listen maybe from 11:29 to about 14:29

I had to stop listening at 14:27 -- too many twisted logic flaws .

quote Mr. Hunt, one of the early big promoters of oxymoronic doctrine of "Christian Zionism."

"So why antisemitism? Because the Messiah comes through Israel."

The main, but not the only, logic fallacy here is called circular reasoning.

If you "hate Israel" you are antisemitic and because the Messiah is descended in his human person through the House of David king of Israel, you hate the Messiah and the promised land He came from and are therefore antisemitic.

(Mary, physical mother of Jesus, and Joseph, foster father of Jesus but not the physical father of Jesus, were both descended from different branches of the House of David the king of Israel. One descended through Nathan and one descended through Soloman, both being brothers and both being sons of David. Both genealogies are given in I think one in Mark and the other in Luke. And no Christian I know of denies that Jesus fulfilled the Old Testament prophecy of the Messiah coming from the House of David.

Mr. Hunt was an avid believer in Zionism being true form of Christianity.

Other than that, he appeared to be a kind soft-spoken man. God rest his soul.