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Thread: Tyrannical Democrats in NJ are trying to CRIMINALIZE failure to wear a mask!!!!!

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    Tyrannical Democrats in NJ are trying to CRIMINALIZE failure to wear a mask!!!!!

    I just got this urgent message from StandforHealthFreedom that the NJ Democrats are going to try to criminalize the failure to wear a mask. It's not posted at the standforhealthfreedom site, so I'm posting the message here, so I can drop links all over the internet back to this post, so anyone from NJ can copy it and respond to those TYRANTS!!!

    NOTE-- in step 1 in the directions, it tells you to click on 11am, but the time has actually been changed to 12pm.

    ALERT: On Thursday, October 22, the New Jersey Senate Judiciary Committee will be hearing bill S2814, which makes failure to wear a mask into a store with posted signage during the declared state of emergency by Governor Phil Murphy a criminal trespass offense.
    If passed, S2814 “shall take effect immediately and shall expire upon the expiration of the state of emergency declared by the Governor in Executive Order 103 of 2020.” According the bill’s language, “a person commits a violation if that person is not properly wearing a mask which at a minimum simultaneously covers the nose and mouth.” The offense is punishable by up to 30 days imprisonment, a fine of $500 or both. You can take four simple steps now to show how many New Jerseyans oppose this bill.

    1. Publicly log/record your opposition here. (Note: The “virtual witness slip” is used as a tally to document the support and opposition for this specific bill. The numbers are important; spread the word.) How to log your opposition: click this Thursday’s date on the October calendar, click 11:00 a.m. Senate Judiciary Committee, click Registration Form at the top, fill out that form and note S2814 as the bill.
    2. Sign up to testify in opposition to bill S2814 on the same registration form you used to log your opposition (instructions above in item number 1). You can use the talking points hereto help prepare your testimony.
    3. Contact the sponsor of S2814 and the members of the Senate Judiciary Committee (their contact information is listed below). Urge them to oppose the bill and ask them the questions listed below.
    4. Join fellow freedom fighters in Trenton on Thursday, October 22. Details are here.


    • How long beyond October 2020 does the legislative body assume that the New Jersey public health emergency will extend?
    • Why aren’t exemptions for residents with medical conditions mentioned in bill S2814 when they are expressly permitted by Executive Order 122?
    • Every individual has a different physiological and psychological makeup. How is this bill accounting for these differences? (For your reference, Executive Order 122 states that workers and customers are to wear cloth face coverings “except where doing so would inhibit that individual’s health or where the individual is under two years of age.” It goes on to say that, “Where an individual declines to wear a face covering on store premises due to a medical condition that inhibits such usage, neither the essential retail business nor its staff shall require the individual to produce medical documentation verifying the stated condition.”)
    • Why doesn’t S2814 list the age requirements for masks that are cited in Executive Order 122?
    • Is it legal for the legislative body to mandate a mask/article of clothing for all New Jersey residents/patrons?
    • For those with deeply held religious beliefs, does forced mask-wearing violate their ability to abide by natural law and follow their convictions to walk in faith, not fear?
    • Is forcing individuals to abide by measures that restrict their ability to move freely throughout society without discrimination constitutional?
    • Who will “police” this law? Will small business owners, many of whom have already suffered financial losses this year, be forced to report their patrons?

    Together, we must STAND to protect the health and civil freedoms of New Jersey residents.
    Follow Innovative Parenting New Jersey on Facebookvia Telegram. Sign up here to participate in Twitter storms to alert the members of the Senate Judiciary Committee that bill S2814 is not acceptable.
    Lastly, share this campaign with your family, your neighbors and people like your hairdresser and barber so that we can show how many New Jersey voters care about protecting their freedoms when it comes to masking healthy residents. Even if people aren’t passionate about health freedom issues, this bill is a great place to start the conversation because the science on masking healthy individuals is constantly evolving and is not universally accepted by medical professionals.
    In solidarity,
    Stand for Health Freedom &
    Innovative Parenting NJ

    Lawmakers to contact
    Richard Codey, the sponsor of S2814
    District 27 (Democrat)
    (973) 535-5017
    Senate Judiciary Committee Members:
    Nicholas Scutari - Chair
    District 22 (Democrat)
    (908) 587-0404

    Nellie Pou - Vice-Chair
    District 35 (Democrat)
    (973) 247-1555

    Paul Sarlo
    District 36 (Democrat)
    (201) 804-8118

    Troy Singleton
    District 7 (Democrat)
    (856) 234-2790

    Bob Smith
    District 17 (Democrat)
    (732) 752-0770

    Brian Stack
    District 33 (Democrat)
    (201) 721-5263 (Jersey City)
    (201) 376-1942 Cell

    Loretta Weinberg
    District 37 (Democrat)
    (201) 928-0100

    Kristin Corrado
    District 40 (Republican)
    (973) 237-1360

    Michael Doherty
    District 23 (Republican)
    (908) 835-0552

    Christopher Bateman
    District 16 (Republican)
    (908) 526-3600

    Gerald Cardinale
    District 39 (Republican)
    (201) 567-2324 (Cresskill)
    (862) 248-0491 (Haskell)

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    Re: Tyrannical Democrats in NJ are trying to CRIMINALIZE failure to wear a mask!!!!!

    That's rich considering there is no emergency.....I know the gov is slow and late to the party, but damn...
    "Is it really a crime to report that the government is committing a crime?"

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    Re: Tyrannical Democrats in NJ are trying to CRIMINALIZE failure to wear a mask!!!!!

    So, here's the latest, I spent all day yesterday working on my letter--I wanted to address the whole mask issue (with lots of references showing no evidence they protect you from the fake virus, and lots of evidence of how they are unhealthy), but I also wanted to expose the whole scam (scientific fraud with the PCR tests, high false positives, casedemic rather than pandemic, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich's outline of the scientific fraud and crimes against humanity, scientists and doctors saying it's no more deadly than the seasonal flu, etc).

    I sent it out to the state senators on the committee (7 Democrat TYRANTS, 4 SANE Republicans). Then I found out that they changed their minds at the last minute and are not discussing it today. No explanation so far, so I have no idea if they realized the opposition was so overwhelming that they didn't dare or if they are going to try to sneak it through some other way (I don't trust these Democrat TYRANTS!!) (Also, I'm sure the Democrats won't even read it)

    One of the Republicans sent a quick message back saying that he was not in support of the bill and that he also did NOT support the mask mandate. So, that's good.

    I think next week, I'm going to revisit this issue. Since I went through the trouble of documenting the scientific fraud of the PCR tests, the survival rates, how we're dealing with something like the seasonal flu, how scientists say this is a casedemic, etc., I think I'm going send just those parts of the letter to every single state legislator and ask them to do something about Gov Murphy's emergency order because it's obvious there's no emergency!!!

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    Re: Tyrannical Democrats in NJ are trying to CRIMINALIZE failure to wear a mask!!!!!

    Here's the latest:

    Bill S2814 regarding mask mandates and trespassing has been removed from the Senate Judiciary Committee agenda for tomorrow, Thursday, October 22, 2020. *Tomorrow's Rally has been postponed due to the bill being removed from the agenda!*

    Thank you to all the NJ Advocates who called, emailed, tweeted, logged opposition or volunteered to testify. It appears that our voices were heard.

    Please continue to engage your legislators on the matter and watch for this bill to be put back on the calendar.

    SHF and Innovative Parenting NJ
    The more I think of it, of course none of them are going to bother reading my letter now b/c they don't have to deal with that bill--I'm sure they're just going to throw the letter away.

    So, I'm definitely going to resend, with new focus being, that high level scientists from around the world are saying that the PCR test is fraudulent, this is not a deadly disease, it's similar to the flu, scientists (ex-Pfizer Chief Scientist Dr. Michael Yeadon) are saying there's no second wave, it's being faked with false positives, this has a survival rate of 99.99%, so get that FAT PIG Murphy to end the fake state of emergency!! And I'll mention that this will NEVER end as long as they continue to use that bogus test (and hijack the flu)- (also, fwiw, in the most recent America's front line doctors talk in front of SCOTUS, one of them, maybe Dr. James Todero, said "pandemics don't last forever." (yet they are going to make this one go on and on until they destroy us)

    IMO- our only hope is by exposing the FRAUD, like the German-American lawyer did (we need more lawyers like him)

    Here's the latest from RFK--though he's been helpful in exposing the vaccines, I don't think this is helpful at all. Who the hell cares about the origin of something that doesn't exist? And I'm assuming he has to know about the scientific fraud, b/c I sent that German lawyer to them, plus the German lawyer guy Dr. Fuellmich is connected to the German doctors who set up the formal inquiry, led by Dr. Heiko Schoning
    Children’s Health Defense is asking all of our members and supporters to contact their Senators and Representatives urging them to ensure that a thorough investigation of COVID’s origins is launched immediately

    Here's RFK's letter:
    Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and president Lyn Redwood wrote to key members of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives asking for a thorough Congressional investigation of the origins of the COVID-19 virus. The letter read in part: We are not suggesting malintent. Indeed, nobody at the Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, or Fukushima Daiichi nuclear facilities meant for a dangerous radiation leak to happen. Harm and malevolence arise from silencing those who are demanding answers or failing to investigate the pandemic’s origin, mistakes made, and how best to prevent future events from recurring. For most people currently alive, COVID-19 is the greatest destructive event of their lifetime, and is a defining time point in world history. China, by the nature of its communist political system, cannot be relied on to thoroughly investigate this matter. It falls upon the leadership of the U.S. Congress to accept its moral duty and God-given and legally pre-ordained responsibility to launch complete and transparent investigations. The grants and publications which show that U.S.-funded coronavirus gain-of-function research was taking place at Wuhan are public and cannot be ignored forever. If we do nothing, history will hold us and our system of government accountable. Letters were sent to Rand Paul, Tom Cotton, Josh Hawley, Ron Johnson, and Ted Cruz in the Senate and to Jim Jordan, Bill Posey, James Comer, and Carolyn Maloney in the House.

    Again, I appreciate RFK Jr exposing the vaccine horrors, fighting the vax mandates and the 5G, but I seriously don't see how the above is helpful. IMO This will never end until the FRAUD is exposed.

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    Re: Tyrannical Democrats in NJ are trying to CRIMINALIZE failure to wear a mask!!!!!

    "This will never end until the FRAUD is exposed"
    If fraud is a factor then it never began. Things that don't begin never end

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