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    Civilize It !

    Runtime 8 minute 48 second

    The Vortex — Civilize It!
    •Jan 15, 2020
    Church Militant
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    The principles on which this video narrative is based would serve us well in all of our battles in this secular miserable modern world.


    Here is the transcript of this video.

    Civilize It!
    End the hypocrisy first.
    January 15, 2020 145 Comments
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    As we approach the most significant, landscape-altering election probably in U.S. history, the Catholic bishops have a word of advice for us all: Keep it civil.

    Parishes all over the country have begun initiating the latest limp-wristed plan of the nation's bishops: Keep your discourse civil.

    First, that's a little rich from the lying, cover-up mitered crowd who, while keeping it "civil," ordained thousands of men who raped your sons, stole your money and perverted doctrine. But hey, at least it was all "civil" — socially polite, lots of chuckles and guffaws and back-patting and martinis.

    Civility, it would appear, is in the eye of the beholder. Near the end of last year, in anticipation of the 2020 election, the U.S. bishops launched this, literally called "Civilize It: Dignity Beyond the Debate." Those who no longer trust the body of bishops see this as just one more move to try and shape the Catholic vote by quieting down the rabble-rousers.

    Be sure of this: Whenever evil people start calling for civility and calm, they are losing the public trust, and they know it.

    The program is built around three principles: civility, clarity and compassion. Sounds impressive, until you realize this is nothing more than just the latest warmed-over version of everything the lying, cheating, gay and cover-up bishops have used as a weapon for decades to screw over the faithful.

    Being socially polite is not a recipe for fighting evil. No one is saying go out and personally insult someone, but to remain a passive milquetoast who just sits there in the corner being polite and soft-spoken — please!

    The evil monsters who now have control of every institution of the culture did not gain control by being polite and socially courteous. The abolitionists were not socially polite; neither for that fact was the civil rights movement. They weren't violent, true, but they certainly weren't "polite." They each opposed and upended every cultural maxim of their day. That's what social movements do. In fact, it's the only way social change for the good is brought about.

    Existing cultural mores, which in these days are virtually all bad, must be openly challenged. That is going to set lots of people's teeth on edge. And it will start the name-calling and slandering and everything else, and in some cases, a violent response. You don't respond with violence, but you don't fold to it either.

    Under the "clarity section" it says I will be "listening and seeking to understand others' experiences." Let's be real for a moment here. No, I won't. I have absolutely zero desire to listen to and understand the experience of a murderous gang of Hollywood elites who receive awards and brag about how they killed their children to get the award and are applauded like mad for doing so.
    Civility, Your Excellencies, is for those who are civilized, and frankly, your collective actions disqualify you.

    Maybe in some quiet corner, someday, away from the crowd, maybe. But in the throes of a throwdown like the 2020 election, no!

    You literally murdered your child so you could receive a golden idol, and you said so. There, I listened. I understood your experience. Check! You are a twisted child murderer who — and this is the point of all this — wants to make others believe that what you did is admirable and encourage them to do the same.

    This is what is wrong-headed, and frankly, pansy about this initiative by a bunch of sissified, weak men hiding behind their robes. They can't face head-on — can't even come to terms with — the concept of actual evil, much less confront it, tackle it and defeat it. Perhaps it's because so many of them have allied themselves with evil in their personal lives and their episcopates.

    How dare these panty-waists and wicked men preach to Catholic voters how to be "civil."

    Is it civil:

    to keep shuffling billions of dollars around in assets to hide them from paying victims of you and your homopredator buddies?
    for Cdl. Donald Wuerl to flat-out lie, repeatedly, about what he knew about Theodore McCarrick and claim he forgot?
    for not one bishop to call him out on that?
    to persecute your own priests who are trying to lead souls to salvation?

    Exactly how do you civilly shred thousands of documents that would prove your guilt and complicity in destroying the lives of tens of thousands of mostly teenage boys whom your clerical buddies raped?

    The filth you have collectively foisted on the sheep will be your everlasting shame, and even in the face of your thefts of billions, your emptying of parishes — not to mention souls and bodies — you still persist in your wanton destruction of the Faith and of truth.

    Please instruct us, Your Excellencies, how any of this is "civil"? Perhaps we could gather for a cup of tea and a few biscuit cookies so you could instruct us — sipping pinkie extended, of course — so we could be all dainty and socially polite and "civil."

    Civility, Your Excellencies, is for those who are civilized, and frankly, your collective actions disqualify you from that designation. You have no right whatsoever, given your evil and filth, to lecture anyone about being civil. It's revolting and angering to hear. Elites who have been in control for years using the conventions and politeness of a civilized society start to get very upset when their cover is blown and they are unmasked for the horrible people they really are.

    Make no mistake and have no wonderings about it — most of the nation's bishops are unfit for their high office. They are a disgrace to the gospel message and foul it by their constant hypocritical appeals to it. They don't believe in Hell. They don't believe in the Real Presence. They don't believe in the Church, and the proof is in the beliefs of those who they had watch over the people.
    The leaders are a bunch of weak, emasculated, vengeful old queens with boyfriends or a past (or both) who, when losing their grip, appeal to 'civility.'

    People go where their leaders go, and the leaders, by and large, are a bunch of weak, emasculated, vengeful old queens with boyfriends or a past (or both) who, when losing their grip, appeal to "civility" in the upcoming election.

    Hell, most of you won't even publicly denounce the horror of the most uncivil act that could ever be perpetrated: the murder of children in the womb by the tens of millions. You don't give a rip about it, regardless of your rare comments to the contrary.

    Judas, who is the spiritual father to the largest bunch of you, also began as a thief. You have stolen billions from the faithful, the latest example being the Peter's Pence fund, advertising it as money for the poor, when the money is being used to pay off the Vatican's annual budget shortfalls. (While that's allowed, it's how it's touted. It's presented as 90% to the poor and some to Vatican administrative overhead, as opposed to nearly all to plug budget holes and some leftover pennies to the poor.)

    By the way, do the bishops get a cut of the money? We don't know. They never say and, of course, it's impolite and uncivil to ask such gauche questions. But the old queen crowd will try to sound all polite and relevant by asking for civility and clarity and compassion.

    What they will never talk about, however, is truth. They prefer to bury truth under a cloak of social politeness and wonderful cocktail mixers. They steal, lie, cheat, kill and cover for one another on a scale that would make mafia hit men blush. As various federal and state law enforcement officials have told us, they have no conscience.

    But Church Militant and others who are sick of this tyranny, we are the "uncivil" ones because we speak plainly and clearly and compassionately. See, we don't want you to go to Hell, but you are certainly on that path and we want you to turn around. There. Is that civil, clear and compassionate enough?

    You wonder where John the Baptist would have fallen on their civility scale.

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    Re: Civilize It !

    Its right there in the dictionary's definition of the word civil, civil being defined as excluding religious and military matters.

    The 'civil' west still values an expensive wastful military, but instead of using the military to protect its citizens from invasion, it is used to cause foreign chaos that then invades the west

    Our current western civility owes much to the fallen female state of Gilligan's Stage 3 female morality, appropriate to keep your kids safe in a family house, is a failure at maintaining economy, family, people, nation, religion, justice.

    Male morality has an equivalent to the Gilligan's 'civil' 3 female stages, and three additional moral stages as Kohlberg proposed. These further 3 stages of morality the typical women does not have access to nor need in a traditional family is apparently, we are told, little more than 'hate speech' that our government-stasi or other more overt civil shaming or job loss will correct. Then the Devils move in with this fall and divide this over applied Stage 3 female moralized civil society into masters and slaves, or Jews and goyim, or over-privilidged public servants and resource drained public, etc. to maintain the fallen state.

    Then it ends when moral men ends the devils rule, or starvation and genocide weakens the fallen civil state enough that another more viral peoples replace these fallen 'civil' people or additional morality and actual economic productivity of the citizens are no longer repressed by the weakened by its own failure 'civil' state.

    Most of the men, especially the boomers, seem unhealthy, beaten down and with guilty airs about them existing in this fallen female 'civil' state. Other men have embraced this 'homo'-global state for $$. They beaten down, but not inverted men may respond to actual male role models, hence why our current fallen state will defy so much of morality (male or female) and logic to destroy or repress any potential moral male role models, from the President of the United States, to teen-age Youtubers, to Jesus Christ and the church.

    Sorry if this comment is a bit of a rant repeating what I posted a few days ago, but I'm still enthusiasticly looking at things through my new set of 'Kohlberg vs Gilligan coloured glasses'
    They went to war with Human Nature, Cold and Flu Season and the Weather!
    Corporation, a fiction legitimized by government, is part of big government
    Their men were like women and their women were like Jews

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    Re: Civilize It !

    Quote Originally Posted by Dachsie View Post

    ...End the hypocrisy first.

    One of the Catholic Church’s most vocal opponents of LGBT causes published a video Thursday admitting that he had been in sexual relationships with other men in his past and accusing the Archdiocese of New York of plotting to out him.

    “I will now reveal that for most of my years in my thirties, confused about my own sexuality, I lived a life of live-in relationships with homosexual men,” said Michael Voris, a traditionalist Catholic activist who runs Church Militant, an on-line news platform.

    I'm the infamous Fred of GIM - Jewboo kindly turned over his account to me.

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    Re: Civilize It !

    War on Palestine and western societal decay/collapse with a Pre-Nicene Christian perspective

    PreNicene Christianity: A Blinding Veil Is Being Removed From Judeo-Christians As They Say No To Yahweh And Yes To Jesus
    2 months ago

    They went to war with Human Nature, Cold and Flu Season and the Weather!
    Corporation, a fiction legitimized by government, is part of big government
    Their men were like women and their women were like Jews

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