From Jim Stone:

WOW, I did not realize the riots in Chile were SO NUTZ. I just got intrinsic proof of jusy how "nutz".

Chilean police suspend use of rubber bullets after 270 eye injuries

QUESTION: How many times do people have to get shot by rubber bullets before it adds up to 270 eye injuries? How big are the eyes in relation to the rest of the body, and how many shots missed people totally? WOW. What a stat. I don't have to say more to prove the riots in Chile must have been absolutely bonkers, with tens of thousands (or more) rubber bullets fired by police and people still did not back down

I can clearly demonstrate a war on basic information being waged by Google and others RIGHT NOW.

I pointed this out a couple months ago. Today I was made curious about the distance between Venezuela and Cuba by the fact that Venezuela has been flying their equivalent of the Army's C-130 aircraft to Cuba and back to Venezuela non stop, on pretty much the shortest flight schedule it can accomplish. That's worth asking about, so I wondered how many flights per day it could do, and how much cargo could get transported.
Obviously, for an answer, you need to know the distance between Venezuela and Cuba.

Having a knowledge of geography from the old school, I figured it was ballpark 500 miles. And if you take the actual closest points between those countries (not where an airplane could take off from and land) it did, ONLY VIA A MAP WITH A MILE SCALE end up being
right around 570 statute miles, from the closest point on Venezuela's mainland, to the closest point on Cuba's mainland. I originally went for a direct answer, and into Duck Duck typed "distance from Venezuela to Cuba" and got this (approximate) answer, in all 5 top hits: "The air travel (bird fly) shortest distance between Cuba and Venezuela is 2, 060 km= 1, 280 miles.. If you travel with an airplane (which has average speed of 560 miles per hour) from Cuba to Venezuela, It takes 2.29 hours to arrive.
I then typed the same search into Google and got the same kind of pathetically wrong answer in ALL of the top hits.
I knew the answers were B.S., because back when I was in school, they did not teach crap.

So I thought, how can I trick the system into giving a correct, exact answer? - maybe not for the shortest possible distance, but the shortest relevant distance for that particular answer. So I then typed "distance between Maracaibo Venezuela and Santiago Cuba" which are the closest cities such a plane could take off and land from, and got a relevant answer: 610 nautical miles:"Your starting point Maracaibo, Venezuela is located at 10.654, -71.64. Your ending point Santiago, Cuba is located at 20.019833, -75.813917. Total distance from Maracaibo to Santiago is 1, 129 kms or 610 nautical miles."

Why is this important? OBVIOUS ANSWER:

Because the current common core education system is not teaching kids this stuff - their only reference for anything nowadays is Google. If Google feeds them lies on purpose, from multiple sources that lie, while google is supposed to be the ultimate fact checker posting the most factual stuff first, the current generation is going to be LOST. And that's exactly what the "elite" want.

Imagine what would happen if this current generation, which has been programmed to hate baby boomers got into a conversation about geography, with the millenial using Google and the boomer going on memory. The millenial would absolutely steamroll the boomer with B.S., while being totally clueless and entirely lacking the mental fortitute to think past a lie sent them by google, and find another way to get an at least close to correct answer - using cities in both countries as reference points.

What is happening with Google on this is cold hard proof there is an effort underway to dissolve ALL knowledge - if Google will openly quote sources that are obviously lying about things as basic as distances in geography,

Short answer: You can't.

What's worse? Bing, Yippy, and even Russia's Yandex did the same thing. There's no way out of this with ANY search engine, you'd think that with such a commonly asked type of question the people who operate these search engines would figure out there's something wrong and fix this, yet they have not fixed this, and it is universal - any country to any country or any state to any state has drastically wrong distance stats.

Here is an approximate actual answer for my original question as good as I can judge from a map with a mile scale:

The "bird fly" shortest distance between Cuba and Venezuela is 570 miles If you travel with an airplane (which has average speed of 560 miles per hour) from Cuba to Venezuela, It takes approximately one hour, one minute and three seconds to arrive. Compare that to the B.S. you are getting from Google and others, folks, this is a devastating society wrecking problem with accuracy. It is very easy to point this out because distances can be confirmed with existing methods that were around before the internet, but just try getting the facts on anything that can't be proven so easily. The bottom line: The intentional disinfo is now so prevalent that search engines can be considered poison, you had better keep your old encyclopedias, and the older, the better.

Blockbuster: Pelosi: "letting the election decide who's president is dangerous"

This is a bona fide quote from Nancy Pelosi. It clearly shows what kind of a threat America faces:"The weak response to these hearings has been, 'Let the election decide.' That dangerous position only adds to the urgency of our action, because POTUS is jeopardizing the integrity of the 2020 elections."

" Potus is jeaporodizing the integrity of the 2020 elections". What does this mean? This statement is of profound importance because we know Trump is not rigging the election. A not rigged election has full "integrity" in the classical sense, so if that's not what Pelosi is talking about, what is she really saying? ANSWER:
"Election integrity" as Nancy Pelosi sees it, is the ability to maintain the integrity of the steal, or how well the stealing process will hold together. We all know Trump is not out there stealing votes. Trump wants an election with ZERO FRAUD. If he's compromising the "integrity" of anything then, it is obvious Pelosi is talking about Trump threatening the ability of fraudsters.

That's a positive sign that we might get at least partially fair elections, without perfect integrity in the theft process. We'll have to wait and see, and now we DEFINITELY know what Pelosi is up to, she just shouted it loud and clear.

Trump is supposed to tour a manufacturing facility owned by Apple tomorrow. Let's see if he shows up. If he does, it will reveal a LOT.

We will probably get to see his health most likely. Or body double (there's a reason why Melania shunned Trump's hand once, she would for a body double). I can't say for sure that is the reason why she behaved like that but it does make sense. I doubt a body double will be used for the next rally. This poisoning incident is going to prove itself out just by what happens with public appearances. Is he OK or not? We'll soon know.

Tenured professor who lived under communism in the communist bloc quit because the university obviously went communist

You can't make this stuff up, and this one is ominous . . . .

Columbia University Professor Andrei Serban, who fled communism in Romania, resigned from the university over concerns that it has become communist. The breaking point for Serban was a push on campus for a transgender student to be cast as Juliet in Romeo & Juliet.
According to a report by The College Fix, Columbia University Professor Andrei Serban announced that he is resigning from his position because "I felt like I was living under communism again." Serban has first-hand experience with communism - the former Columbia theater scholar fled communism in Romania earlier in life.

Serban cited several issues with Columbia's current state of affairs. He gave several examples of the growing "social justice" dogma at Columbia, including a campaign to have a transgender student cast in one of the lead roles in a campus production of Romeo & Juliet.
Serban claims that he ultimately decided to resign after reflecting on the campus' response to the controversy surrounding the Romeo & Juliet production, which took place earlier this year.
More at the link

Update to below: News reports say Bourdain was cremated in France, but his mom was Jewish which means he would not have been cremated. It is therefore equally probable that he was either kept on ice or did not die at all until a convenient time. He would have been removed for threatening to expose an elite pedophile ring, and possibly kept alive until an Epstein suicide stand in was just too convenient to avoid use. He was a dead ringer for Epstein, except for those pesky ears, so conveniently and perfectly photographed and a perfect match for Bourdain.
The only thing we can be sure of is that the MSM cannot be trusted. Therefore it has to be explained how Bourdain ended up on that gurney. The above is a plausible explanation.

The FBI is now investigating Epstein's death as a murder and not a suicide

If this web site can point out that it was Anthony Bourdain on the gurney and not Epstein, and the FBI has not gone there yet, the investigation is going to be another 911 coverup. They'll fry a couple patsies, perhaps fictional, so Epstein can be cleared of living and walk around with a new identity. Epstien is likely happily eating matzo balls in Tel Aviv after enjoying a pedosta style shower boy. By the way, Bourdain died two months before Epstein "died" because he was about to expose a pedophile ring and got Hillary's attention. I don't know how the body showed up at the prison, but the ears were a perfect match as was the face and forehead. It was definitely not Epstein on the gurney (this was pointed out clearly here when it happened).

You can bet they know EXACTLY where he is. It is all a hoax folks!

Quick observation on Obama's military
Many people may remember that Obama fired an enormous amount of the top brass in the armed forces, and replaced them with people he wanted in there instead. Lots of people with an ability to reason wondered why this was done - and were suspicious it was because the replacements were communists who would work to destroy the United States, especially in a civil war, where they would give orders to kill gun owning Americans.
We now have proof that undermining the country was precisely what Obama had in mind
The armed forces are now moving Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman and his family onto a military base after he gave a fraudulent testimony during the impeachment hearing. This is to protect him from arrest for perjury. He should have seen a court martial, but instead got protection.
This is specifically due to Obama compromising America's armed forces. So much damage has been done It really looks like the only thing that will save the country is such an enormous collapse of the entire system that the Obama generals stop receiving a paycheck. For now, they are not a protective force, they are instead working to undermine and destroy the presidency and are being aided and abetted so well that known seditious perjurers are sheltered on military bases.

Sweden dropped Assange's rape investigation

That means it was B.S. all along. Here's the method: When you don't have a legitimate cause to arrest someone you want arrested, just make up a story so wherever he is, he gets arrested and once you have him extradited say OOPS, oh, we were wrong, he was innocent and then claim to have let him go while he rots in a hole somewhere.
Since Assange is now out of the picture, and obviously either adequately destroyed or dead, there's no reason for Sweden to keep "investigating" anything, the job of getting rid of him was completed by someone else. Sweden's recent decision proves Assange was innocent all along, and should never have been trapped in an embassy. If he'd have gotten to Mexico where there's a lot more respect for whistle blowers, he'd have been fine and still able to go for a nice long drive.

DEAR "INTELLIGENCE" TARDS AND OTHER ASSOCIATED MORONS: If you think capturing my server is going to get you the information you want as to who my sources are, you're STUPID, because YOU previously censored everything incoming and outgoing, I do not communicate over the web AT ALL. (I gave up years ago) Good luck with your latest delusions, which this time backfired - your mail censorship actually helped this time!

Heads up: The Trump poisoning incident I spoke about LONG before anyone else took note of happened. That is probably what caused the latest round of server trouble (somebody's PISSED I was onto that day 1.)


Others in alt media are saying Trump was poisoned now, EVEN ALEX JONES, and I had that info a week ago and the current server "changes" are probably done by people who are wondering how the hell I got it. End result: All security whacked to hell. I do not even know if the server is even up or not, or if the site is running off a proxy, I do know however that traffic absolutely PLUMMETED after the hospital event, where people were suspicious something happened to Trump, and now, according to white house staff via Alex Jones, it is confirmed, and it was a poisoning event.

I am not feeling the usual "first with something huge" victory mood, this one is BAD folks, it could be the end. Then again, if Trump was poisoned they were not expecting it to be called so soon so if it is not polonium they might put a stop to it because they fear the backlash. There is an antidote for everything but the radioactive stuff. I am worried about the severe drop in traffic after Trump "had his physical" four months early and 3 hours 45 minutes too long. This site is without question being punished for blowing the poisoning issue open not only first, but ON. THE. DOT.