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Thread: Real Trumperland video

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    Real Trumperland video

    Vote Joe Biden!

    Climate change, Green new deal, Carbon tax, Abortion is a woman's health right, lgbtq's better then heterosexuals, Open borders
    Let illegals vote and get free healthcare, White people are racists!, We need universal healthcare, God doesn't exist
    Ban assault rifles and high capacity 'clips', Sanctuary cities, Political correctness, Defund the military, China is our friend
    America is not great, Free college, Tax the rich, Raise taxes on working people, Reparations for Blacks

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    Re: Real Trumperland video

    More like wishful thinking. I'll be shocked if there are any arrests of the major players involved. The government operates like organized crime, even though they may "compete" with each other they still operate as each others protection racket.
    "Paper is poverty, it is only the ghost of money, and not money itself." --Thomas Jefferson to Edward Carrington, 1788
    "The greatest threat to the state is when the people figure out they can exist without them." - Twisted Titan
    "Some Libertarians are born, the government makes the rest."
    "Voting is nothing more than a slaves suggestion box, voting on a new master every few years does not make you free."

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