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    Simple Things

    Viruses take root in mucus membranes.

    I keep a blue mason jar with a 1 oz ingot of pure silver filled with tap water. It sits on the N pole of 4,000 gauss magnet. In the evening before sleep I flush out each eye with an eye cup for about 5 seconds with this water.

    Next I fill the reservoir of a cpap humidifier with the same water. The humidifier has another 1 oz ingot of silver and I breath this water all night.

    Finally on the same magnet the blue mason jar sits on I have a NeilMed sinus rinse and I give each nose a good squirt of saline water.

    Silver has always been considered to be antibacterial and possibly is antiviral. People used to drop a silver dollar into their wells and silver was placed in milk to extend the storage life. Blue bloods are so named because their blood developed a blue hue as a result of using silver flatware and plates. There appears to be sufficient historical background to suggest it is effective.

    Both gold and silver are paramagnetic. They aren't attracted to magnets. They are repelled by it. Water is also paramagnetic. Blood is mostly water but hemoglobin contains Fe. Iron is magnetic.

    Just some thoughts. It's your nose and eyes so do your own housecleaning.

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