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Thread: Vaccination Extermination

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    Re: Vaccination Extermination

    Leftist 'journalists' and pundits are horrible terrible people. While we have gotten used to the fact they will ignore any reason or truth to 'own the right', but if it comes down to issues involving the health of children, the children then just become collateral damage! This is fucking disgusting! They don't care at all about the health of children and will knee-jerk promote pro-vaccination lies without that will kill and injure children as they gloat and (falsely) pretend Joe Rogan got 'owned' by one of them. Horrible terrible people!

    Corporate devil bullies Joe Rogan, Joe was not wrong but gets all cucky so the facts don't matter left gets all attacky in showing Joe Rogan was wrong. The corporate journalist on Joe's show was wrong about the reported risk for children, and neither Joe Rogan nor the corporate Australian devil report that 'myocarditis' reported from covid is a much different thing, with different things detected, is 10-100 times less dangerous, and people's hearts can mostly heal from, unlike the mostly permanent myocarditis damage caused by vaccines.

    This misinformation is especially dangerous at this time in the midst of western vaccinate the children abusive government campaigns right now. ABC News presenter in fiery clash with Joe Rogan in dispute over Covid 'causing a serious illness in young males more often than vaccines'
    14 January 2022
    An Australian news host has stared down a challenge from Joe Rogan over wild claims a rare heart condition is related to vaccines on the American's hugely popular podcast.

    Josh Szeps, ABC Weekend breakfast news presenter who is known in the United States as a former host of Huff Post Live, disputed Rogan's claim that boys who receive a Covid jab had a higher risk of heart inflammation.

    The Aussie guest was proved right on the influential show, which is downloaded 190 million times a month, and the pair's feisty exchange went viral in an online clip. Top Cardiologist Warns of Deadly Vaccine Induced Myocarditis in Children
    Dec 12, 2021
    dr peter mccullough explains how myocarditis differs when caused

    Dr. Peter McCullough, a top cardiologist in his field, has warned that myocarditis due to the vaccine is “way more serious” than myocarditis contracted from the virus itself. Myocarditis, or heart muscle inflammation, is a side effect of both COVID and the mRNA vaccine. The difference is that the ailment produced by the natural infection tends to elevate troponin levels, according to Dr. McCullough, which is a protein found in cardiac and skeletal muscle. “[T]he myocarditis in COVID-19 is mild, it’s inconsequential, and it’s largely a component of election [of troponin].”

    In contrast, contracting the ailment through the vaccine may cause lipid nanoparticles to go directly to the heart, the doctor stated. “The heart expresses the spike protein, the body attacks the heart. There are dramatic EKG changes. I don’t want anybody to think that the myocarditis of a natural infection is anything like what we’re seeing with the vaccines,” the top cardiologist warned.

    Dr. McCullough said the heart injury due to the vaccine is around 10-100 times higher than the troponin seen in natural infection. Worsening matters, the doctor states that when kids develop myocarditis after the vaccine, 90% require immediate hospitalization to prevent heart failure. “Vaccine-induced myocarditis is a big deal, and in children, it’s way more serious and more prominent than a post-COVID myocarditis.”
    Additionally: COVID Shots Could Cause ‘Crippling’ Neurodegenerative Disease in Young People, MIT Scientist Warns

    The Hard Bastard does a great job exposing this on his news review stream from 1/15/22:
    46:50-1:14:30 1:40:35-1:52:50 2:08-2:11

    And a╭∩╮FUCK YOU╭∩╮to the modern western Stasi that I assume responsible for vandalizing my car just after I dared criticize and call out our pedophile like prime minister a few days back for his child grooming children to accept unneeded and toxic injections.
    Bully-coward criminal evil satanist bloviating pedosatist's destruction
    Legion of oversized blown-out out rectums
    They went to war with Human Nature, Cold and Flu Season and the Weather!
    Corporation, a fiction legitimized by government, is part of big government
    Their men were like women and their women were like Jews

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    Re: Vaccination Extermination COVID-19: Democratic Voters Support Harsh Measures Against Unvaccinated
    January 13, 2022

    While many voters have become skeptical toward the federal government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, a majority of Democrats embrace restrictive policies, including punitive measures against those who haven’t gotten the COVID-19 vaccine...

    55% of Democratic voters would support [proposal for federal or state governments to fine Americans who choose not to get a COVID-19 vaccine], compared to just 19% of Republicans and 25% of unaffiliated voters...

    Fifty-nine percent (59%) of Democratic voters would favor a government policy requiring that citizens remain confined to their homes at all times, except for emergencies, if they refuse to get a COVID-19 vaccine. Such a proposal is opposed by 61% of all likely voters...

    Nearly half (48%) of Democratic voters think federal and state governments should be able to fine or imprison individuals who publicly question the efficacy of the existing COVID-19 vaccines on social media, television, radio, or in online or digital publications...

    Forty-five percent (45%) of Democrats would favor governments requiring citizens to temporarily live in designated facilities or locations if they refuse to get a COVID-19 vaccine...

    Twenty-nine percent (29%) of Democratic voters would support temporarily removing parents’ custody of their children if parents refuse to take the COVID-19 vaccine.
    So half of Democrat voters are as bad as we have been taught were at war Nazis and Hitler now.

    And that is assuming people who don't want to have toxic health damaging experimental drugs injected into them and their children are as bad as Jews.

    And they would have a third or so of the population put in these versions of detention camps, not just a few percent.

    Mayor Muriel Bowser
    Remember that starting Saturday you will need these three things before heading out:

    1. Proof of Vaccination (12 years +)
    2. Proof of Vaccination and Photo ID (18 years +)
    3. Mask

    For more information visit
    Jan 11, 2022

    In related news: Democrats tell parents they are NOT 'clients' of public schools, that children should be taught 'what society needs them to know' - and that taxpayers should stay out of education
    18 January 2022
    They went to war with Human Nature, Cold and Flu Season and the Weather!
    Corporation, a fiction legitimized by government, is part of big government
    Their men were like women and their women were like Jews

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    Re: Vaccination Extermination The unvaccinated
    JANUARY 19, 2022
    TORONTO, January 19, 2022—The results of a national survey released today by Maru Public Opinion delves into the attitudes of Canadians towards the one-in-ten (9%) of their neighbours nationally who admit they are currently unvaccinated..

    Canadians view the unvaccinated as responsible for overwhelming the health care system (48%), people who are holding Canadians back from having a new normal life (40%), endangering society (36%), misguided conspiracy theorists (36%), good people with legitimate reasons/concerns (27%), reckless (26%), super-spreaders of the virus (17%), and/or heroes for free speech/choice (12%). In addition, A majority (54%) say they don’t have sympathy for the unvaccinated who get seriously ill or die from COVID (46%)...

    Regardless, two-thirds (66%) of Canadians favor mandatory vaccinations for everyone aged 5+...

    For those who refuse to be vaccinated, Canadians find a variety of measures acceptable, in varying degrees, that might be used to more forcibly encourage them to get the jab: ongoing restrictions from entering public spaces and premises such as restaurants, cinemas, libraries, liquor and cannabis stores, and various retail outlets (77%), followed by having them pay out of pocket for the full medical cost if they are admitted to hospital or an ICU because they have contracted COVID (61%), pay a monetary healthcare surcharge on their taxes of up to $150 per month (61%), refuse to allow them access to any publicly funded hospital/medical services (37%), refuse them the renewal of their driver’s license (33%), and even for some (27%), have them serve up to five (5) days as part of a jail sentence for endangering others/overwhelming healthcare system. ..

    One-in-ten (9%) Canadians have refused to get a Covid vaccine. This group is most likely to be found in Alberta (12%), Québec (12%), and Ontario (11%), followed by those living in Atlantic Canada (5%) and British Columbia (5%), and Manitoba/Saskatchewan (3%).

    These individuals are equally likely to be men (10%) and women (9%)..

    A majority (54%) of Canadians don’t have sympathy for an unvaccinated person if they become seriously ill or die as a result of contracting COVID As America Enters Year Three of COVID, The Biden Regime Struggles to Reprogram Its Pandemic-Crazed Base
    January 20, 2022
    They went to war with Human Nature, Cold and Flu Season and the Weather!
    Corporation, a fiction legitimized by government, is part of big government
    Their men were like women and their women were like Jews

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    Re: Vaccination Extermination

    A two day event in England to shut down vaccination centers, with complaints filed in England and in the International Criminal Court. Will this go anywhere or is it like the Hague Civil Court with no teeth?

    The videos are embedded in the article

    Covid vaccination under criminal investigation in England: Campaign to close vaccination centers with police support

    18 January 202219 January 2022 Writing of Diario de Vallarta & Nayarit Counter face, Plandemia: The other side of Covid 19

    CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION OF THE METROPOLITAN POLICE 6029679/21. A complaint was filed as a result of the catastrophic figures of deaths and injuries, and an operation was launched to collect testimonies from the victims. There are vaccination centers that are being notified of their "crime scene" quality. They organize teams to close down centers, with the assistance of the police, on two special days: Thursday, January 20 and Friday, January 21.

    Covid vaccination is under criminal investigation in England, following the catastrophic figures of deaths and injuries, both adults and children.
    On Monday 20th December 2021, a criminal complaint was formally lodged with the Metropolitan Police at the Hammersmith Police Station, London. The case was reported to all police stations, which were forced to get involved in data collection. The victims of the injections were requested through various means to provide their testimony.
    As a result of this process, there are vaccination centers that are being notified of their "crime scene" status.
    Video: Complaints cause closures and notifications to vaccination centers

    In the following videos, the actions of lawyers and citizens who come to report and notify the vaccination centers of the case are displayed. If they are denounced for not meeting certain legal conditions (first video) they are withdrawn. The same has been done by some groups in Spain and Argentina.
    Video: NHS mobile station is lifted

    Reproductor de vídeo
    Video: They notify a vaccination center of the criminal case

    Reproductor de vídeo


    0Video: They denounce center and pidentify police support

    At the same time, the existence of the cause is being spread, and teams are being organized to close the centers, with the assistance of the police, in two special days: Thursday 20 and Friday 21 January. The slogan is to visit as many vaccination centers as possible, and peacefully, with the support of the agents, close them down.

    Covid vaccination under criminal investigation in England: Case 6029679/21

    The complaint was filed by Philip Hyland, attorney at PJH law, Lois Bayliss, attorney at Broad Yorkshire Law, The doctor. Samuel White, a doctor, and Mark Sexton, a former police officer.
    Dr. White was fired from the English public health service for questioning the safety of vaccines and the reliability of PCR tests. White had received an 18-month ban from the UK General Medical Council. But he won the case in Superior Court.
    Why I resigned as a GP Partner
    Samuel White
    — ЯΞD PILL LΞD  (@Red_Pill_Led) June 8, 2021
    Indictments of the crimes of gross negligent homicide and misconduct in public service were brought against Dr. June Raine, a medical doctor and executive director of the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), and Charlie Massey, executive director and Registrar of the General Medical Council (GMC).
    Serious criminal charges were also brought against UK government ministers, civil servants and media directors.

    The complaint was supported by hundreds of professional reports on deaths and serious adverse effects following the Covid "vaccination".
    The Metropolitan Police accepted the allegations and provided the reference number 6029679/21, which triggered an ongoing criminal investigation.
    Due to the volume of information that must be handled, the NGO UKCitizen2021 offered the help of its 250 members deployed throughout the country to take the statements.

    The complaint has also been recognized by the International Criminal Court and has been assigned the reference number OTP-CR-473/21.
    These events take place at a time when rumors are growing that the Covid vaccination campaign will be interrupted for security reasons.
    Video: Lawyers report the case to London police stations

    Dialogue Transcript
    Police action: advertisements in newspapers and on public roads

    It is now up to the Metropolitan Police (the police force that covers London and Greater London) to carry out a full and competent investigation into the aforementioned allegations of serious crime.

    This initiative resulted in posters on public roads and advertisements published in newspapers asking citizens to report deaths or adverse symptoms associated with the application of Coovid injections. Also about threats related to dismissal from a job for refusing to be inoculated.

    NATIONAL EMERGENCY. They ask citizens to provide testimonials.
    Call to citizens from all over the world

    The professionals behind the complaint request that the UK Police be supported in their criminal investigation:
    “We need you to add your details to the crime report so that the Police can contact you in a timely manner to help with their investigation. We understand that, in due course, you may apply for “crime victim” and/or “witness protection” status. We also understand that you may request to be interviewed in person at your home or office. We are aware that many of you reside outside of the UK. However, please do not underestimate the importance of the evidence you have, regardless of the country you live in.”
    There is compelling evidence of serious and systemic criminality at the international level, so your evidence may be more important than you think.
    We ask that you email the following four police officers:

    Format for submitting data to the London Metropolitan Police (valid for any country)

    "Dear Sirs,

    • Detective Inspector Trevor Struthers
    • Detective Sergeant Oliver Mallett
    • Police Officer Tobias Hussey
    • Irvine police officer

    I am aware that a criminal complaint has been filed, with reference number 6029679/21.
    The original informants have asked me to provide my data to the research team and I request that the team know my data as soon as possible.
    My name is …. (full name, including title).
    My profession/occupation is…..(doctor, lawyer, scientist, nursing home worker, mother, housewife, postman, plumber, student, unemployed).
    I live in…(country).
    My email address is…
    My phone number is…
    I have evidence to support the allegations that have been made and I am willing to assist the Metropolitan Police in their criminal investigation.
    I am aware that an application has been made to the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague on behalf of the UK. This request has been recognized by the ICC and has been assigned the reference number OTP-CR-473/21. I will offer my assistance to the ICC investigation in due course.








    The only thing declared necessary in the Constitution & Bill of Rights is the #2A Militia of the several States.
    “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a freeState”

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