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Thread: Coronavirus

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    Re: Coronavirus

    "AJ @ 16:45 mark, "Gates was interested in this because he was basically RUNNING EPSTEIN..." [NOT mossad, got that!?!! ]"

    Gates is to Epstein


    the Chi-Coms is to Hollywood


    5:53 runtime video by Adam Green

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    Re: Coronavirus

    Just stumbled upon this Vanity Fair article this morning and thought it significant to post. It is important to note that Vanity Fair is not a "fair and balanced publication and is definitely against Team Trump. Trump's son-in-law is possibly running in a completely parallel and close program that is in start contrast to the program the President is trying to convey to the public. Very odd goings on. President Trump has done many wise looking things that are more of a conservative nature but at the same time, especially lately is giving sanction to Team Fauchi and world banking entities. Had to post excerpts only from this article due to character number restraints.)

    (Dachsie opines that the complicated games going on in the President's Executive Branch office in regard to this "pandemic" is POSSIBLY for Trump to say and do things to confuse and deliberately lose his "conservative" base so that he will deliberately lose his upcoming election.)

    This explains Jared Kushner's role in the Trump administration "COVID-19" response.

    Test kits ordered that turned out to be contaminated and not usable and contract and order for the test kits shrouded in blurred audit trail and all of this much connected to the world banking entities, not medical science entities.

    How Jared Kushner’s Secret Testing Plan “Went Poof Into Thin Air”

    This spring, a team working under the president's son-in-law produced a plan for an aggressive, coordinated national COVID-19 response that could have brought the pandemic under control. So why did the White House spike it in favor of a shambolic 50-state response?

    By Katherine Eban

    July 30, 2020

    By Tom Brenner/Reuters (Kushner); Everything else from Getty Images.

    On March 31, three weeks after the World Health Organization designated the coronavirus outbreak a global pandemic, a DHL truck rattled up to the gray stone embassy of the United Arab Emirates in Washington, D.C., delivering precious cargo: 1 million Chinese-made diagnostic tests for COVID-19, ordered at the behest of the Trump administration.

    Normally, federal government purchases come with detailed contracts, replete with acronyms and identifying codes. They require sign-off from an authorized contract officer and are typically made public in a U.S. government procurement database, under a system intended as a hedge against waste, fraud, and abuse.

    This purchase did not appear in any government database. Nor was there any contract officer involved. Instead, it was documented in an invoice obtained by Vanity Fair, from a company, Cogna Technology Solutions (its own name misspelled as “Tecnology” on the bill), which noted a total order of 3.5 million tests for an amount owed of $52 million. The “client name” simply noted “WH.”

    Over the next three months, the tests’ mysterious provenance would spark confusion and finger-pointing. An Abu Dhabi–based artificial intelligence company, Group 42, with close ties to the UAE’s ruling family, identified itself as the seller of 3.5 million tests and demanded payment. Its requests were routed through various divisions within Health and Human Services, whose lawyers sought in vain for a bona fide contracting officer."




    The secret, and legally dubious, acquisition of those test kits was the work of a task force at the White House, where Jared Kushner, President Donald Trump’s son-in-law and special adviser, has assumed a sprawling role in the pandemic response. That explains the “WH” on the invoice. While it’s unclear whether Kushner himself played a role in the acquisition, improper procurement of supplies “is a serious deal,” said a former White House staffer. “That is appropriations 101. That would be not good.”

    Though Kushner’s outsized role has been widely reported, the procurement of Chinese-made test kits is being disclosed here for the first time. So is an even more extraordinary effort that Kushner oversaw: a secret project to devise a comprehensive plan that would have massively ramped up and coordinated testing for COVID-19 at the federal level. SNIP

    The gamble that son-in-law real estate developers, or Morgan Stanley bankers liaising with billionaires, could effectively stand in for a well-coordinated federal response has proven to be dead wrong. Even the smallest of Jared Kushner’s solutions to the pandemic have entangled government agencies in confusion and raised concerns about illegality.

    In the three months after the mysterious test kits arrived at the UAE embassy, diplomats there had been prodding the U.S. government to make good on the $52 million shipment. Finally, on June 26, lawyers for the Department of Health and Human Services sent a cable to the embassy, directed to the company which had misspelled its own name on the original invoice: Cogna Technology Solutions LLC.

    The cable stated, “HHS is unable to remit payment for the test kits in question, as the Department has not identified any warranted United States contracting officer” or any contract documents involved in the procurement. The cable cited relevant federal contract laws that would make it “unlawful for the Government to pay for the test kits in question.”

    But perhaps most relevant for Americans counting on the federal government to mount an effective response to the pandemic and safeguard their health, the test kits didn’t work. As the Health and Human Services cable to the UAE embassy noted: “When the kits were delivered they were tested in accordance with standard procedures and were found to be contaminated and unusable.”

    An FDA spokesperson told Vanity Fair the tests may have been rendered ineffective because of how they were stored when they were shipped from the Middle East. “The reagents should be kept cold,” the spokesperson said.

    Although officials with FEMA and Health and Human Services would not acknowledge that the tests even exist, stating only that there was no official government contract for them, the UAE’s records are clear enough. As a spokesperson for the UAE embassy confirmed, “the US Government made an urgent request for additional COVID-19 test kits from the UAE government. One million test kits were delivered to the US government by April 1. An additional 2.5 million test kits were delivered to the US government by April 20.”

    The tests may not have worked, in other words, but Donald Trump would have been pleased at the sheer number of them.

    This article has been updated to include a statement from the White House.
    More Great Stories From Vanity Fair

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    Re: Coronavirus

    I do not like this article posted on Dr. Fetzer's blog. It strikes me as dishonest. HCQ is not what we should be baited and switched to as the big point of contention that needs to occupy the time and space and money of fact seekers and solution seekers to the situation we in the USA are faced with. This article is NOT helpful toward truth.


    It seems to me doctors could use HCQ in treating their patients with respiratory infection symtoms any time they want to. Doctors get into problems when they pin the label "COVID-19" as a diagnosis for the patient.

    Anonymous D.C. Insider Exposes Ultra-Secret Covid Conspiracy Inside the Beltway
    July 31, 2020 James Fetzerblog

    " Anonymous D.C. Insider Big Pharma and the WHO have known all along about the HCQ cure for COVID-19. Everyone at the CDC, NIH and FDA knows that hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) is the silver bullet for the coronavirus. They also know that, when combined with azithromycin and zinc, the 3-in-1 protocol provides the magic formula for almost anyone with coronavirus disease. However, what Dr. Fauci, Dr. Birx and Robert Redfield are not telling anyone is that practically every VIP in Washington, D.C. is using HCQ prophylactically. Everyone knows that Trump has been using…
    Anonymous DC insider, Bill Gates, HCQ, State of the Nation, vaccine agenda3 Comments"

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    Re: Coronavirus

    I asked Google "What is a virus."

    I found the following two-part Stanford University series of articles that purports to tell us what a virus is.

    Part 1 article contains a "Graphic illustration of a measles virus[/B] from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention"
    Part 2 article contains an "Image of the novel coronavirus[/B] from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention "

    You will not find the word "exosome" in either article.

    You will find liberal use of the word "virus" or its word variants throughout parts 1 and 2 articles.

    The nicest thing I can say about these two articles is that they are

    Bad Science

    __________________________________________________ ________

    Graphic illustration of a measles virus from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

    Graphic illustration of a measles virus from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

    What’s a virus, anyway? Part 1: The bare-bones basics

    Author Bruce GoldmanPublished on
    April 2, 2020

    As the coronavirus pandemic spreads across the globe, the term "virus" gets a lot of airplay. But what exactly are viruses, and how do they spread? Here's a primer, with a hat tip to Stanford virologist Jan Carette, PhD.

    For starters, viruses are easily the most abundant life form on Earth, if you accept the proposition that they're alive. Try multiplying a billion by a billion, then multiply that by ten trillion, and that (10 to the 31st power) is the mind-numbing estimate of how many individual viral particles are estimated to populate the planet.

    Is a virus a living thing? Maybe. Sometimes. It depends on location. "Outside of a cell, a viral particle is inert," Carette told me. On its own, it can't reproduce itself or, for that matter, produce anything at all. It's the ultimate parasite.

    Or, you could say more charitably, very efficient. Viruses travel light, packing only the baggage they absolutely need to hack into a cell, commandeer its molecular machinery, multiply and make an escape.

    When it comes to viruses, there are exceptions to nearly every rule. But they do have things in common, said Carette.

    A virus's travel kit always includes its genome and a surrounding protein shell, or capsid, which keeps the viral genome safe, helps the virus latch onto cells and climb inside and, on occasion, abets its offspring's getaway. The capsid consists of identical protein subunits, whose unique shapes and properties determine the capsid's structure and function.

    Some viruses also wear greasy overcoats, called envelopes, made from stolen shards of the membranes of the last cell they infected. Influenza and hepatitis C viruses have envelopes, as do coronaviruses, herpesviruses and HIV. Rhinoviruses, which are responsible for most common colds, and polioviruses don't. Here's a practical takeaway: Enveloped viruses particularly despise soap because it disrupts greasy membranes. Soap and water are to these viruses what exhaling garlic is to a vampire, which is why washing your hands works wonders.

    How do viruses enter cells, replicate and head for the exits?

    For a virus to spread, it must first find a way into a cell. But, said Carette, "penetrating a cell's perimeter isn't easy." Cells' outer membranes are normally tough to penetrate without some kind of special pass. But viruses have ways of tricking cells into letting them in. Typically, a portion of the viral capsid will have a strong affinity to bind with one or another protein dotting the surfaces of one or another particular cell type. The binding of the viral capsid with that cell-surface protein serves as an admission ticket, easing the virus's invasion of the cell.

    The viral genome, like ours, is an instruction kit for the production of proteins the virus needs. This genome can be made up of either DNA, as is the case with virtually all other creatures, or its close chemical relative RNA, which encodes genetic information just as DNA does but is much more flexible and somewhat less stable. Most mammal-infecting viruses' genomes are made of RNA. (Not herpesviruses, though.)

    In addition to the gene coding for its capsid protein, every virus needs another gene for its own version of an enzyme known as a polymerase. Inside the cell, viral polymerases generate numerous copies of the invader's genes, from whose instructions the cell's obedient molecular assembly line produces capsid subunits and other viral proteins.

    Capsids -- a virus's protein shell -- self-assemble from their subunits, often with help from proteins originally made by the cell for other purposes, but co-opted by the virus. These fresh copies of the viral genome are packaged inside newly-made capsids for export.

    Viral genomes can also contain genes for proteins that can co-opt the cellular machinery to help viruses replicate and escape, or that can tweak the virus's own genome -- or ours. The genome can contain as few as two genes -- one for the protein from which the capsid is built, the other for the polymerase -- or as many as hundreds (as in herpesviruses, for example).

    Often, the virus's plentiful progeny punish the good deed of the cell that produced them by lysing it -- punching holes in its outer membrane, busting out of it and destroying the cell in the process. But enveloped viruses can escape by an alternative process called budding, whereby they wrap themselves in a piece of membrane from the infected cell and, in these newly acquired greasy overcoats, diffuse through the cell's outer membrane without structurally damaging it. Even then, the cell, having birthed myriad baby viruses, is often left fatally weakened.

    Up next: To learn more about how viruses including coronaviruses do what they do to us -- and about what we might be able to do to ward them off -- see "What's a virus, anyway? Part 2: How coronavirus infected us -- and how viruses made us"

    Graphic illustration of a measles virus from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ____

    Part 2: How coronaviruses infect us — and how viruses created us


    Author Bruce GoldmanPublished on
    April 3, 2020

    Image of the novel coronavirus from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

    In my part one on the bare-bones basics of viruses, I described how your average virus -- an essentially inert particle on its own -- manages to enter cells, hijack their molecular machinery, make copies of itself and move on out to infect again.

    That just scratches the surface. Of the millions of different viral species identified so far, only about 5,000 have been characterized in detail. Viruses come in many shapes and sizes -- although they're all small -- and infect everything, including plants and bacteria. None of them work in precisely the same way.

    With crucial assistance from Stanford virologist Jan Carette, PhD, here's more information about some viruses worth knowing a bit about.

    Coronavirus, for example.

    Enveloped viruses generally tend to be less hardy when they're outside of cells because their envelopes are highly vulnerable to degradation by heat, humidity and the ultraviolet component of sunlight.

    This should be good news when it comes to coronaviruses, which are enveloped viruses. However, the bad news is that the coronavirus can be quite stable outside of cells because spike-like proteins protruding from its envelope shield it from direct contact, enabling it to survive on surfaces for relatively long periods. (Still, soap or alcohol-based hand sanitizers do a good job of disabling it.)

    As mentioned in part one, viruses use proteins that are sitting on cells' surfaces as docking stations. These cell-surface proteins aren't there to welcome viruses aboard -- they've got day jobs. But viruses evolve quickly and, every so often, some part of the protein that composes an infectious virus's capsid (the shell that protects the viral genome) acquires just the right electrochemical properties for binding to a cell-surface protein, tricking the cell into rolling out a welcome mat for its unwelcome guest.

    Coronaviruses are a little different. Their attachment-enabling proteins are the spiky ones protruding from their greasy envelopes, not their capsids. Benign coronavirus variants, which like rhinoviruses can cause common colds, attach to cells in the upper respiratory tract. The viral variant that's driving today's pandemic is dangerous specifically because a recent mutation in its envelope-associated spike protein has enabled it to latch onto cells in the lower respiratory tract -- lung and bronchial cells.

    Viral mutation rates are much higher than bacterial rates, which are higher than those of our germ cells. And RNA viruses, including the coronavirus, mutate even more easily than DNA viruses do: Their polymerases (genome copying enzymes, discussed in part one) are typically less precise than those of DNA viruses, and RNA itself is inherently less stable than DNA.

    So viruses, and particularly RNA viruses, easily develop resistance to immune surveillance as well as to standard antiviral approaches.

    "Viruses are so mutation-prone that you need two or three antivirals at once to defeat their escape," as in the case of HIV therapy, Carette said.

    The experimental antiviral drug remdesivir, now being fast-tracked in clinical trials at Stanford and elsewhere for COVID-19, targets RNA viruses' polymerases, shutting down viral replication. Because all viruses carry and require one or another version of these enzymes, the hope is that remdesivir, initially developed (not very successfully) for treating Ebola virus infection, may prove effective against the novel coronavirus strain propelling the present pandemic.

    Viruses don't always kill the cells they take hostage. Instead, some become chronic. So-called retroviruses, such as HIV, sew their genes into the genome of the cells they've invaded. These silent genes can activate when our immune response is weakened, setting off new rounds of viral replication.

    Those insertions add up. Viral DNA sequences make up fully 8% of our genome -- in contrast with the mere 1% that codes for the proteins of which we're largely made and that do most of the making.

    "Our genome has been 'invaded' by previous encounters with retroviruses after infection of germline cells," Carette told me. "Through evolution, these retroviruses' genes have become inactive."

    As always, there's an exception, said Carette: "An ancient viral gene has been repurposed to play an essential role in embryogenesis," the process by which an embryo forms and develops. The protein this gene encodes enables the fusion of two kinds of cells in the developing fetus's placenta, allowing nutrient and waste exchange between the developing embryo and the maternal blood supply.

    Without them, that is, there'd be no us.

    Image of the novel coronavirus from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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    Re: Coronavirus

    "All this arguing back and forth about hydroxy does promote the idea that there is a real virus out there."

    Yes, Amanda, when you say "promote the idea that there is a real virus out there" you speak well.

    There are many ways to use speech and language and wordcraft to communicate dishonestly. Some call it "the Hegelian dialectic", some call it diaprax, and some call it neuro-linguistic programming, and some call it DragonSpeak.

    They want to bait and switch us to various sub-topics within the main topic and get us captured within the introduced dialog. That "dialog" or "dialectic" or "process" is where the diabolic deception and confusion and disorder ensues and gains a life of its own.

    Deliberate manipulative dialog process introduced is a lying form of communication because it is not designed to help by shedding light of fact and truth to a subject. It is designed to manipulate for an agenda.


    A very recent article posted on Dr. James Fetzer's blog appears to have the same manipulative surreptitious motive - and I posted about this also in the Coronavirus thread.


    "Anonymous D.C. Insider Exposes Ultra-Secret Covid Conspiracy Inside the Beltway
    July 31, 2020 James Fetzerblog
    Anonymous D.C. Insider

    Big Pharma and the WHO have known all along about the HCQ cure for COVID-19.

    Everyone at the CDC, NIH and FDA knows that hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) is the silver bullet for the coronavirus.

    They also know that, when combined with azithromycin and zinc, the 3-in-1 protocol provides the magic formula for almost anyone with coronavirus disease.

    However, what Dr. Fauci, Dr. Birx and Robert Redfield are not telling anyone is that practically every VIP in Washington, D.C. is using HCQ prophylactically. SNIP..."

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    Re: Coronavirus

    My approach to the "viruses exist?", vs exosomes etc 'dilemma' has been, just avoiding it! These questions are simply above my pay grade, & right or wrongly I project my reality onto my assumptions re the >99.9% of "the masses" who I choose to spend my activism time/energy trying to reach.

    So I focus on the slave-mask charade; fake "CV" cases/deaths #s charade; the 'remedy' (lockdown) being 10x worse than the (pretend)-'problem'; vax dangers/injuries; 5G; how this fake plandemic checks all the boxes as a pretext/mask for the tyannical JWO/technocracy rollout; the "contact tracing" & subsequent "mandatory quarantines"; imminent likelihood of state grabbing our children on the pretext of "keeping us safe" from their pretend-plandemic, & then they'll only return our kids when both we & they get the 666Vax , etc.

    & I DON'T spend any further time consuming, or propagating to others, the controversial "hard bio/science" related material -- leaving that for the PhD bio/chem/docs to bat around amongst themselves.

    At this point I'd include "the HCQ question" in my "topics to avoid", as JSM's seizing on it & waving it around as, for example, being the main/only topic raised in the recent "frontline whitecoats presser" -- JSM/TPTB have thusly tipped their hand that HCQ is a safe/desirable wedge topic for the plebs to preoccupy [ourselves] arguing about, meaning it's a total WOT.
    FAKE "ELECTIONS" - Why Ron Paul Can't "Win"

    "If telling the truth marginalizes you, then that is the place to be. After all, if enough people are willing to be marginalized, then before you know it, society has developed a different center. This is the politics of truth." -- E. Martin Schotz

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    Re: Coronavirus

    "My approach to the "viruses exist?", vs exosomes etc 'dilemma' "

    My question has never been "do viruses exist"?

    My question what is a virus.

    The reason I do not like the explanation given in the Stanford Univ. articles is that it is no attempt to give an explanation at all. At several points it looks like they are calling something a cell that is an inert molecule.
    They appear unable to give a clear set of characteristics that distinguish virus from not-virus.

    The whole mask and vaccine and all the other things they are pushing depend entirely on answering the question what is a virus.
    If they could or would answer that forthrightly and everyone understands the distinguishing characteristics, then they can tell us the names of the actual viruses.

    I know there is something called Koch's Postulate test and what they are calling "COVID-19" fails the test, yet everyone keeps using THEIR vocabulary and matter of factly keep referring to and using interchangeable the terms "coronavirus" and "Covid-19" Coronavirus is not A one specific virus, it is a family of viruses, or a genus classification that takes in all the different STRAINS of true viruses.

    This entire "pandemic" scam would never have been possible if a few honest scientists and doctors came forward and insisted on answers and clarity, but all of them either do not care or do not know enough to care.

    excerpts from the Fetzer blog article as examples of how this nonsense works.

    "Big Pharma and the WHO have known all along about the HCQ cure for COVID-19."

    If COVID-19 has never been established to exist and is the entity that is being said to have killed thousands of people, the how can HCQ be assumed to cure it? But that sentence just wants all of those questions to be taken for granted and understood because their real bombshell focus how Big Pharmas and the WHO have known all along. Utter nonsense! Deliberately nebulous to push an idea or an emotion which is what is the goal here.

    Same nonsense for this sentence.

    "Everyone at the CDC, NIH and FDA knows that hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) is the silver bullet for the coronavirus."

    Exact same formula.

    "provides the magic formula for almost anyone with coronavirus disease."

    So reassuring to know that scientists and doctors and virtually all the big wigs inside the beltway already know we have a cure, a silver bullet and a magic formula, they just don't know what's being cured.

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    Re: Coronavirus

    God bless these wise people.

    2:33 video runtime

    Watch Before Its Taken Down!!!! Millions Protest In Germany Against Restrictions
    •Aug 2, 2020
    Viable Tv
    326K subscribers

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    Re: Coronavirus

    I just saw this article mentioned on twitter, it is old published March 13, 2020

    Where is Timothy Cunningham's Whistleblower Report on Coronavirus? -

    by ToreMarch 13, 20203841

    by Tore

    Who is Timothy Cunningham? He worked for the CDC, but he was a special CDC officer. He was an Epidemic Intelligence Service officer. What’s that? Epidemic Intelligence Service Officers deal with diseases and biowarfare. He was on the team for H1N1, Ebola, and the Zika virus.

    According to exclusive sources, he was startled with findings over the years in respects to how flu vaccines amplify the side effects of viral infections rather than inoculate patients effectively.

    In December of 2017, Cunningham was assigned to what was at the time a new project unofficially known as “Shogun”. According to our exclusive sources, testing and manipulation of the SARS strand was being used against a new drug that could eliminate a virus to infect your cells. It’s important to understand HOW viruses function to understand WHAT Timothy Cunningham’s whistleblower report had.

    How do viruses infect people?

    Viral infections, in other words, are your cells being hijacked to spew out more viruses. The cells in your body are used as a host to replicate more viral cells until there are none of your cells left. Viruses are like stupid parasites, they keep going until all life is eradicated. Unless they are able to mutate to a point where they can metabolize without a host, they will die too. In essence, they use your cells to proliferate, but don’t have a plan when they are “done” with you.

    Until now, most medications like Tamiflu focus on disabling viruses to “explode”. When a virus hijacks a cell, it replicates until the cell literally explodes (lysis). Tamiflu doesn’t allow for the lytic cycle to be completed, therefore, no further cells are infected by the newly created viruses.

    What did Timothy Cunningham find out?

    It turns out that the Chinese did what they always do. They stole (were given) proprietary information from the CDC and labs at Harvard to kickstart their new research, funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. This new research is two-prong.

    • Designing the SARS virus to target specific cells that control fertility in males. Almost like chemical castration.
    • Designing the SARS virus to infect and insert “protein code” with retroviral applications that respond to SQUARE WAVES.

    In 2015, the Chinese successfully came upon research that found a novel method to control viral infections. The research focused on inducing apoptosis of cells (which self destruct) when initiation of viral material production is detected. The lab in Wuhan, China, is where the Chinese investigate and create subtle BioWarfare agents. For every bioweapon you make, an “antidote” must be created. In this case they took the antidote (so did the CDC) and reverse engineered different weapons.

    Cunningham discovered that certain individuals in the U.S. were working on information they received from the Chinese – in respects to weaponizing SARS – with high specificity in virulence targeting specific genetic code and enzyme packets for transcription. In essence, the new virus would mimic that of HIV. A “smart” virus that could replicate all ligands of target cells in order to not be detected by innate immune cells, and therefore just “lie in waiting”.

    In January 2018, the EID (Epidemic Intel Division) of the CDC had decided to test this in specific COHORTS.

    TRENDING: UKRAINE, OBAMA, BIDEN & DC MAFIA|Global Election Meddling, Personal Gain and Global Extortion

    What is a specific COHORT?

    Have you noticed how all your vaccines and flu shots have bar codes? They are scanned multiple times, etc. Well, with information they gather from clinics, hospitals, and pharmacies via your insurance (thanks Obamacare), the CDC have a full picture of almost everyone’s health. In addition, your DNA… is stored at your local hospital or clinic every time you give blood. Not convinced? Read the fine print in your “CONSENT TO TREAT” that you are made to sign every time you visit. It clearly states they can hold all audio, pics, video, and DNA up to 7 years and SHARE it, according to federal guidelines. (Again, thanks Obamacare). What are the federal guidelines? Obamacare made it so any insurance company and any private company they contract with like Global Strategies Group, Lockheed, Google, Amazon etc – including car insurance, can have access to it. Don’t believe it – READ the Affordable Care Act.

    With that in mind, a cohort is a selected group of individuals or target demographic that you test drugs on.
    Here is a purely hypothetical example:

    The Cleveland Clinic has various groups of primary care. Hypothetically speaking, if the target group was “Caucasian males aged 35-55 that have ABC genetic type, found in specific European groups,” then you would simply find which clinic has patients that fit that profile. Let’s assume that two offices provide a 15% test pool for that target group, because the clinics are present in neighborhoods that have a lot of German and Polish migrants. The remaining 85% are simply statistical data or controls that can provide direction for future research.

    TRENDING:Former CEO of Clinton Foundation Eric Braverman Wasn’t Missing, He Was In Ukraine

    Once your cohort sample is identified you usually deploy the drug you want to test. Hypothetically speaking, the flu vaccines or PNEUMONIA vaccines that people over 50 are offered every ten years can be your MEAN to covertly test your drug or bio weapon.

    The above scenario is hypothetical, but rings true to the fact that in Spring people are testing positive across the nation for Influenza A and B rapidly. Those were vaccines deployed in 2018 and 2019, which is very telling.

    We asked our exclusive source about that and the response was:
    Expression of Influenza A and B could indicate that they contracted COVID-19 but expressed the virus they were supposed to be inoculated with. In other words, COVID-19 exposure may activate the “dead” virus, hypothetically speaking.

    Former EID Officer
    What did Timothy Cunningham Allegedly Know?

    An omitted fact preceding Cunningham’s disappearance is his recent meeting with certain people from Japan to which he was provided concerning data that confirmed that the Chinese and certain entities that met in McLean Virginia discussed.

    Prior to his disappearance and “suicide” he visited ALL his close confidants, terrified as he was bold enough to leave a paper trail by filing a whistleblower report. He filed it on a Monday, and within 48 hours he knew that his identity was not protected. He attempted to reach the President of the United States. General Kelly was not very happy about that from what our sources say, and in his panic seemed erratic. Tim didn’t sound right. He was telling people to delete his number from their phones and was on the run because people were going to kill him. The FBI counterintelligence division, the same one Peter Strzok worked for, knows that – there are emails.

    Two weeks after his disappearance he was found dead in a river. They claimed it was a result from suicide. A sailor died of drowning? Even as an NCO you go through the swim test and swim class.

    His knowledge? Japan created an all encompassed cure, and pharmaceutical companies were seeking ways around it.

    TRENDING: EXPOSED: Twitter Censors Conservatives But Allows Child Pornography

    Does President Donald J. Trump know?

    Does President Trump know that while all of us are being VACCINATED that Shionogi & Co., a Japanese company from Japan, has invented a drug that can eradicate ANY VIRUS that invades the human body?

    Imagine if the people of the United States of America knew that every year their annual flu vaccine was unnecessary and that all their Congresspersons and Senators have HUGE pharmaceutical portfolios. Imagine if they also knew that the hospital and doctors were rewarded for all the vaccines they provided, even though they were unnecessary because there is a medication that can stop any virus. This is all speculation…of course.

    Hypothetically speaking, you can’t come out and say something like that ever… you would be christened the King of Tin Foil hats. Though, if people got sick and an “epidemic” happened to draw attention to the “flu,” it would be appropriate… hypothetically speaking.

    The complaints many have is that President Trump is NOT distributing CDC derived testing kits. Instead, he has requested all labs and hospitals nationwide to create their own. Why? No centralization of information. Publicly available information promotes transparency. It’s obvious that the EID is foaming at the mouth right now and the Deep State is terrified.

    The amplification of the “flu” and the quarantines – self or government imposed – create a hyper focused public that demands answers.

    RELATED: Democrats Big Push Organ Harvesting|Targets Children As Young As 14

    So many rumors and hypothesis – but one thing can shed some light. Shionogi & Co. used their ANTI-HIV medications to create their FLU TERMINATOR. The medication disallows the RNA/DNA of the virus to be replicated by the HUMAN nucleus. That means it is a generic drug that disables “unzipping proteins” necessary for transcription. If the cells can’t be hijacked, then the virus dies in the intercellular space it occupies since it lacks a host.
    Why are we getting vaccinated against viruses when we can terminate the ability to have them hijacked in the first place?
    Timothy Cunningham said that to his close friend before he disappeared
    The Kansas City Star had the most abundant information surrounding the missing EID Officer:
    The Cunninghams have told police about a “worrisome” phone call and text messages from him on Feb. 11, the details of which they shared with police but are keeping private from others.

    Kansas City Star
    If what our sources are telling us is true, and if Japan really has a blanket drug with this virus being designed to try to evade it, the President of the United States would definitely know. Time for Mr. Cunningham’s whistle-blower report to be leaked.
    Just had a great conversation with Prime Minister Abe of Japan. I told him that the just completed Olympic venue is magnificent. He has done an incredible job, one that will make him very proud. Good things will happen for Japan and their great Prime Minister. Lots of options!
    — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 13, 2020
    The mass hysteria and weaponization of a flu coup by the mainstream media (MSM) was done in an attempt to make the case that the president is incompetent and tank the market. “Never let a good crisis go to waste,” is a saying the Deep State loves, and one that seems pretty accurate in this case.
    Every day that I read the headlines & see the Coronavirus chatter, I can't help but to be reminded:
    "You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. What I mean by that is- it's an opportunity to do things that you think you could not do before."
    — Haley Kennington (@kenningtonsays) March 13, 2020
    Buying time to avoid the inevitable.

    National Emergency| the perfect cloak for a molecular execution. #Disease Is The New Electric Chair

    Tore is a nationally syndicated talk radio host that airs live M-F 12-2PM EST on Red State Talk Radio

    Thank you!
    Funded by the People FOR the People


    EXCLUSIVE: Whistleblower Is Adam Schiff Scapegoat Real Players Identified

    Over the past week many journalists have gone to many lengths to expose a rank and file limp-wristed intelligence boy as the whistleblower. First off, there IS NO WHISTLEBLOWER and they are doing what Adam Schiff devised - painting a target on the fall guy. The President has made it…
    November 4, 2019
    In "Corruption"


    We have all seen this movie before. The one where the same thing keeps happening no matter what is done in between - the outcome is still the same. The Democrats and their strategies are like broken records stuck on the same verse "IMPEACH". If what I am saying is…

    March 28, 2020

    In "Corruption"
    "A well regulated Militia being NECESSARY to the security of a free State"

    "That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the most Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness." July 4, 1776

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