From 1960 to 2020 — that 60-year span — the death of America has been slowly playing out. And if you look real closely, you'll notice something very important. The entire process is bookended by two Catholic politicians: John Kennedy and Joe Biden.

Sixty years ago, John F. Kennedy sacrificed the promise of Catholicism on the altar of political expediency, and now, 60 years later, the wheels he set in motion have reached their logical conclusion — the death of the culture and the Church in America.

While running for president in 1960, JFK delivered a speech before a large gathering of Protestant ministers in Texas, where he essentially gave up any public aspect of his Faith. He did it, of course, to win the White House, but the surface reason was to appease Protestants, whose knickers were all in a bunch about a Catholic becoming president.

While America was a predominantly Protestant nation, it was still living largely by a moral code delivered to it by the Catholic Church. Divorce was still hush-hush. Contraception, while quietly accepted and gaining traction, was still somewhat taboo. Abortion? No way. Only the scum of the medical profession did abortions (pretty much like today).

So while the shingle hanging outside the American house read "Protestant," the wallpaper and furniture inside were Catholic. Still, the Protestant sign mattered, and the Protestants who owned the house wanted assurance that the pope was not going to be running America from a secret U.S. Vatican set up by Kennedy.
I am not the Catholic candidate for president. I am the Democratic Party's candidate for president. ... I do not speak for my Church on public matters, and the Church does not speak for me.

So Kennedy disabused them of any such notion, but in the process, he went further and disavowed the Faith in general, relegating it to some back-of-the-bus status in the public forum. In the last minute of his speech he said, "I am not the Catholic candidate for president. I am the Democratic Party's candidate for president ... I do not speak for my Church on public matters, and the Church does not speak for me."

Well, fast-forward 60 years, this is the same line Joe Biden goes by. He does not bring his Faith into politics. Nor does he bow to the Church's teachings privately as well as publicly.

Both these men form giant bookends — brackets — and, in between those brackets, the Church was smashed to smithereens by many others who got the message loud and clear: Faith and morality could be ignored in the political realm.

In between, you will notice that a larger than proportional share of those selling out both Church and country have been and continue to be Catholics. And they are both in the hierarchy as well as the political arena.

They have embraced the separation of Church and State (taking their cue from Kennedy in the speech before the Greater Houston Ministerial Association); they've run amok with it, carrying it to its inevitable conclusion.

And how fitting that now — at the end of the road — with the process being started by a Catholic, carried for decades by Catholics, we have a Catholic this close to driving the final nail into the coffin of both Church and State. The United States is on the cusp of becoming a Marxist nation, a socialist bastion, and the country will have Catholic Judases to thank for it.

They certainly did not act exclusively, but in many many ways, they led the charge as well as carried the water. The likes of Mario Cuomo (father to current New York governor Andrew Cuomo) was the first American to push the idea of "personally opposed, but" regarding abortion.

He uttered those damnable words first at Notre Dame in 1984 with Fr. Theodore Hesburgh — another Judas — standing at his side. Hesburgh had invited the pro-abortion Cuomo to Notre Dame to raise some publicity in an attempt to defeat President Ronald Reagan in the run-up to the election.

Reagan won that 1984 election in a landslide against the hapless socialist Walter Mondale. That was likely a high-water mark for the admixture of faith and politics in American presidential politics in the modern age. While that was going on publicly; offstage, Marxists were working feverishly in the Church, in the media and in higher education to blunt Reagan's effect and bring about a societal change that would never allow that high-water mark to ever be reached again.

AOC, as just one example of a horrible Catholic and socialist, was born the year after Reagan left office. She and many of her ilk were born and grew up in the world — inside the Kennedy-Biden brackets — where religion and patriotism were being actively and purposefully destroyed.

Political conservatives and the theologically orthodox were caught completely off guard, congratulating themselves on how their intellectual superiority had won the day, forgetting that Satan never rests and that truth must be handed on and fought for in every generation.

By the time the majority woke up, the second bracket — Joe Biden and everything his cohort stands for — was already in place. And the walls have begun closing in, those brackets squeezing down on their intended targets. Any Catholic who is still naive enough to believe that a Biden administration (really a Harris administration) is going to let authentic Catholicism exist, much less flourish, truly needs professional help.
Satan never rests; truth must be handed on and fought for in every generation.

That crowd would assume power and then, before you can say "persecution," would immediately consolidate its political power and turn the full fury of it on the Church. They will eliminate the Senate filibuster, which will create a "majority rules" approach to everything on Capitol Hill.

Then they will go about granting statehood to both Puerto Rico and Washington, D.C. so they can add to their power, bringing in four — count 'em, four — new senators, all Democrats.

Then, if they believe they need to (depending on how the current Supreme Court fight unfolds), they will pack the high court, adding multiple new justices, with little fanfare by the Democrat–top-heavy Senate — eager to take revenge.

Then, with all power locked down and enlarged, they will begin the work of finishing off America. It's not entirely clear, in fact, if or why there would ever be another election in America, except perhaps for show. In reality, what would be the point? Same party. Same ideology. Different faces. At that point, they might as well just appoint the next generation of leaders. Why bother with an election?

In the run-up to all of this, remember: It was the nation's bishops who really did, at one point, possess the influence to prevent this from getting going. They were, in fact, the only group who could have done something to stop the pebble rolling downhill from becoming our current landslide.

They rolled over on divorce and contraception. They whimpered away from any fight on abortion — and actually, to even this day — still do.

They sat by idly and watched their Catholic colleges and universities become hives for moral and political sedition. They could have done any number of things. But they didn't. They chose not to act. And so, we have arrived where we are owing to their complicity.

They will not be spared in any coming conflagration. Just as Stalin and Hitler both executed those who assisted them into power, there will no longer be a need for most of these men, and their socialist allies will dispose of them without a second thought.

Many of the so-called Catholic politicos who have been so instrumental over the decades in bringing us to this point — they grew up with these men, went to school with them, graduated from the prestigious Catholic high schools and universities. How, you ask, could this have happened?

Because faith was separated from politics for the mutual advantage of the destroyers. They needed everything redefined, reexamined, re-imagined. And they got what they wanted with one of their own, Supreme Court justice Anthony Kennedy (another faith-challenged Catholic), who wrote these defining words about liberty in the landmark pro-abortion ruling, Planned Parenthood v. Casey in 1992:

At the heart of liberty is the right to define one's own concept of existence, of meaning, of the universe, and of the mystery of human life. ... People have organized intimate relationships and made choices that define their views of themselves and their places in society, in reliance on the availability of abortion in the event that contraception should fail.

So "liberty," freedom granted to us by God, is for us to use to define our own concept of existence and the mystery of human life? After having graduated from Stanford in 1958, the young Catholic Kennedy was a second-year Harvard Law student when John F. Kennedy made his remarks before Houston Protestant ministers that religion should have no influence over politics.

His ruling in Casey sums up the reality of being between the bookends — perhaps better than any other few words in modern history: Each man is at liberty to define the meaning of life suited to his own subjective whims.

These past 60 years have been a time in political utero for a monster to be conceived and born. We must pray with all our might that what is delivered in this election is a stillborn.