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Thread: Dr. Richard Day, Dr. Lwrence Dunnegan, Dr. Stan Monteith, transcript , Part 3 of 3

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    Dr. Richard Day, Dr. Lwrence Dunnegan, Dr. Stan Monteith, transcript , Part 3 of 3

    Part 3 of 3

    Originally thought this would require 5 part posting but turns out 3 parts suffices


    Dr. Stan: That’s a frightening frightening thing to contemplate, yet that’s exactly what is happening today.

    Dr. Dunegan: Yes. And the interesting thing is that it’s always veiled under concern and love and we’re helping you out. You know, we love all our fellow men. But there were some elements about ‘Let’s face it. Not all people are equal. We all know that. Some people are not as smart, not as capable, capable of doing only menial tasks.’ And there were some racial allusions there. Now if you have a continent full of people that are not capable of doing what Europeans are capable of doing, or Europeans who have become Americans are doing, then you can’t leave such a large rich continent under the control of people that can’t manage it.

    Dr. Stan: The ultimate in racism hiding behind the banner of love and compassion.

    Dr. Dunegan: Yes.

    Dr. Stan: OK Fine. So basically he was talking about … did he say these diseases would be produced? Where would they come from, these new diseases that were going to come into society?

    Dr. Dunegan: That was not explicit at the time, as I recall it. I just … the best I can recall was that they would occur, and I kept wondering am I going to miss them. Will I even recognize them or even will I get them? You know, will I myself succumb to something like this? But in terms of how this would be brought about, I don’t think that was addressed at all.

    Dr. Stan: OK So, we begin to see there was an active program … that not just sort of passively bringing about population control, but actively bringing about population control?

    Dr. Dunegan: Yes.

    Dr. Stan: Were there any other points that he made as far as population control is concerned? You know because this is so foreign to the average listener, the idea that we would have a “demise pill.” In other words, we would kill older people, and we would… 1969… the idea that we would start aborting the children of this country in mass numbers was foreign.

    Did he talk at all about pushing abortion towards certain racial groups?

    Dr. Dunegan: That sort of grew out of talking about promoting drug use.

    Dr. Stan: Well, let’s get in to talking about promoting drug use because that is so important, especially today when we see drugs destroying the inner cities of America.

    Dr. Dunegan: Not everybody deserves space on the planet. Not everybody deserves the right to marry and reproduce. So certain people have to sort of be shunted. Now I don’t mean individual selection where you identify a particular human being, but certain populations with certain group characteristics have to be shunted.

    Now part of this grows out of transferring industry overseas. I thought in terms of our steel industry where a lot of wage earners, you know, didn’t have to have a lot of education, a lot of savvy, to do the work and earn a wage and raise a family. But when these industries are either closed or transferred, the wage earners don’t have any other…, anyplace to go to earn money to raise a family.

    Women … this was an education. I learned a whole lot there. He said women are attracted to men who are good providers. When I was a kid I thought they were attracted to Clark Gable or a good looking movie star. And so this was really a revelation at my age at that time – women are attracted to men who are good providers. They don’t much care what a man looks like, whereas men are more attracted to a woman by her appearance.

    And also a man identifies himself by his work, and as I thought about what he said, many times in the following years I thought that is absolutely correct. I’m Joe Blow. I’m a welder. I’m John Jones. I’m a stock broker. I think it’s true. We do tend to identify ourselves that way.

    Well, if you have no job by which to identify yourself, you’re not a good provider to attract a woman to become your wife, then you’re not going to have as great an opportunity to bear children. Now if you have a whole bunch of young men who are unemployed, are not good providers, have no strong identity through their work, you know, what do these guys do when they get together? There’s a certain homosexual promotion there and a certain, you know, falling into crime, which I think is an inevitable consequence and which was recognized.

    Dr. Stan: Now, are you talking about crime or are you talking about drug use? Where does drug use come in to this whole situation?

    Dr. Dunegan: OK Now if you’re young and you have no job and no responsibilities and no family and life is just a bore, then you’re more vulnerable to abusing drugs.

    Dr. Stan: Now, did he suggest that they would encourage drug use?

    Dr. Dunegan: Yes. Yes.

    Dr. Stan: That is an incredible incredible prediction of what the direction that these people that Dr. Day represented would be taking our society because they had to have powerful control or powerful influence over governmental positions and governmental activities.

    Dr. Dunegan: Yes. The idea was to create sort of neighborhoods. It doesn’t seem like the right word anymore but certain areas of the city that would be the jungle. ‘We have progressed so far that the laws of natural selection no longer operate.’ This is sort of a near quote, a paraphrase.

    ‘There was natural population control in previous years – predatory animals and wars and disease and such, but now that technology has nullified a lot of that’ – this was part of the problem of overpopulation -- ‘so since the former law of the jungle no longer applies, we would now have a new law of the jungle, and the jungle would be certain areas in primarily large metropolitan areas where people would just have no opportunity, no hope. The areas would be allowed to deteriorate with the idea that, as the spirit grew and people sought refuge in drugs and alcohol, then a certain amount of violence would be predicable, and that’s OK because that would … you know if you die in 1969 because somebody shot you or if you died in 1769 because a bear got you, a mountain lion got you, what’s the difference? You’re dead in either case. ‘

    ‘You succumb to the law of the jungle. The survival of the fittest, on the other hand, means that in a time when you had to be a crack shot with your musket and you got the mountain lion, the only difference is that now, instead of being a musketeer, now you’re a computer genius. Those are the criteria by which the selected survive.

    Dr. Stan: Now when Dr. Day was predicting all these predictions and telling you what the future held, didn’t he make him some reference to the fact that everything was in place, that nothing would stop this at the present time, and so he felt at least somewhat able to reveal these things to you.

    Dr. Dunegan: Yes. Yes, that was fairly early in the presentation that that was said. That was ’69 and as best I can recall there was no … nothing specified as exactly what was in place now that had been … but he said something that even as recently as five or ten years earlier, he could not have spoken with such assurance about what the future held.

    Dr. Stan: And of course he went on then to become some sort of an official with Planned Parenthood?

    Dr. Dunegan: He was, at the time when he spoke, he was medical director of Planned Parenthood Federation of America.

    Dr. Stan: And he had been a professor at your medical school? He was a very well known neonatologist?

    DR. DUNEGAN : Yes. Yes and then he left here and went to Planned Parenthood Federation in New York, became disillusioned there, and I’m not sure of the nature of that disillusionment, whether it was ideological or what, but he did become disillusioned with them and left.

    Dr. Stan: And he has subsequently died, he’s passed away?

    Dr. Dunegan: Yes. He died roughly eight years ago – I’d have to look in see in my file.

    Dr. Stan: So he never saw his dream come to fruition. Certainly the people who are in sympathy with these ideas are seeing it unfold today as America moves in to chaos and crime and drugs and new diseases developing all across America.

    Basically, as you look back on this, what do you think possibly motivated Dr. Day to tell you these incredible things?

    Dr. Dunegan: Everybody asks that question and I can only speculate. I really don’t know. There was not an opportunity to ask, but I think there were a couple of things that were involved. One was that I think he had divided feelings about this, on the one hand repeatedly saying ‘This is the only way.

    There’s no other alternative,’ feeling that somehow or another the human race would perish otherwise and that the human race should be promoted to go on.

    Dr. Stan: This is a very common position taken by elitists. Professor Quigley, who we have studied rather extensively, Bill Clinton’s mentor, really believed that we needed a ruling elite else Western civilization would be destroyed, and what you’re really describing is a ruling elite with a program to try to preserve at least some element of civilization?

    Dr. Dunegan: Yes. Yes, I think that’s the up-front part of it, and in the intervening years it has often occurred to me that what also seems to underline this is a more long-range look. You know they talk about “progress of the human race” progressing, and once you stop and say, well ‘progressing toward what?’

    Dr. Stan: Right.

    Dr. Dunegan: And especially when you hear someone say ‘we believe now that we have the means to accelerate and control evolution.’ Evolution? Evolution toward what? Well, I think one possibility – I don’t know that I’ve heard anybody say this explicitly – is that we will progress towards becoming gods. Laughter.

    Now, that sounds a little bizarre, but when you go back to read Genesis and Adam and Eve took from the tree of knowledge and the serpent said “Ye shall be as gods.”

    Dr. Stan: In other words, what you’re suggesting is what energizes these people is a spiritual force, the idea that the serpent’s message that ye shall be as gods if you go along with my program.

    Dr. Dunegan: Yes. You can evolve to a higher plane.

    Dr. Stan: And as incredible as it may seem, I read many many publications by people – these are occultic and Luciferian publications – where this is the basic underlying theme, where mankind will supplant God and bring utopia to the world.

    Dr. Dunegan: While I’m thinking about the book of Genesis, when you go to the end of that chapter, when God expelled Adam and Eve and He said they got to the tree of knowledge, a verse or two, he sets a cherubim in guard of the tree of life. And I think about that, you know, when we get all this sperm banks and cloning of animals and talking about cross-species fertilization. I often think about that. Yes. Babies without sex and sex without babies and very early in the game, God set up a cherub, He said ‘when they go to the tree of knowledge, I’m going to keep them away from the tree of life.’ Just for fun, go to Genesis and read that and see whether you find any application to what’s going on today.

    Dr. Stan: Well I think that this is all prophetic. We see these things unfolding and for people who don’t know the Lord or know the bible, these things seem impossible. For those of us, and I know you’re a believer, who see these things unfolding, we see God’s hand and we also see the hand of Lucifer in this whole incredible story.

    Well, are there any other points you’d like to bring out for our listeners.

    Dr. Dunegan: Well, we were talking earlier about unisex stuff, at least I think we alluded to it. The masculinization of women, girls. I don’t know if you noticed in your area, but in our area the last few years, the sports pages are full of girls sports.

    DR. STAN : Girls basketball and you know as if…

    Dr. Dunegan: Is that true out your way?

    Dr. Stan: Oh yes, sure, and we have girls basketball teams here, you know, Olympic girls basketball teams, girls volleyball teams, all of these things, you know, where they are so competitive with men.

    Dr. Dunegan: Is soccer a big thing out there?

    Dr. Stan: No, we don’t have soccer out here to my knowledge.

    Dr. Dunegan: It’ll probably be coming.

    Dr. Stan: Women’s soccer you’re speaking of?

    Dr. Dunegan: Well, no, women’s and men’s – probably someday coeducational, I don’t know. But the reason for this is that we can’t have girls in lacey dresses smelling perfumey and attracting the men …

    Dr. Stan: You mean if they’re sweaty, they’re not going to be as attractive?

    Dr. Dunegan: Right.

    Dr. Stan: Incredible. Incredible. Did he actually talk about things of this sort?

    Dr. Dunegan: Oh yes, very explicit. Girls would be made less attractive because they would be just as you said – sweaty.
    Dr. Stan: Right.

    Dr. Dunegan: With you know, sports just like another guy…

    Dr. Stan: Right and big muscles and all those things.

    Dr. Dunegan: So that was one of the early parts of masculinizing women and then, of course, another part that I don’t think he put in these terms but I interpret in these terms. A woman is a good woman to the extent that she mimics a man, and that is leaving her home and, you know, going out into the work force and becoming CEO or office manager of some big outfit rather than staying home and taking care of children.
    But along with the defeminizing of girls, in the professional magazines that I get, where drug products are advertised, there’s one that shows all these girls in their soccer uniforms – mud all over them, their hair’s all wet and stringy, and this is sold out to the young girls as, you know, this is what you ought to be. This is what a young girl is -- she’s a muddy soccer player.

    Dr. Stan: Right. Of course, you know we can do anything the boys can do and we can do it better. The competition between women and men, without realizing that we all have a place to play in God’s plan.

    Dr. Dunegan: Yes.

    Dr. Stan: Well, Dr. Dunegan , it’s been a fascinating fascinating hour and we’ll be playing this this afternoon and several times on our various radio programs. I want to thank you so very very much for taking time from your busy schedule to be here on Radio Liberty because I think your message, going along with many of the other messages that we have, begins to tie this together, and I hope our listeners will be far wiser from having heard your memories from the lecture by Dr. Day – 1969, 28 years ago.

    Dr. Dunegan: Well, it’s been a pleasure to be on and I hope it’s helpful to folks.

    Dr. Stan: I hope it will be too. May God bless you and I hope maybe that sometime in the future we can talk to you again.

    Dr. Dunegan: Well, I would like that. Thanks a lot.


    End of Part 3 of 3

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