatives on the land surrounding a large mansion. Is that a message? before they do it, they have to warn us? Awful interesting when Dems are calling for "white nationalist" lists to be created.My opinion on this is that the Dems can talk whatever line they want, and for as long as they don't actually get the guns, they will be too chicken to do it. And if they actually DO come for the guns, they heated the pot too quickly, the frog will definitely jump.

    Someone dropped Congressman Castro's Donor list and it is a little bit interesting because some of the donors belong to the Cuban communist party. Don't know what will come of this though.


    I have not read these yet (still waiting for downloads to complete) but they are (slightly) redacted. I hate redactions. However, Trump is totally exonerated.


    I am going to say this a little differently than the MSM will:A Bolshevik Communist, or a supporter of communism, who wants an all out gun ban opened fire with an AR-15 in rush hour traffic (because he wanted to make you not feel safe ANYWHERE, not even in your car, PLUS get AR-15's banned.) He's on the loose now because he (or him plus his driver) simply drove off.

    HERE IS MY RESPONSE: Gunpowder is stupid when all you need is the propane from a Coleman canister regulated to 100 PSI in a back pack, along with a 2 liter coke bottle (which Nasa has tested fully and found can handle 100 PSI no sweat and subsequently gave building instructions for water rockets) and that will act as a pressure reservoir. You put a splitter on a hose that goes securely onto the 2 litre bottle, and the split off goes to your "gun barrel" and to the Coleman canister. On your gun barrel, you put an unrestricted trigger type air valve. For basics, you just drop marbles and steel balls down your "gun barrel" and for fancier efforts, you can make a vaccuum operated automatic system, that feeds marbles in rapidly with the negative pressure that can be generated on the back side of a pipe when compressed air is put into it at an angle facing forward.
    That's a gun build that is so versatile it can't be stopped. Oh, so you banned propane? I'll just use 4 2 liter bottles and pump them full of compressed air. Oh, you banned marbles? I'll just troll the train tracks for taconite pellets or use blow gun darts instead. Oh, you banned 2 liter plastic bottles? I'll have to either look for those in the weeds, or perhaps walk around with anything else I managed to dredge up that can be pressurized, like maybe an old water heater tank out of a small water heater, or an air compressor tank, you know, one of those little pancake ones, that can be pumped up to 250 PSI for better muzzle velocity. I'd like to see them try to force people to register THAT. And what about all those potato guns that people have to be so careful with? All you need for one of those is old soup cans taped together and you can get VERY amazing launches, beyond what PVC is safe with. If that's not your gig, then a strong steel pipe. I knew someone that played for real. His setup used a super strong machined breech and a strong barrel, and it was charged with an oxygen acetelyne mix. He pointed it at a tree with nothing in it at all and blew the top branches off with only the shock wave at about 50 feet distance. It scared the hell out of me because I was not expecting such a blast. I never heard anyone laugh like he did when that happened. It was indeed impressive.

    DEAR LEFTIST MORONS - YOU ARE DESTROYING THE SMARTEST BATCH OF PEOPLE THAT EVER LIVED, AND THERE'S 90, 000 WAYS TO GET THE JOB DONE, FROM OUR PERSPECTIVE. HOW BAD COULD IT BACKFIRE WHEN YOU PUT A GUN BAN THROUGH? As I see it now, guns make you a LOT safer than what could actually be done with "shit that's just laying around the house".

    Something is messed up in Russia. Is Russia being attacked?

    On Monday there was an enormous sequence of explosions in a Siberian weapons facility that I ignored because of the shootings, and because I figured it was an accident. However, something happened today that is beyond weird:Russia was testing a missile (and the reports on this are conflicting) some are saying they were testing a jet engine, some are saying they were testing a rocket engine, and some are saying they were "testing" a missile that got shot down. I'll go for "Russia tried to launch a nuclear weapon and it got taken out right at the moment of lift off" for the following reason:
    After the explosion, there was a "brief" radiation spike. And the Russian government advised people to put FORTY (40) drops of iodine in a glass of water and drink it. They also said there was no threat from the radiation spike, (but drink that iodine).
    OK, well, I can confirm that ONE drop of iodine in a glass of water is enough to make it un palatable, 40 drops is a LOT. You don't take that for a "brief radiation spike". I'm calling hoax on the engine test, you don't get radiation spikes from rocket explosions unless there is something someone is not admitting to, and the 40 drops of iodine cinches it. Something BIG happened in Russia that was nuclear weapons related. There's no way out of it despite the whitewash. You can read the whitewash HERE

    A French court has determined smart meters make people sick, and ordered the removal of at least a few of them in homes that had medically susceptible people

    There's the usual fluff surrounding this topic, where the usual trolls are saying there's no way a meter could make anyone sick. I beg to differ. I have a little intrinsic proof from my own experience that the smartmeters are likely modulating the power wires inside a house in very strange ways, and it produced an effect that can only be explained by the presence of a high frequency RF signal on the power wires in a house. The mind control/beaming/microwave sickness that is all extremely well documented is all RF, and if a smartmeter is not doing this, EXPLAIN THE FOLLOWING, that I observed myself:I have confirmed my own smartmeter puts out a frequency that is not the power frequency to all the wires in the house. And I accidentally discovered a way to confuse the meter by skimming that frequency off -
    Here is how it happened: We had an LED light go bad during a long brownout, it burned the switching power supply out. I have lots of electronic parts laying around and did not want to go get a new LED light, so I took a small transformer I had, hooked it up to a rectifier (to get DC from it) and then used a high quality high capacity capacitor (orders of magnitude better than any light would have) to filter it so it would not flicker. The light went back to normal WHEN TURNED ON, but when you turn it off, it never turns off. Somehow, my "old school" circuit that is not a switch mode power supply is snagging a frequency the meter is producing and it is converting that frequency to power, which keeps the light on at about 5 percent brightness, FOREVER, no matter how long the light is off. Since the light switch itself perfectly breaks the circuit, the power keeping the light on is coming from "nowhere". GUESS WHAT:
    The utility bill dropped by 80 percent, probably because that circuit is confusing the meter. Somehow it is skimming something off that the meter is producing, that the meter needs to know how much power was used. I knew that circuit had a chance of affecting a smart meter so I was worried, but it appears it did it the "right way". It is super odd that an old school power supply being used in a way it is not EVER used in modern electronics did that - such circuits like the one I built are simply too expensive to be used to light up LED's so they are not used for that purpose. What I built would be used in a medium performance audio amplifier. I laughed at how expensive that particular light now was, but if I am not using the parts for anything else, why not? The effect it produced proves the meters are NOT what we are told, and really can cause effects inside the house that are not advertised.
    How does an unconnected circuit still light up, just because one side of the broken circuit (with the switch open, that breaks the circuit) goes back to a smartmeter? Something is screwy with that, the "ghost" light is enough to get a glass of water at night without turning it on. The meter is definitely, without question, producing a prominent frequency that would not be there with an analog meter. That frequency is likely what is making people sick, and somehow, the old school power supply is capturing it and converting it to DC, even with an open circuit.
    I have never heard of this happening in electronics before, in order to light the light the ghost frequency has to overcome the voltage drop in the rectifier diodes, and THEN overcome the voltage drop in the light diodes. It has to be VERY strong to do that with an open circuit, which should not work in any way at all if it is open, unless a super strong radio frequency is somehow part of the equation. And that frequency is what would make people sick. The capacitor is only 5, 000 microfarads, it won't power a light by itself forever, it should not be able to do that for more than a few seconds (which it noticeably does do) but it never fades to even close to zero even after hours of being shut off and the fact that the actual diodes in the light itself need 24 volts to do anything at all, getting them to light up takes a lot more than just a fringe effect. Whatever that meter is putting on the line has to be strong.
    I disagree with the trolls who are saying the French court is crazy. At least Macron did not screw that up!

    There is a recent Hillary Frazzledrip photo that made the rounds, that is fake

    Evidently someone wants to undermine that topic by posting fake crap. The picture had someone who looked like Hillary sitting in a room with an old style tv and a bed. Where the mess was supposed to be, it was blacked out. I never believed it so I did not post it. It was not like the original frazzledrip video AT ALL.


    Take a look at this - Minethurn technology, - the company owned by the mother of Steve Betts, is stated to be a software developer and it all looks benign, HOWEVER, HA HA - take a look at the web site this company popped up on. The site is USAopps which is a site the government goes to when it needs to contract with the private sector. All the info is there, including the shooter being the contact for Minethurn.This might dead end here, but it is really all we need to know.
    Well over 90 percent of the people Hitler locked up were German's. Only 2 to 3 percent were Jews and most of those Jews were elevated to running the concentration camps.

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    Re: Jim Stone: msc stories.

    LOVELY: As of 8:22 AM, got onto this, and said he's dead from suicide. Looks like the chatter was for real


    Update to below:

    As of 8 AM, chatter appeared that ABC news did a sudden special report about Epstein killed himself. "Killed himself". I can't get ABC news live down here in Mex. So I have to go on the chatter. According to chatter, this news report broke at 8 AM. This was posted at 8:04 AM. So if he dies later than that . . . . . and this may be their solution to avoid having to go ahead with their terror attacks as stated below:

    VERY STRANGE: RUMOR: New 9/11 on August 11

    I do not make predictions like this, so don't say I cried wolf when nothing happens. I hate predictions that don't come true. However, there's enough out there now to mention something:

    I have noticed "chatter" that indicates something huge may happen on August 11. It first started with predictions that there would be huge terror attacks on August 10-11 and stuff like that happens so much I blow it off. however, something just surfaced that made me decide to mention this.A landscaper who works on elite properties has noticed that MANY elite are holding parties on August 11. The post is extremely poorly written, so bad it hurts the message, but IF it is true it begs the question: WHY would they be holding parties on the 11th?

    The following is not sourced, it is just floating around out there, and the nature of how it was written is spooky, this is NOT someone screwing around, this was posted by someone not very literate so it fits the profile perfectly as legit: . . . . .

    "I'm a landscaper and I work on properties that are owned by billionares and millionaires that are oil company executives ceos of large investing companies s and p 500 investors basically extremely powerful people and like 10 different clients are throwimg a party on August 11th even tho its not necessarily unusual for some of our clients to throw a party every now and then its highly unusual for this many of our clients to throw a party on the same exact day and ive been hearimg about this date from you and many fish I think these people know about somthing everone has been really secretove about it I asked what the party was for and no one knows"

    My comment: That kind of post actually scares me. I don't know where it came from, just that it is getting passed around. SPOOKY.
    And it would not surprise me at all, THE STAGE WAS SET IN EL PASO, we know damn well the deep state did that, if they pulled their huge 911 this week end it would probably work.

    There is another rumor going around related to Trump that I am not going to mention because it is not supported by anything yet, but I gotta say . . . . . that landscaper's post has spooked me. No one posts THAT CRAPPY if they are into posting hoaxes, that one is probably legit folks.

    This site is well traveled enough to possibly stop them from pressing forward if I mention this on the 9th, however, they have become so arrogant at this point that maybe even Alex could post this and they'd do it anyway. Heads up, if something happens over this week end, we were forewarned.

    An URGENT message from Gun Owners of America

    Things have taken a turn for the worse since we asked you to email the White House.


    This Red Flag Gun Confiscation bill, based on a prototype drafted by the anti-gun Giffords Organization, would send SWAT teams to your door to steal your guns with NO REAL DUE PROCESS WHATSOEVER.

    This is our promise to you, we will fight until the very last vote is cast to destroy this atrocious bill, but going to need voters like you to help turn up the heat on the Senate GOP.

    But early reports are that the anti-gun Left is generating THOUSANDS of phone calls into the offices of weak-kneed Republican Senators.
    We need your help countering the Left's efforts and turning up the heat on Republican Senators. They need to know that America does NOT want these dangerous gun control proposals that will be considered any day now in the Senate!
    Please send our pre-written letter to EVERY SINGLE Republican Senator's inbox telling them that if they vote to end the Second Amendment, American voters will NEVER FORGET it.

    ADD YOUR NAME Gun Owners of America has already vowed to support a primary challenger to Lindsey Graham because he is introducing this bill. And we will take note of any and all Republicans who join him in shredding the Second Amendment. I cannot overstate how dangerous this legislation would be.

    This bill would create a federal bribe potĚ to encourage states to pass Red Flag Gun Confiscation bills. This means SWAT teams would be empowered to show up at innocent Americans doorsteps, demanding they fork over their guns, all because they've been named a suspected danger to our society.

    This is exactly what happened to an African-American gentleman living in Maryland. After a family argument, an angry relative got revenge against Gary Willis by using the state Red Flag Gun Confiscation law to send police to his door. The authorities showed up at 5:17 a.m. and shot him to death.

    Giving government agents the power to confiscate firearms, while throwing due process out the window, is the path to tyranny our Founding Fathers warned us about. And the cowardice of a few politicians who care more about the media's opinions than what is right and true will get us there.
    And to add insult to injury, Lindsey Graham is downright lying to the American people when he says that this bill would recognize due process.
    If that were the case, his bill could not fund ANY state program currently on the books or any program being considered by any state legislature. Because not one state with red flag gun grabs currently includes due process prior to seizing a gun owners' firearms!
    Point blank: we need to end this bill now before it ends the Second Amendment.
    Link to Gun Owners of America
    Well over 90 percent of the people Hitler locked up were German's. Only 2 to 3 percent were Jews and most of those Jews were elevated to running the concentration camps.

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    Re: Jim Stone: msc stories.

    MSM backs up study confirming Fluoride lowers children's IQ??!!??

    Now that's a whitewash if I ever saw one. A Harvard study got MSM attention for concluding fluoride during pregnancy "slightly" lowers children's IQ "by ages 3 and 4".

    Fluoride taken by ANYONE reduces their IQ at any age, even if it is just in toothpaste, and the effect is so drastic that even if a mother is exposed to it during pregnancy, it affects the baby when the first IQ tests are possible to take.

    Fluoride has no dental benefit whatsoever, it is tooth poison, this is a well documented stone cold fact that was overlooked by "educated dental experts" because they paid $80,000 plus to get lied to in college. No one would pay student debt off on a lie, yet that's what we have, and "dental experts" just cannot cope with the fact that they got so seriously ripped off.

    Fluoride came in when smoking went out, and America has been all downhill ever since.

    Space exploration stopped. The movie 2001, a space oddyssey clearly outlines what common sense said we'd be capable of 20 years ago, and we are not anywhere near that yet, and I doubt we ever will be now that fluoride's big baaad brother - shots claimed to be vaccines that are not vaccines, have totally wiped out an entire generation and a half of white males, while an "education system" that is totally compromised from top to bottom shattered what was left.
    Don't go thinking China and Russia suddenly got smart - they only advanced on what Hillary gave them, which was EVERYTHING. The fact that hag is still running free is stone cold proof the fluoride, coupled with eugenics shots fronted as "beneficial medicine", and an outrageous "education system" will continue to move forward with their damage, totally unabated.
    The tone of the Harvard report, which at least suggests there might be a little itty bitty problem with fluoride, and the way the MSM covered it is a serious slap in the face, if that's all we got, we are going NOWHERE, let alone Mars, 2001 style.

    Breitbart, Drudge report, Infowars and a LOT MORE now blacklisted on Telcel

    Telcel is a MAJOR phone company, the largest in Latin America (it is the same thing as America Movil) and it is owned by Carlos Slim, who for many years was the world's richest man.
    I first noticed approximately 10 days ago when I tried to hit NaturalNews that it would not come in. No notice as to why, just a blank screen and spinning circle. Then I tried Drudge. Same results. Then Infowars - same results. Then Breitbart. Same results. Then a couple popular conspiracy forums - SAME RESULTS. At first I thought it was an internet outage and I announced an internet outage on the front page.
    While doing this, to make sure it was not just an airtime expiration, I tried hitting other sites, (first I tried Google because I seriously did not expect it to come in, but it did. I then re-booted the computer with a hard power off before continuing
    Upon reboot, I first tried hitting Trump on Twitter and it worked. Then I went back to Breitbart and it was blocked. Checked the other sites I knew were blocked also . . . still blocked. It was late so I went to bed, figuring the "internet outage" would clear overnight. The next morning, same situation, so I put airtime on At&t and tried that instead of Telcel and it all worked smooth as glass. Obviously I did not find everything that was blocked on Telcel (my server got glitchy as hell on Telcel so I think it is blocked by Telcel for most people but after a login they know damn well it is me and the site starts working fine) . . . . anyway -
    So I was not terribly concerned because AT&T which is what I use for gathering data still worked for everything (I don't use At&T to get on the server) I use Telcel. As a result of using Telcel for server administration only (as a normal course of work) I don't know how long Telcel has been blocking so many conservative sites. I noticed glitching in "combat mode" I could get around easily at first but that was all at first, until the last couple days where logging in has been problematic until it seems a system "figures things out" . . . . .
    Anyway, it has been more than a week since I noticed Telcel was blocking many sites. That means this is hard set and not a temporary glitch. This won't affect this site because I have several providers but it definitely got noticed today when At&t ran out and I HAD TO try using Telcel again (or run to the gas station to put time back on At&t and I did not feel like doing that.)
    DAMN NEAR EVERY LAST SITE I USE TO FIND OUT WHAT IS HAPPENING DOES NOT WORK ON TELCEL NOW. This is a new development, why the * would Telcel in Mexico care about where I try to go in the United States? DRUDGE REPORT BLOCKED? You gotta be kidding me!!!!

    I just tested DavidIcke . . . . . HE IS BLOCKED. WTF, OVER!!!!!

    Amazon Workers Now Being Shipped In Packages To Personally Assure Customers They're Treated Well

    This is a good one, from The Onion

    I do not know what to make of this, but I am going to post it because it is probably for real: ALL of Hillary's E-mails had meta data that showed that ALL were, by default, forwarded directly to a Chinese intelligence company

    This meta data did exist. That's not in dispute. And I was unsurprised that I considered it "par for the course". Obviously enough proof is there, even in the ashes after the FBI burned it all that Hillary ought to be hanging. But figure the odds . . . . .There's not a peep about this in the MSM, and I did not work on this topic. However, has delved into this topic deeply and it is DEFINITELY worth a look, this particular piece of work is well done. For more than just my description, go there and have a look.

    More interesting is Trump's statement that Google helped Hillary win in 2016, and that's the real "conspiracy"

    That is a development that is going to have an impact. It is WAY too far to the next election for something like that to be said by a president from Google's perspective, I strongly suspect something BIG is going to get done about it. The left has given up on "Russia collusion" and is now instead rallying behind "white supremacist" and "white nationalists" as their great white hope to prevent Trump's re-election. Trump needs to focus on election rigging and Google, the white supremacist crap is weak, that's not what his big obstacle to re-election is.

    Large food manufacturers are short staffed at this time

    Lots of them had almost entirely illegal workers, including even Coca-Cola's dairy division, and after the recent ICE raids lots of them walked off the job. That's quite a development. And what are they going to do for income without work? YOU GUESS. I bet they won't head back home.
    Well over 90 percent of the people Hitler locked up were German's. Only 2 to 3 percent were Jews and most of those Jews were elevated to running the concentration camps.

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    Re: Jim Stone: msc stories.

    Georgia city council asks mayor to resign over rant, saying 'privilege is wearing $300 Beats headphones while living on public assistance'

    The city council of Bloomingdale, Georgia, has asked the mayor to immediately resign over his comments on Facebook ripping those he believes possess "privilege, " including those who wear "$300 Beats headphones while living on public assistance" and those who wear "$200 sneakers when you've never had a job." Mayor Ben Rozier's now-deleted post in the Gossip Bloomingdale GA Facebook group from Tuesday night appeared to be a response to the term "white privilege, " WJCL-TV reported.
    Here's what Rozier wrote:
    "What is privilege?....
    "Privilege is wearing $200 sneakers when you've never had a job."
    "Privilege is wearing $300 Beats headphones while living on public assistance."
    "Privilege is having a Smartphone with a Data plan which you receive no bill for."
    "Privilege is living in subsidized housing where you don't have a water bill, where rising property taxes and rents and energy costs have absolutely no effect on the amount of food you can put on your table."
    "Privilege is the ability to go march against, and protest anything that triggers you without worrying about calling out of work and the consequences that accompany such behavior."
    "Privilege is having as many children as you want, regardless of your employment status, and [to] be able to send them off to daycare or school you don't pay for."
    "Privilege is sending your kids to school early for the before-school programs and breakfast, and then keeping them there for the after-school program...paid for by the people who DO HAVE TO DEAL WITH RISING TAXES AND COSTS! know, us so-called 'PRIVILEGED' the ones who pay while you TAKE TAKE TAKE!"
    My comment: The city council needs DIRECT PHYSICAL CONFRONTATION OVER THIS - HARD ACTION - MORE THAN WORDS, and I'll encourage it. And if people are too cowardly to re-post what I post when I say it like it is, THEY ARE THE PROBLEM, taking ZERO hard action against the communists at this point is going to be our doom. WE NEED


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