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Thread: Coronavirus

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    Re: Coronavirus

    Any airline which isn't screening all its pilots for cardiac issues is risking a disaster that will cost hundreds of innocent lives

    It couldn't be more clear: the vaccine shots cause heart problems. It's so obvious that even the CDC admits it. So why aren't airlines screening all their pilots? The answer will surprise you.
    Steve Kirsch
    Jun 14, 2022

    Consider the following story of a pilot who became incapacitated flying the plane. This is yet another “close call” similar to what happened to American Airlines Captain Bob Snow:

    An EasyJet spokesperson said, “The safety and wellbeing of our passengers and crew is always easyJet’s highest priority."

    That’s a lie.

    It couldn't be more clear: the vaccine shots cause heart problems. It's so obvious that even the CDC admits it.

    So why aren't airlines screening all their pilots?

    After all, if safety and wellbeing was their highest priority, they’d be screening every pilot with a cardiac MRI, troponin, and d-dimer tests.

    But they aren’t going to ever do that, because they’d find too many issues and would have to ground too many pilots which would hurt their revenue. So they are going to put the lives of their flight crew and passengers at risk instead. You will pay for it.

    So that’s why they won’t do even basic screening with d-dimer and troponin levels. Because they want you to think they care, but they really don’t. None of the airlines do. Not a single one anywhere in the world. Because if one airline breaks ranks and publicizes the number of injured pilots it found when it screened pilots, it’s lights out for the airline industry everywhere because they will have to screen and could potentially lose too many pilots.

    Just ask American Airlines Captain Snow (or watch my interview with Captain Snow that has over 50,000 views).

    Only after there is a serious crash, will public pressure force the screenings to happen. Not before.

    Politicians will claim, “Nobody could have predicted this.”


    Dachsie comment:

    Those of us who have studied the false event of 9-11-01 and believe that there were not actual United Airlines and American Airlines commercial jets involved in that event as described via the official narrative, already know that those two airlines are not to be trusted. They are part of the Deep State intent on taking down the United States of America.

    These airlines extorted their employees/pilots to get the kill jab and now we are supposed to ask them "pretty please" to carefully medically screen all of their jabbed pilots. The airlines don't care about their businesses and think that people are so dependent on them and are so ignorant about the killer jabs that they will just keep flying their unfriendly skies.

    My heart goes out to the employees of these airlines and I will pray for them. They are in a tough spot and they have been placed there by their Deep State employers.( I suggest lawsuits and walk-outs and boycots. )

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    Re: Coronavirus

    Will Parents Draw the Line on CDC Approval of Experimental Vaccines for Infants & Preschoolers?

    by Susan Price | Jun 22, 2022 | Education, Health, Politics,

    In this fight of good vs. evil, we are witnessing the weaponization and destruction of all living genetic matter being dumbed down and exterminated on a global scale.

    The coded DNA and life force within our food have been manipulated through laboratory technologies, compliments of Monsanto, and Bill Gates networks.

    Not to mention the gas chambers brought to our skies through the military-industrial complex’s overreach and our tainted and parasitic contaminated water sources operated by the domestic terrorists in charge of all government structures that are controlling our existence here on earth.

    Yet the straw that broke the camel’s back is the latest false narrative and crimes against humanity perpetrated by the sinister Centers for Disease Control and Prevention agency against our infants, toddlers, and preschoolers.

    Just under 20 million innocent souls in America are at the helm of mercy, praying their parents will fight against this experimental jab authorized to take place within this third week of June 2022.

    The media will have you believe that most parents are anxiously awaiting this toxic jab for their infant child, but this is nothing more than a plague of corruption and propaganda.

    It’s only by divine grace and the miracle of knowledge that these parental caregivers will protect their infants and young new lives from the evils of government overreach no matter how scholarly they appear on paper because the facts are, America and the world have witnessed the mass extermination of athletes, pilots and regular people who were killed or maimed via the experimental jabs.

    Dr. Rochelle Walensky saunters into the experimental jab arena as the CDC’s Director and claims that these two vaccines are lower-dose than the mRNA vaccines that have already gone into the arms of 22 million older kids across the United States.

    She also states, “We know millions of parents and caregivers are eager to get their young children vaccinated, and with today’s decision, they can.”

    Further claiming the vaccine from Moderna is for children ages six months to 5 years, consisting of two shots-each containing one-quarter the dose for adults and administered four to eight weeks apart. Those with compromised immune systems would get a third shot to complete the series.

    The vaccine from BioNTech and Pfizer is for children six months to 4 years and contains one-tenth the dose used in the adult version. The first two doses are administered three to eight weeks apart, and a third dose follows at least eight weeks after the second.

    Both vaccines have received the emergency use authorization recently from the Food and Drug Administration, which would allow the rollout of vaccines that preordered millions of doses by states, tribes, and community health centers and pharmacies.

    The press release dated June 17, 2022, states, “Today, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration authorized emergency use of the Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine and the Prizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine for the prevention of COVID-19 to include use in children down to 6 months of age.

    > Press Release – Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update: FDA Authorizes Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccines for Children Down to 6 Months of Age | FDA

    The world is awakening from the deep slumbers of ruin ⏤ witnessing and discovering through life experience and research the nefarious tactical agendas enforced by a political nature from these three-lettered government health agencies.

    This evil plan is maiming and killing our population by sophisticated biological warfare; disguised in a premeditated ambush and false narrative of protecting the lives of babies and young children.

    Humanity is lucky to have the divine intervention of earth angels such as Dr. Judy Mikovits, who fight back against the satanic elitists pushing their poison into every living vessel.

    > Video: Judy Mikovits Shocks The World: Most Damning Covid Evidence Bombshell The World Has Seen

    If these experimental jabs maimed and killed athletes, pilots, and others who were once a picture of health ⏤ how and why would we trust these so-called three-lettered government health agencies near our kids? It’s up to each and every one of us to do our own due diligence.

    Why would anyone with this knowledge allow their babies and children to be injected with a deadly experimental and toxic bioweapon?

    There is nothing normal about this entire COVID-19 agenda, and now the vaccinations for infants and pre-school children are upon us while the media is complicit in this nefarious plot.

    > Florida is currently the only state to not preorder COVID vaccines for children per Governor DeSantis

    Though I walk in the midst of trouble, you preserve my life: you stretch out your hand against the wrath of my enemies, and your right hand delivers me. Psalm 138:7

    Susan Price

    Susan Price is a National Gold Star Mother and resides in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. The daughter of a Marine, and Army Veteran, She is also the Mother of a Fallen American Hero, Gunnery Sgt, Aaron Michael Kenefick, a highly decorated and stellar Marine of over twelve years. The tragic loss of Susan’s son and his Marine Embedded Training Team raised more questions than answers. It was through a Mother’s undying love that Susan transformed into an Investigative Researcher. Through her countless hours, days, weeks, and years connecting the dots, factual documentation, eyewitness accounts, and more, emerged a back story to the crimes that took place on the battlefield that fateful day of September 8th, 2009.

    Susan is also known as a Veterans Advocate and a National voice. She has appeared on 60 Minutes and other national media as well as and Patriot radio. Having worked with various Congressmen concerning our Military and Veterans, she has been sought out by many as the “the Gold Star Mother with a voice” – and “go-to person.”

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    Re: Coronavirus

    see original for full hyperlinks.


    COVID › News

    Exclusive: Whistleblower Says With 120,000 Troops Still Unvaccinated, Army May Move June 30 Deadline Far Into Future

    An active-duty senior Army official told The Defender, on condition of anonymity, the U.S. Army is strongly considering pushing the June 30 deadline for compliance with the military’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate far into the future — but will not announce the date change until closer to, or even after, the upcoming deadline.

    As the June 30 deadline nears for compliance with the U.S. military’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate, U.S. Army officials publicly claim a very small percentage of its members are unvaccinated, reporting 96% or more of its members are fully vaccinated.

    However, the Army’s vaccination rate is in fact significantly lower than 96%, an active-duty senior Army official with access to senior-level information told The Defender — so low, that if the Army were to enforce the deadline, the loss of up to 120,000 service members would render it “combat-ineffective.”

    The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the Army is strongly considering pushing the June 30 deadline much further into the future — but will not announce the date change until closer to, or even after, the upcoming deadline.

    Concern about the number of unvaccinated service members was the topic of recent senior-level briefings, according to the official.

    He said he’s blowing the whistle now because many service members who remain unvaccinated and/or who are “on the fence” about getting the vaccine may feel compelled to do so to meet the June 30 deadline — unaware the deadline may soon change.

    He said by going public with this information now, service members who have not yet been vaccinated but who are feeling increasing pressure to get the COVID-19 vaccine may reconsider.

    Real numbers of unvaccinated Army members ‘higher than anybody thought’

    As far back as December 2021, an article on the U.S. Army website stated 96% of the Army’s 461,209 members were fully vaccinated.

    In March 2022, as the Army began to announce the initiation of separation procedures for unvaccinated soldiers, officials again claimed 96% of its service members were fully vaccinated.

    Later that month, an article on the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) website claimed “the entire force may be vaccinated for COVID-19 by early summer.”

    According to the whistleblower though, the “real numbers of unvaccinated service members are way higher than anybody thought,” adding that while “everyone thought” the number of unvaccinated in the Army was approximately 8,000-10,000 members, it is actually around 120,000.

    To confirm that number, the official confidentially shared an internal U.S. Army document, dated June 2022.

    According to the document, in the Army National Guard (ARNG), there are 280,678 members who are fully vaccinated (84.6%), and 7,735 who are partially vaccinated (1 dose) (2.3%) — leaving 43,269, or 13%, who have not yet received a single dose.

    In some states, such as Oklahoma, the document shows the vaccination rate for members of the ARNG is as low as 74.11%. Of those, the document lists 15,698 members as “refusals” and 6,749 (2.0%) as going through an exemption process — with 6,257 (1.9%) requesting a religious exemption and 492 (0.1%) requesting a medical exemption.

    The document also notes that 80% of unvaccinated soldiers in the ARNG are age 32 or younger, with an average age of 26.2 and median age of 24.

    The document adds that “unvaccinated soldiers in their first 1-3 years of service and 4-7 years of service represent the greatest risk to readiness” for the ARNG, and that “Infantry, Maintenance, Engineer and Transportation career fields represent the greatest areas [of] concern for the ARNG.”

    The document also states “projected losses could drive [the ARNG] below 70% available strength.”

    According to the document, “Current forecasts project unprogrammed, vaccination mandate-related losses to range from … 3-6% of assigned strength,” which would require an anticipated “seven-year effort at 1,500-2,000 ramp per year to restore [the] End Strength necessary to meet required Force Structure.”

    The same document also provides figures for the U.S. Army Reserve (USAR), stating that 157,390 members are fully vaccinated (87.9%), with an additional 1,411 members partially vaccinated with one dose (0.8%), leaving 19,872 members (11.3%) fully unvaccinated.

    Among the unvaccinated, 7,623 members (4.3%) are listed as “refusals” and 4,100 (2.3%) are listed as undergoing an exemption process, with 3,982 members (2.2%) having requested a religious accommodation, and 118 (0.1%) having requested a medical exemption.

    In some states, such as Wyoming, the vaccination rate in the USAR is as low as 80.9%, according to the document.

    The document also notes 65% of unvaccinated soldiers in the USAR are age 30 or younger, with an average age of 28 and a median age of 26.

    “Supply and Services, Mechanical Maintenance, Engineer and Transportation career fields represent the greatest areas [of] concern for the USAR,” the document states.

    The document recommends commanders counsel “every unvaccinated Soldier,” “explore [the] impact of Bars to Reenlistment” and “publicize [the] Novavax option as [U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)] approves” as it “may appeal to some seeking religious exemptions.”

    The number of unvaccinated service members in the ARNG and USAR is confirmed in a second document — an internal “information” document — that the whistleblower shared with The Defender.

    According to the whistleblower, this leaves approximately 56,000 unvaccinated service members in the U.S. Army itself.

    These figures refer only to the Army, the whistleblower said. He does not know the figures for other branches of the armed forces, such as the Navy, Marines and Air Force.

    The reason most members of the Army thought the number of unvaccinated was much smaller, aside from the information provided via the Army’s official channels, is that the Army has been “very tight-lipped” about these figures, “not leaking [them] to anybody, even internally,” according to the whistleblower.

    “Those who are not vaccinated are segregated, so it is hard to find out who isn’t vaccinated,” he said. “The Army has done a very good job of not letting that information be leaked across the service.”

    As a result, according to the whistleblower, “sometimes you feel you’re the only one, that there’s only a few people left” who have not received the COVID-19 vaccine.

    However, those who are unvaccinated and who are privy to the real figures are, as the whistleblower described it, “re-energized and encouraged” by these numbers.

    Army will be ‘combat-ineffective’ unless it moves June 30 deadline

    The whistleblower told The Defender the DOD still plans to separate the unvaccinated soldiers, but instead of enforcing the June 30 deadline, “what they are going to do is hold off on separating soldiers on July 1,” and “will most likely push that into 2023 at the earliest.”

    The June 2022 Army document confirms this, as it proposes that a “phased approach to involuntary separation” for unvaccinated service members would begin on October 1, 2022, with a “mandatory bar to reenlistment,” while “mandatory involuntary separations for COVID vaccine refusal” would begin January 1, 2023, and “last up to approximately 2 years.”

    The document also recommends “separations for Soldiers start in FY23 [fiscal year 2023] with a phased approach.”

    The whistleblower said the later date and “phased approach” are necessary because the Army is having a difficult time recruiting new troops, as “recruiting numbers have tanked over the past six months.”

    The June 2022 document confirms this, describing an “extremely challenging recruiting environment.”

    Moreover, the whistleblower claims that “the Army knows they cannot separate 120,000 soldiers,” as the Army would become “combat-ineffective,” which the whistleblower states is another reason why the real figures have been tightly guarded.

    “Strength is in numbers,” he said.

    Instead of getting the high numbers of vaccinated soldiers the DOD was hoping for, it appears the military now has to manage a larger-than-expected number of service members who have refused the COVID vaccine.

    “The Pentagon knows that too many [service members] have said no and that there is not much they can do about it,” said the whistleblower.

    Service members, unaware of an impending change to June 30 deadline, face a ‘very hard’ decision

    While the DOD may be ready to move the June 30 COVID-19 vaccination deadline to a later date, the whistleblower said officials are keeping this information under wraps for the time being.

    “Between now and July 1, nothing will change with the guidance,” he said, adding the new deadline will be announced at a later date.

    However, in the period between now and June 30, unvaccinated service members who remain unaware of this possible change will “have to make a very difficult decision: Get the vaccine or be separated,” the whistleblower said.

    Separately, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) last week called for the DOD to reinstate all troops discharged from any branch of the U.S. military, with their same rank, benefits and back pay.

    And Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) last week once again demanded the DOD turn over all documents related to management of the military’s medical database between 2016 and 2020, following accusations by other DOD whistleblowers that the database was altered in order to obscure evidence of injuries related to the COVID-19 vaccines.

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    Re: Coronavirus


    COVID News Watch

    Joe Biden Says Government Needs Money Because ‘There’s Going to Be Another Pandemic’ + More

    The Defender’s COVID NewsWatch provides a roundup of the latest headlines related to the SARS CoV-2 virus, including its origins and COVID vaccines.

    Joe Biden Says the Government Needs Money Because ‘There’s Going to Be Another Pandemic’

    The Daily Wire reported:

    President Joe Biden said Tuesday that the government needed more money to prepare for “the second pandemic,” which he assured reporters would come.

    Biden, responding to a question about making vaccines available to young children in the wake of the most recent Emergency Use Authorizations (EUAs), said that his administration was working to make sure that there were enough vaccines — but that his administration was also investing money into preparing for the next pandemic.

    “We’ll get through at least this year,” Biden began, adding, “We do need more money. But we don’t just need more money for vaccines for children, eventually. We need more money to plan for the second pandemic. There’s going to be another pandemic.”

    “We have to think ahead,” President Biden continued.

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    Re: Coronavirus


    Big Pharma › Views

    We need to change the system and focus as much on prevention as we do on treatment, pediatrician Dr. Joel “Gator” Warsh told Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. on a recent episode of “RFK Jr. The Defender Podcast.”
    Susan C. Olmstead

    Chronic disease among children is “skyrocketing,” Dr. Joel “Gator” Warsh told Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. on a recent episode of “RFK Jr. The Defender Podcast.”

    If we don’t change something, “every kid’s going to have a chronic disease,” Walsh said.

    An integrative and holistic pediatrician in Los Angeles, California, Warsh also is the medical advisor for Earth Conscious Films.

    While the COVID-19 pandemic led to more worried kids, said Warsh, even more worrisome is the increasing rate of chronic disease among children.

    Warsh told Kennedy he fielded calls about depressed or anxious children “every single day” during the pandemic. It was “devastating,” he said. “It’s really terrible, what’s happened to the kids.”

    He went from seeing “a lot of colds and coughs and runny noses and earaches — and all of the normal stuff — to a lot of mental health concerns, anxiety, stress, worries,” he said.

    Though the situation has improved somewhat over the last few months, Warsh said, many children are still afraid.

    “If you’re told every day to be concerned about something, then it’s really hard to turn that off. … “If we’re just talking about disease every day … then, you know, it’s no wonder that kids are gonna have mental health concerns,” he said.

    Before the pandemic, Warsh said, some studies showed around 50% of children had a chronic disease.

    “One out of two kids should not have a disease, should not be on a medication, should not be needing to see their doctor every few weeks,” Warsh said. “We need to be raising the flags and saying, ‘This is a problem.’”

    Warsh told Kennedy the increase in chronic disease has more than one root cause — and the solution will come from a combination of modern medicine and natural medicine.

    “I just think that we’re way too quick in modern medicine to give a medication, we’re way too quick to give an antibiotic,” he said. “There’s no reason we can’t use the best of natural medicine and the best of modern medicine together.”

    “We’re great at infectious disease and treatments,” Warsh said, “ … but chronic disease rates are skyrocketing now. And so we need to, I think, change the system and really focus as much on prevention as we do on treatment.”

    Kennedy claimed data from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services show that in the 1960s, about 6% of Americans had chronic diseases.

    In 1986, the percentage had grown to 11.8%, and in 2006 it reached 54%.

    When asked what’s behind higher rates of chronic disease, Warsh said there’s no single answer to that question.

    “There’s no way it can be one thing. It’s everything,” he said. “It’s the way that we’re living. It’s the nutrient-poor food that we’re eating. … If you’re not getting the nutrients, then how is your body going to be able to function properly?”

    We’re also surrounded by more chemicals, Warsh said.

    “It’s very complex, but it’s also very simple. It’s something that we’re doing. And it’s probably many things that we’re doing.”

    Warsh said he’s noticed children in his practice whose families work to decrease the use of chemicals in the home and eat more nutritious food tend to be more healthy.

    “By and large, they’re not nearly as sick as the other kids that I’ve seen over the years,” he said.

    Kennedy wondered why pediatricians aren’t sounding the alarm about the drastic rise of chronic disease in children.

    “Why is nobody saying, ‘What the heck is happening with these kids?’” he asked.

    Warsh pointed to a number of reasons.

    He said since most pediatricians are focused on their day-to-day practice, there “hasn’t been this wave of movement yet — at least amongst doctors or pediatricians — to really think about the root cause and really identify just chronic disease in general as a major issue, and then really focus on prevention.”

    The profit motive is another factor, he said, “and there’s not a lot of money [for corporations] in improving your vitamin D or eating healthier.”
    embedded video only here

    Watch the podcast here:

    27:43 video runtime


    The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of Children's Health Defense.

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    Re: Coronavirus

    ABIM: "There shall be no public accountability on our decision to de-certify Dr. McCullough"

    According to the ABIM, there is no need for a public forum between experts to determine what constitutes misinformation. That determination is made by the ABIM and its hand-selected doctors.

    Steve Kirsch

    June 22, 2022
    The American Board of Internal Medicine is seeking to take away the board certification of Dr. Peter McCullough for spreading

    See any mainstream doc defending Dr. McCullough against this over-reach by the ABIM? Nope.

    Doctors are sheep. They follow what others do and don’t speak out. Nothing to gain by speaking out. You don’t want to lose your license too!

    Since any specialty board is a private organization that is not accountable to anyone, they can technically do whatever they want.

    ABIM doesn’t want a public debate on “misinformation” because it would expose the hypocrisy. Everything is being done behind closed doors and the judges are all appointed by ABIM. It’s a rigged system. Corruption at its finest. Any judge who bucks the system will have their certifications revoked.

    It’s the same corrupt system with the outside panels of the CDC and FDA: if you rock the boat, you’re off the outside committee. The accountability is backwards. It should be to the people.

    When there is no public accountability, bad stuff happens.

    Dr. McCullough should receive an award from the ABIM for having the courage to stand for truth and science, not this awful letter and sham trial.

    For more on corrupt institutions, read this excellent Brownstone Institute article entitled Elections won’t fix this.

    Perhaps Dr. McCullough, Kory, and others will create a new private medical board named something like “American Board of Honest Physicians” or something like that. What do you think?

    In the meantime, Peter should be able to recover damages in real court should ABIM decide to decertify him.

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    Re: Coronavirus

    Major businesses being vaccinated to death.


    Report: Major life insurance firm paid out 164% more in death benefits in 2021

    by: 06/22/2022 Source:

    As COVID vaccines were being distributed widely, the fifth largest life insurance company in the United States paid out 164% more for deaths of working people ages 18 to 64 in 2021, a report said.

    In 2021, Lincoln National Life Insurance Company paid out $6 billion more for all direct claims and benefits than it did in 2020, independent journalist Margaret Menge noted in a June 15 report on

    "From 2019, the last normal year before the pandemic, to 2020, the year of the Covid-19 virus, there was an increase in group death benefits paid out of only 9 percent," Menge noted. "But group death benefits in 2021, the year the vaccine was introduced, increased almost 164 percent over 2020."

    Annual statements filed with state insurance departments were provided to Menge's Crossroads Report in response to public records requests.

    How many deaths are represented by the 164% increase?

    While "it is not possible to determine by the dollar figures on the statements," Menge noted, "if the average annual salary of people covered by group life insurance policies in the United States is $70,000, this may represent 20,647 deaths of working adults, covered by just this one insurance company. This would represent at least 10,000 more deaths than in a normal year for just this one company."

    The average death benefit for employer-provided group life insurance, according to the Society for Human Resource Management, is one year’s salary.

    The statements show that the total amount that Lincoln National paid out for all direct claims and benefits in 2021 was more than $28 billion, $6 billion more than in 2020, when it paid out a total of $22 billion, which was less than the $23 billion it paid out in 2019, the baseline year, Menge's report noted.

    Menge added: "Annual statements for other insurance companies are still being compiled and reviewed. So far, Lincoln National shows the sharpest increases in death benefits paid out in 2021, though Prudential and Northwestern Mutual also show significant increases — increases much larger in 2021 than in 2020, indicating that the cure was worse than the disease — much worse."

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    Re: Coronavirus

    Spacebusters: The End of Germ Theory



    Dr Rosenau / US Public Health Service failed Spanish Flu contagion experiments
    Goat Island / US Public Health Service failed Spanish Flu contagion experiments
    Johns Hopkins / Dr Sellard failed Measles contagion experiments
    Dr. Alfred F Hess failed Chicken Pox varicella contagion experiments
    NY State Health Department / US Public health Service failed Polio contagion
    Dr. Eleanor McBean vaccination caused Spanish Flu pandemic research
    Dr Frederick Lamont Gates / US Army Antimenigitis vaccination fiasco
    Black Death, Spanish Flu outbreak follows 14-25 vaccinations per person
    Unvaccinated doctors and families did not catch the Spanish Flu from patients
    Masha & Dasha, conjoined twins who never caught flu, colds, measles from eachother
    What is Polio really? Lead Arsenate and DDT trends vs outbreaks
    False vaccine disease eradication claims and trends
    7 common causes of Polio
    What is a “virus particle”?
    What is Cytopathic Effect “Theory”?
    What is Viral Replication “Theory”?
    What is a virology cell or tissue “Culture”?
    Cytopathic Effect Theory debunked
    Autolysis and Apoptosis
    Virus particle Isolation and Purification
    PCR test fraud and misuse
    CDC Covid PCR diagnostic test fraud
    “Insilico” imaginary genomes
    John Enders’ debunked Measles experiments
    Studies admitting virus particles are indistinguishable from cellular debris
    Fraudulent Australian failed Covid isolation experiments
    Fetal Bovine Calf Serum RNA
    Dr Stefan Lanka control experiments debunk virus theory once and for all
    1947 fraudulent Polio isolation experiments debunked
    Virology fails Koch’s postulates
    Antibodies, Antigen test fraud, HIV
    Antibody vaccine theory debunked
    Big Pharma re-name disease game
    Monkeypox fraud
    Real causes of Pox diseases
    1957 Monkeypox failed contagion experiments and controls debunk virology

    Why do some but not all people sometimes but not always seem sick together?

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    Re: Coronavirus

    Dachsie comment:

    Be sure to watch ...

    from 04:42 to 05:41 blissfully happy Dr. Walensky over kill-the-kids jab

    07:16 - 09:25 video compilation of rapid fire lies from familiar faces you know and hate


    Millions of Children to be MURDERED as FDA and CDC Approve COVID Vaccine for Babies

    First published at 16:52 UTC on June 23rd, 2022.

    14:24 video runtime

    channel image

    The Red Elephants - Vincent James

    The Red Elephants

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    Re: Coronavirus

    Shots for Tots Rollout was big flop for bigshots

    12:11 video runtime

    Kim Iversen: Biden's SHOTS FOR TOTS Rollout FAILS As Parents Don't Show To Sites
    Jun 23, 2022
    The Hill
    1.57M subscribers

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