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Thread: The First American Public Law in Over a Century

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    Re: The First American Public Law in Over a Century

    Quote Originally Posted by Bigjon View Post
    This is a more apt description of the club operating out of the District of Columbia.
    All clubs require an action that symbolize or can be construed as "joining".


    Now you just have to identify the portal and avoid it. Not as easy as it sounds. It involves REAL ID and being JABBED.

    The portal is camoflaged with illusion and even has gatekeepers. You only need to attempt to pass into a "federal" courthouse to see these mechanisms being played for your benefit.

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    Re: The First American Public Law in Over a Century

    The Picture for Texas:

    By Anna Von Reitz
    I have faith in the people of Texas.

    The Federation of States has no desire or intention to shut The Texas Assembly down --- just need to shut down the activities and influences that have been trying to create an excuse to attack us and label a lot of innocent people "armed insurrectionists" and "extremists".

    People don't realize that our enemies have a LOT to gain by painting us as insurrectionists and extremists, and this is exactly the scenario Eric Dingus was setting up. They have been preparing to kill their Priority Creditors for a long time, but in order to get away with it, they need a cover story. Making us look like the aggressors and law-breakers suits their interests to a T. They’d love to attack us and blame the victims, too.

    Everyone is aware of what happened at Ruby Ridge, at Waco, and to LaVoy Finicum. Don't forget the Colorado Nine and the tragic story of young Schaeffer Cox, jailed for 26 years for a "thought crime". All these actions were promoted and executed by the FBI.

    It does not take rocket science to figure out what the FBI is capable of ---and understand the need to keep an eye on them. They watch us. We watch them. As long as everyone stays in their lane, that's fine enough. But when they trespass, things get ugly.

    Their bosses have motivations and business interests contrary to ours, and sometimes, things go sideways. They get uppity and start planning and hiring operatives (for big money) to "garner influence" and "spread confusion" and "compromise the organization". That's their lingo, not mine. Right off the page in front of my nose, on their letterhead.

    Pretty soon, you've got a situation like we've got right now.

    Eric Dingus has been presented to you all as an innocent Texan, wrongly accused, slandered, harmed by outsiders, the Big, Bad Federation. Your instinct to protect a fellow-Texan, your sense of justice and fair play, your well-established dislike and distrust of the Federal Government ---even though the Federation is resoundingly NOT the Federal Government, it is being deliberately confused with the Federal Government---all that, is being manipulated and used to fuel high emotions. But high emotions are not called for.

    What is called for is cold analytical evaluation.

    The FBI admits that Eric Dingus is an "asset" and that he has worked for them providing information (and selling that information to them) about the Texas Militias for over sixteen years and has also worked undercover for the DEA. When applying for the job as PKTF Director, he admitted the DEA connection, but not the FBI connection.

    Why admit one and not the other? That's the first question.

    When we ran a routine background check prior to him coming on board, it came back squeaky clean, so clean that both I and one of our security chiefs said, "It looks too clean. Looks like its been scrubbed." Then our contact on the ground came back from Amarillo and said, "This guy barely exists." None of these reports were definitive --- that is, we couldn't prove anything one way or the other, but it wasn’t a warm, fuzzy feeling.

    When Eric started the job, we gave him the Mission Statements for both the PKTF and the Continental Marshals as a starting point. This is perfectly routine and there is no reason in the world that we didn't or wouldn't do this. There are multiple ways we can verify that we did. So he had cause to know what the PKTF was supposed to be doing from the get-go, and he also had cause to know the completely separate mission of The Continental Marshals Service.

    Now he is claiming that we didn't give him that information. Why wouldn't we?

    It's public information, used to define and organize both organizations, all of it discussed multiple times and in multiple ways in many emails. There's no way or reason that we would pay a man $2000 a month, plus project money, plus offer him use of a 37' motorhome and a car---- and not tell him what his job was.

    He had those Mission Statements, but he ignored them and deliberately didn't share them around with the men and women involved. Why?

    The most likely answer is that it's a lot easier to misdirect people if they don't know or aren't sure of what their mission really is.

    Next question, what did he do?

    He put himself in the middle, told the Marshals that he was in charge of them (and every single one of those men will affirm it) and proceeded to commandeer the Marshals Service---- something not even remotely related to the job of the PKTF Director. That's contrary to the Mission Statements of both organizations and contrary to any directive spoken or written ever given to him.

    Then, there's the sequence of events---

    Le Laroi introduces Eric Dingus as a likely candidate for PKTF Director.

    Eric get his intro.

    Eric threatens Le Laroi privately, three times, she “mysteriously” steps down from being Texas Coordinator.

    Kim Reynolds is brought forward by Eric Dingus, vetted, and installed as Texas Coordinator.

    Eric goes to Utah and gets embroiled in a child custody complaint --- having nothing to do with his job at all.

    Eric stays in Utah.

    During this same time, the FBI/State of Utah installs a gun bunker on the property of Jackie Smyth, the Utah Coordinator, attempting to frame her as a “violent insurrectionist” and give themselves an excuse to kill her and confiscate her property.

    We foil their efforts, dissolve the Utah Assembly so there is no target for them there, and expose them to Interpol and other law enforcement groups. They recoil and move on.

    Eric begins moving all over the western states, notably to Colorado and Oklahoma and Texas and Nevada. We track his movements. He makes many inexplicable side trips between Point A and Point B, and not to visit anyone associated with our Assemblies. We give him the benefit of the doubt and think at first that he is meeting with covert militia leaders, trying to get them to come in under the safety of the official and “well-regulated” State Assembly Militia. But no.
    We still don’t know all that he was doing, but we do know that several of the places he visited are FBI Safehouses.

    So, go figure. Didn’t admit FBI employment. Was present throughout the big Dust Up in Utah. Was visiting FBI Safehouses while purportedly on business trips for us.

    Walks like a duck. Quacks like a duck.

    Eric brings forward a proposal to contract with a Canadian company for our secure email and internal communications system. Canada is always the backdoor for the Brits to spy on us. We inquire about this aspect of the proposal and get a Shine On answer.

    Eric starts negotiating with private corporations for funding, including corporations known to be shelf corporations for government agencies.

    Fast forward, in rapid fire succession, Wayne Whomsley, California Coordinator, comes under fire for being irresponsible with petty cash. Scott Sanford, Colorado Coordinator, is threatened and a real estate Ponzi scheme gets “attached” to him without his knowledge or consent --- he is being set up for criminal charges and removal as Colorado Coordinator, in broad daylight.
    We intervene and derail the real estate gambit they are trying to foist off on Scott. Again, we report them to Interpol and police corruption investigators.

    At this point, I sent Eric a nasty note and told him enough is enough – get back in his box. I order re-investigation of what happened with Le Laroi and send a team to investigate Eric’s cover story on the ground in Amarillo. Comes back that Le was threatened and coerced to resign her post as Coordinator by Eric, after having befriended Eric and having recommended him in the first place. Investigation in Amarillo is inconclusive; has a house there, but no real presence.

    Texas, Utah, California, and Colorado Coordinators, all successively attacked and targeted for removal and replacement --- the four most important states in the west from a military standpoint. Coincidence?

    We get wind that Eric is pushing “something big” and a copy of correspondence in which he promotes forming a “unified” and “national” force ---- something roughly equivalent to the National Guard, financed by the private corporations mentioned before. The problem is that the National Guard is illegal as it is presently composed, and so would any such armed force promoted by the Assemblies. Creation of such an armed force extending beyond individual State borders would give the FBI and other Agencies all the excuse needed to crack down and go to war against all the “violent armed insurrectionists” Eric was trying to create out of thin air.

    So we sacked him and not a moment too soon. Eric vows revenge and that there will be trouble.

    We named his Co-Director, Susan Hauck, to replace him, and then had to replace her, too, because barely a week later, she moved to decommission The Continental Marshals Service --- an action that Eric had planned prior to his departure, and which she attempted to carry through, and which neither one of them had any authority to do.

    Three weeks after sending Eric packing, all the simmering misbehavior in Michigan erupts, Kim Reynolds is warned to make tracks away from Eric and his agenda, but instead, she starts bad-mouthing me and the Federation and plotting an end-run around our authority, Wayne Whomsley is found in dishonor by a second independent investigation, and Josh Gandy, the now-former Hawaii Coordinator, has another “episode” in which he spews all sorts of gossipy nonsense and slanders Le Laroi and my Executive Officer.

    So the way I read this, Texas, Utah, California, and Colorado were targeted and attacked, while Michigan and Hawaii and possibly Nebraska, had “sleeper cells” of people who had infiltrated and were undermining morale and progress in those States.

    Someone said that I was cleaning house and I hope to do a good job of it.

    Assembling a nation is a serious job and responsibility. There are a lot of Big Business interests that don’t want to see us succeed, and a lot of Federal Agencies that are armed to the teeth and do whatever they are told, no questions asked.

    Every assembly and every assembly member has to be clued in and vigilant and has to know that these things happen. And it’s the Federation’s job to make sure things don’t go astray on the road to get where we are going.

    If you think we were wrong about Eric Dingus --- look where you’d be without us.

    First, you wouldn’t be assembling at all, You’d be cowered down in your homes, waiting to be “resettled” so as to expedite Chinese and Arab Creditors of the U.S. Corporation coming in and seizing your homes and businesses and moving you to nice internment camps. Or on the lam, fighting a guerrilla war with whatever gunpowder you had.

    Second, you wouldn’t have any public records identifying you as Americans. You’d all be misidentified as Territorial Subjects of the Queen and Dual Federal Citizens, owned as property by the Roman Pontiff.

    Third, the rest of the world wouldn’t have ever known what was going on in this country. No action in your favor would have been brought in the High International Courts. Nothing would have been said or proven and this entire country would have been deemed “vacated” and without a government operating in international jurisdiction.

    Fourth, your Continental Marshal Service would have been decommissioned on paper, and there would be no international peacekeeping officers in your land jurisdiction, which would have allowed the UN an excuse to move their officers into your States and begin the “resettlement” described in the first item listed here.

    Fifth, if Eric Dingus had had his way, you would be blamed for creating an illegal armed force and that illegal armed force would have been liberally described as a rabble of armed violent insurrectionists and extremists, and the various Agencies would have been let loose on you with the support of the National Guard, and this whole country would shortly look like the siege of the Branch Davidians in Waco.

    Do you need the Federation to guide you through this and keep you safe?

    You’d better know that you do.

    Anna Maria


    Well over 90 percent of the people Hitler locked up were Germans. Only 2 to 3 percent were Jews and most of those Jews were elevated to concentration camp kapos.

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    Re: The First American Public Law in Over a Century

    The Public Employer's Directive

    By Anna Von Reitz

    This is being sent to all Public Employees within the borders of The United States. These are plain facts long established upon the Public Records of this country, plus a few directives from the current American Government to help you discern what your duties and limitations are.

    1. First, we, Americans populating the States of the Union, are your Employers;

    2. We, Americans, pay your wages, salaries, pensions, and emoluments;

    3. In consideration of your wages, salaries, pensions, and emoluments, you owe us Good Faith Service and allegiance;

    4. We, Americans, your Employers, do not reside in your States-of-States; instead, you reside in our physically defined States of the Union;

    5. It's our Congress of States, not your Congress of States-of-States, that has the right to declare war;

    6. It follows that no Public Employee or group of Public Employees has standing to declare war, and any misunderstanding otherwise needs to be cleared up immediately and permanently;

    7. Likewise, no Public Employees have any right or standing to confer foreign citizenship obligations on their Employers;

    8. No Public Employees have any right or standing to legally presume anything at all about their Employers' political status;

    9. No Public Employees have any right or standing to label their Employers in any manner whatsoever, and that includes misidentifying Americans as "Enemies" or "Enemy Combatants" or "Sovereign Citizens";

    10. Your Employers are not, generally, subject to any of the foreign codes, statutes, rules, regulations, ordinances, or trust mandates that you have subjected yourselves to as Public Employees and Dependents;

    11. The private laws promulgated by your State of State Legislatures to direct the functioning of your governmental service corporations are foreign with respect to your Employers and what applies to you "as law" as a condition of your employment or dependency, does not, generally, apply to your Employers;

    12. The Military Employees are obligated to function within the limitations of The Constitution of the United States of America. All Civil Service Employees are required to function within the limitations of The Constitution of the United States;

    13. All Constitutional Amendments not ratified by the States of the Union are Unapproved By-laws having no contractual authority;

    14. Both Territorial and Municipal Employees are Dependent on their American Employers' sovereignty and will be stateless if our sovereignty is breached as a result of malfeasance, usurpation, incompetence or political overreach by our Employees;

    15. No US President or President of the United States has ever been granted unilateral or dictatorial powers over his Employers;

    16. Our Employees are required to follow the directives of their respective corporate Presidents in exactly the same way that their Presidents are obligated to honor their contracts with us, their Employers. If any corporate officer gives orders that are not in compliance with the respective Constitution, that man or woman is to be arrested and charged with treason;

    17. We retain the right to hire and fire, to direct, to critique, to manage, and to correct our Employees without any obligation to join any of their organizations or clubs or districts or enclaves, adopt any foreign citizenship obligations, subject ourselves to any foreign laws, or conform to Employee demands of any kind, apart from the routine exercise of those powers we delegated to our Employees --- so long as they adequately and honorably perform those duties;

    18. We, your Employers, are not required to register anything at all; registration is part of the foreign British System that is made available to British Territorial U.S. Citizens residing in this country;

    19. We, your Employers, are not Federal citizenry, and are not generally subject to Federal Law, until and unless we take part in activities that are consensually known to be federally regulated by treaty or under constitutional contract;

    20. We, your Employers, are not subject to laws that appear on the Federal Register; the only Federal Laws that may apply to us appear on the Federal Record, and only when we are engaged in those activities that are legitimately under federal regulation;

    21. We, your Employers, do not recognize any "Emergency" occasioned by the failure of the American Confederation of States-of -States in 1860; our Federation of States is more than competent to carry on without the Confederation and did so from 1776 to 1781 when the Confederation was created;

    22. Likewise, we, your Employers, do not recognize any "State of Emergency" occasioned by the fall of the American Federal Republic, which was an adjunct of the Confederation;

    23. We, your Employers, do not condone or support and will not tolerate illegal mercenary conflicts on our shores or let such activities be promoted "in our names"; any Public Employee caught engaging in or promoting any such activity is to be immediately arrested and charged with treason;

    24. We, your Employers, do not play games and tell lies and quibble with the meanings of words so as to create confusion and evade our obligations --- and we do not condone any such activity by our Employees. The adoption of such conventions of semantic deceit to create a literal Federal Code, including changing the meaning of the word "person" in Federal law to mean "corporation", and "natural person" to mean "corpse" and "State" to mean a political subunit of the District of Columbia and so on, is not in keeping with the traditions, standards, and requirements of your Employers who have declared common English to be the Official Language of our Government;

    25. We, your Employers, abhor the abusive use of deceptive and special language conventions to prey upon the General Public, and we specifically object to the use of these foreign conventions and specialized legal terms in connection with us and our Government and the administration of any function of our Government, delegated or otherwise;

    26. We, your Employers, expect our Employees to uphold rigorous standards of honesty, decency, respect, accountability, and loyalty to our American Government at all times and in all places. The American People deserve no less;

    27. We, your Employers, are owed every jot of the Constitutional Guarantees published as prerequisite to the adoption and continuance of the constitutional contracts that allow our foreign employees to remain on this Continent and no foreign court may address us under any presumption that our Government is "absent" or that we are "lost at sea";

    28. We, your Employers, are properly declared and recorded as American civilians who do not voluntarily accept or adopt Federal citizenship obligations. Our States of the Union, by roll call vote of our State Assemblies, have issued an International Peace Proclamation ending any presumption of war existing on our shores;

    29. Our Employees are not enabled to continue any vestigial "civil war" or pretend that we are now or ever were part of that or any other mercenary conflict that they have promoted without explicit action by our Congress, which is the only Congress competent to declare war;

    30. We, your Employers, hereby direct you to shut down and limit all "registries" and "registration" functions to apply only to actual British Territorial U.S. Citizens who are legitimate Employees or Dependents of that foreign government, and to cease and desist all activities latching onto Americans and copywriting their Given Names and Family Trademarks as property belonging to British Foreign Situs Trusts. All such activities and false claims are repugnant to The Constitution of the United States of America and all other Treaties and Service Agreements we have with the British Government and with Westminster;

    31. We, your Employers, are not at war and have not been at war at any time since 1814; our Employees must release all American assets, especially all land and soil assets, that they have been claiming and holding under False Presumptions of custodial interest;

    32. We, your Employers, have nothing but your best interests at heart and despite a checkered and ugly past, we hope that you all realize that your actual job is to protect your Employers and our property assets within the limitations of the respective Federal Constitutions---nothing more and nothing less;

    33. We, your Employers, have never granted our Employees any authority to impersonate us so as to access our credit, nor have we allowed you to convert our Post Office into a Postal Service, nor have we allowed you to say anything about our health nor to misaddress us via your own foreign courts, and we have not knowingly, willingly, and with full disclosure ever agreed to enfranchise ourselves or our assets as collateral belonging to any foreign corporation, bankrupt or otherwise;

    34. We, your Employers, have been the Source of virtually all goods and funds and benefits for you and yours and the other Principals that act as middlemen in the chain of command, and now we are telling you --explicitly-- to straighten up and quit all the monkey business if you want your contracts renewed.

    Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
    The United States of America


    See this article and over 3600 others on Anna's website here:
    Well over 90 percent of the people Hitler locked up were Germans. Only 2 to 3 percent were Jews and most of those Jews were elevated to concentration camp kapos.

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    Re: The First American Public Law in Over a Century

    Wednesday, May 25, 2022

    Public International Alert -- Order to Cease and Desist: 25 May 2022

    By Anna Von Reitz
    The Queen's Government, working in concert with the Lord Mayor of London (Inner City) and the British Crown Corporation, is actively engaged in a new illegal, unlawful, and immoral scheme to reward collaborators and conspirators who have sought to undermine the lawful American Government, defraud the American people, and wreak havoc on the rest of the world.

    This is yet another attack in Breach of Trust and violation of commercial service contracts owed by these Principals to us, and it is undertaken under convenient False Presumptions of perpetual wars that do not in fact exist. Such illegal and undeclared mercenary war is merely being used as an excuse to evade performance of contractual duties and treaty obligations.

    The Queen's Undeclared Agents are presently making the rounds in our country promoting the idea of a "Second Declaration of Independence" which would mean the loss of all we gained from The Declaration of Independence written by Thomas Jefferson.

    These Undeclared Foreign Agents, who appear to be as American as apple pie, are teaching the ignorant and unwary members of the General Public that there exists in the present world a political status called "national of the United States" per 8 USC Chapter 12 of the Federal Code, when in fact, that political status is forever attached to our own inoperative American Federal Republic.

    These Undeclared British Agents are trying for another Substitution Scheme.

    This time they are trying to substitute Trump, the "President" of their British Crown Corporation doing business as "the" United States of America, Inc., for our American President holding The Office of The President of The United States of America.

    And they are trying to gin up their own version of our Federal Republic -- a British Territorial "Federal" Republic, instead of an American Federal Republic.

    This is treasonous as well as being dishonest and deceitful. It is utterly inappropriate for our British-based Subcontractors to "offer" to replace any part of our lawful American Government with a British substitute.

    Our States of the Union are now in Session and preparing to address the long overdue Reconstruction. The resurrection of the only Federal Republic that has ever existed is in our hands, not theirs.

    The entire so-called Operation Phoenix is a confidence racket scheme against the interests of this country and its people.

    I will also note that the Queen's Government is now giving away tons of fiat USD in an effort to say that they have paid their debts and rewarded their loyal British Territorial U.S. Citizens by "paying" them paper I.O.U.'s based on their own credit, in "equitable exchange" for their land and soil, businesses, and other material asset interests.

    Thus, the Queen's Government pays out paper based on the American's own credit in exchange for their substance (their land and soil, body, home, gold and silver, etc.) and devalues the fiat USD at the same time --- and all in purportedly "equitable consideration" for their assets. The assets these British henchmen obtain using this deceit are then cashiered in a Territorial National Trust, and America is transformed into a British Territory (aka, Colony) again.

    These unlawful and illegal pretenses are unwelcome on our shores and should be universally recognized as crimes against us, against any moral world community, and against the Public Law which requires registration and identification of Foreign Agents.

    To date, there has been no full disclosure made to the American people concerning their birthright political status and the consequences of adopting British Territorial U.S. Citizenship. There has equally been no disclosure concerning the bankruptcy of the United States, Inc., and the silliness of setting up "the" White House Office, Inc., with Joseph R. Biden acting as the Registered Agent.

    Exactly what office attaches to the White House or any other house? And while we are at it, what flag can any of these scoundrels legitimately fly?

    We loaned them the use of our Title IV flag during their exercise of delegated duties and as anyone can see, they have trespassed against us and against other nations of the world by engaging in mercenary wars and activities never authorized under their contracts, while also failing to perform their actual duties.

    They've allowed their contract to lapse via repeated bankruptcies and unauthorized and unrecognized claims of succession, with the result that all delegated powers have returned by Operation of Law to the Federation of States that granted those delegations of power in the first place.

    If the British Territorial citizenry are to have any role or standing going forward it must be in terms of being allowed to retrieve their State National political status and in flying the peace flag.

    The craziness needs to stop, and with it, the insane promotion of perpetual war which has done nothing but enrich defense contractors and empower crooked politicians at the expense of the entire rest of this planet.

    The ruse that the British-backed Territorial U.S. Government hit upon at the end of the so-called American Civil War --- to keep the "war" going in the jurisdiction of the sea and the air, even long after it was ended on the land --- has been copied again and again to the detriment of law, order, and decency.

    We find that not only was the American Civil War purportedly never resolved (until 2020) but neither was the First World War, the Second World War, and the infamous Korean War / Conflict. All these wars were left in an active status at sea and in the air, which allowed the Perpetrators to continue to assess and collect "war reparations" even 160 years after the end of actual physical hostilities.

    World War I ended in an Armistice and a singular Treaty of Versailles that encompassed peace on the land jurisdiction only. World War II was similarly denied any complete ending; although hostilities in fact ended in September of 1945. In this case, an impossible to satisfy United Nations accord stands in the way of peace -- an accord that requires all Parties to the Second World War to sign off on the peace treaties ending it, which is impossible because numerous Parties to the Second World War no longer exist as political entities.

    Like the American Civil War, the Korean War was in fact the Korean Conflict -- an undeclared, unauthorized, and entirely dubious struggle that never actually ended with any trilateral peace treaties on air, land, and sea.

    This is our Order to Cease and Desist all pretensions of war related to these and any other prior wars and conflicts, and also our Order to Cease and Desist all British-affiliated attempts to press-gang and buy off Americans adopting U.S. Citizen political status without the benefit of full disclosure.

    All British-affiliated and Papist-affiliated and UN CORPORATION -affiliated Foreign Agents are directed to immediately Cease and Desist all presumptions of war and to comply with the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA).

    For all practical and administrative purposes:

    The American Civil War has been officially and permanently ended as of the first of August 2021:

    The First World War, also abbreviated as WWI, ended on November the Eleventh 1918; any Party having cause to claim otherwise has thirty days to object to our Office of Reconciliation or forever hold their peace.

    The Second World War, also abbreviated as WWII, ended on the second of September 1945; any Party having cause to claim otherwise has thirty (30) days to object to our Office of Reconciliation or forever hold their peace.

    The Korean War / Conflict ended on the 27th of July 1953; any Party having cause to claim otherwise has thirty (30) days to object to our Office of Reconciliation or forever hold their peace.

    The Vietnam War / Conflict ended on the 27th of January 1973; any Party having cause to claim otherwise has thirty (30) days to object to our Office of Reconciliation or forever hold their peace.

    The War on Iraq, variously named the Gulf War, Desert Shield, Desert Storm, etc. began the 19th of March in 2003 and was formally ended December the 15th in 2011; any Party having cause to claim otherwise has thirty (30) days to object to our Office of Reconciliation for forever hold their peace.

    Anyone having any cause to object to the end of these or any other mercenary conflicts or actual declared wars is hereby given Notice that they have thirty (30) days to object to us closing the books and declaring a final, official, and permanent end to these wars and conflicts.

    Otherwise, on the 25th of June in the year 2022, an automatic and unassailable Lawful and Legal Assumption of Peace will be established precluding and prohibiting any continuance of hostilities in any jurisdiction related to these wars and conflicts; all expenses and charges related to any war reparations or ongoing costs or claims must cease as of that date.

    All settlements must be in kind. Physical assets must be paid for with physical gold and silver or the certificated equivalent.

    Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals. Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents.

    By: James Clinton Belcher, Head of State
    The United States of America

    By: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
    The United States of America

    Office of Reconciliation
    In care of: Box 520994
    Big Lake, Alaska 99652


    See this article and over 36
    00 others on Anna's website here:

    Well over 90 percent of the people Hitler locked up were Germans. Only 2 to 3 percent were Jews and most of those Jews were elevated to concentration camp kapos.

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    Re: The First American Public Law in Over a Century

    "who appear to be as American as apple pie"

    apple pie first originated in England, where it arose out of culinary influences from France, the Netherlands, and the Ottoman Empire as early as 1390—centuries before the Pilgrims set foot on Plymouth Rock
    It appears that Apple Pie needs to register under the Foreign Agent Registration Act.

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