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Thread: Tainted vaccines making us stupid and autistic.

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    Tainted vaccines making us stupid and autistic.

    From Jim Stone:

    Update to the vaccine report below
    The report is not intended to state that squalene, mercury or other known bad vaccine additives are not as bad as previously stated, it is only intended to show just how damn brazen the Jewish community has become in it's quest to be in the #1 spot. They hated the white male's ability to create - the violin, the piano, the computer, the airplane, - you name it, and believe they will be just as happy walking the sand following a snake on a stick, provided they are #1. Being #1 is all that matters to them. So when you hear them talking all about how America is getting more and more stupid by the day, and they say "Gee, we wonder why" you now know why. In war you can report what happened, you just can't report HOW IT HAPPENED. We just got the final answer to HOW IT HAPPENED.

    How much did they hurt us with the shots? They hurt us so badly that future generations are doomed, and the current (productive portion) of our society is heavily weighted and stifled by the need to care for so many borderline invalids. It is BAD DAMAGE. The only way out of this at this point is for the genetic damage via the genome in the shots they inflicted on us to be less stable than our original genome. If it is, eventually the white race will recover.

    Ever heard of gene therapy? That makes the MMR shot an act of war folks!
    All they have to do is use someone with a defect as the source of that genome and EVERYONE who gets the shot with that DNA in it is going to get modified. They cannot deny gene therapy exists. That topic is not "conspiracy". So what on earth is the entire human genome doing in the MMR shot? YOU GUESS.

    TRY to get your hands on a vaccine and walk out with it. JUST TRY. You cannot. There are no countries where that is permitted. They are for "licensed medical professionals only", you, yourself can't just walk around with a vaccine and get what is in it tested, "they" don't allow that, and if people can get their hands on ALL the addictive drugs the medical profession can dish out, why can't anyone get their hands on a vaccine, which is without question the most controlled substance of all?

    No doctor can come out against vaccines, the second they do, they get sidelined and usually their license gets pulled. QUESTION: WHY? What about all the ones that ended up dead? This next report answers WHY every doctor that questions vaccines ends up dead.
    Yeah, we'll win this war. Just poison the shots, wreck the children, and kill any doctors that speak up about it! All the crying mommies can be called conspiracy whack jobs, and they won't be a problem, they can't fight us when all their time has to be spent tending bubbling bobby!

    Remember early this year when I mentioned Italy analyzed vaccines and found they were fraudulent? It's worse than I stated

    Today Infowars posted that when the Italians discovered the MMR shot was completely fraudulent, they did gene sequencing and found the entire male human genome (with modifications) in the vaccine. That's HUGE folks. Here is what this means (more completely than you'll find elsewhere)

    It means that if the kid the genes were taken from was autistic, that the vaccines would pass on the autism to the recipients at very high rates. It also means that anyone who received it would have an immune response where the immune system attacked the body on top of it all. If you want a full explanation of how "vaccines cause autism" HERE YOU HAVE IT, they most likely found an autistic child and as an act of war, used that kid's genes to wreck everyone via the shots.


    They are CLEARLY and WITHOUT QUESTION making vaccines mandatory because they are not vaccines, they are "gene therapy shots" that are giving us all a downgrade. That way a far less capable group that claims neanderthal Khazar roots can once again be on top! Their damn failed moon lander PROVES IT, even the CHICOMS out did them!
    Don't worry, after the despised white male is done away with via "vaccination" they can claim to be the highest intelligence on earth, -er, - after they do the same to China.
    I have said repeatedly the vaccines were not vaccines at all, which is why they are for diseases that have always been regarded as harmless - if they are for diseases that don't have a history of killing people they can be totally fraudulent and it won't matter because the disease does not need to be treated anyway. Instead, the shots are now clearly for the sole purpose of changing the child, Folks, if you can sequence the entire human genome from these vaccines, there's more than something "amiss", this is intentional, it is not contamination, it is not a "bad batch" or whatever hoo ha kikedom states, there's a DAMN GOOD REASON why the Jews just said no to this vaccine in New York, we have our answer:

    If you can sequence the entire male human genome from ANY vaccine, it's purpose is modification of an individual's potential, NOT DISEASE PREVENTION. If you can sequence the entire human genome from a vaccine, IT IS NOT AN ACCIDENT. IT IS NOT A TAINTED BATCH. IT IS INTENTIONAL, folks we just got irrefutable proof of the fact that the vaccines are for the sole purpose of modifying the recipient, and VERY EVIL PEOPLE DECIDED WHAT THOSE MODIFICATIONS WERE TO BE AND IT SHOWS IN THE APOCALYPTIC RATES OF TOTALLY F***ED UP KIDS. We have been maimed beyond belief. But IDIOT PARENTS just got a new Google Pixel and are surfing snapchat, while 7 year old bobby spins in the background blowing spit balls. THEY KNOW the vaccines did not do it, because Google said anyone who thinks the vaccines wrecked Bobby is an anti-science conspiracy nut!

    Trump has stated the Dems have The votes to impeach him
    However, there's this little nagging issue the Dems don't have, and it is called REASON.
    Well over 90 percent of the people Hitler locked up were German's. Only 2 to 3 percent were Jews and most of those Jews were elevated to running the concentration camps.

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    Re: Tainted vaccines making us stupid and autistic.

    These links are from Children's Health Defense, chaired by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. The pdf summarizes several dozen reports (with common chart format) showing increase in disease correlated with vaccinations.

    Fully Vaccinated vs. Unvaccinated — A Summary of the Research
    July 18, 2019
    CDC officials Frank DeStefano and Coleen Boyle knew they needed to study an American population to convincingly debunk the vaccine/ autism link. They believed it would be safe to study the MMR vaccine because the MMR did not contain thimerosal. They assigned senior scientist and CDC whistleblower, Dr. William Thompson, and three other researchers from the Immunization Safety Office to study the MMR vaccine in Georgia children. Thompson worried about being dragged into another “circus” like the Verstraeten study. His bosses promised Thompson that this time there would be no mid-course shenanigans to bury unpleasant data. They would agree on protocols up front and stick to them no matter what the data revealed.

    Nevertheless, when the data showed a shocking 364% increase in autism among African American boys given the MMR on time, Destefano ordered the four CDC scientists to destroy the damning information in large garbage cans. “I can’t believe we did what we did, but we did it”, recalls Thompson. That sanitized study is now cited in 97 subsequent publications as the proof that vaccines don’t cause autism. “I have great shame now when I meet the parent of a child with autism because I have been part of the problem.” Slide 12 shows the true results of Dr. Thompson’s original data.

    Despite CDC’s efforts at suppression, independent scientists and research institutions (including UCLA) have managed to conduct and publish several additional vaccinated/unvaccinated studies since 1999. Those studies indicate high incidence of chronic diseases and brain and immune system injuries among vaccinated compared to unvaccinated cohorts. Some of those studies are summarize in this presentation.

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