This large Karaite* Jewish family is about to be shut down because of YouTube's new COPPA -related rules that purport to be protecting children.

( * Karaite

I have been in the so-called "patriot movement" for about 40 years and from the beginning I could see the reasons the government gives us for doing so many bad things is that "its for the children." when in reality it is about more greedy money for Big Brother and more death and slavery for the masses.

(Another trick is to say the reason a bad unconstitutional law is being enacted is because "its for the common good." "Common good" is a fine term in Catholic social teaching, but secular uses of the term usually mean "its for the Communist good."

This particular large family seems to be really making family life and large families and homesteading actually work. I really enjoyed seeing their little's 11 month old boy go through all the baby milestones, first footsteps, first real food, first words and see how lucky older children are to have a baby to love and watch out for in the family.

I do not think I will continue watching my favorite homestead channels if the family life and the children are not part of the video.

#JewishFamily #BigFamily #RealLife
The Government is SHUTTING US DOWN!
•Nov 24, 2019
Out of Goshen
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Eric and Ashley vent frustration about the latest FTC rulings in which will lead to Out of Goshen losing its funding!

#JewishFamily #BigFamily #RealLife

Petition to FTC

FTC Conference Video

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