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Thread: 20 million now quarantined in China from Coronavirus

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    Re: 20 million now quarantined in China from Coronavirus

    So we can expect shortages!
    That's an understatement. I see this getting to biblical proportions, I hope I'm wrong.

    To quote Ponce:

    ...and many will die.
    Very few outside China get what's going down. China is not turning the corner on this in the foreseeable future meanwhile nothing is getting produced, transported, etc. everything totally shut down except for .gov authorized vehicles (at least in Hubei province*, no telling where else). Even if they immediately went back to work the snafu in production is still going to take years to get back to what can be considered 'normal' by past JIT metrics. And the longer this goes the more magnified it gets. The next 60-90 is the time frame I'm giving before only those living in a cave don't know about "China caught a cold."

    *Hubei province is home to 58.5 million people and there is a significant part of China's industry located in Hubei
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    Re: 20 million now quarantined in China from Coronavirus

    Quote Originally Posted by Neuro View Post
    A lot of cash but nothing to buy with it= HYPERINFLATION! It’s important to realize that China supply much more than shitty toys and simple trinkets nowadays. Even if a machine is supplied from somewhere that is not China, most likely it will have parts that are manufactured in China. Of course these parts or even complex machines could also be manufactured elsewhere, but probably will not happen immediately as it takes time and large investments to build capacity. In the west the sentiment among the investors has turned directly against investing in manufacturing the last 30 years, and that sentiment will also take time to change.

    So we can expect shortages!
    Hold on to cash. Hold on to metals. Hold on to tangible items. Keep your credit in good shape. Keep good relations with your neighbors and always keep your long guns handy.

    Even more important: Always have a smile for a pretty lady and keep joy in your heart, because life is good and will run out soon enough.
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