This is just so disheartening to see the FBI and our federal government destroying our constitutional republic.

The real topping on this is that the local sheriff is contacting the creators and producers of this subversive group, the FBI and the SPLC, for what to do about this criminal entity in the county. Stevens county Sheriff, Brad Manke, should resign and disappear because his only other choice is to be allowed by the FBI and SPLC to play along with this criminal group and allow the destruction and crime to continue unabated in Stevens county, There is always the other option of a near-future mysterious demise of Sheriff Manke.


Leader Of "The Base" Militant Group Revealed As Intelligence Contractor, Suspected Federal Agent

Readers will no doubt be shocked to learn the leader of the “white supremacist neo-Nazi terrorist group” the Base is an intelligence contractor and appears to be a federal agent.

In truth, it’d probably be more shocking to learn he wasn’t a fed.

From The Guardian, “Revealed: the true identity of the leader of an American neo-Nazi terror group”:

The Guardian has learned the true identity of the leader and founder of the US-based neo-Nazi terror network the Base, which was recently the target of raids by the FBI after an investigation into domestic terrorism uncovered their plans to start a race war.

Members of the group stand accused of federal hate crimes, murder plots and firearms offenses, and have harbored international fugitives in recent months.

The Base’s leader previously operated under the aliases “Norman Spear” and “Roman Wolf”. Members of the network do not know his true identity due to the group’s culture of internal secrecy.

But the Guardian can reveal that “Norman Spear” is in fact US-born Rinaldo Nazzaro, 46, who has a long history of advertising his services as an intelligence, military and security contractor. He has claimed, under his alias, to have served in Russia and Afghanistan.

The revelation of his identity comes after a months-long investigation by the Guardian into Nazzaro and the activities of the Base.

While Nazzaro’s most recently used address is in New Jersey, there is evidence supporting his claims of being based in Russia, where he lives with his Russian wife.

His “service” seems to be linking Russia to the “white supremacist” movement in the US on behalf of the FBI.

Last August, an Oregon-based antifascist group, Eugene Antifa, warned that the Base was planning a “hate camp” in the neighboring state of Washington, and claimed Nazzaro (operating under the alias of “Spear”) had purchased land in Stevens county for training purposes. This warning came after a leak of the Base’s internal chats.

Local media outlets picked up the story, which led local law enforcement to urgently seek information on the group.

In emails obtained by the Guardian via public records request, the Stevens county Sheriff, Brad Manke, is seen contacting the FBI and the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) for advice on the group.