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Thread: Diagnosing the scary killer virus

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    Diagnosing the scary killer virus

    It appears there is a causative agent, although definitely not actually scientifically proven to exist - yet. I've heard (2nd person) accounts of people getting deathly ill (cannot breathe, cannot get out of bed, 3 weeks of this, "feels like I got run over by a train ten times", etc.). One was a cousin of a business associate who was reportedly in excellent health and a marathon runner. One fellow in my neck of the woods suffered a stroke when he fell ill from whatever this is back in January. So there appears to be something really bad having made the rounds but it isn't taking out everyone, and certainly no more deadly than the seasonal flu.

    I've always maintained from the beginning that this is a well engineered psyop but there has to be some actual pathogen making the rounds to make it *real*. The peak is most likely past, just like the seasonal flu. It's certainly not what we're being told. The 'second wave' may be yet another bio-engineered pathogen to propel the propaganda and to push the agenda of comrade tracing, testing, and social conditioning/engineering.

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    Re: Diagnosing the scary killer virus

    there is a causative agent
    The common denominator would seem to be hospitals.

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    Re: Diagnosing the scary killer virus

    There will be a sequel for sure, given how well the first installment was received by the GP.
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