Here is the absolute best daily reporting on the Coronavirus pandemic.


Dr. Campbell is a Ph.D. type doctor, NOT an M.D.

gives very clear and easy to understand statistics and the significance , what to be most concerned about, of certain data.

China is slowing down its "rate of increase" and that is good news, but Beijing, population 20 million, is a city that is in total lockdown. Communist party officials stationed all around and you have to get a permission paper to go out the grocery store and every trip within the city by citizens are being checked in and checked out and permitted and tracked very tightly.

WHO World Health Organization still is not classifying this as a pandemic so WHO has lost all credibility, according to Dr. Campbell.

South Korea, Italy and maybe soon Iran, countries outside of China, appear to be most hit by the virus.

Here is today's Tuesday morning report.

I was unable to find Dr. Campbell's website and he mentions it but does not give its address on his YouTube channel and that concerns me. He also is only on his YouTube channel for his coronavirus daily videos and that concerns me.
He delivers in an objective way but I notice that he has not been banned from YouTube yet and that concerns me.

I am offering the link to his videos on youtube and we will see how that plays out, but right now to me it appears to be the best information out there.