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Thread: What are "guerilla freedom fighters?"

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    What are "guerilla freedom fighters?"

    Sounds like something the British Redcoats would call the Continentals and especially the irregulars who were so good at taking out the British officers with their Kentucky long rifles.

    Uncle prepping for CW2? Looks that way to me. Apparently the concept of freedom troubles some and puts a hitch in their getalong.
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    Re: What are "guerilla freedom fighters?"

    Once the public servant's fiat currency pay-checks purchasing power collapses, these people will need to thieve from the citizens more directly.

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    Re: What are "guerilla freedom fighters?"

    Exercises generally usher in extreme reality events. Better get your Real ID now.

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    Re: What are "guerilla freedom fighters?"

    Guerilla freedom fighters are the ones our overlords are supporting/funding. If they were on the opposite side, they would be terrorists or terrorist supporters. Same as it ever was. More meatbags for the machine.
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