Now is the time for all GSUS members to offer any positive helps and tricks you know of that may make a big difference for our survival.

call 1 888 213 4338

if you are a "senior" however they define that

you get a 50 percent discount if your order totals 150 dollars

AND you get free shipping just for the 150 order - don't need to be a senior

tell them Dachsie from Austin TX sent you I just ordered 10 bottles at $16 dollars a bottle to total 160. Get the same deal for yourself if you are a senior. This morning they had 500 bottles available but you guys could make it disappear fast.
(they also have a few bottles of the 20 parts per million colloidal silver but the 30ppm is preferable.)

This stuff is great to pour on a cut after rinsing the wound with clear water

Here is how I use colloidal silver

if I wake up in the morning and feel like I am getting a sore throat, I gargle this stuff for about 1 minute.

All I can tell you is that this stuff works. Some people take it internally, I never have, but you can decide for yourself.

This stuff kills every kind of organism and since we cannot get clorox or disinfectants right now, it is wise to keep this on hand.