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Thread: Lebanon going bankrupt now

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    Re: Lebanon going bankrupt now

    Quote Originally Posted by C.Martel View Post
    Aren't you on the side of more wars for Netanyahu and the banksters. Or is that only EE.
    How many people here have been saying for years, that Israel controls it all? Sounds like Israel is pretty damn powerful?
    I don't support Israel, but do you think Trump would be president, or still have his head intact, if he went against Israel?

    Some of you people must think Trump is so powerful that he can take on the whole corrupt government, all our global enemies, the Democrats and their media, and Israel, all at the same time? You guys also act like if Trump does one thing you don't like, he is completely worthless and is a traitor.

    If you guys really want to see what it is like to hate everything a president does and lose what liberties you have left, just help the Democrats win in November.
    Just vote for Joe, or don't vote, both are the same thing that will help the Democrats win
    Vote Joe Biden!

    Climate change, Green new deal, Carbon tax, Abortion is a woman's health right, lgbtq's better then heterosexuals, Open borders
    Let illegals vote and get free healthcare, White people are racists!, We need universal healthcare, God doesn't exist
    Ban assault rifles and high capacity 'clips', Sanctuary cities, Political correctness, Defund the military, China is our friend
    America is not great, Free college, Tax the rich, Raise taxes on working people, Reparations for Blacks

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    Re: Lebanon going bankrupt now

    trump campaigns on bringing the troops home and ending the endless wars...

    Trump warns Iraq of sanctions 'like they've never seen before', Iran of 'major retaliation'

    Iraq's parliament called on Sunday for U.S. and other foreign troops to leave as a backlash grows against the U.S. killing of a top Iranian general, and President Donald Trump doubled down on threats to target Iranian cultural sites if Tehran retaliates.

    He said if Iraq asked U.S. forces to leave, "we will charge them sanctions like they've never seen before ever. It'll make Iranian sanctions look somewhat tame."

    trump threatened worse than North Korean sanctions if Iraq has no US troops occupying Iraq

    Occupation is the continuation of the endless wars.
    That was the point of the Bush Iraq War. Bush loses when US leaves Iraq.

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