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Thread: Recent Jim Willie Interview - Must Hear Now

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    Exclamation Recent Jim Willie Interview - Must Hear Now

    I've been a Jim Willie follower and subscriber since 2005 and this is his best interview ever. He covers a broad range of subjects and ties them together quite well. In the early years Jim's assertions and predictions were rather outlandish and shocking. What is now astonishing is that so many of his predictions have come to pass and his contemporary revelations not only make sense but ring of truth.

    Subject keywords: covid-19 and the media plandemic, targeted release of covid strains, Gates and vaccine-depopulation, WHO, Red Cross fraud and murder, REPO, interest rate derivatives blowup, Fed, Treasury and Trump takeover, Trump and the white hats, tribunals and 50,000 elite executions, China gold lease to US broken, world dumping of US treasuries, dedollarization, belt and road initiative, COVID forced vaccination and the police state

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