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Thread: Bloomberg net worth $20 billion in 2008 to $52 billion in 2019 explained

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    Bloomberg net worth $20 billion in 2008 to $52 billion in 2019 explained

    Audio of Dec. 11 2019 Max Keiser radio show, free downloads

    runtime 15 minutes, 28 seconds

    Interesting discussion of how billionaires make their billions and we become their serfs.

    This ain't "capitalism" folks!

    Double Down
    10:18 GMT 12.11.2019(updated 10:57 GMT 12.11.2019) Get short URL
    by Stacy Herbert, Max Keiser
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    On today’s double-header episode of Double Down, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss billionaires doubling their wealth on ‘QE, Not QE’ and the coup that is not a coup in Bolivia.

    The wealthiest Americans continue to berate the bottom 99% of the population for being angry at their soaring pile of stagnant wealth. Did Michael Bloomberg, for example, who went from a net worth of $20 billion in 2008 to $52 billion in 2019, really ‘earn’ that? Or was he ‘given’ it by the generous Federal Reserve Bank which has been bailing out the elite and printing money like there is no tomorrow. With monetary policy, however, only the top 1% are fed the Fed’s free money and those at the bottom of the deplorable pile only receive money tainted with high interest rates, thus exacerbating the wealth and income gap destabilizing politics in America. They also discuss the military coup in lithium-rich Bolivia that is not being called a ‘coup’ by either side of the political divide in American media. Tune into Double Down to hear more on the latest happenings this quarter.

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