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The guy who is the host of this site believes the official story about the "disease" and the "pandemic."
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Click on the map and see how your state is doing with the "virus"

I have my theory as to why Nebraska is doing the best of all the states in handling the financial side effects of "the virus." It is a low population state that has lethal snow storms and killing cold temperatures. Those people of the great plains know how to deal with hardship and things beyond their control.

"Things Don't Look Good In Las Vegas" - Nevada Suffered Biggest Economic Blowback From COVID-19
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by Tyler Durden
Sat, 07/04/2020 - 18:45

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Housing Hardship Index: Coronavirus crushes some state economies, spares others
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Jul. 1, 2020

"As economists around the world try to make sense of the coronavirus pandemic's growth-destroying capacity, a team at has devised a simple measure of 'economic hardship' to measure how much the outbreak in the US has harmed each state. BR's index comprises measures of unemployment and mortgage delinquencies (two critical signs of personal financial peril) to judge how the people of every state have fared since the outbreak began." SNIP

Coronavirus boosts Housing Hardship Index
To measure the pandemic's economic fallout by state, Bankrate summed each state's unemployment rate and mortgage delinquency rate for May. Nevada ranked worst, with an index of 35.29. Nebraska's 11.32 was best.

The 5 hardest-hit states from coronavirus

The fallout for real estate and labor markets is severe in some corners of the country. These five states fared the worst in May:

1. Nevada. Its mortgage delinquency rate rose to 9.99 percent in May from 7.97 in April. Unemployment fell to 25.3 percent from 28.2 percent in April, for an overall reading of 35.29. Nevada also was the hardest-hit state in April.
2. Hawaii. Another tourism-dependent state, Hawaii saw its mortgage delinquency rate rise to 9.30 percent in May from 7.12 percent in April. Unemployment edged up to 22.6 percent in May from 22.3 percent in April, for an overall measure of 31.90. Hawaii remained No. 2 in Bankrate’s hardship ranking.
3. Michigan. The long-struggling state had reported more than 6,100 deaths from COVID-19 as of June 30. Its delinquency rate rose to 6.59 percent in May from 5.70 percent in April. Unemployment dipped to 21.2 percent in May from 22.7 percent in April, for an overall reading of 27.79.
4. New Jersey. Another state hit hard by the coronavirus, New Jersey saw its delinquency rate jump to 10.49 percent in May from 8.81 percent in April. Its unemployment rate of 15.2 percent dipped down from 15.3 percent in April.
5. Rhode Island. Mortgage delinquency rates jumped to 8.41 percent in May from 7.27 percent in April. Unemployment was 16.3 percent.

Texas was 14th hardest hit.