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Thread: Climate change! Ice age is coming!!

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    Climate change! Ice age is coming!!

    Everyone panic now!

    "Some day the ice will return...not remote as we thought..." --Spock


    "If both the past and the external world exist only in the mind, and if the mind itself is controllable-what then?" --George Orwell

    "It's not a matter of what is true (reality) that counts but a matter of what is perceived to be true (reality)." --Henry Kissinger

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    Re: Climate change! Ice age is coming!!

    See you in Valhalla

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    Re: Climate change! Ice age is coming!!

    "Here they defended themselves to the last, such as still had swords using them, and the other resisting with their hands and teeth"


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    Re: Climate change! Ice age is coming!!

    I remember as a kid in the 90's being propagandized that acid rain and the hole in the ozone were going to kill us all. To this day I remember a video we were shown in school showing people in the future (the 2000s), illustrating their daily lives in a world with acid rain and a missing ozone, showing that every time you go outside, you have to fully suit up in a biohazard suit so you don't get fatal sun burns (due to the hole in the ozone), and wear full face coverage gas masks because the acid rain vapours could do you in. They literally taught us that we will have to learn to live like that. I also remember being genuinely scared as a kid that this was going to be my future.

    I empathize with all the young kids today literally being taught that they have 10 years to live. I think a lot of kids genuinely believe it, and shame on the parents and adults propagandizing kids this way.
    "Liberty is so creative, and the government is so stupid, that Iím very optimistic about the future"
    - Lew Rockwell

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