From Jim Stone:

Newsletter 4
This is going to be an abbreviated newsletter, (a rant.) A newsletter is long overdue and though I have one outlined I am not in the mood for it, I am, however, in the mood for this:You can spot a Communist in government just from how much they splurge the public dime
You don't need to look into all the scandals, all you need to do is look at what they spend on flights, food tabs, and other things trivial.

Last night Claudia and I were going to the bank to see if a large transfer from Europe cleared. And I said "If it clears I'd really like to go to Sirloin Stockade buffet But that would be an abuse of what people send to support this site, so probably not". Claudia spouted back "BUT YOU WORK FOR IT"! Can't you see that you have that right for at least THAT? (A meal at Sirloin Stockade ranges from $5 to $8 depending on the time of day) so it was not excessive, but given the timing of it all I figured no. ANYWAY - NOW THE RANT:
Do you want solid proof a President is great? I HAVE FIGURED OUT HOW TO PROVE IT. Trump eats McDonalds. Mexican President Lopez Obrador eats at shitty taco stands I have eaten at, that give me amoebas (almost) EVERY TIME, I don't know how that guy can take it, but his meals cost $1.50 because he "can't justify spending more on the public dime". And I am SERIOUS, I have not eaten at taco stands "similar to what Obrador eats at", no, I have been in Mexico City in his zone enough to have nailed it at least once. Though in this city I have never gotten bad food, in the DF that's practically all there is, and Obrador is out there with Pablo's donkey eating with Pablo. Now THAT is a great president. He means what he says, and does what he says.

On top of that, Obrador sold Mexico's air force one because it was an abuse of taxpayer funding. When Obrador flies, he flies coach. And he tries not to even do that, and does it only when necessary. He drives around in a Jetta A4 with ONE driver. It's not even a Jetta A6. People can rip Obrador in ignorance all they want, (or perhaps due to misinformation) but any way you cut it, Obrador is an awesome president. His policies are also totally for the people and not just an elite payoff.

Contrast that with Pelosi
Pelosi racked up over two years 100, 000+ in in flight meals, according to World Net Daily quoting a FOIA release. Business insider called World Net Daily B.S. but I disagree. And there's substance to my disagreement, such as Pelosi continuously using air force planes, often at a cost of $150, 000+ a whack just to fly to California for personal business when she should be paying for (if she really needs it) first class out of pocket. How the hell did she get so rich anyway? Her pay does not reflect what she has.

One could say Trump is only conservative with spending because he's already a billionaire, but that does not explain his diet of Big Mac's, the same meal handy man Joe ate on the way home from his construction job. That's what Trump will put on the public dime. While refusing his pay. I have eaten at the exact same cafeteria Trump and Congress has available to them several times (via government insiders) and the food is great, and priced at cost. There's no excuse for Pelosi to ask for more. And Trump won't even go that high. A Big Mac will do.
This same waste of public funding that Pelosi constantly exhibits is a hallmark of the communists, they get ALL THEIRS while talking about how much they want for you, while they squander $15 billion handed over to Baltimore to fix it up and don't do ONE DAMN THING, they just take the money . . . . . and many more examples, probably to the tune of about 75 percent of the national debt. Pelosi can easily make it at the cafeteria for $12 a day and she won't because she's just too damn good for it. Ditto for the rest of them.
Such people, ALL COMMUNISTS, blow mega bucks and countless tons of fuel flying around to "climate change" meetings where they plot and scheme to put you on a bicycle while they reign as the gods of the sky. And when it washes out in the final rinse, they'll take your bike away too. It's not about the planet, it is all about "I am BETTER than you, PEON, I AM IN CHARGE and don't you EVER FORGET IT." But I love you, so please suck my @ss at the polls.
Communism would probably be a decent system if it did not always revert to being a tool of evil. And it always does, communism happens to be a pyramid scam where 50, 000 grovelers support an exorbitant living per king at the top. Pelosi has proven she's exactly that, I don't even have to bring up Hillary, who absconded with all of Libya's gold. And if you don't like it, she'll come, she'll see, and you'll die. We have all the Arkancide we need to prove that out.
And that's how Communists roll. They are attempting a coup at this very time. And if somehow Trump cannot stop this coup, you will live in a world you have not seen before, and if you don't like it you are going to be toast. You'll live in a world where you can have solar power, but when "they" decide they want your lights out, they'll just shut it off like what happened recently in California. If they manage to take this country, you'll live to see the day when gas costs $50 a gallon but that won't satisfy them, they absolutely will arrive with sodium silicate and clunk your car right as it sits in your driveway, at gunpoint if needed. The electric cars are an illusion, you won't have that either. Everyone thinks we're moving to that, but reality will prove out that in the end, it was a hoax and they won't let you have that either. Because if you do have that, they cannot be superior enough.

They have proven it
When $15 billion arrives in Baltimore to fix up poor neighborhoods and not one dime of it goes to that, communists PROVE it is all about them and nothing for you. They received $24,956 USD for every man woman and child in Baltimore to fix the place up. If they lived by their word like Obrador does, Baltimore would sparkle after that. If Trump's construction efficiency was applied to that $15 billion, much of Baltimore would be rebuilt after that. But no THEY DID NOT PATCH A SINGLE POT HOLE OR RE-PAINT A SINGLE CROSSWALK, THE COMMUNISTS STOLE EVERY LAST BIT OF IT. And that's what we face if they manage to oust Trump.

Think about it.

I have confirmed my stats on other web sites are manipulated
The site owners would not do this. Someone is back dooring the sites and changing stats. My work gets posted elsewhere frequently. I can track the views on a few of the sites that do this. I often wondered why some of what got posted never took off, but did not really pay attention, and this time, by chance I saw it because I was paying closer attention. This posting had over 4, 300 views last night, and when I checked it this morning, it was down to 1, 710. It climbed by 200 just as I wrote this. I also noticed other posts did not advance AT ALL.

I'd like to point something out - Has anyone noticed that on some sites that seem to be popular, when you click on something and they show the stats, that even hot topics have "very few reads"? I always wondered about that and how nothing was getting read. This happens a lot to, that site is as mainstream alt as it gets, and nothing they link to gets read. Or at least it looks that way. I was always skeptical, not believing it could be true, and now I have good reason to believe it is not true. HERE IS WHAT IS GOING ON THEN:
The left is desperate to do all it can to claim legitimacy, and to claim legitimacy against an alt media that is getting BILLIONS of reads is difficult to do. You can't have conservatives clicking into reports and realizing 274, 000 other people have read it too, so to maintain the illusion of "fringe" they wipe the stats out. "We have to present the illusion it is only a few nutcases. Ok, so 347 people read this. That's what we'll say at least. Thank you operation Talipot, that allowed us to back door EVERYTHING. We can't have 7 million reading one report, and 34 million reading another report and 500, 000 reading another report that goes against our agenda, that would prove the public hates us. No, we'll knock a few digits off and say that's what it is. Hell, just hack it to overflow at 3 digits and then loop back to "zero" as determined by a random number generator that at least shows 300 or so reads as a minimum set point. This has become an obvious reality.

They are doing precisely this, and I just got proof. There's no way out of it, alt media is FAR MORE popular than we are being led to believe. I was wondering why even on my own server my stats were "falling" all the while it is evident everyone is still there. The gigs add up as expected, but the visitor stats don't, and suddenly consistently hit a range between 250, 000 and 350, 000 a month EVERY MONTH. That's not right, when individual videos only put up for a day get 60, 000+ views. We all know Youtube rigs the stats, which explains why if I post it on Youtube "only 3, 000 people" show up, but if it is on my site it is 60, 000+ in one day. So as a result of DEFINITELY seeing something screwy on another site, I am a lot less worried, HERE IS MY MESSAGE: