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Thread: server stolen and site shut down. Sad Evil News

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    To my brothers and sisters,

    At roughly 12:00 midnight the backend server went down. I had to wait until morning to get eyes on the server rack. My heart skipped as the server rack was empty and they left me with a glove and a video cable on the ground but the main backend server to has been stolen. No other servers on the racks were touched so this was a very high level job that was carried out against the world. At this point I have no other servers that I can bring this back up with. It is with a heavy heart that I have to say is gone. Consider the server compromised. I do have a kill switch enabled for such an event but I have no way to ever know if it would work other than for a time like this.

    This is about the 3/22 lockdown that is coming. My brothers and sisters, I truly believe I was onto something with the ID2020 in the vaccine that is forthcoming. I believe if you take this vaccine your DNA will be corrupted and that essentially all is lost. Without this vaccine they are going to isolate you and stop you from buying and selling. Things are adding up.

    All glory to God, YHWH. It is by His hand and His power that we did what did and awakened as many as we awoke. There is only 1 name under heaven by which you may be saved and that is Yahushua / Yeshua / Jesus. Whatever name you call Him, I believe He is the Only Son of YHWH and He died on the cross and by His blood we can be saved. The Bible says to call upon His name to be saved. Then I urge all of you to read your Bibles and know and love the commands He has given His children. He wants a holy people who will die for Him and who will prove themselves worthy.

    My love is for all of you guys and for humanity. This little "fringe" site was waking up 25,000 people a day and it all because of the content creators who waged this battle to stop what is happening right now. We all saw this day coming, we all knew it was coming and it is here. Be strong, be couragous, and be a mighty warrior for our Father, YHWH. There is no fear here, only a promise that our Messiah gave us. I truly love you all.

    Until the end,

    John 3:16

    Jason Boss -runs site from central America somewhere.

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    Re: server stolen and site shut down. Sad Evil News

    another note @ - he doesn't date it but I imagine it's from today?

    To my brothers and sisters,

    I will be turning everything off in a few days and I wanted to give you my final thoughts and goodbyes. To our anonymous admin, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being loyal and helping me build There was only 2 of us and the person who did the most work must stay anonymous as it was extremely dangerous for them to do all they did from the country they are in. Secondly, I want to thank all the content creators for making the goto place for real news. I respect all of you beyond measure and you all were really the strength of who we are and what we began. And to all the viewers and supporters of You guys now have the eyes to see and the ears to hear what is going on. We can't be deceived in a lost world.

    I believe I am onto something with ID2020 containing a nano tech that will essentially make your body be able to retain data. Everything I can tell is that this is the mark or is a framework for the next nano build but whatever it is, it isn't good. They are gonna push this hoax until the wheels falls off. The answer they are giving us is the vaccine.

    Many have said to put the box back up and start again and unfortuantly things aren't simple like they were in the past. When the first server was stolen, I already had 98% of the box already mirrored and all I had to do was move just a bit of data to get it restored. We don't have a server, we don't have time, and we don't have a place that will host a box that contains so much truth. I put every trick and trade I knew to hide that box and for 3 years I believe they had a hard time finding it. I believe when we lost the server the first time that it was about the same deal but because I had the backup, their plans were thwarted. was for a day before lockdown.

    Some people have commented at the coicidence of timing and asked if was a honeypot and it was never a honeypot. I told everyone if they needed to be anonymous, use a fake email address. You could always update emails or whatever by yourself. The people that are doing this don't need to know who is for them or who is against them. My time at google led me to exposing Project Kansas which is a human profiling system. I took the news to the New York Times and they wouldn't touch it. That was at least 12 years ago. We lost the battle for privacy along time ago. They know everyone of you through all the technologies you use and have used. So if your scared of them knowing who you are, you better turn of everything because simply booting your phone gives you a away. But no...we were no honeypot and we never kept anything on anyone.

    That leads me to my final thoughts. I am truly sorry we are now to the point where we are. The powers that be are genius' in their schemes and they have an army of demons helping them devise such great evil. My hopes and dreams prior to where we are is that we could fight these guys and be ready for something of such magnatude.

    Lastly, for anyone that wants to contact me, the last place you will find me is by emailing I will post on youtube until they silence me. and if you were a content creator here, please hit me up on youtube so I can sub to you. I have no idea what your youtube names are so I am missing my 153news daily hits.

    Much love to you all. May God bless you and your families and may you call upon the name of Yeshua to be saved. Do not fear this virus, fear the one who can take away your soul. Stand strong for YHWH!


    FWIW Jason Boss was interviewed by Mike Williams / Sage of Quay YT ch in July 2018, ~8y after he defected from joogle & waited for the 8y NDA to end then started blowing the whistle on what they were up to ending at his 2010 end of employment.

    1:16:47 NOW PLAYING
    Sage of Quay - Jason Boss of - Google, Censorship & The Pursuit of Truth (July 2018)

    Tonight my very special guest is Jason Boss.

    Jason is the owner of which is a censorship free platform for truth and alternative research content providers.

    The conversation with Jason was wide ranging as he discusses his tenure with Google, his starting 153News and how truthers need to be careful when researching and investigating certain events.

    Jason's Platform:
    FAKE "ELECTIONS" - Why Ron Paul Can't "Win"

    "If telling the truth marginalizes you, then that is the place to be. After all, if enough people are willing to be marginalized, then before you know it, society has developed a different center. This is the politics of truth." -- E. Martin Schotz

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    Re: server stolen and site shut down. Sad Evil News

    James Fetzer just said on his live radio show right now that is back up. It will take Jason several days to reupload 40,000 videos.

    Ladies and Gentleman, The Great Deception of the Bible is upon us. If you believe people are dying enmasse, then you have been deceived. So far, there are no mass bodies.

    quite a few videos here

    The VIDEO version of this show will be uploaded after 7 pm Central - how long after 7 I do not know --on the

    Gus Chambers channel on Bitchute

    Is showing videos of citizen journalists checking out all the empty testing areas and tents and long waiting lines of CV patients. Should be interesting video.

    Was looking for statement/video by Jason Boss to explain how it is that he was able to get back up and running but could not find any statement.

    Guess Gus Chambers will start up a channel again on

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