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Thread: Nuclear false flag attack on Seattle?

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    Exclamation Nuclear false flag attack on Seattle?

    This is something that has been building for a week or two on the chans.

    Today a bizarre, professionally produced video, was posted to youtube and became the #1 trending video.

    Here is the original video that started the discussion:

    (synopsis: Many popular culture references to Seattle getting destroyed, from many sources over a number of years. The author suspects the date is Nov 3rd, 2019, though the date isn't as strong as the overall theme of Seattle getting destroyed)

    Here is the one posted today. It was the #1 trending video on youtube.
    Clearly, this professionally produced video is designed to form a narrative.

    - At 0:32 in the video, you see mountains in the background, just like in Seattle.
    - At 5:45 in the video, you see the fucking space needle.
    (synopsis: Globalists NGOs fund professional video exploring what would happen if "we" nuke a city. Video ends with the 'solution' to the 'problem' described in the video: we must eliminate the existence of all nuclear weapons. Them existing at all is morally wrong.)

    So you might ask, what is the end game?
    Who benefits from this false flag?
    Why would they do it?
    Who benefits from getting rid of all nukes?


    If an American city is hit by a nuclear weapon, there will be a lot of anger as a result. That anger must be directed somewhere.

    As you can see from the second video where they go into their talking points about the need and moral requirement for all nations to get rid of all nuclear weapons, you may think that is the end goal of a nuclear false flag. From that point, you may start to ask which nations would benefit from that.

    However, that isn't the end goal at all. The goal is to put the NPCs in the country and across the globe into a frenzy, such that they rise up and remove all nationalists from power, confiscate all weapons, and violently oppose all "fascists" who get in their way. Its not about nuclear weapons at all, its about destroying national sovereignty.

    Right now the wave of nationalism is starting to build and given enough time, it will sweep the planet and luciferians will ultimately lose power. The nuclear false flag activates their army of NPCs to violently take power. That is the ultimate goal here.

    I don't know if November 3rd is the date, but it does appear that this has long been in the works.

    Spread this information as far and as fast as you can.
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    Re: Nuclear false flag attack on Seattle?

    Going to watch after I get back from the post office.
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