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Thread: Discharge or Extinguish

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    Discharge or Extinguish

    Discharge is a paper concept. Extinguish exists in the space where specie operates.

    Think of a contract as a capacitor. A capacitor that is charged by every contract behavior engaged in. Discharge of the capacitor may be partial or complete. In either case the contract(s) still exist and might continue to produce a future charge. The capacitor still exists.

    Extinguishment on the other hand has the effect of taking a sledge hammer to the capacitor. It becomes both discharged and no longer capable of being charged. The contract(s) never existed.

    A single dollar of silver or gold has this inherent trait. Copper works as well for those of the peasant class. Silver is used by gentlemen but people who assert the highest status (complete responsibility for their actions) use gold. Essentially what you use to extinguish contracts reflects your view of who you are dealing with and who you are.

    Dealing with a corporation is problematic. They are illusions and don't really exist. If they lack existence why would you claim they have a contract with you? The capacitor and charge (/discharge) don't exist because like contracts with like. If you lack existence too then by all means pretend there is something to be discharged and feel free to use monopoly money to pretend to do so. Don't let the information above get in the way of your happiness.

    I have no doubt a wealth of controversy will be generated by the above concepts but your quantum universe is yours and you are the sole authority in it. You are free to adopt whatever laws or philosophy you like ... or you may reject them as well.

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