This goes over Whitney Webb's work on Iraq working with China, and how that's not okay with the (((US empire)))

Also, on the topic of how the US does not like it when other nations get friendly with China, this seems to explain how things work.

Whenever a nation starts getting friendly with Russia or especially China and it's BRI project, the US sends in ISIS. Also, if a nation starts getting pesky, as in telling the (((US empire))) to get out, then the US sends in ISIS:

Sri Lanka: US-Saudi Terror Behind Deadly Blasts

ISIS itself would also later claim responsibility for the attacks...Absent from US diplomatic statements and Western media reports is any mention of ISIS' inception, its state sponsors, and even admissions by Western intelligence agencies themselves of Washington and its allies' role in the terrorist organization's rise. At face value - devastating and disruptive terrorist attacks visited upon Sri Lanka - a nation that has recently and decisively pivoted from West to East and is now a major partner of Beijing's One Belt, One Road (OBOR) initiative - is suspiciously coincidental.

Examining the West's decades of using terrorism - particularly terrorism fuelled by Saudi Wahhabism - and the inception of ISIS itself - leaves Washington and its partners as the prime suspects behind Sri Lanka's tragic terrorist attack - with its motivation strikingly similar to what prompted the US-Saudi aided rise and use of the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda throughout the Cold War.[...]

In 2016, Manila sought to have US troops removed from its territory...The following year, beginning in May 2017, ISIS terrorists suddenly appeared, overrunning the city of Marawi. The US used the "serendipitous" development to not only insert US military forces into the fighting - the NYT reported, but has since used the threat of ISIS' resurgence in the Philippines as a pretext to pressure Manila in maintaining a permanent US military presence in the Southeast Asian ...

US-Saudi backed extremism in another Southeast Asian state - Myanmar - has created a growing conflict in Rakhine state where China is attempting to build another major leg of its OBOR initiative.

In neighboring Thailand - another pivotal OBOR partner - similar US-Saudi led efforts to sow ethnoreligious tensions and create a vector for ISIS-style terrorism are underway.Even in China itself - the threat of ISIS militants returning from Syria and expanding an already looming US-Saudi backed extremist threat in Xinjiang - plays into Washington's wider efforts to sabotage OBOR and contain China's regional and global rise.The recent blasts in Sri Lanka and ISIS' now supposed "interest" in the South Asian state follows massive inroads made by China in including the nation in its OBOR initiative. Highways, railways, and ports developed with China's assistance have transformed Sri Lanka into a strategically valuable partner for Beijing, and yet another example to the world of Washington's waning influence not only in Indo-Pacific - but globally.

The US went as far as creating ISIS in the first place in a desperate bid to rescue its failed regime change campaign in Syria. It and its partners in Riyadh are now the prime suspects behind ISIS' coincidental arrival on the shores of a newly established and major OBOR partner.[...]

When terrorism strikes - as in any sort of criminal investigation - the first question that must be asked is "cui bono?" To whose benefit? The US played a central role in deliberately creating ISIS. If ISIS is indeed behind the attack on Sri Lanka, then it is by extension an act of terror carried out by Washington.

Destabilizing Sri Lanka - a critical South Asian partner of Beijing and its OBOR initiative - with terrorism and ethnoreligious conflict, serves only the interests of China's overt global opponent - Washington - as well as elements within India's ruling elite and intelligence agencies.

The US is both arsonist and self-appointed fireman. And until this racket is fully and repeatedly exposed - until after each terrorist attack the US is put forth as the primary suspect and made to pay a high political price for its use of global terrorism - this game of arson-firefighting will continue at the cost of innocent lives, national development, and global peace and stability.