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Thread: John Macfee for President?

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    John Macfee for President?

    Of course he has zero chance in a protected two party system.

    He is one smart operator to stay ahead of the curve.

    Some say his IQ is in the 180 range.

    He has the goods on the deeps state and if he goes down terabytes of information will be released on all of them.

    Good luck finding him.

    John McAfee‏Verified account @officialmcafee Aug 23

    People want to know: How can I access Twitter from a safe house, even with Faraday cages, signal jammers, etc. Answer: Multiple private VPNs coupled with multiple public VPNs in the outer shell. Would take 10 years to unwind. We're in my bailiwick now mof-<ckers!

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    His wife is very astute as well. Her post about Michael Obama.
    Janice McAfee‏ @theemrsmcafee

    So I came across this video of Mrs. Obama dancing on Ellen and I noticed something very strange. Now, when I dance my vagina doesn't bounce around like hers but maybe hers is just more special than mine.
    I don't know, what do you guys think? … #BitChute

    Janice McAfee‏ @theemrsmcafee

    Janice McAfee Retweeted Jordan Sather
    Sometimes I get distracted with trivialities like my previous post about Mrs. Obama & must remind myself who the real enemy is. This is what a woke citizenry looks like & what we need in America. Instead of fighting each other they fight the corrupt system that enslaves them all.

    Protestors in Hong Kong are cutting down facial recognition towers.

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    Re: John Macfee for President?

    Thread: John McAfee interview with VLTV - arrests, cryptos, POTUS run

    ^ 2 recent interviews inside. I forget which one, prolly the latter w Stolpman, but JM says if BTC isn't $1mm/coin by end of 2020 he'll eat his dick on national TV.

    & BTC isn't even his fave; he likes the ones focused on privacy; named a handful of names I forget now. One he named in both shows was a common hispanic family name; would need to relisten to remind.
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    Re: John Macfee for President?

    With QE infinity anything is possible...


    Including $1 million bitcoin before end 2020...
    Cultural Marxism: -The idea that good, hard working, white people should pay for those who are not, and thus in the name of equality create the conditions for their own genetic annihilation

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