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Thread: Vaccination Extermination

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    Re: Vaccination Extermination

    Quote Originally Posted by Amanda View Post
    Looks like they are getting desperate to get more sheep injected with the bioweapon

    Bribes so far:
    Ohio- offering $1 million lottery for vaxxed, even has catchy website,
    CA- offering $1.5 million lottery

    And now WVA offering trucks and guns
    Looks like CA is giving away much more in their vaccine lottery than indicated above:

    Imagine a virus so deadly, the government needs to attract the population with prizes and financial benefits to increase the willingness to vaccinate.

    California to Give $116.5 Million in Prizes for Vaccinations

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    Re: Vaccination Extermination

    When something is free, you're the product.

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    Re: Vaccination Extermination

    Pretty credible evidence that the kill shot may be the mark of the beast spoken of by John in the book of Revelation. Well worth watching. In fact, it may be the most important video that you ever watch.
    Now as he walked by the sea of Galilee, he saw Simon and Andrew his brother casting a net into the sea: for they were fishers. <br />And Jesus said unto them, Come ye after me, and I will make you to become fishers of men.<br />Mark 16-17

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    Re: Vaccination Extermination

    “Vaccine” impacts update // New documentary on Gov. de Santis

    This update is from last week. Go to to keep track of their efforts to keep track (not an easy task, I’m here to tell you).

    From Kathy Dopp:

    Vaccine Safety Update
    23 May 2021.

    News Round-up

    • The U.S. CDC is investigating several dozen reports of heart inflammation in teenagers and young adults after receipt of the Covid mRNA vaccines, reports the New York Times
    • According to the India Times, heart attacks and strokes are the leading causes of death among vaccine recipients
    • A study in the journal Cureus claims there’s a link between receipt of a COVID-19 vaccine and the onset of Type 2 Diabetes
    • America’s Frontline Doctors has done a cost/benefit analysis of the Pfizer vaccine
    • The Royal College of Emergency Medicine, The Society of Acute Medicine and Royal College of Physicians have released guidance on treating blood clots caused by the AstraZeneca vaccine
    • According to articles in the BMJ and the Telegraph, there are still concerns about giving the Covid vaccines to Children. The AstraZeneca trial involving children and teens has been suspended following fears of blood clots. HART has petitioned Parliament not to give Covid vaccines to children until Phase 3 Trials are complete
    • In the U.S., the FDA has given approval for children to receive the Pfizer vaccination following recommendations from the CDC ACIP Committee
    • An article in the Journal of Experimental and Clinical Transplantation addresses key concerns about COVID-19 vaccines (pre-print)
    • Three people have died in Scotland from what are believed to be side effects of the vaccines, as reported by the BBC and Telegraph
    • The BMJ and the UN have both published advice about how to counteract “vaccine hesitancy”, acknowledging that “when you look at hesitancy and parental vaccine hesitancy in the U.S., the group who is most likely to purposefully choose to not vaccinate are highly educated. In speaking with them, these are people who have read the primary literature themselves, and they’re correctly interpreting it, so it’s not a misunderstanding.” (p.26 of the UN Guide to Covid Vaccine Communications)
    • EudraVigilance – the equivalent of the Yellow Card reporting system in the EU – has logged reports claiming 10,570 people have died and 405,259 have suffered injuries following receipt of the vaccine in the EU up to May 8th
    • VAERS – the American version of the Yellow Card reporting system – has logged reports claiming 5,888 have died from vaccine side effects in the U.S. since 1990, of which 4,196 (71%) are linked to Covid vaccines administered in the last five months

    Great documentary. See why Florida had the least number of COVID deaths by age groups in the US.

    [Exclusive Documentary] DeSantis: Florida vs. Lockdowns. May 31, 2021. What compelled Governor Ron DeSantis to re-open his state months before other governors? How did he balance saving lives from the virus and preserving constitutional liberties? And what does he believe is truly at stake?

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