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Thread: Important TIP -- Voting on an electronic voting machines

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    Important TIP -- Voting on an electronic voting machines

    Important Voting Tip

    My county has new 9.7 million dollar Election Systems & Software brand of voting machines.

    This tip probably applies to any brand of voting machine.

    Do this.

    For each page of your ballot, count the number of “places” or races or for-against issues where you chose to not cast a vote.

    Then go to the Summary Page for that page of the ballot and count the number of oval notices that have message like
    “No Selection” and make sure that number matches your count of places where you did not cast a vote.

    If the numbers do not match, go back to that page of the ballot and review your votes and make sure that all the places where you did cast a vote show up, like in dark green color, that you did vote and verify that your choice properly registered.

    Add or make any corrections and check over carefully again and count again the number of uncontested or any races you chose not to vote on. Then go to the Summary Page again and make sure the number oval “no selection” matches your number count.

    You will have no way of knowing that the “no selection” message appears for the correct place on the ballot but this checking process should provide some help in the voter making sure that their choices registered in the machine.

    The dark green filled in places that showed I made a selection can apparently go to unselected status without the voter noticing it before continuing to the next page of the ballot.

    That should not happen and voters are not being told to do the counting procedure to check each page of the ballot before you cast tour ballot.

    This is one reason why we do not trust electronic voting machines.

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