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Thread: Coronavirus

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    Re: Coronavirus


    As most of you know, last Fall we announced that, thanks to the generous support of our donors, we were funding the case of retired U.S. Marine Bill Salier against Walmart and Hy-Vee Supermarkets in Minnesota. Bill and his wife Karla were critically ill with covid in October 2021 when their physician, Dr. Molly James, prescribed them ivermectin. When Bill and Karla tried to pick up the prescription at Walmart, however, the pharmacist refused to fill it. When Dr. James called the pharmacist and asked him to do his job, he hung up on her. Bill and Karla tried to get the prescription filled at Hy-Vee, but were met with similar obstinance from a pharmacist there. Finally, they resorted to eating horse paste to get the life-saving ivermectin. Within 24 hours, the Saliers noticed significant improvement, and within a week, both had almost fully recovered.

    WE WILL NOT ALLOW THIS ABUSE TO STAND. In January, the Saliers' case was filed in federal court. Predictably, both Walmart and Hy-Vee filed motions to dismiss, to which the Saliers' attorneys have objected. The motion will be heard tomorrow at 8:30 a.m. Central Time at the federal courthouse in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Unfortunately, the hearing will not be livestreamed, but the public may attend in person. We strongly encourage anyone within driving distance who is available tomorrow to attend to show support for the Saliers and for medical freedom!

    Without the generous support of our donors, we would not have been able to even take up this fight. We have so many more cases waiting in the wings, but unfortunately funding has slowed due to the economic downturn.

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    Re: Coronavirus

    Nigel Farage: This is no longer about health

    Jun 16, 2022

    Fox News

    Former Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage joined 'Fox & Friends First' to discuss Novak Djokovic being banned from the U.S. Open over his vaccination status. #foxnews

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    Re: Coronavirus

    Biden’s Betrayal of Military: Part II~Threat to Military Readiness

    Dr. Vliet interviews guests Lt. General Rod Bishop, Jr., Lt. Billy Moseley, and Attorney Mike Rose add to the voices from part one of this series to speak out about the Biden Administration and Biden-appointed Department of Defense (DoD) Lloyd Austin continuing to undermine military readiness and combat effectiveness with the unlawful order mandating the EUA experimental COVID shot.

    Biden’s Betrayal of Military: Part I~Threat to National Security

    Dr. Vliet interviews guests General Tom McInerney, Lt. Col. Peter C. Chambers, D.O., and Lt. John Bowes, speak out about the Biden Administration’s using COVID to engineer a systematic destruction of America’s military and national security. It’s being executed through a purging of the most experienced and well-trained personnel and replacing them with “woke” indoctrinated extreme leftists who place ideology before God, Corps, Duty, Honor, and Country. This alarming betrayal of our national defense has prompted Dr. Vliet and Truth for Health Foundation, and the Foundation’s Military Advisory Council to sound the alarm for the public to understand the dire threat to all of us and America’s national security with the damage being done in designed destruction of our military readiness and fitness. As a result of Biden’s attack on the military, there have been deaths, injuries, and medical damage/disability from the shots, plus service members being forced out of the military, many without due process, causing dire consequences to America.

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    Re: Coronavirus

    New VAERS Data as of June 17, 2022 (posted June 24, 2022)

    31,556 Total Deaths and 1,397,524 Total Adverse Events

    29,031 Pfizer/Moderna and 2,525 J&J Deaths

    1,307,928 Pfizer / Moderna and 89,596 J&J Adverse Event


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    Re: Coronavirus

    Dachsie Comment:

    The failure of Dr Malone's mRNA technology has been a monumental learning experience for science and for the world. Measurement of the cost of this learning all depends on your value system. It brought abundant filthy lucre to some and brought death and permanent disability to millions. This learning experience was highly successful toward installing a One World Death and Slavery System for All.


    54:42 video runtime

    Dr. Robert Malone, Inventor of mRNA technology discusses the Spike Protein | Interview

    Jul 8, 2021

    TrialSite News

    Join The Conversation! |

    Dr. Robert Malone, Inventor of mRNA technology discusses the Spike Protein.

    Dr. Erin Stair discusses with Dr. Robert Malone about the COVID-19 Spike Protein vs the Spike Protein produced by the COVID-19 Vaccines and more.

    Referenced Articles:
    Salk Institute Paper |
    Canadian physicians FOIA |
    Reuters Fact Check |
    Circulating SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine Antigen Detected in the Plasma of mRNA-1273 Vaccine Recipients |

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    Re: Coronavirus

    Dachsie comment:

    Dr. Levine is probably going to be Dr. Fauci's replacement so is relevant to Coronavirus topic.

    Medical dictatorship: their gender war
    June 27, 2022

    by Jon Rappoport

    June 27, 2022

    For my article on the Supreme Court’s ruling overturning “Roe v Wade” — “Abortion: the Democrats’ Gold Rush” — click here.

    I have a two-sentence introduction before we get to the guts of this story:

    Whenever a typical “liberal” college educated parent hears a doctor or medical bureaucrat utter a pronouncement, the parent, like a doomed trained monkey, AUTOMATICALLY replies, “Well, this evidence certainly has some merit…”

    God help the child who has such a parent.

    Gateway Pundit has the story. Here are quotes; then I’ll have comments.

    “Joe Biden’s transgender Assistant Health Secretary Dr. Rachel (Richard) Levine spoke at a DNC pride month event on Friday.”

    “On Friday, Dr. Levine said sex reassignment surgery (castration) and puberty blockers (chemical castration) for KIDS is ‘lifesaving, medically necessary, age appropriate, and a critical tool’.”

    “Levine recently said that there is no debate about ‘gender-affirming’ care for kids.”

    “’There is no argument among medical professionals — pediatricians, pediatric endocrinologists, adolescent medicine physicians, adolescent psychiatrists, psychologists, etc. — about the value and the importance of gender-affirming care,’ Levine said.”

    “According to the American College of Pediatricians, no single long-term study demonstrates the safety or efficacy of puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and surgeries for transgender-believing youth.”

    “Puberty blockers may cause depression and other emotional disturbances related to suicide. The package insert for Lupron, the number one prescribed puberty blocker in America, lists ‘emotional instability’ as a side effect and warns prescribers to ‘Monitor for development or worsening of psychiatric symptoms during treatment’.”

    OK. The big takeaway from these statements is: we’re supposed to believe we’re talking about a MEDICAL condition and MEDICAL TREATMENT.

    Once that bell is rung, all bets are off. “Well, the doctor says Jimmy has gender dysphoria, a medical/psychiatric condition, and his desire to transition to a girl needs treatment. The treatment allows him to make the transition.”

    As with other issues, the word from on high is, the science is settled.

    Forget the fact that the American College of Pediatricians disagrees. Ultimately, what is and isn’t science is decided at a political level.

    Forget the fact that gender dysphoria has no defining physical diagnostic test. No blood test, no urine test, no hair test, no genetic assay, no brain scan. Its existence as a condition is backed by zero evidence.

    Forget the fact that the treatments are toxic and destructive.

    The medical/political colossus has spoken. Doubters are now referred to “the science.”

    This is how medical dictatorship operates. You might recall that’s how it operated with a little thing called COVID.

    Dr. Rachel Levine is trying out for the role of Anthony Fauci.

    Civilians everywhere want to argue against children undergoing transition to another gender, but the authorities want to head that off at the pass by claiming “it’s all medical and we have the knowledge and you don’t know anything. Case closed.”

    If parents huddle in the dark, afraid of a scornful look from a doctor or a medical bureaucrat, the war is over. It’s lost. The war against children will be scorched earth and scorched lives.

    I can hear that college educated parent I referred to saying, “Well, to be reasonable, there is some merit to the argument that certain young children have a need to transition, and we have to discern these cases carefully and consider the medical evidence…”

    This is what all losers say just before the enemy pours tons of gasoline on the fire and the city burns down.

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    Re: Coronavirus

    Dachsie comment:

    In the USA what is and is not science, medicine, healthcare, religion, law, crime, government, rights, and jurisprudence is decided at a political level.

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    Re: Coronavirus


    embedded video


    June 27, 2022
    Good Morning CHD
    ‘Good Morning CHD’ Episode 61: FDA’s Future Framework With Dr. Paul Alexander + STOPPING Quarantine Facilities in NY


    While the executive branches seek “unfettered power” to quarantine and mandate, controlling the bodies and lives of Americans, Pfizer and Moderna shots continue to wreak havoc on children. On today’s “Good Morning CHD,” guests attorney Bobbie Anne Cox and Paul Alexander, Ph.D., discuss critical events and efforts being made to further exacerbate tyrannical power. Also, viewers hear ways that they can participate in the fight for medical freedom.

    Save Baby August, Action Alert:

    Please act to help this precious baby.

    BREAKING INTERVIEW: Six-month-old Denied Life-Saving Heart Transplant Due to Vaccination Status: https://live.childrenshealthdefense....nts/wu-mqNMqz-

    URGENT! Tell the FDA — Vote NO on ‘Future Framework’:

    Attorney Bobbie Anne Flower-Cox, Website:

    Uniting NYS Lawsuit:

    Dr. Paul Alexander, Website:

    Dr. Paul Alexander, Substack:

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    Re: Coronavirus

    I learned about this illegal unconstitutional scheme on this show...

    Horrible totalitarian sneaking around the rule of law to quarantine and grap people out of their homes and taken to quarantine facilities.


    The governor of New York state and a state agency is making law now and they are calling it a "regulation."
    If NY state is allowed to sneak this through it is all over for all over the country.

    The Regulation…
    10 NYCRR 2.13 “Isolation and Quarantine Procedures”

    Allows the DOH to pick and choose who they want to force to isolate or quarantine, without proof that the person poses a health threat, for however long the DOH wishes to force the quarantine, and at a location that the DOH deems appropriate (which can include a quarantine “facility” or detention center).
    They do not need to prove that you are actually sick. They can just suspect that you MIGHT be harboring a communicable disease.
    There is no age restriction, so they can force you, or your child, or your elderly parent/grandparent into isolation or quarantine, for however long they want!
    It is the antithesis of what our country stands for, so we intend to stop them!

    You can read the full text of the regulation here:

    Title: Section 2.13 Isolation and Quarantine Procedures
    Effective Date

    2.13 Isolation and Quarantine Procedures

    (a) Duty to issue isolation and quarantine orders

    (1) Whenever appropriate to control the spread of a highly contagious communicable disease, the State Commissioner of Health may issue and/or may direct the local health authority to issue isolation and/or quarantine orders, consistent with due process of law, to all such persons as the State Commissioner of Health shall determine appropriate.

    (2) Paragraph (1) of this subdivision shall not be construed as relieving the authority and duty of local health authorities to issue isolation and quarantine orders to control the spread of a highly contagious communicable disease, consistent with due process of law, in the absence of such direction from the State Commissioner of Health.

    (3) For the purposes of isolation orders, isolation locations may include home isolation or such other residential or temporary housing location that the public health authority issuing the order determines appropriate, where symptoms or conditions indicate that medical care in a general hospital is not expected to be required, and consistent with any direction that the State Commissioner of Health may issue. Where symptoms or conditions indicate that medical care in a general hospital is expected to be required, the isolation location shall be a general hospital.

    (4) For the purposes of quarantine orders, quarantine locations may include home quarantine, other residential or temporary housing quarantine, or quarantine at such other locations as the public health authority issuing the order deems appropriate, consistent with any direction that the State Commissioner of Health may issue.

    (b) Any isolation or quarantine order shall specify:

    (1) The basis for the order;

    (2) The location where the person shall remain in isolation or quarantine, unless travel is authorized by the State or local health authority, such as for medical care;

    (3) The duration of the order;

    (4) Instructions for traveling to the isolation or quarantine location, if appropriate;

    (5) Instructions for maintaining appropriate distance and taking such other actions as to prevent transmission to other persons living or working at the isolation or quarantine location, consistent with any direction that the State Commissioner of Health may issue;

    (6) If the location of isolation or quarantine is not in a general hospital, instructions for contacting the State and/or local health authority to report the subject person’s health condition, consistent with any direction that the State Commissioner of Health may issue;

    (7) If the location of isolation or quarantine is a multiple dwelling structure, that the person shall remain in their specific dwelling and in no instance come within 6 feet of any other person, and consistent with any direction that the State Commissioner of Health may issue;

    (8) If the location of isolation or quarantine is a detached structure, that the person may go outside while remaining on the premise, but shall not leave the premise or come within 6 feet of any person who does not reside at the premise, or such other distance as may be appropriate for the specific disease, and consistent with any direction that the State Commissioner of Health may issue;

    (9) Such other limitations on interactions with other persons as are appropriate, consistent with any direction that the State Commissioner of Health may issue;

    (10) Notification of the right to request that the public health authority issuing the order inform a reasonable number of persons of the conditions of the isolation or quarantine order;

    (11) A statement that the person has the right to seek judicial review of the order;

    (12) A statement that the person has the right to legal counsel, and that if the person is unable to afford legal counsel, counsel will be appointed upon request.

    (c) Whenever a person is subject to an isolation or quarantine order, the State Department of Health or local health authority, or the local health authority at the State Department of Health’s direction shall, consistent with any direction issued by the State Commissioner of Health:

    (1) monitor such person to ensure compliance with the order and determine whether such person requires a higher level of medical care;

    (2) whenever appropriate, coordinate with local law enforcement to ensure that such person comply with the order; and

    (3) the extent such items and services are not available to such person, provide or arrange for the provision of appropriate supports, supplies and services, including, but not limited to: food, laundry, medical care, and medications.

    (d) If the location of an isolation or quarantine order is owned by a landlord, hotel, motel or other person or entity, no such landlord or person associated with such hotel, motel or other person or entity shall enter the isolation or quarantine location without permission of the local health authority, and consistent with any direction that the State Commissioner of Health may issue.

    (e) No article that is likely to be contaminated with infective material may be removed from a premise where a person is isolated or quarantined unless the local health authority determines that such article has been properly disinfected or protected from spreading infection, or unless the quarantine period expires and there is no risk of contamination. Such determinations shall be made pursuant to any direction that the State Commissioner of Health may issue.

    (f) Any person who violates a public health order shall be subject to all civil and criminal penalties as provided for by law. For purposes of civil penalties, each day that the order is violated shall constitute a separate violation of this Part.

    (g) Duty of attending physician

    (1) Every attending physician shall immediately, upon discovering a case or suspected case of a highly contagious reportable communicable disease, cause the patient to be appropriately isolated and contact the State Department of Health and the local health authority where the patient is isolated and, if different, the local health authority where the patient resides.

    (2) Such physician shall advise other members of the household regarding precautions to be taken to prevent further spread of the disease, consistent with any direction that the State Commissioner of Health may issue.

    (3) Such physician shall furnish the patient, or caregiver of such patient where applicable, with detailed instructions regarding the disinfection and disposal of any contaminated articles, consistent with any direction that the State Commissioner of Health may issue.

    Statutory Authority
    Public Health Law, Sections 225, 576, and 2803

    VOLUME A (Title 10)

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    Re: Coronavirus 5127-70f9-4314-aabb-346577f48bc9


    COVID › Views

    [SIZE=4]Breaking: WHO Behind FDA Scheme to Skip All Future Clinical Trials for COVID Vaccines[/SIZE]

    The “Future Framework” is coming from the World Health Organization, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is the biggest voluntary contributor to the WHO, so Gates is likely directing the play.
    Toby Rogers, Ph.D.

    Editor’s note: The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) tomorrow, June 28, will vote on the “Future Framework,” a scheme that would allow Pfizer and Moderna to “reformulate” COVID-19 mRNA vaccines in perpetuity, without conducting clinical trials on the new vaccines. Click here to tell the FDA to vote no on the “Future Framework.”

    Breaking: WHO Behind FDA Scheme to Skip All Future Clinical Trials for COVID Vaccines

    Late Friday afternoon, the FDA released its agenda for the Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee (VRBPAC) meeting that will vote on the Orwellian “Future Framework” on Tuesday, June 28.

    Then on Saturday morning, the FDA released a briefing document in connection with this scheme to end science as we know it in connection with future COVID-19 shots. (Much appreciation to the brilliant James Roguski for alerting me to these documents.)

    In this article, I will explain what is in the briefing document, what is likely to happen at the meeting and what can be done about it.

    The FDA’s ‘Future Framework’ briefing document

    The briefing document is 18 pages of text, 1.5 line spacing, with just 19 references — 9 of which are pre-prints or from the CDC’s in-house newsletter Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR) which means they are not peer-reviewed.

    Any true believer in The Narrative(TM) could have written this in a few hours. To base the entire future of COVID-19 shots on this glorified undergrad term paper is madness.

    As I predicted, even though the April 6 meeting was presented as an exploratory initial conversation that reached no conclusions whatsoever, the “Future Framework” is now being presented by the FDA as a done deal, fait accompli, you’d have to be crazy to insist on proper safety studies.

    The core argument of the briefing document is hilarious (or rather, it would be hilarious if it was not a plan to permanently institutional genocide and hide the evidence). In several places the FDA argues (colloquialisms mine):

    1. These COVID-19 shots work great, miracles really, incredibly effective, boy howdy do they work well! Boosters too, total home run, the Israelis even have 10-weeks of data showing that they might help old people. What more evidence could you want?

    2. Okay, well, it depends on what you mean by work. These shots do not stop infection, transmission, hospitalization, or death, even though that’s why we licensed them. Any protection wears off fairly quickly, but It’s Not Our Fault(TM) because This Wily Virus(TM) mutates too fast and no one told us that it would ever mutate.

    3. So these shots must be reformulated but we cannot possibly ask Lord Pharma to do proper clinical trials ever again because we already know that these shots work great (see point #1)!

    The briefing document literally states:

    “The evaluation of modified vaccines for the purpose of vaccine strain composition decisions will need to rely mainly on comparative immunogenicity data due to the time constraints involved in vaccine manufacturing and clinical efficacy evaluation.”

    Did you catch that? The evaluation “will need to rely on” (no decision to be made here) measures other than actual health outcomes because of “time constraints.”

    Ah, $cience!

    Moderna, Pfizer and Novavax are all developing reformulated COVID-19 shots. But they know that the FDA is not going to look at health outcomes so they are going to great lengths to jack up the antibody response.

    Pfizer tested a double-strength dose (60 mcg of mRNA instead of 30 mcg) even though they had previously ruled out a higher dose because of safety concerns. So the antibody levels are through the roof.

    But the VRBPAC admitted on April 6 that there are no known correlates of protection (meaning: antibody levels do not tell you who will be immune) so these antibody measures are medically meaningless.

    Sane people realize that if you turbo charge the immune response, you may also turbo charge adverse events. But the “Future Framework” allows pharmaceutical companies to skip clinical trials altogether.

    Furthermore, all of these companies are developing shots to target the original Omicron strain (BA.1) even though it has already been supplanted by other variants (BA.4 and BA.5).

    The FDA and these companies claim that shots targeting BA.1 will be effective against later variants but I do not know how they can possibly argue that given the total absence of actual health data.

    Words that you will NOT find in the FDA “Future Framework” briefing document:

    original antigenic sin,
    antibody-dependent enhancement,
    prion disease,
    adverse events, or
    side effects.

    So the FDA is literally not looking out for any of the worst-case scenario possibilities.

    The “Future Framework” is a plan to base the entire COVID-19 vaccine program on magical thinking rather than science.

    What’s likely to happen at the VRBPAC meeting on Tuesday, June 28

    The cartel is predictable because they follow a playbook and they use the same cast of characters over and over again.

    The first presentation will be by CDC staffer Heather Scobie. She will likely take her slides from the June 7 VRBPAC meeting, change the date on the first slide and update them a bit to show that Omicron has become the predominant SARS-CoV-2 variant in the U.S.

    The gist will be that there is no point in vaccinating against the “prototype” Wuhan lab leak variant, nor Alpha, Beta, Delta or Gamma, because it’s all Omicron right now.

    What she will NOT tell you is that Moderna and Pfizer are designing shots to target the BA.1 version of Omicron and now that variant is waning and being replaced by BA.4 and BA.5. Furthermore, she will not mention the fact that these shots are fueling the evolution of variants that evade any protection from vaccines.

    Dr. Scobie will be followed by another CDC staffer, Ruth Link-Gelles who will likely dust off one of her slide decks from the four VRBPAC and four ACIP meetings that have already happened this month and discuss COVID-19 vaccine effectiveness in adults. RLG cracks me up because she absolutely does not give a damn.

    She shows slide after slide of negative efficacy from these worthless shots and she does not care because she knows that the VRBPAC will approve anything that has the word vaccine on the vial. RLG’s presentations are a token attempt to play it straight with the data but then all of her data is instantly memory-holed and never spoken of again.

    Then, I’ve got to hand it to the cartel for choosing their next speaker — Justin Lessler, from the University of North Carolina. Dr. Lessler has gotten 10 grants from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in recent years (see pages 26 to 30 of his CV here).

    Then he’s gotten another 10 grants from NIH and/or Tony Fauci’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID).

    Given that, what are the odds that Dr. Lessler will criticize The Narrative(TM)? Zero.

    Gates and Fauci literally have their guy inside the meeting doing the modeling about how we should think about the future epidemiology of COVID-19.

    Gates figured out in 2017 that modeling is the tail that wags the dog of policy and has invested heavily in it ever since.

    Dr. Lessler is soaked head to toe in conflicts of interest — he should not be allowed within 100 miles of this committee — and yet the FDA will not even require a conflict waiver from this guy.

    Cartel gonna cartel.

    After a short break, Stephen Hoge President of Moderna, Dena Swanson, VP of Pfizer, and Greg Glenn, President of Novavax will explain how wonderful their reformulated COVID-19 shots are but they will argue that there is simply no time to conduct proper clinical trials anymore.

    None of their data will be peer-reviewed so it will all be fanciful fiction — 95% to 100% efficacy based entirely on belief.

    Then the FDA will bring in two closers (and this is where it gets really interesting).

    Kanta Subbarao, Director of the World Health Organization (WHO) Collaborating Center in Melbourne, Australia will present “Considerations for Vaccine Strain Composition from the WHO. TAG CO-VAC.”

    I did not understand until just yesterday (as I started to write this article) that this entire “Future Framework” is actually coming from the WHO. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is the biggest voluntary contributor to the WHO. so Gates is likely directing the play.

    Gates requires that WHO. use the McKinsey consulting firm so this is probably a McKinsey operation (and McKinsey also works for Pharma so this is a huge conflict of interest). As Naomi Wolf points out, the involvement of the WHO. also raises troubling questions about the influence of the Chinese Communist Party over this process.

    As far back as January, the WHO/Gates/McKinsey junta realized that these shots were terrible and so they decided to use that as an opportunity to seize even more power and control.

    The WHO. set up a Technical Advisory Group on COVID-19 Vaccine Composition (TAG-CO-VAC) to implement these Orwellian “Future Frameworks” across the developed world to lower manufacturing costs for Pharma and avoid bothersome health data that might hurt profits.

    All the messaging we have seen from the FDA and leaked to the press was initially developed and released by TAG-CO-VAC.

    Before joining the WHO., Kanta Subbarao was at NIAID for 14 years, so she’s a loyal lieutenant for Fauci.

    She will polish off her slides from the April 6 VRBPAC meeting to argue that COVID-19 is similar to influenza, that strain selection must be coordinated globally and that multivalent New & Improved(TM) COVID-19 Shots Now with Omicron!(TM) will save the day and end the pandemic.

    None of her claims will be true but they are what the cartel wants to be said and this is more like a well-funded hostage video than anything else so that’s what we’re going to get.

    Finally, the FDA will bring in Jerry Weir, who looks like a cross between Yosemite Sam and Sam Elliott. He’ll slightly update his slides from April as well and then just go round and round with droll observations about the (failed) flu strain selection process and how it should be a model — until the committee is dizzy and willing to agree to anything.

    Officially the question that will be voted on is:

    “Does the committee recommend inclusion of a SARS-CoV-2 Omicron component for COVID-19 booster vaccines in the United States?”

    This language obscures a lot. Boosters are the market now. By calling them boosters instead of reformulated shots (which is what they actually are), they will not go through new clinical trials.

    Over the summer, earlier versions of the shot will quietly be withdrawn from the market and the reformulated shots that skipped clinical trials will become the only option. So this is the FDA’s weasel word way of sliding down the slippery slope into no more clinical trials for COVID-19 shots ever again.

    If the FDA stated plainly what they are up to there would be riots.

    What is to be done

    We only have about 24 hours to act so let’s leave it all on the field!

    Please submit a formal comment to the website stating that the FDA must reject the “Future Framework” and that all reformulated COVID-19 shots must go through proper human clinical trials. The docket number is FDA-2022-N-0905.

    The docket will close Monday night June 27 at 11:59 Eastern time. Click here to go to the relevant page on the website and look for the blue comment button in the upper left-hand corner.

    The FDA lies about the number of comments submitted but we have a lawsuit going about that so the more comments we can submit (that they will subsequently hide) the better for our case.

    In addition, below are the email addresses of everyone at the FDA/VRBPAC who has a say in this matter. It is our right to share with them our thoughts and concerns about this process. You can share your own story or copy and paste the message below.

    Subject line: All reformulated COVID-19 shots MUST go through proper clinical trials

    The safety and efficacy of all reformulated COVID-19 shots must be evaluated through:

    Large (50,000+ person) double-blind randomized controlled trials with inert saline placebos conducted by an independent third party.
    The treatment and control groups must be followed for life to monitor adverse events and all-cause mortality (no more wiping out the control group after 6 months to hide bad outcomes).
    We also demand greater than 90% efficacy against infection with less than 0.1% Grade 3 or higher adverse events; proper monitoring for carcinogenesis, mutagenesis and impairment of fertility; and immediate release to the public of all clinical trial documents submitted to the FDA.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    Originally published by Toby Rogers on his Substack page, uTobian.

    The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of Children's Health Defense.

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