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Thread: They Glow in the Dark

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    They Glow in the Dark

    Lately the term "Glow in the Dark" has caught on referring to Feds.

    This reference is from a crazy guy Terry Davis (rest in pepperoni), who once said:
    If you see a CIA nigger, run them over. they glow in the dark.

    Urban Dictionary:
    Back in the sixties, the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States conducted experiments on captured mutants. After extracting their abilities, they were granted miraculous powers but were cursed with the condition of glowing in the dark. A simple programmer by the name of Terry Davis happened to discover their plot. Since then, he has faked his death and gone into hiding after attempting to expose the "glow in the dark cia niggers".You know, those cia niggers sure glow in the dark
    Learn more here:

    Shorter Video:

    Longer Video (movie length):

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