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    Wink Vacuum sealing food

    Things seem to be getting kind of iffy out there. I just wanted to remind everyone that you can vacuum seal all kinds of goodies in canning jars. When poop hits the fan, having some comfort food might not be such a bad thing. I have lived the last 7 years on an extremely limited diet of about 10 to 15 foods. Food fatigue can happen when constantly eating the same food over and over again. You can also become allergic to it too. How I worked this out was to rotate my limited foods On a 4 day rotation. I would eat chicken and winter squash on day 1. Day 2 was bison and spaghetti squash, day 3 was duck and green peas. day 4 was elk and cow peas, I was able to eat rice or rice cakes daily. By waiting at least 72 hours between I would actually crave the meal.

    Anyway, a lot of people donít realize you can vacuum seal chips or crackers for years in canning jars and have them taste like fresh baked when you open it! I vacuum seal my brown rice too. I have eaten it 5 years later and could not tell ! The secret to storing brown rice is to get it fresh milled. If buying in bulk, it will have the mill date printed on the bag. You may have to call the company and find out what the mill date code is. But get the brown rice vacuum sealed in the jars ASAP! It does not work very well if you buy rice that has already sat on the shelf for 6 months.

    I have been known to vacuum seal Justin peanut butter cups in jars and hide them thru out my storage. That way you wonít be expecting them and they will be a total surprise!

    Other things that vacuum seal well is pancake mix. I buy a brand from Costco and itís made with gluten free type flour like cassava, tiger nut, etc. it says Paleo on the front. Costco also has a large tub of organic Ghee- Clarified butter. I remove it from their tub and put in canning jars and vacuum seal. It will sit out on the counter opened for at least a month and in the jars indefinitely. This is an awesome change up of foods. The pancakes only take water to make and the ghee can be slathered on! You can also vacuum seal real maple syrup in canning jars.

    My point being, the sky is the limit! Buy now and vacuum seal all your goodies!

    Hope this helps keep you from food fatigue!

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