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Thread: father in hospital, I think they are going to kill him

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    father in hospital, I think they are going to kill him

    I can't believe this is happening!

    My father has had swollen legs for a couple of weeks. Last week, he went to the doctor and she said it was an infection and she gave him antibiotics and lasix.

    Apparently, last night, he got dizzy (probably side effect of lasix) and sort of slid to the floor from a chair. My mother said that at first he was a bit out of it (confused), so my mother panicked (worried about a stroke) and called 911.
    By the time EMTs arrived, she says he was totally normal (chatting like himself and nothing wrong), but he still somehow agreed/wanted to go to the hospital.

    Last night they tested him for Covid and it was negative.

    Now today, they wanted to test him again (probably because they wanted to get a positive result), but he and my mother said no, just treat his infected leg. Then they said he had a spot on his lung and it could be covid, so more pressure to take 2nd covid test. Since my parents said no, they put him in isolation, which apparently caused him to get anxious (he told my mother he was all by himself, nobody was checking on him, and he could die and nobody would know).

    He wanted to come home today, and my mother was going to bring his clothes to get him out of there, but the doctor and nurse pressured him to stay.

    Then late tonight 11pm, nurse calls and says my father is having a nervous breakdown, they did another covid test anyway, and that he has low oxygen, so now they have him on oxygen and are basically acting as though he's at deaths door. Apparently they also said he was coughing and that was a symptom of covid. He says the antibiotic made him throw up and irritated his throat, which caused the cough. He also sounds like he needs to drink some water.

    So, I see where this is going. They are probably not going to let him out tomorrow because he needs to be on oxygen, and then they will tell my mother that the test came back positive for covid. My mother has told him that no matter what, he must say NO to a ventilator.

    Also, prior to going to the hospital, he had NO respiratory problems at all. Nothing but his swollen leg, and a broken shoulder from a few weeks ago, that was apparently still in place and healing.

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